New Marvel Avenger Items, Konami Silent Hill Downpour Diner, x7 Exclusive Item Update + Weekly Update

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New Marvel Avenger Items, Konami Silent Hill Downpour Diner, x7 Exclusive Item Update + Weekly Update

This Wednesday, May 2nd, PlayStation Home welcomes new Marvel Avenger clothing items, Konami brings the Silent Hill Downhill Diner personal space along with Murphy’s Prison Jumpsuit and Anne Marie’s Police Uniform, new exclusive x7 early-access items, and more!

Marvel is releasing a bunch of new Avenger clothing items, including Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Thor, Nova, Union Jack, and others complete with a bundle to own them all. Pick them up and be among the first to show your fan boy or fan girl love for the heroes and villains you love.


x7 Exclusive Update—Members of x7 will get early access to several new items this week including a stunning collection of new gemstone Auras, a new x7 exclusive bundle, and of course even a free DJ Turntable ornament. Head there starting Wednesday to reap the benefits of being part of the most exclusive club in all of Home. If you haven’t yet become a member, head to x7 and check out the Guest List for a complete list of ways to gain entrance.
Pro-tip: PlayStation Plus membership gives instant access, so pick up your subscription today.

Konami further expands the universe of Silent Hill in PlayStation Home with the release of the Silent Hill Downpour Diner personal space. Enter if you dare—we suggest completing the look with either Murphy’s Prison Jumpsuit or Anne Marie’s Police Uniform.


Also new from Konami are some new Gothic clothing items. Dark, skull designs adorn corset tops, vests, shorts, shirts and skirts—all of which are always in fashion of any dark realm.


This week in the Community Theater, HomeCast shares some strategy tips for Granzella’s latest demonic invasion, then Gamer Indepth ShoutOuts’ Meesh interviews The Tester, season 3’s winner, Akilleez_Might. Tune in to hear as she digs out some juicy gossip from our newest PlayStation family member.


Coming soon, Home Hold ‘Em will be updated to “season 2.” With this change come new rewards and more functionality to heighten your fierce card sharking skills. But as season 1 comes to a close, so will this season’s rewards. So get in there now and earn them while you still can. More details to come in near future so stay tuned.

See you in Home!

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  • I thought Play Stations Linux compatibility was way cool, but after you get tired of all those games from, it’s great to see more and more coming out for just the play station environment.

  • -damn i cant wait until i get un banned some time near may 25th to buy more stuff and get banned because people lie and the mods are idiots

  • the battlefield bad company 2 post is that some new things coming out for it? or are you just selling it now on the psn?

  • GlassCadewalls, not related but, is there any chance that the home support 3d tvs in the future?

  • While you are removing spaces no one goes to anymore, keeping spaces no one goes to anymore and adding spaces people won’t go to for long, I really don’t see why you just don’t re-add what is most of home users favorite place…..central plaza. You say you know what home users want, yet deny their favorite place to just relax.

  • P.S. The alternate central plazas don’t cut it either. Maybe if you stopped the snowing in the yeti one except while playing the actual game.

  • I been around home since private beta days…and im here to give my long toothed, non plus having, opinion of x7

    X7 is gonna alienate your casual base BIGTIME, im a hair from deleting home now as I can see were all of this is headed. And im one of those that ATLEAST drops a few bucks in home every month, ATLEAST?!

    BUT, Everything about this 1%er pleasing path just ticks me off, because CLEARLY its just about the money.

    NOT a love of community like your spouting, just money. If it was about bringing people together you wouldnt be wiring ALL of home with your velvet rope mindset. Your drawing lines were none exsisted before and it will serve to do nothing but split people apart.

    Heck, i used to hang with a person all the time in home, but that apparently thats all over now as every time i get in hes just lollygaggin in x7 like free stuff comes everyday. And no, he dosnt even hang with other people in there, just item hungry i guess…

    You have listend to loud mouths spouting off about wanting to feel special, and im afraid it was the wrong choice. Unless this is just a last ditch $ grab, or Home just becomes an ego stroker club that is…BETA INDEED.

    Blah, rant over.

  • LoL, you just want me to leave so i’ll stop loading my GIGANTIC inventory huh?



  • If you’re going to update hold’em on Home how about totally rebuilding it to be more like EA poker was, where the leaderboards actually have meaning and everyone can’t just feast off glitch cheating to reach 2.14 whatever billion. It renders the game completely meaningless as far as leaderboards go. Playing lotto poker is hardly exciting. The sit and go’s in the casino are pretty lousy so why not implement tournament style in the hold’em rooms. Everyone loved EA poker the way it was and since it’s obviously not coming back why not design something that’s as close to it as possible.

  • Not to be a spoiler here but when will Us Home be getting the new Southern Island game that’s in Japan Home please i would love to actually be able to read the rules at least

  • sony you effing basteards you gave of buch of crudy marvel tee shirts in stead marvel costume


  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    Marvel T shirts are a waste of space, We Do Not want any more T shirts , no matter how many times You say ” i think you`ll like these ” .
    Those T shirts look exactly the same as the ones we got last year .
    No More T shirts

  • hey Cade Peterson, Heres a hint for you. something you’ve no doubt completely ignored before since it disrupts your busy day on facebook and twitter. When you see those like Kato Lee, ErickaFollie, WastelandDan and others complaining about the massive problems on home, theres a good reason for it. Home has been badly broken a long time. Fixing it is overdue. What I’m suggesting is maybe you and some of the others in charge of keeping home running actually listen to customers and start fixing at least some of the problems. I don’t just mean the butt kissers either. People spend money on home and they expect something for it. Not excuses, not ignorance, and certainly not being screamed at as “jerks”. It all goes to something I’ve seen too much of from this company as a whole. that being the foolish notion that the customer is always wrong which is clearly not the case. I really shouldn’t have to say it at this late date but its consumers who drive this business like all others, not the reverse. Putting home in a usable state will generate far more revenue than inflating prices on the virtual items ever could.

  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    Im trying to login into Home and its giving the same Network Error , is anyone going to man up and say what is wrong with it ? i dont care for the bundles , or dropping a coin in the casino fountain , or the Lame Marvel Tshirts, Fix HOME and its Network Errors, next monday will be 3 weeks dealing with this B.S .

  • Hello Sony, as you can see in previous comments we all want the same thing…FIX HOME!!! I am very annoyed when I’m in the middle of typing and the Network Error appears or I’m just starting to play Sodium 2 and oh guess what another Netwirk Error…this pisses me off highly and makes me think of losing what very little trust I have left in you guys. I’ll praise you one minute than the next you fail me…come you guys I know you can do way better than what your showing us. And like 66 said ” it’s customers who drive the business like all other, not the reverse.” so if you want your business to keep running do what what we all expect from you and listen to what we want, not what you think is best for you.

  • Even if you were the first to post a comment when this coward is responding. If it was a negative comment this coward would have nothing to say. He will respond to all the comments like “I love the new t-shirts”. But if you bring up a real issue as the ones above, the coward will try to redirect you somewhere else where he can avoid the real issues at hand. It’s what cowards do take the cowardly way out. Don’t expect to have your negative comments responded to.

  • i have 3 questions im getting playstation plus today is it worth it & is the x7 club awesome & what kinda music play’s there im so xcited the gothic costumes look bad ass i’ll totaly buy them i just dont know & will there be a hulk costume & yes i am a hulk fan

  • i have 3 questions is playstation plus worth paying 18.00$ cuz im buying it & can u transfer ur playstion plus avatar to ur other account but the gothic stuff looks fricking awesome im so xcited 4 the x7 time 2 PARTAY & is the x7 club playing good music & is the avengers costume cfoming with a hulk 1 & yes i am a major hulk fan

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