Smart As Brings Next-Gen Brain Training to PS Vita This Fall

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Smart As Brings Next-Gen Brain Training to PS Vita This Fall

Hello, PlayStation nation! As my first post on the PlayStation.Blog, it’s my pleasure to bring you news of a brand new mind-sharpening game for PS Vita: Smart As.

Smart As Brings Next-Gen Brain Training to PS Vita This Fall

Launching this fall, Smart As is a social brain-training experience that will put your brain to the test with 20 unique, engaging, tactile and highly interactive puzzle games. This next-gen puzzle game will also enable you to share your stats with players from around the world using a robust set of social and connective features.

Produced by XDev Europe, Smart As takes full advantage of PS Vita’s touchscreens, cameras and Augmented Reality capabilities to deliver Daily Training challenges featuring fun arithmetic, logic, language and observation-based puzzles. Your scores from each puzzle are used to calculate your overall Brain Power and anybody at any skill level can get in on the fun. The more you play, the better your chances are of increasing your Brain Power score and unlocking new puzzle games.

The best part about Smart As is that it’s not just a brain training game; it’s a social experience. Once you’ve earned your daily Brain Power score, you can go online to see how smart you are compared to your friends, people that you’ve met through “near,” players in your city, country, continent and the entire world using the Smart As leaderboards. You can even post your Brain Power scores to Facebook to boast about your cerebral superiority. Using PS Vita’s “near” feature, you can also drop off puzzles for nearby users and pick up new challenges left by other players.

When you play Smart As on the go using PS Vita’s Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock even more challenges in different regions with the Street Smart mode. Simply by competing in as many regional challenges as you can, you will get to prove that you are smarter, more travelled and better connected than your friends.

Watch on the video above for an exclusive sneak peek at Smart As in action, and check back soon for more Smart As news.

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  • This game has potential but in order to reach it they have to release it soon like in the next 2 weeks in a price tag around 20 to 30. Otherwise it wont see a lot of sales because Resistance, Gravity Rush and maybe other and so on and the E3.

  • Ahhh i remember this game from the NGP days lol. Gonna pick this up when it releases.

  • Terrible name. I won’t buy it just because of it. The type of people that would play this will choose not to because it’s title says as* right on the front. I really hope you change the name.

  • This game is old people, it was unveiled at last years E3. Its like sony is resurrecting a corpse to fit in with their new strategy of doing everything nintendo does. And its still not done, and won’t release till fall which could be as late as November. A retail release means a minumum $30 price tag. And we’ll slap on some additional cost dlc on top of that.

  • Looks good. Will it allow and track stats for diffferent players on the one Vita. I can see the wife and kids playing this each day.

  • Someone either put too much thought in the title, or not enough…

  • @Errol143, I don’t think there will be anymore updates for the PSP considering the PS Vita is out. Thats there main focus as of now.

  • How deep does the arithmetic get? I’m currently studying for the ASVAB test and this could really help me out.

  • Looks interesting. Sony really needed to have more stuff like this at launch. I am having a hard time finding a good puzzle game to play in short spurts for my vita during my ride to work. I have a good amount of games like dynasty warriors next, unit 13, monster hunter freedom unite and no heroes allowed.

    But they are a bit too hardcore at times I need puzzles and quick games to play in short spurts.

    Looking forward to “Smart As”

    Good luck with your project.

  • Wow, this looks really cool. I need more things like this to make me plunk down the money for a Vita. Keep the games coming and I will likely cave.

  • Keep the Vita games comin’. We definitely needed a good puzzle suite game. Can’t wait to hear about some only on Vita games at E3. Come on new IPs. And don’t forget the Playstation is all about it’s “Adult” audience. A few good shooters and hack’n’slashes are fine, but I want more heavy rains, journeys, and icos. Pretty Pweeze. (^_^)

  • If this is $20, like Brain Age was, then I can see it doing fairly well. The visuals are nice.

    @43: Apart from going through menus, I don’t see what benefits button controls would do for a game such as this.

    I hope that they allow that option though, because I like to use d-pad instead for menu navigation. Especially if it’s going to use the slide only design like Mod Nation Racers (the area menus let you use d-pad for some reason, but the little circle menus don’t) and Uncharted suck.

    At most I hope they let use swipe, or tap left/right to move left/right.

    @49: Too bad beauty is only skin deep. Control is everything, and iOS has terrible controls for most games. And since most iOS developers create virtual buttons, they’re not actually trying to cater to the iOS’ few good options for certain games. They’re shoving a regular game, on a platform that doesn’t support it well. (lolfighterswithvirtualbuttons)

  • I’ll take this now please. I need something that’ll rack my brain! I’ve been craving a puzzle game for my Vita, and this looks lovely! =^_^=

  • Great idea. The Vita needs more games like this. I wish Sony would release more casual games for it.

    …Like the name too. Kinda cheeky and clever at the same time. Let me guess the sequel is gonna be called As Whole lol!

  • i tend to enjoy these kind of games. It is good to to put the old cranium to use.

  • I don’t mean this in a mean way, but I am worried/disappointed to hear that this is also going to be a retail game. Because I guess that probably means it’s going to be more expensive than I thought it would/should be. I love games where I can compare my stats to others and the connectivity on display here is cool, but I don’t think a lot of people would buy this at a retail price, which would negate the connectivity. Ideally this would be the type of game to partner with Sony and make it free/extremely cheap for PS+ or something along those lines. Get it into a lot of people’s hands. I don’t think I would spend more than $10 on downloading this.

  • do really well in this game and Sylar will hunt you down!

  • @ #14, now that we obtained the info u gave us, we can all enjoy the game that much more :)

  • Why do alot of poeple who commented think that $20 is a value price point for this generic brain training game?. Before reading the comments, I estimated ‘Smart As*’ to cost about $6 to $10 maximum. It doesn’t make sense to put this game at $20, when there are psn games like motostorm Rc, Escape Plan and Mutant Alien Blob which are more fun and at lower prices. Before reading the comments, I estimated ‘Smart As*’ to cost about $6 to $10 maximum which in my opinion is a lot more sensible.

    And that name… Why?

  • This looks Great!

  • Looks awesome !

  • @69; Because it’s going to be a retail title… do you really think they would manufacture a game cart, case and cover art and sell it for $10 or less? :/

    If it wasn’t retail, then I wouldn’t be suggesting $20. It’s retail though, and the odds that it’s less than $20 are pretty much zero. I’ve never seen a retail game launch for less than $20. And the odds that it’ll be appealing at $30 or more is iffy. So for retail, $20 is pretty much the only price I can see this working.

    I guess we’ll see. I’m glad it’s retail myself, I like retail releases.

  • can’t wait for this. saw it come up for pre-order on amazon today, but i’m only waiting til the release date delivery option is available before i pre-order. love how much variety and fun my vita library will have by the end of the year.

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