Sack it to Me: A New Update And A Lot Of Yays

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Sack it to Me: A New Update And A Lot Of Yays

LittleBigPlanet 2: Update 1.12!

Update 1.12 for LittleBigPlanet 2 will be out this week, and it will introduce a few nifty features to the game.

The Dive-In feature has now been moved to the top of the Community menu, and has been vastly rewired and improved to help players easily find some new Sackfolk to play with during their adventures!

To help encourage creativity, we have removed the Boos from the Level Rating System. You can still Yay a level to say that you really liked it, but we found that the Boo ratings were disheartening at best, and could be used to cause grief amongst the community.

If you happen to find something you don’t like because it’s rude or mean or just plain offensive, then hit the Select Button and use the Good Grief System to report it to our moderation team.

Comments & Reviews
If you have just played a level and wish to provide the creator with some helpful feedback, then you can still use the level’s comments section or perhaps leave a nice and informative review for the entire community to read.

If you’re a busy creator though and would like to take a break from the reviews and comments on your level, you can now choose to disable reviews and/or comments on your profile and levels via the Settings Page on You won’t lose anything though, it will just block people from seeing them, or adding more, until you re-enable it again.

Mm Picks!

Onto the Mm Picks for last week, we featured a couple of fun Easter themed levels, an adventure involving Rapunzel and her magical hair, an intergalactic 3D space battle and the most awesome pinball machine using Sackbots that you have ever seen!

easter egg farm
Easter Egg Farm (1 player)
By deadmn

the missing easter bunny
The Missing Easter Bunny
By cekmeout

rapunzels rodent problems
Rapunzel’s Rodent Problems
By edogan1

space escape pinball
Space Escape Pinball
By jwwphotos

Cosmicron [1P] V.1.14
By RoDRiGo-FiLiPiNo

Sack it to Me: A New Update And A Lot Of Yays

To see the latest Mm Picks, and all the old ones too, you can always pay a visit to (LINK) and queue up every level in sight! – Mm Picks!

Journey Is On The Way…

The Journey Costume Pack for LittleBigPlanet is being released at the end of the month and it’s nice to see some people already getting excited for this release, as can be seen in the following photograph by @J_creative528 of their Sackboys wearing a pair of fine custom-made Journey Costumes!

LittleBigPlanet: Journey

Don’t forget to stay tuned to Sack it to Me next week for the reveal of another Costume Pack being released on the same day! Both of which can be picked up on April 24th!

Come and Join the LittleBigPlanet Family!

LittleBigPlanet is a continually evolving Omniverse of imagination and creativity, which needs a few equally awesome folks to join the LittleBigPlanet family to help expand LittleBigPlanet even further than you could possibly imagine!


If you feel that you may be one of these uber-talented folks, then check out the new jobs page over on LittleBigPlanet.comfor the job opportunity of a lifetime!

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2 Author Replies

  • Awesome! I love new LBP news!

  • can i have a crown. plz.

  • Glad to see that you are making changes for the better, improving upon a game that‘s already great.

    About the job offers, are these open for international applicants or only for US residents?

  • I love LBP2, but removing the Boo button is sort of sad. People should know when others like their level, and the Yay button does that. However, if someone needs improvement, then the Boo button does that too. I think the combination of the Yay/Boo buttons have shaped LBP2’s online community to what it is today.

    Also, I can’t wait for the Journey costume!

  • Hey MM! I want this picture that was the thumbnail for this article on the psBlog’s main page! Make it happen please!

  • NO!!! I LOVED the Boo feature!!! BOO!!!

  • While I’m happy to see you’re still improving your fabulous game, I’ve gotta say I’m disappointed by the removal of the boo feature. The yay feature can be used in the same way. Gather a group of people to upvote a terrible level so that it ends up getting more plays than it should with no way to downvote it and tell others that it really is a horrible level. I’ve played levels with low ratings in the past to see if it REALLY was that bad. Most times it was true rating wise.

  • “Boo-Be-Gone”

    That is seriously LAME. People need to learn how to take criticism, I’m sick of this “like”, but no “dislike” button featured in comments sections, facebook, and now community based games. It’s like giving everyone on the team a trophy, regardless of their skill. It’d be nice to have some form of democracy somewhere in this world.

  • Hey!! I recognize that level! ..and you included a video too! Too cool!! Thanks StevenI for that wonderful post …and an awesome video by Chimpanzee as well. ;)

    Made my day for sure!!! :)

    • Pinball games are certainly a lot more fun with everyone’s favourite Sackbots bouncing all over the place!

  • Is it possible to transfer your costumes from lbp/blp2 to LBP Karting? PLZ answer. THX

  • I’m actually glad they removed the boo feature, even if others disagree, whether you have a boo and yay voting system, there will always be the people who misuse it, removing the boo vote will keeps just things positive, its better for creators to get no rating than to get a sad face, there’s always going to be those intentionally bad levels no matter what, and we can just exit the level leaving no vote.
    Remember what we did to the boogieman? we just didn’t pay attention to him, and he went away.

    But more on subject, a big thank you to steven for bringing the community news, and keeping everyone updated.

  • “’I’m actually glad they removed the boo feature, even if others disagree, whether you have a boo and yay voting system, there will always be the people who misuse it”

    uhh, I’m willing to bet a lot more people misuse the “Yay” button to pad their level’s stats.

  • In a way this is kind of bad because of the what the previous comments have said, its true I mean I have boo’s on my previous levels but I learn, move on, make better and bigger contraptions. My one LBP2 level called (A10’s Lights) at 1st I had nothing but boo’s and little of yay’s later, I went to the level review team at ( has for the community, after 2 days I got mine, it was horrible, but I took the man’s advice deleted the 1st edition did a week’s load on improving and now I got like 467 yay’s to 88 boo’s. I mean even the best of the best still get criticized for their levels because you cant please everyone. P.S. All I have to say I am not happy with the “boo be gone” but its not my game and I respect the decision MM has made because its truly a top 10 game in my opinion.

  • Can you give us any information on the Playstation Vita Version, we have been in the dark for quite a while.

  • So, in the last one, you mentioned there would be more DLC with the journey. Does this mean before or after/when the journey costumes come out. Also, know of any creator contest coming soon? Goin for a prize crown!

  • On the good side. those who create a another PSN account just boo levels troll and attck people will be given a harsh blow. I see where the lack of balance will still fall with bad levels getting to many happies. Now they need to follow up on it. the old sad face troll attacks still show up on the website. So if they going to remove from the game the sadface shold also be removed from lbp. me history to.

  • I’d would rather a limited boo systems put in. that only lets yoy do a set amount of boos a day or week. Or a limit that only allows you to boo only 1 level of the same person a day. Or a limit that allows your level to be booed once a day. so if your level gets booed by some one. no one else can boo it for 24hrs. There requires alot more thought to be done on the Boolimits, however them being gone does stop trolls and boo attackers.

  • @ Comment #19 If set up that way they would then have to find a way to block people from boo 1ce then quit game change date and go back on to boo again not saying they would and not saying your idea is bad just saying what could happen. There is pros and cons to all decisions that any game/or just anyone makes.

  • I was just wondering when will skype be available to ps vita . i brought this vita and was told to have skype and a a full -( full ) HTML 5 browser.IF I KNEW THOSE THINGS WASNT

  • Journey… costumes…


  • Boo to the loss of Boos.

    Should have stuck with the star rating system from LBP1 anyway.

  • @minicgame Skype is going to come out by the end of this month. :) At least that’s what the EU PS Blog said.

    Man… I’m dying for lbp vita! At least this update addresses the Dive In feature, can’t say how many times it has failed on me.

  • Oooh, theres 2 costume packs being released? Wonder what the other one is…

  • @24- MS owns Skype now but would MS allow Sony to use it?


  • I also prefer the five star rating system from LBP1. But sooooo glad the dive in feature is being re-worked. i spend almost 20 minutes trying to join someone’s game in a chosen level.

  • @23:

    I liked the 5 star system too. If for no other reason than I could tell someone: your level is okay but needs work to be good (3), your level is great but could be among the best with some tweaks (4), this level is amazing (5), etc.

    I would reserve the 1’s or 2’s for obviously constructed in 5 minute levels or copies of popular levels that are everywhere with no real changes (shark attack) or levels that were begging for hearts but had literally no content (yeah, I will give you a heart until you get your trophy then I am taking it away and giving your level a 1).

    Change can be good, just a little skeptical. It seemed the boo was kind of a necessary weapon to fight all the rampant non-levels (i.e. copied popular levels or levels with no content asking for hearts/yays/plays). Will see how it all plays out.

  • Littlebigplanet 2 was supposed to be a fun, cute, pleasant game, but in reality it is infested with trolls, haters, and the same copied levels over and over. The trolls and haters are like bullies that love to annoy you and say horrable thing to ou. Copying is plagiarism because you a taking someone else level that they worked hard on and claiming its your. There are even levels about people being violated that have gotten on the cool page. Please fixed these problem and make LBP 2 great again.

  • Any word about the fix for the move pack pins/trophies being fixed.(when you join a online Multiplayer game the game does save the prize bubbles or register the pins/trophies

  • How about the fix for the bad quality os pictures captured from screen. Its very annoying.
    When the fixes for the SERIOUS problems reported in GetSatisfaction bugs report site will come?
    I REALLY need swimmers sackbots, and stairs features, and fixes for knowing problems!
    For one instant I was happy thinking is was included in this patch… =(

  • I may not get a reply from the blog author, but I’m just curious… would a level showing off costume designs ever be eligible for an Mm Pick?

    I’m not the best level designer in the world, though I’d like to try my hand at it more often. So, I typically make mini-game or versus levels, and I have hundreds of costumes I’ve made that cosplay characters from dozens of videogame, movie and other series.

    I made a handful during LBP, and I plan to make a hero and villain museum showcasing my costumes. I just really like creating costumes for Sackboy with limited resources, or buying a DLC pack to use that one special piece that could really make a great costume.

    Anyway, I was just curious if all types of levels get rewarded with this honor… cuz its one I’d like to strive for even though I’m not superb at level design.

  • Help!!! I have a problem!!! I bought little big planet 2 special edition, when I try to play prehistoric moves a message appear saying that the content was expired, then I erased the game but doesn’t appear again and I don’t know how to download it again for free, it suppose to be in the disc or not?

    Note: I download prehistoric moves when I was plus the last year, but actually I’m not plus. Maybe this can cause and error.

  • Boo-be-gone is the only thing I don’t like about this update. If you suck then you suck and you need to be told. Just like someone who sucks at singing, you just don’t wanna hear it. If it’s a bad level then I don’t wanna play it. Bring back the Boo’s!

  • Yes! the first time i played journey i immediately went on LBP and made my own journey costume but now they’re releasing an official one yay!

  • I would love for the developers of LBP to think about a system to fairly remove broken and bad levels. I understand it was a cool milestone to say hey look we have over a MILLION levels that can be played. But dont you think its neccesary to start getting rid of the clutter. Why not of left the boo system in and set a timer of 4-6 weeks and if theres more negative than positives on a level it should get erased.

    You know how disheartening it is to spend 50-80 hours creating a level just to have it dropped into the sea of 6 million plus levels and not have the oppurtunity to get any attention. And who needs to play the 1,000th ninja warrior level thats been copied and pasted over and over. Just some things to think about since thier are incredible levels being burried under so much cr*p.

  • There should be a way where levels that are copied HAS a signature of who created the level first prior to distributing it to copying players who abuse the system. Too many good levels have been tainted by trolls, or people who have no integrity and claims to be the righful creator of a copied level. Fix that, and LBP will be golden!

    P.S. – I know that update wont cover old copyable levels, but to start now would be great.

  • I think it’s a terrible idea to get rid of booing. I mean people need to learn how to take criticism so they could improve. If I like a level then I’ll YAY it and if I don’t I’ll boo it. If I’m picking out a level online I wan’t to pick out a good one but how am I supposed to know which one is good or bad if all of them have likes? You would be able to get a pretty good idea if the level is good or not looking at the ratings but now that you’ve removed that it makes it quite difficult to differentiate the good from the bad. Like I said before people need to take criticsm so they can learn and improve from it and not have everything sugar coated for them all their life. I’m really quite disappointed in who ever made this dumb decision.

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