See PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in Action

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See PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in Action

Today marks a special day for us here at SuperBot Entertainment, as we finally get to share our game with the world! PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale existed as an idea in the hearts of gamers way before SuperBot got around to making it, and the expectations of the fans are really what drive us. This game is a labor of love, and we’re excited to be able to finally show it — learn more in our new video interview above.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

So what is PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale? First and foremost, it’s a celebration of a storied history of great characters and rich worlds brought together in one game. And for us, there’s no better way to celebrate than by creating an experience that players can sit around one screen and enjoy together. There are probably a few types of games that can be enjoyed by four players simultaneously, but for us at SuperBot, a brawler was the obvious choice for one really good reason: the developers here at SuperBot really like fighting games. We love playing them and we love making them. With PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, we set out to make an experience accessible enough for all PlayStation fans to enjoy while also creating something deep enough for the serious fighting game aficionado. We think this “accessible yet deep” strategy is the perfect way to bring PlayStation fans of all stripes together.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle RoyalePlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

The game features a number of cool game modes for both single and multiplayer, with a focus on online play which features a robust tournament mode. Players will be able to compete against each other as well as play cooperatively. We can’t wait for you all to try it for yourself.

Until then, please stay tuned; there are plenty more features, characters, and levels we want to show. And you definitely don’t want to miss what we’ve got in store for E3!

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  • Man, so much to choose from content-wise!
    We have Warhawk on both the PS1 and PS3!
    All of the Twisted Metal stages (Antarctica would be fun, especially if it fell apart!) Wipeout and all of it’s pickups and tracks! Gran Turismo stuff! MediEvil! And that’s just old stuff. Newer games (Uncharted, Heavy Rain, LBP, Modnation…)

    If we wanted to go deeper, into the realms of obscurity, there are some rather interesting choices. Like Kingsley (Kingsley’s Adventure,) Ripper Roo, Crash Bandicoot, Gex…

    Although, has anybody here ever though about a Jet Moto stage? Maybe Blackwater Falls? That would be an interesting “moving” stage, maybe have all the fighters on a raft as racers from Wipeout and Jet Moto whiz around the track, occasionally some weapon fire or maybe a vehicle/biker or two come flying off the track and can hit you? I don’t know, I’m no dev, but that sounds rather interesting.

    I’m pretty stoked for what you guys are doing, I’ve wanted a game such as this for aeons. This will be the first game I ever pre-order.

  • I still want to see the Journey desert with the Uncharted 3 plane as a stage. Maybe also have ruins rising out of the sand at points (As the sand is blown away). It could be a nice way to have multiple fields in one stage.

    Also, the main stage I want is The Castle That Never Was (Kingdom Hearts). It is simply so unique, and if a good idea can be come up with to pair it with, it’d be insane to not include it. Or, it could be on it’s own, with Organization XIII members appearing (One at a time, excluding Roxas, Xemnas and Xion) and shooting attacks out. For example, the guy with the cards (Forgot his name) could be “dealing” them very quickly around the field.

  • I know you guys keep saying that characters will be released later but where can I look and when should I look?

    P.S. JAK should be in it… just saying

  • Characters you need to have that weren’t mentioned (or not a lot)

    -Robbit from Jumping Flash
    -Jersey Devil
    -Loco Roco (I dont know how the character would work though aha)

    Then personal ones I want to see-
    -Dante from DMC
    -Gabriel from Castlevania LOTC
    -Cloud from FFVII

  • Hello Omar
    I think is great to take the dare of combine the differents PLAYSTATION universes in one game, my question is : wich characters should be in this game? And why only a few?

    1st/2nd party:
    -Sackboy/LittleBig Planet: with the ability of steal techniques
    -Kit/Gravity Rush
    -Jeanne/Jeanne d’Arc
    -Ellen/Folklore: obviously that the game needs female cast, and the best election is Ellen
    -Jen Tate/Primal
    -Titan Quimera/Resistance: One of the heavy of the game, I would not like to see a chimera elitte if we already have: Radec, Natham Drake, Sweeth Toth, the hypothetical Gabriel[Syphon filter], etc. this chimera will bring more to then Roster and to the variety of characters.
    -Pet/Eye Pet: what a character.
    -Toan/Dark Cloud
    -Dart/The Legend of Dragoon.
    -Robbit/ Jumping Flash
    -Shadow/Okage: Shadow King: another heavy character.

  • 3rd Party
    -Pyramid Head/Sillent Hill one of the most terrifying and sadic games characters.
    -Prinny/Disgae: will provide the comic touch to the combat.
    -Ai ai/Monkey Ball:I doubt Sonic the hedgehog appears due their participation in SSBB, but Ai ai is a great choice from SEGA and specially for the young audience.
    -Gray Fox/Metal Gear: Same reason of Sonic, plus Gray Fox is a more versatile carácter in my opinión, now imagine Sanek vs Gray ..EPIC!! .
    -Avatar/Demon Soul: An archer or sorceress would be excellent options when appropriate lay many swordsmen. /
    -Lara Croft/Tomb Raider: Natham Drake VS Lara, yes!!
    -Cloud- Sepiroth

  • im jus really looking forward to playing with nathan drake and REEEALLY hoping theres a really good combo system

  • Please, for the love of all that is awesome, put Kevin Butler in it.

  • Games like this are what start revivals. If Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts become playable or Gex, Sony could redistribute them, fans can be happy, Sony gets money, everyone’s happy…. I work, one love.

  • man this looks cool thay should add snake from metal gear and cole and and zeke from infamous and may be some dynasty warriors character like xiahou dun and cao cao and drake from uncharted, and chris and leon and hunk, and dante and nero from devil may cry ,and commander Shepard from mass effect ,and jak and daxter and ico and and you have to put GHOST! from mw2 and dont forgget the soap.

  • u need to add zack from final fantasy and cloud. also cao cao, xiahou dun from dynasty warriors, ezio from assassins creed and maybe altiar main char from saints row would be funny. o and for shits and giggles should put yugi moto from yugioh that would be awesome XD and u have to put ghost!!! and dont forget the soap!!

  • I’m down with all the characters that people have been suggesting and I also like the name Playstation X-over Chaos that someone said earlier in the comments. Here are some characters I would like to see in the game (that I don’t think have been mentioned).

    PS2 Titles
    Sion Barzahd (The Bouncer)
    Dauragon C. Mikado (The Bouncer)
    Mugetsu (The Bouncer)
    Echidna (the Bouncer)
    Kimahri Ronso (Final Fantasy X)

    PSOne Titles
    T’ai Fu (T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger)
    Akuji (Akuji the Heartless)
    Long (Bloody Roar)
    Yugo (Bloody Roar)
    Xion (Blood Roar)

    Going to buy the game anyway regardless of what the final roster is but would be real pleased if a couple of them from this list appeared in the game (last three are a real longshot I think lol)

  • please put sora from kingdom hearts 2 in this game

  • I had to think hard about this one as I KNEW there were some characters I’d love to see:

    Gitaroo Man (from Gitaroo Man lol)
    Spike (Ape Escape)
    Specter (Ape Escape)
    Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)
    Squall (Final Fantasy VIII)
    Zidane (Final Fantasy IX)
    Sora (Kingdom Hearts II)
    Spyro the Dragon
    Crash Bandicoot
    Prince (Katamari Damacy)

  • After getting farther into WKC, I think that Caesar should be in as well. He and his spear could prove quite deadly, plus he can transform into Larvanne the Dragon Knight (I know I spelt the name wrong, just can’t remember how to).

    Also, I’d like if the idea suggested earlier was used. It came up with instead of having Jak, and Daxter as characters, Jak & Daxter would be one playable character. This could also be done with Ratchet and Clank, since both of the sidekicks spend time basically riding the titular character. This could make Ratchet and Jak more dynamic characters, since Jak could have Daxter run off and attack (And more), while Ratchet could have Clank do things like throw time bombs, and allow him to hover.

  • Also, it would be cool if as someone else came up with, you could unlock the original version of characters to play as (But not have them take up more space in the menu, instead having them work like selecting a color in SSBB for your character). This could be the polygon graphics for the PSOne Classics, or even things like original style for things like the PS2. And, for actual PS3-onlies, you could have variations on the colors, such as a good heroic Cole as the default, but being able to choose the darker villain Cole as an option. Other things, however, like the Journeyer, may need some work to come up with a variant to choose…

  • I think Koh (from the PSX game Azure Dreams) should be in it. It would be pretty awesome to see him slashing up enemies with the aide of his familiars. You could even throw in some mixture magic or something! :D

  • The white outline is annoying but is obviously an indicator for when a special move can be used; it should probably only be visible when a player can perform a level three move because otherwise there will be more playtime with a white outline than without.

    As for characters I would like to see in the game.
    Crash Bandicoot
    Cole McGrath (InFamous)
    Nathan Drake(Uncharted)
    Ratchet (Ratchet & Clank)
    Jak (Jak & Daxter)
    Cortex (Crash Bandicoot)
    Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
    Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet)
    Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil)
    Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

    Zeus (God of War)
    A Worm (Worms)
    Snake (Metal Gear Solid) – It’s a bit weird since he’s in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but come on… he’s Playstation
    Raiden (Metal Gear Solid)
    Captain Quark (Ratchet & Clank)
    Jin Kazama (Tekken)
    Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)
    Tiny the Tiger or any other villain from the Nauty Dog Crash Bandicoot games
    Kessler (InFamous)
    Nathan Hale (Resistance)
    Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

    I could probably think of more, but they’re the main characters I want in this game.

  • Also King from Tekken would be amazing, and I think he’d fit in with the mood and style of the game.

  • Final Boss:

    Polygon Man

  • I’m hoping to see a Metal Gear character to show up. However even if tehy don’t include one in the roster I’m still most likely to pick this up as it looks EPIC!

  • this game looks great, but if cloud, aerith, sephiroth, nathan drake, cole and snake are playable, and there is a stage inspired by Journey, consider a Special edition pre-ordered

  • I would love to see some of the Final Fantasy characters that are PS exclusive like Cloud, Seph, Rikku, Tidus… along with some of the Kingdom heart characters as well such as Sora, Riku, and Mickey lol if it is possible to get permission from Disney. ALSO, would like to see Spyro if he already isn’t in the game and it wouldn’t hurt to throw in any of the champions from any of the GOW series. There are some pretty cool characters from GOW2 that should make the roster. Just throwing ideas out there…

    Also, a more creative name wouldn’t hurt and may boost sales lol. Think creative man.

    I love this.

  • I all ready pre ordered this amazing game please have crash sora nathan drake rayman and bomeberman

  • All I need is Jak and Daxter, Sora or Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and then you pretty much have my money. But I love that you guys added Parrappa, PS1 LOVE!!!!! But keep up the good work, it looks great!!!!

  • Ok, check this out. A stage combining Kingdom Hearts with Metal Gear Solid. Psycho/Screaming Mantis uses blackout, and when the screen turns black and says Hideo, heartless eyes pop up on screen. Then the stage becomes visible but really dark looking with a more Kingdom Hearts look to it. The heartless could do whatever the developers want, but I think it’d be cool if they we’re either attacking Genome/FROG soldiers while Psycho/Screaming Mantis are , or the heartless can attack the players, maybe even both. Anyone else like this idea?

  • Like I said Bfor all I want is COMBOS and DRAKE and I’m good

  • just like i said before this game looks like a master piece all ready pre ordered it this will 100 percent be my favorite game i also want you to add wander from shadow of the colossus pleaseee im beging you he would have a realllly great play stiall please try to !!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t know who Screaming Mantis is, but a Castle that Never Was level with Heartless coming out to attack would be amazing. In fact, that, along with a Journey desert (With ruins occasionally rising out of the sands) combined with the Uncharted 3 crashed plane are the two main stages that I want to see.
    Also, why take down the official website? I checked there everyday just to make sure that the countdown was ticking…
    Polygon Man does need to be the final boss. He never had a game, so you can invent anything you want for him (Such as deciding that after being “thrown” away, he was going to find out who the true “all-star” is. He abducted the candidates he deemed possible all-stars, and programmed a giant clash of arenas to test them). Also, the story mode should have levels, only using arenas for boss fights or survival moments.

  • Maybe also have Kevin Butler as the penultimate boss (He could’ve decided to work with Polygon Man to get his own game), he could have a PSMove Controller, which makes real things from Sports Champions. An attack could be rolling a bowling ball, another aiming and firing a bow, along with a short range swipe of a gladiator sword, and throwing a disc.
    Also, for the idea of story, Polygon Man could’ve created a digital mysterious guy that appears in every boss level, watching the battle. Eventually you could fight him (And unlock him as a PvP character), and then learn about Polygon Man (Who would also be unlocked as a PvP character once defeated).

    Seriously, Polygon Man could be like the Master Hand from SSBB. Except it’d actually make sense.

  • This is shaping up to be an awesomely fun time! It took me a while to get used to and even like the…”other game” on that other system. but now i love it. If this can keep up that fun factor then it will take the crown from mario and bash him in the head with it. Also people we have to have Dante in this title. and maybe lady for the balance of male to female. How sweet would that be?! rock on Superbot! make use proud

  • pleeeeease get cole from infamous

  • if you do put cole in he could be played with blue energy, then red as an alternate costome or something

  • err.. typo, i ment costume

  • Please please please make this available on the Vita WITH Cross-game play!!!

  • This looks amazing but i would love to see Nathan Drake,sackboy and my favourite 3rd party character: Ezio Auditore!!!

  • Superbot’s obviously taking plenty of steps in the right direction with this no-holds-barred Playstation Celebration and I couldn’t be more ready to give them my money. Here’s to hoping we’ll be thrown a bone or two when E3 comes around; as an avid fan of PaRappa, Smash Bros. and crossovers in general, the wait for this game will be a painful one. I’m also very interested in the game’s engine, especially with so many fighting game vets under the hood.

    And now, the obligatory “Characters I’d like to see” portion of the Comment!
    >Tag (ModNation Racers)
    >Crash (Crash Bandicoot)
    >Spyro (Spyro the Dragon)
    >Ico and/or the rumored Yorda (Ico)
    >End Boss: Kevin Butler

    These are the guys I feel could be possibly omitted but I’ve got a lot of faith in Superbot at this point, so I’m certain we’ll see the likes of them, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sackboy and other PS Heavy Hitters in the end product.

  • *by omitted I mean I fear they could be left out of the game. We don’t want that! The more, the merrier!

  • This game look astonishing, amazing, words can’t really describe on how I perceive this game. I’ve been a fan of Smash Bro’s since Nintendo 64. I have all the Smash Bro’s games. I can’t wait for this game, who cares about what all those Nintendo fanboys think, their just jealous, because they know this’ll be amazing and they can’t get it, anyway.Astonishing job Omar Kendrall, also great work Sony and thank you!!!!

  • Honestly this game has ALOT of potential..they need to make Sora from Kingdom of Hearts, ill definitely buy it and play it for a LONG time..maybe they should throw in that evil dude with a long sword name Sepherath or something like tht from Final Fantasy..

  • Also, being able to grab on to things besides items could be VERY helpful, since PSASBR could borrow an idea for level from LittleBigPlanet, with characters being able to grab onto certain parts of the environment in order to advance, since it could help break up what might become repetitive levels.

    And it would still be phenomenal if we were able to grab onto other players and throw them short distances, since it could make the game feel very, brawl-ish, and help some ranged characters hold off the melee-focussed people a little longer.

  • Also, I’d like to see Stitch as a playable character. He was in Kingdom Hearts II, so that could be an excuse if needed, but he was in some PSOne games, and he would definitely add to the diversity. Giving him a longer throwing distance, and making one of his abilities coughing acid into his hands (Creating a throwable object which he can then throw (It would disappear after touching something, but do damage to players, and possibly destroy breakable objects)) would alone make him unique to the roster.

    Also, his blocking could be rolling into a ball, and if on a slope, he would roll down it (Damaging players that he hits) could be interesting, since, as demonstrated by Sly, characters don’t necessarily have to block. Firing his different plasma guns could be another skill, with various punches and attacks making up the last button.

  • They need more modes and content like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mortal Kombat for this game improvement.

    The characters I mainly hope to see is Solid Snake, Sora, Riku, Crash, Spyro, Jak and Dexter, and Ratchet and Clank.

    And do Team Battles like brawl and make story mode 4 players you can start from 1 to 4 for example player 1 starts alone until meeting other sony characters meet up and join sides.

  • Astroking112, Screaming Mantis is a boss in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

  • Also, if Stitch is used, then the crashed Gantu’s Ship from the series could be a stage, with the fight taking place outside from the scene that has become somewhat famous. It could be changed a bit, in order to have different steeping stones in the river (Which could take up most of the central area of the screen), and if you land in the water you could take damage (Or whatever it is Arena Hazards do).
    Occasionally the ship could activate it’s weaponry, and blast things at random points in the stage, with either an underwater PS title (I know of none, but they could raise out of the water to clash franchises) or space title (Preferably not Ratchet and Clank, maybe something else) come down. Maybe even have White Knight Chronicles clashed in, by having the Windwalkers coming down and releasing the stink gas from the Greavers, clouding the screen.
    That could be a VERY interesting arena IMO, and potentially could be used as a storyline point where we fight Gantu (He could be a boss) for some reason. That, the Journey/Uncharted stage and the Kingdom Hearts/ stage will alone make me want to buy this game. I also like Stitch (And White Knight Chronicles) very much, so him and this stage would be amazing.

  • PLEASE add character creation, this feature has become quite the popular attribute in games recently and added to a game that has a ton of iconic Playstation stars adding your own personally creation to the mix will be amazing!

    Another customization feature I would honestly love to see is Arena creations make your very own custom arena to fight in! How great will that be!

  • add dart & cloud i’ll be happy =)

  • Hey Superbot! THANK YOU first and foremost. I’m so excited about this game, you have no idea! I’ve already got my copy preordered. Second, I have a list of characters for the game that HAVE to be in this, day one or dlc.


    PSOne era 1. Sir Daniel Fortesque (Medievil) 2. Dart (The Legend of Dragoon) 3. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) 4. Crash Bandicoot 5. Spyro 6. Tomba 7. Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) 8. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) 9. Spike (Ape Escape) 10. Spectre (Ape Escape)

    PlayStation 2 era 1. Sora (Kingdom Hearts) 2. King Mickey (Kingdom Hearts II) 3. Ansem (Kingdom Hearts) 4. Jak and Daxter 5. Ratchet and Clank 6. Jennifer Tate (Primal) 7. Maximo 8. Max Payne 9. Dante (Devil May Cry) 10. Sonic the Hedgehog

    PlayStation 3 era 1. Nariko (Heavenly Sword) 2. Sackboy (Little Big Planet) 3. Chell (Portal 2) 4. War (Darksiders) 5. Death (Darksiders II) 6. Chimera (Resistance) 7. Batman (Batman: Arkham City) 8. Dollface (Twisted Metal) 9. Trigger Happy (Skylanders) 10. Starkiller (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

    PSP or Vita 1. Death Jr. 2. Loco Roco 3. Patapon 4. Little Deviant 5. Kat (Gravity Rush)

    Hope yall take this list for consideration! Hope all goes well at e3!

    Thanks again!

  • Oh and a few I forgot!

    Raz (Psychonauts)
    Alice (Alice: Madness Returns)
    Jenny (Bloody Roar)
    Bakuryu (Bloody Roar)
    Alice (Bloody Roar)
    Jade (Beyond Good and Evil)
    Pei’j (beyond good and evil)
    Globox (rayman)
    Rabbids (rayman)

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