A FES-tivus for the rest of us: Persona 3 FES Hits PSN Tomorrow

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A FES-tivus for the rest of us: Persona 3 FES Hits PSN Tomorrow

PlayStation.Blog readers,

There’s a new PlayStation 2 Classic coming to PlayStation Network. I want to talk to you about it. Instead of just getting to the darn point, though…LET’S DRAG THIS OUT.

Join me, won’t you, as we take a trip back in time? Step into this police box with me, please. Get the door behind you? Thanks.

Ok, the year is 2008. You just saw Al Pacino’s 88 Minutes in theaters. It was terrible.

You’re on your way home, your head hung low in abject disappointment, when you pass by your local INSERT NAME OF YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO GAME RETAILER HERE. What’s that? New releases? You wander in to take a closer look, thinking that a new game might help cleanse your mental palate…

Persona 3 FES for PSN

Whoa. Wait, didn’t Persona 3 come out in 2007? Sure, it was one of the best RPGs you ever played, introducing one of the most memorable casts of characters ever and a ridiculously sweet half-dungeon RPG/half-social sim gameplay mechanic that let you balance the everyday demands of a high school student with the every night demands of a world-saving, Persona-wielding badass.

Persona 3 FES for PSN

And then there was FES. It took the original game, which was now known as “The Journey,” and added: a new Hard Mode selectable from the start, new Personas, a new Social Link with new Arcana, new classroom pop quizzes, a new Weapon Fusion system, over 50 new requests from Elizabeth, new nighttime events with Koromaru, and a few secrets as well.

Persona 3 FES for PSN

But FES also offered “The Answer,” an entirely new chapter that dealt with the events after The Journey’s ending. In The Answer, players control Aigis as she works to solve the mystery of “time skips” that have trapped the S.E.E.S. members in the same repeating day. The Answer gives players who have completed the Journey a formidable challenge: conquer hundreds of new floors filled with enemies and bosses harder than anything in The Journey’s Hard Mode, and do it all without the benefit of The Journey’s Persona compendium.

Persona 3 FES for PSN

Persona 3 is widely considered one of the finest JRPGs ever made. Persona 3 FES takes all of that even further. It has an 89 on Metacritic, getting perfect scores from sites like Destructoid.com, who raved: “Persona 3: FES manages to take one of last year’s best RPGs and make it even better, trumping the original with loads of gameplay and fantastic value.”

Persona 3 FES for PSN

Anyways, we’re back in 2012 now. Please get out of my time machine. No, seriously, I’m tired of having to watch you out of the corner of my eye. Second of all, and perhaps more importantly, Persona 3 FES is available tomorrow as a PS2 classic via PSN.

Own a PS3? Always wanted to play Persona 3 FES and never got around to it. NOW YOU CAN!

Well, it’s been fun. I’m off to 1999. I go back to it a lot. I sit outside of big movie theaters and watch peoples’ reactions as they shuffle out of Phantom Menace. Schadenfreude is an addicting thing.

Until next time!!

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  • I’ll buy this, even though I bought P3P last week, but only because it brings me closer to Persona 5.

    C’mon, give the fans what they’ve been dying for! :)

    • Think of it this way: you’ve now covered every Persona 3-related base possible. Living room couch, airplane, or bathroom stall… ALL can now be improved with the addictiveness of Persona 3.

      (Just remember to stand up and stretch your legs every 30 minutes or so, especially for the bathroom stall scenario.)

  • Oh, and Digital Devil Saga 1/2 for the West please. Europe got them already and I’m not about to pay $100 per game on Amazon/ Ebay. Those classics should be enjoyed by all. Truly epic RPGs.

  • Got a tear of joy :’)
    Best RPG Ever! (Fanboy talk :P)
    Totally Buying this tomorrow :D

  • Consider it purchased. I’ve heard so many good things about this, at $10 it’s a steal.

  • I think I might download P3P for my Vita. I have never played any of the Persona games.

    • TooTall19,

      Persona 3 is widely considered the best place to start for a Persona newcomer. We hope you enjoy it!

  • Wild Arms 5, Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII please.

  • What an awesome game.
    I’m glad that you guys are really going out of your way to make so many of your games available to as many people as possible! Can’t wait for P4U this summer!

  • Awesome news Aram! Do you guys have any plans to release HD versions of classics? You guys have a VAAAAAASSSSTTT library of games, and I’d love to see some HD updates. Digital Devil Saga would be a good first pick, but I’ll put my pre-order in on just about anything you announce. Please and thank you!

    • LokeSTL,

      There are currently no plans, but there have been great successes recently with PS3 HD remasters (my beloved copy of ICO/SOTC speaks to that) so you never know!

      We always pass feedback and suggestions along, so thank you for sharing your wishes!

  • I want to get this since I’ve never got a chance to get into the series. But I hope you guys keep bringing the classics. Atlus are the only ones that seem to care anymore.

    Just one question, you do plan on bringing the rest of the classics at some point right? I don’t this to turn out like Suikoden. Still waiting for number 2, four years later.

    • SpiritThief,

      We hope to keep bringing the classics, too! There aren’t any to discuss specifically at this time, but we’re with you in that we don’t want this to be the last ATLUS PS2 Classic on PSN either.

      Probably because we do care. A lot. Imagine a photograph of a finely-woven basket full of baby golden retrievers. THAT’S how much we care.

  • i skimmed through this article but for somereason i want this and this isnt really my cup of tea …im a check out some gameplay footage…i alsp want to check out the portable one on my vita if i can, i will see if ppl are getting that done….

    To the OP: very funny presentation, was hard to just skim thru the post but i like the time machine touch lol

  • Now I can burn my bread on the PS3!
    Or something like that.


  • And I see the maker of this title is a Seinfeld fan lol

    • There really wasn’t any other title for the post that fit better, in my opinion.

      “It’s a casserole, Sheila; IT’LL STAY!!!”

  • as for ppl who want ps2 games on ps3, its all about licenses and im sure some dev maybe trying to gouge and/or percentage cut deals arent being negociated or agreed apon, its not just that sony is holding out or what have you.

  • Only Atlus can make me purchase the same game for the 4th time and still love it.

  • Great game. Might even buy it again just for ease of use on a PS3.

    Also to the person who asked for DDS1/2 they were actually released by Atlus in moderately big prints in 2006. You can find them on amazon for $30 new. It would be cool to see them on PSN though.

  • PLEASE ANSWER: Is there tax? Or can I just get a $10 PSN card and get it?

  • and socom collection HD??????????????????????

    • Le_Masta,

      Alas, I’m not sure this is the right post to get attention for your cause.

      Also, the Question Mark police have been notified.

  • omg persona 3 fes my favorite ps rpg game of all time u guys are geniuses now ill be able to buy it on psn tomorrow awesome now go and make persona 5 u know u want too new personas new characters new story etc u guys can make it happen persona 3 persona 3 fes and persona 4 best rpgs of all time keep it up atlus u guys rock

  • Atlus I love you! That is all :)

  • Ha. I enjoyed reading this post.

  • This is great, now bring us Persona 4 next. Preferably the Vita version. ;)

  • I said it on another blog post and I’ll say it again: If you like RPGs you need to buy this game. Either P3P or P3 FES. It’s super important. And if dating sims bother you (although it’s an important aspect of the game and not really “dating”) you can avoid it mostly.

    I do think P3P is the best version of the game but P3 FES is how it was intended to be played. P3P is more Persona 3 with a Persona 4 spin, but still very good. There’s just more content in FES. Get both if you can!

  • Nice, Mr. Jabbari. However, I am still waiting for that PS3 collection of P3F, P4, P2’s. I don’t really like having digital downloads of big games, only small ones.

    • But… But… Persona 3 FES is over 60 hours of JRPG goodness. It’s huge! Massive! Scrumtrelescent!

  • Very cool. By the way, your interview with Classic Game Room was awesome.

  • Nocturne. Make it happen Aram. Make it happen.

    Also: Buying this tomorrow. Woo!

  • Yessir, I got P3P for the PSP, then P3F and P4 for the PS2, picked up P1 and P2 for the PSP along the way, and I’ll be getting P3F again as a DD for the PS3. I even gave my cousin $10 yesterday to be darn sure he gets it too!

  • When is Persona 4 coming to the store

  • Hey Atlus, Any plans for a mobile version of Catherine? Specifically the diabolical puzzles. I’d buy a VITA if you released a portable Catherine.

  • Lets see I’ve bought persona 3,Persona 3 fes,persona 3 portable and now I will definately be buying this. I’ve played persona since the original on the ps1. And I agree Persona 3 is the best point to get in on the series with. Any smt/persona classic that’s released I will buy no question’s asked.

  • I have the Limited Edition of P3 (artbook + OST), I have the PS2 P3 FES and I have the Limited Edition PSP + Jumpei Cap edition. SO BUYING THIS ONE AS WELL!!!! P3 FTW!!! Dood!

  • Dear Atlus,

    I will buy Persona 3 FES tomorrow. But please bring over SMT: Nocturne. That’s the best turn base RPG that I have ever played.

  • Bring us DDS and Nocturne or else I’ll tell Matador that you are challenging him.

  • Any idea as to what the price of this amazing game will be when it hits the PSN?

  • I can’t lie, I own every version of this game, and I’m so gonna buy this one too. It’s amazing; and I agree, they need DDS and Nocturne next.

  • :O
    Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    • Haha, thanks for posting again! As with all of our fans’ suggestions that sound as awesome to us as to them, if there’s a way to make it happen, we’ll do our best!

  • I’ve gotta say, Atlus is by far one of my favorite devs. I’ve been playing your games (gems!) since Odin Sphere and I just can’t stop! But sadly, I’ve never had the privilege of playing a Persona title. If I were to start with P3:F, would I be lost because I never played the first two, or are they standalone titles?

  • Persona 3 and 4 Avatars on PSN Please!

    Also Aram please be sure to convince…your superiors that the main titles for Persona STAY on Playstation, where it made a name for itself since the original Playstation. I’m okay with Persona 4: The Arena being a multi-plat title since it’s made by the talented folks that created Blszblue. But i’m talking about the REAL Persona games, the main titles! I wish to see Persona 5 use the full potential of a Blu-Ray disc and hardware of the PS3 to get the maximum Persona 5 experience!

  • Yes about time these games come to ps3. Bring more !!!

  • Izanagi-no-Okami

    You guys over at Atlus have already gotten me to buy this game more then four times (import the LE set you did the first time it came out), so I think I’ll be passing on this.

    I’m still waiting for a new Devil Summoner game by the way guys.

  • Aram, can you post something every week because you are a hoot? I might be mad at you for reveling in my disappointment with Star Wars Episode Sucked Hard, except I, too, am a big proponent of Schadenfreude, every chance I get.

    Since everyone else is asking you for stuff, I’ll hit you up for an original request: Demon’s Souls for Vita, please. Truly one of the best games I’ve ever played.

    • lisatsunami,

      I try to sneak back every week but Jeff has gotten really quick with the vinegar spray bottle.

      As for Demon’s Souls for Vita, it’s an AWESOME idea, but I confess it is best directed at our friends at SCEJ and the fantastically talented folks at From Software, since they are the owner of the property and the people with the gift to make it happen, respectively.

  • persona 3 fes was the first persona i ever played and it was so amazing i never pass up buying persona games thank you for constantly remaking this game but can you please remake persona 4 :D

    • foggy-daze21,

      To be clear, this isn’t a remake so much as it is the original PS2 classic made playable on PS3 systems!

  • @Atlus: Thank you~ ILU

    @Sony: Please make PS2 Classics support remote play. I know native play is a ‘no’ but come on, remote play is a good compromise. I’d probably buy more PS2 Classics if I didn’t have to worry about being anchored to my PS3.

  • FES was my first introduction to the Persona series and I’ve been hooked ever since.
    I think building my Social Link with Elizabeth was my favorite part of P3:FES. She’s hilarious.

  • Is there any hint of whether P4 will be getting the North American release either for the upcoming Vita version, or as a PS2 classic?

    I’m waiting to find out how much I’ll be spending on those games in the future, before I consider buying another persona/SMT type of game (well maybe P4 Arena, I’m not a fighting gamer, but it is persona on ps3).

    But thanks for bringing us the PS2 version, best PS2 classic so far by a mile.

    • If only there was packaging for downloadable games, we’d totally print:


      As for your other question: I’m afraid not. But very diligent of you to ask!

  • Hey Aram,

    I hope we won’t have to wait long for Persona 4: The Golden to be released over here, as I’d love to have all of the Persona games on one device.

  • I have P3 FES on my PS2 but only played halfway. Can I import my save data from my PS2 version to this downloadable version since I have a memory card reader for my PS3 but can’t play PS2 discs, so I can pick up where I left off?

  • damn, Skull girls or Persona 3…….

  • Oh for clarification since this is the internet and sometimes I say things poorly.

    Atlus is one of my favourite companies, Video Game related or otherwise and I love to support every game I can get my hands on including the PS2 FES classic at some point (still have my ps2 copy and a ps2).

    I’m just on a stricter budget now so I try to plan out my game purchases (or preorder) 6-12 months in advance when I can and even saving 10$ right now might be what lets me buy P4 whether on PS2 or Vita assuming we get it and since that’s basically my favourite game of all time, I wouldn’t want to miss it on release :)

  • Rated-Rsuperstar

    It’s a FES-tivus miracle!

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