More PSP Titles and Minis Coming to PS Vita Starting Today

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More PSP Titles and Minis Coming to PS Vita Starting Today

PSP Gaming on PS Vita

Hi everyone! Gaming is the bread and butter of PS Vita, with titles such as Resistance: Burning Skies, Sound Shapes and Gravity Rush launching soon.

Starting today, you’ll have even more reason to never stop playing. We’re very excited to announce the following PSP titles and minis will be available on the PS Vita Store, with many more coming soon. These aren’t just the same games you might have played at one time in the past! Check out the full list below, and we’ll keep you posted as further titles are brought to PS Store.

Available Today

PSP Titles:
Cho Aniki Zero (Aksys Games Localization, Inc.)
Strikers 1945 Plus (PM Studios, Inc.)
Tom Clancy’S Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (UbiSoft, Inc.)
Tom Clancy’S Rainbow Six: Vegas (UbiSoft, Inc.)
Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance (XSEED JKS, Inc.)
Ys: I & II Chronicles Digital (XSEED JKS, Inc.)

PSP minis:
Aero Racer (Halfbrick Studios)
Age Of Zombies (Halfbrick Studios)
Blast Off (Halfbrick Studios)
Dynogems (StormBasic)
Echoes (Halfbrick Studios)
Me Monstar: Hear Me Roar (Cohort Studios)
Vempire (Impressionware Srl)

Coming Soon

PSP Titles:
3D Twist & Match (Sanuk Games)
Aedis Eclipse: Generation Of Chaos Legacy (NIS America, Inc.)
Bejeweled 2 (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
Beta Bloc (D3 Publisher of America)
Brain Challenge (Gameloft)
Dead Head Fred (D3 Publisher of America)
Field Commander (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
Gods Eater Burst (D3 Publisher of America)
Groovin’ Blocks (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
King Of Pool (Nordcurrent UAB)
Luxor: Pharaoh’S Challenge Umd Legacy (Mumbo Jumbo)
Major League Baseball 2K10 (2KGames)
Mercury Meltdown (Ignition Entertainment)
Mx Vs Atv Untamed (THQ, Inc.)
Peggle (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords (D3 Publisher of America)
Reel Fishing: The Great Outdoors Legacy (Natsume, Inc.)
Split Second (Disney Interactive Studios)
Super Pocket Tennis (D3 Publisher of America)
The Red Star (XS Games, LLC)
Unbound Saga (Vogster Entertainment, LLC)
Undead Knights Digital (Tecmo Koei America Corporation)
Uno (Gameloft)
Untold Legends: Brotherhood Of The Blade (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
Untold Legends: The Warrior’S Code French (Sony Online Entertainment LLC)
Work Time Fun (D3 Publisher of America)
WWE All Stars (THQ, Inc.)
WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 (THQ, Inc.)

PSP minis:
5 In 1 Solitaire (Digital Leisure)
Alien Zombie Death (PomPom Games)
Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling (Icon Games)
Babel: The King Of The Blocks (StormBasic)
Bashi Blocks (Icon Games)
Breakquest (Beatshapers)
Bubble Trubble (Creat Studios)
Card Shark (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
Carnivores: Ice Age (Beatshapers)
Cohort Chess (Cohort Studios)
Doodle Fit (Gamelion)
Doodle Pool (Big Head Games)
Duael Invaders (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
Enigmo (Beatshapers)
Family Games (Icon Games)
Farm Frenzy (Alawar Entertainment, Inc.)
Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
Fly Fu (Invictus Games LTD.)
Galcon Labs (Beatshapers)
Gamocracy One : Legend Of Robot (AYEWARE / Bearded Ladies Consulting)
Hero Of Sparta (Gameloft)
Hysteria Project 2 (Sanuk Games)
Ikari Warriors Ii: Victory Road (SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION)
Jelly Pops (PomPom Games)
Karimogi (StormBasic)
Labyrinth (Bigben Interactive, S.A.)
Let’S Golf (Gameloft)
Mecho Wars (Creat Studios)
Omg-Z! (Laughing Jackal Ltd)
One Epic Game (Grip Digital)
Pipe Madness (AYEWARE / Bearded Ladies Consulting)
Pix N Love Rush (Sanuk Games)
Red Bull X-Fighters (Xendex)
Rumble Trucks (Playerthree Ltd)
The 2D Adventures Of Rotating Octopus Character (Dakko Dakko Ltd.)
The Impossible Game (Grip Digital)
The Marbians (Nordisk Film Distribution A/S)
Twin Blades (Sanuk Games)
Wackylands Boss (Creat Studios)
Yetisports (Xendex)
Zombie Racers (Big Head Games)

It’s been almost three months since we launched PS Vita here in the U.S. and we’re continuing to find ways to add to your portable entertainment experience. With the recent launch of non-gaming apps such as Skype and Paint Park, and upcoming apps such as Treasure Park and Wake Up Club, all available for free, the PS Vita is an ever-evolving platform that keeps you connected to the content and experiences that are most important to all of you gamers.

What PSP games are you most excited to play on PS Vita?

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  • Come on guys. No Locoroco love at all!? That game was the reason I got a PSP

  • @ccrogers15 – Who cares? everyone posting here except you apparently.. I’d like to see PSOne support but not nearly as much as I’d like to see my massive PSP library

  • @Ocelot476 – I have all the Locorocos and they all work on my Vita, just have to transfer them using a PS3

  • where is Patapon3?

  • The only thing I have on this entire list is Age of Zombies, which is a pretty fun little game. Nevertheless I’m glad to see they’re still working on this.

  • and still not a single word of PSOne game compatability.
    It’s great that you’re adding a handful of minor PSP Games.
    and honestly, I don’t care about Mini’s.

    ……where are the games you told us we could HAVE??
    Remote Play.

  • Im most excited to play Wipeout Pulse and Wipeout Pure, I mean hello!

  • ^ Back at launch they said they would hold off on ps1 classics until a hefty amount of psp games have been transferred over.

  • Haven’t played around too much with minis on the psvita, but Age of Zombies works much better with the right stick mapped to the face buttons for a proper twin stick shooter.

  • Any word on Hakuoki: Demon of The Fleeting Blossom?

  • 6-PSP Titles: None i wanted, guess more of a wait.

    7 Mini’s

    this 3 month period id have figured more hen 13 titles will be here. i hought it was a firmware needed to patch this system to the PSP and Min Games but if these titles are here without an update to the system then that means you are going thru i title by title OMG!

  • 3 things:

    1. Still no PS1 Classics support.
    2. I feel like you guys are trying to keep us from accessing our free PSP game downloads on our PS Vita from when you guys were offline and came back on.
    3. I think you should add FIELDRUNNERS as a mini on PS Vita.

  • @Alienzero2k1 I don’t have a PS3, so the Vita store is the only way I can access PSP games.

  • Good for those who love to play old PSP games. Unfortunately I am not one of them that enjoy playing them on my Vita. The majority of games I enjoy are doing a skip over the Vita and landing right onto the PS3’s PSN. Lol hey what are you going to do?

  • One more thing, I am completely tired of western gamers only getting pushed “Shooters” I was in the Army, and had to sleep with my M16 I NEED A BREAK. Damn i gotta get through school so I can “God willing” make it into the game development industry.


  • Not to support the whiners or anything, but, I think sony really needs to explain why in the hell psp games that work perfectly on the psvita are being withheld from the psvita store. This issue doesn’t affect me, pretty much every psp title I own save one, plays on my vita. The content manager recognizes these games from my ps3.

    MGS Peacewalker, Valkyria Chronicles 2, LocoRoco 2, Sega Genesis Collection, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, and others all play without issue. So, what’s the holdup. They work. Is this some colossal brain fart on somebody’s part. Absolutely baffling.

    And now, it doesn’t appear as though any of those titles, despite playing perfectly will be put on the store anytime soon. This is called biting the hand that feeds you. Its moved from being curious and bizarre to insulting and incompetent. There is no defense possible anymore. You’re simply blowing it big time.

    Somebody needs to be fired, and somebody who doesn’t have their head up their ass needs to take over.

  • When do we see Vagrant Story and Parasite Eve added to this list… i really want to play those again.

  • Where can I look to see if FFXI (mmo) will come to the Vita, I saw whispers about it, but is there anything concrete or was that scrapped? I know that they are trying to get support together for PS1 classics, is there any plans for MMos on Vita?

  • tenchu a new one or the ps1 classic remastered

  • Please update Paint Park to make it an actual game and not just a non-gaming app as you call it. This, Treasure Park, Wake-up Club, and Frobisher Says should all be part of a series along with Welcome Park – a game with challenges and even trophies. All of these apps, to include Welcome Park, should have social integration which would allow for in-game challenges, and trophies like Welcome Park. Paint Park should have a PSN message option for multiplayer.

  • I really, really want Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Birth By Sleep and Final Fantasy Type 0!! I hope these aren’t too far away.

  • I would like Sony to release Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on the PlayStation Store soon so I can play those favorites on my Vita. Also, I wish that PSOne Classics will be compatible soon because I would to take Chrono Trigger and other games on-the-go.

  • Sony is treating the Vita like it did the Betamax tapes. A superior product, poorly marketed and doomed for failure in the US. It is a shame that this product is being so poorly marketed and supported. Hopefully they pull a major turn around at E3 next month, otherwise they will be losing another long time fan:(

  • @massimodo Don’t complain when you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Just because you can play them on the Vita doesn’t mean there aren’t contracts that have to be made between developers/publishers and Sony to put them on the store.

  • The PSP and Mini games I would be excited to play on my Vita is NFS Underground Rival, Burnout Legends, Blitz the League Overtime, and Tetris, but I don’t see them on the list yet. I pretty much got the PSP g
    ames I want from the first batch, so now I’m still going to wait for another stash of games other than the ones that are listed. Seriously though, they could of had another game on the list besides Kings of Pool. I mean, why get a PSP version when the Vita version is so much better. I guess there still people out there who still buys “DVDs” instead of “BDs” when they have a “Blu-Ray Player”.

  • @ the whiners–yes you are whiners–crying about the free psp games you got after last year’s outage, they DO work on the VITA. All of my PSP games work on my VITA since day 1. And Killzone Liberation & LBP & Harry Potter look and play so much better on the Vita. So that “feeling” you have that Sony is doing something so mean to you is wrong. You’re doing it to yourselves. If you don’t have a PS3 to transfer, then that’s your own doing. The games were gifts to play on your PSP. You can play them on your PSP. I have them on my Go and my Vita. If you gave up your PSP, then again, that’s on you.

    Anyone who petulantly accuses Sony of breaking “promises” must be about 12 years old. At least emotionally. They simply stated things would be available. I never heard “I promise; cross my heart and hope to die” from them. These are all adult businessmen and maybe some women and someday you padawans will learn what it is to have to operate businesses, and that everything takes time, talent and money.

  • @ 49 SogeKing

    Yea, I was thinking the same thing. You show Liang and Gabe, yet no Syphon Filter?

  • thunderbear, gimme a break. Behind the scenes?! Contracts to sign? WTF is that nonsense? Locoroco and Ratchet Clank Size Matters, Killzone Liberation among others are all sony first party titles. Who did they need to see to sign? Themselves?

    A person can buy LocoRoco2, dl it to his ps3, transfer it over. Why can’t that same person just buy it off the psvita store? Its stupid, plain and simple. A lot vita owners don’t own a ps3.

    There’s no defense out there anymore that makes any sense anymore with respect to a number of these issues. This isn’t a problem for me, but for others it is, and its one of the reasons I tell people I know to wait to buy a vita. Too many unresolved issues with no fix in sight. Seriously great hardware, but this system is NOT ready for the masses.

    I’ve been willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but the honeymoon, as they say is over.

  • How about you guys get Phantasy Star Portable 2 back on PSN? Several friends of mine with PSVitas REALLY wish to buy it again (they bought the UMD when it released).

  • wheres medal of honor 2?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • I agree with massimodo. I’d like to hear the explanation for why the PSP catalog isn’t available. Also, I’d like an official explanation, why some games are available on the Vita’s PSN but not others. Additionally, why is a game like MotorStorm: Arctic Edge working for European users and not those of us in the U.S.? A little bit of transparency would go a long way. Sony is currently blowing it.

    There is actually a detailed list of games that work on the Vita, games that are transferrable via PS3, and games that still don’t work, on the web. Search on cheapassgamer dot com. I don’t think I can include a link in this comment.

  • Well, I just tried to dl pixeljunk monsters deluxe from my ps3 to my vita and content manager doesn’t recognize it. So how exactly is this magic trick supposed to work anyway.

    Yet another brain fart from sony. Applause, applause and what’s really special is how nobody from sony is addressing this issue. Buy PJM deluxe and you’ll get to play it one week later on your vita. NOT!

    I would’ve held off buying PJM deluxe, but the sale would’ve been over. Do these people have any idea how to run a business?

  • Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII
    Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
    Syphon Filter : Logan’s Shadow
    Marvel : Ultimate Alliance
    Final Fantasy I
    Final Fantasy II
    Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker

  • @lisatsunami

    I doubt you know anything about running a business because if you did, you would know that you shouldn’t make promises you can’t deliver. Oh, and sorry to your employees and customers if you do run one.

    I appreciate Sony posting this blog but many of the posters here are correct. There is a big list of games that work on the Vita that aren’t on the official list. However, there are still plenty of missing games.

    My shameless wishlist.
    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
    FFVII Crisis Core

    Both of these games are highly requested. I realize Sony may not be the ones holding them back from being released on the PSN store but Square Enix and even Disney don’t seem like the type to hold back making profits off their digital sales…

  • Oh, and Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep

  • @massimodo Are you that “a lot of Vita owners don’t have a PS3?” Do you have statistics to back that up or is that your opinion? In my opinion, I would have to beg to differ. With all of the connectivity support (present and not too distant future) such as cross-platform play, remote play, “transfarring,” etc., I would have to assume that there are many Vita owners also own a PS3. It just makes sense. After all, I own both systems. Now do have stats to back up my claim…no but there are no current statistics with the ratio of PS3/Vita owners vs. Vita only owners. Do Vita owners need a PS3? No, but I think it helps add to the experience. Especially if you have the compatible games and whatnot.

    I do agree that the Vita PSN is limited compared to the PS3’s or even PSP’s version of PSN but give it time. The Vita was released roughly 2 months ago. All good things come to those who wait.

  • I would not call the Vita a failure or broken product. Yes, I seldom encountered a few issues such as freezing, but the PS3 and any other console ever does that so not a huge concern to me. As for the launch, the Vita had a decent launch…definitely better than the 3DS. On that note, most of the Vita’s promised features came by release date. The Vita will need more games soon enough to help drive sells. Sure Resistance and Gravity Rush are coming soon, but I think more hits will be announced at E3 and will be available soon after. So I say the Vita is more than ready for release

    Maybe a price drop would help drive sells of the Vita, but I feel it’s worthy of the install $250. Sony should at least include at least a 4GB memory card though. Even the 3DS comes with a SD card and would save the consumer money.

  • Resistance retribution please at least for download for PSN I still wating it. Good job in improving ps vita :D

  • I think they should rerelease the popular umd titles first so they can get them out of the way. Another idea could be to release the japanese imports of some games as well if not then it could be added as dlc.

  • When will Valkyria Chronicles 2 be compatible on PS Vita?

  • How about GTA?

    Liberty Stories
    Vice City Stories
    Chinatown wars

    I head you can download on PS3 and transfer to your Vita but I don’t have PS3.

  • I bought the FEB and love it, but wish there were more big name games announced.

  • VC2 already is, looks terrific. Oh, btw, do you have a ps3, if not then you’re screwed.

    Hey, chrisfreitas, you explain to our friend here chemerie why he can’t play VC2.

  • This is honestly embarrassing that we are unable to play ps1, ps minis, and psp games on the vita. It’s like selling a new cellphone without being able to add contacts or pictures to the phone. I am assuming sony is waiting for E3 to announce that we can play PS1 games on the vita which is not a win in my book. PS1 support should have been available at launch no excuses.

    And as for the list of minis and psp games great job on slowly giving us something we should of had from launch day.

  • I was just thinking about it. After all this time, all they add to the vita store is 6 psp titles and 7minis. That’s like, uhh… pathetic. Who do they have working on b/c anyway, a two man intern crew from some community college who come in for a few hours a week?

  • Where’s Pixeljunk Monsters? A friend and I just bought it today to play it on our Vitas, we deserve an explanation AND A REFUND it was really misleading, on the PS3 store it said PSP+Vita and then you said May 15th but it isn’t on the list. WHAT’S GOING ON??

  • sony plz dont ban me on what im bout to say…… with that said quit ur whining and F’ing complaining bout ps1 games on the vita ok sony is working on it my guess is E3 they r tryin to have it ready by then so instiad of F’ing complaining play the ps1 games on the ps3 or play something else till then i know everyone must have somekind of backlog so start playing as for psp games why not try googling and see what works and what works through the ps3 ok i mean ****!!!!!!!!!!! and as for u sony keep up the good work just dont hold back so much please us fans want news sometimes u know something to tide us over and everything

  • I’m also a Vita owner without a PS3, since I prefer the Xbox 360 as a home console and had a psp for handled gaming. Will I buy a ps3 in the near future to gain these connectivity features? Absolutely Not. In my opinion, the Ps Vita is just a sleek add-on for ps3 owners rather than a stand alone device at the moment. For example, the Remote play app on the screen is just a an eye sore and is needless to me. I’d like to switch it off.

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