The Pinball Arcade Hits PS3 and PS Vita on April 10th

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The Pinball Arcade Hits PS3 and PS Vita on April 10th

The Pinball Arcade for PS3 and PS Vita

We’re very excited to be launching the Pinball Arcade on the Sony Entertainment Network. We have four great tables running on the most accurate pinball physics engine ever developed. What’s more, The Pinball Arcade will offer players the ability to buy our game (and any DLC tables) once and own it on both the PS3 and PS Vita versions! The PS Vita version supports the front and rear touchscreen and will be a great way for people to play our game while they’re on the go. We can’t wait for the game to be launched on April 10th. We can confirm that the game will run at a smooth 60 frames per second, and the lighting effects and real-time reflections make the graphics look stunning. This is the best pinball simulation we’ve created so far!

If you’re a fan of either real pinball or video pinball, we’re pretty confident that you’re going to love our game. FarSight has been making digital pinball games for years! We have received overwhelming support by the mechanical pinball community – and these are the people who insist on realism in their pinball games. We have acquired licenses from Bally, Williams, Stern, Sega, Data East, Gottlieb, and obtained other ancillary rights like Monster Bash and Creature from the Black Lagoon from Universal to name just a couple. We are focused on building the greatest possible collection of classic tables that we could distribute digitally ourselves.

The Pinball Arcade for PS3 and PS Vita

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A couple of weeks ago, we attended the Texas Pinball Festival, where a lot of people asked us how FarSight got involved in pinball simulations. People also thought it was interesting that we decided to transition from being a console game developer (with millions of retail unit sales over the past 20 years) to self-publishing our own games digitally. The fact is – we’ve been waiting for the age of digital distribution to get to where it is today for quite awhile.

If it would’ve been possible, FarSight would have made this transition 10 years ago when we created an original puzzle game called Mojo which featured a rolling ball. We saw a lot of potential in the game (and we still do!), but we had a difficult time finding a publisher whose sales department believe that our puzzle game could be successful in the retail space. Crave Entertainment saw a place for the game as a value title. After it shipped, FarSight and Crave together thought that making a pinball game from the engine created for Mojo would be relatively easy. Looking back – wow, we were pretty naïve about all of the nuances needed for pinball physics back then!

We loved pinball and were very excited to make a pinball game; however we knew that great pinball design is a skill that takes years of experience so we looked into what manufacturer license/s would be feasible to obtain ourselves. Our first pinball game, Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection was successful. We followed this up with a game that had much better physics and a better collection of tables in our opinion, PHOF: The Williams Collection. However, despite great reviews, the sales were not nearly as good. We weren’t about to give up, though.

We knew that we had a great game. We just needed more people to get their hands on it – and this was the perfect opportunity to get into digital publishing!

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  • You guys will be getting my 10$. I love the idea of getting it for both ps3 and Vita with one purchase. I hope other developers follow your lead.
    Ill finally have another table to play besides the Uncharted table for psp that came with my Uncharted 2 GOTY disk.

  • the previously released tables (Tales of Arabian Nights, etc.) will be recreated or just “repackaged” as they were in this new collection? the graphics suggest some sort of new engine, but I just want to be sure.

  • Day 1 purchase for me. Thanks for bringing this to PS Vita.

  • 2 tables I’d love to see are,

    Medieval Madness (Williams) <—-greatest pinball game ever!
    Lethal Weapon 3 (Data East)

    The amount of quarters I sunk into just those two alone was probably enough to buy one of those machines.

  • I’ve been anxiously awaiting this game. I love the idea, and am especially happy this is cross-compatible with the PS3 and Vita. I will be double-dipping on both consoles for this reason. I hope this is a huge success and we keep seeing content coming steadily for years as you guys have said. However, with all due respect, my one issue is the user interface leaves a lot to be desired. It looks especially ill-suited for a large DLC collection having to scroll through tables one by one full-screen. It looks like it could have used some more work and/or polish in that regard. Do you have plans to improve the core program over time such as improving the menu system? Thanks

    P.S. Cue Ball Wizard please. The PC version that came out with this table several years ago was completely broken (can’t hit one ramp) and it could use you guys to do it right.

  • I second Sevyne’s remark, medieval madness is definitely the best pinball machine ever. I hope to see this come to your digital versions.

  • 1st Day Purchase !!!

  • Now I can’t wait for the 10th. Please tell me Elvira Scared Stiff is one of the tables in the pipeline. Thanks for not letting pinball die. It’s so hard to find the real deal anymore, so this is the next best thing. Well, till I buy my own one day.

  • Just saw one of your comments on page 1 about Medieval Madness being an early DLC. I’m sold!

  • Count me in as a DAY ONE DOWNLODER! I used to love playing PInbot in my college dormitory main entrance lounge and have always wanted to check out Bride Of Pinbot …. Can’t wait!

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  • I bought this game for Xbox 360 and I have to say, as someone who grew up playing pinball in the arcades and laundromats, I’m torn between which I love more: this and Pinball FX2/Zen Pinball. On one hand, I love PFX2’s zany tables and over-the-top animations. While on the other, this game strives for authenticity and flawlessly executes that goal with careful precision in both presentation and gameplay.

    With that said, it goes without saying that I’ll also be downloading this for PS3 as well. Considering that the Vita version will be free with purchase, this is a no-brainer for those who own both. My only suggestion so far would be a “retry” option in the pause menu. I know you can exit back to the main menu, but a restart feature would be more convenient.

    Here’s a wishlist of tables that I’d love to see:

    Hook (Data East)
    Star Wars Trilogy (Sega)
    Star Trek: The Next Generation (Williams)
    Twilight Zone (Bally)
    Back To The Future (Data East)
    Jurassic Park (Data East)
    The Addams Family (Bally)
    Street Fighter 2 (Capcom/Gottlieb)
    WWF Royal Rumble (Data East)
    Doctor Who (Bally) – I just want this as DW fan, lol.
    Starship Troopers (Sega)
    Harley Davidson (Sega)
    South Park (Sega)

  • The Adams family pinball table is a must.. also terminator pinball

  • @62 playstation has always been free online why would u want us to pay.? dont ruin a good thing bro

  • . About three months ago I bought the Williams Collection for PS3 and me and my dad have played that nearly every day (we’re still trying to beat the Williams challenge. I actually got to the very last table and completely blew it). The other day I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a similar game except with a lot more licensed tables and now I have a wish come true with this game announced. I’m getting a Vita this month as well, and the fact that I can put the game on the Vita as well as the DLC while only buying the game once is like a cherry on top of a delicious sunday. I know it won’t mean much in the long run, but me and my dad plan on splitting the cost and buying every single dlc pack that comes out for this game. Thank you very much for taking the time and making such an awesome PSN game and also for choosing to support it for a long time to come.

  • Great news! PHOF: The Williams Collection on PS3 is my favorite pinball simulation since the days of the Amiga. Will Europe be getting the game at the same time?

  • I hope the trophy system and the online features will be better than with PHOF: The Williams Collection on PS3. There should also have been trophies for completing the table specific challenges. (bronze for the first 5, silver for the next 5). Too bad you won’t be able to reintroduce the Williams challenge, as you will be working with DLC.

  • More love from me for the “pay once, get both” games. Luuuuurve it.

    I hope you make some great SEGA pinball machines!

  • I have been waiting for this announcement for months! Day one buy for sure! And I will buy all DLC packs as they come out!

    I’m also really excited about buying once and having this for the Vita and PS3.

    I can’t wait to have Funhouse on the go!

    I also hope for more obsure horror themed tables like Nightmare on Elm Street and Tales From the Crypt. (And the 2 Elvira tables Monster party and Scared Stiff!)

    Thank you Far Sight and Sony!!!

  • I played the Williams Collection until my fingers cramped. I loved it. I would definitely buy more tables.

    Flight 2000
    Addam’s Family
    Twilight Zone
    Simpsons Pinball Party

  • are we seriously not going to have remote play? Because i thought that would be the prime purpose of being able to buy 1 [[vita]] and get the other free [[ps3]]

    can we not have this as a dlc option??????

  • Totally LOVED the HoF Williams Collection on PS3! It’s awesome, and feels very realistic, and a ton of fun to play old favorites (where all the pieces work and nothing’s broken — Pinbot was NEVER not broken, particularly on the top of the skill shot spiral ramp).

    I know what you mean about sales, though — despite knowing about this release and looking for it, I had to order it online and have it shipped — it was almost impossible to find anywhere locally. Is it that not all distributors are created equal, or is it that stores won’t give a game a chance if it doesn’t sell like crazy from the start? In any case, I’m surprised the Williams Collection wasn’t a LOT more popular – it deserved it!

    While my hard drive space is getting pretty cramped and there are reasons I prefer disk over DLC, I really REALLY hope you’re successful with this, and that you bring more real-world tables onto the PS3. As for me, I may have to play some Taxi on my lunch break…!

  • First day purchase for me! I’m always on top of the Zen/Marvel tables and I’d been kicking myself for never getting the Williams disc game. I was just so spoiled with the way Zen was doing things.

    So this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Thank you so much! Between this and Zen, I’ll be in pinball heaven and you’ll have my full support.

    Btw, I’m not very good at pinball, but I love it anyway, LOL!

  • Will it run in 1080p like Pinball Hall of Fame? Zen Pinball although looks good is only in 720p.

  • Very cool! I’d love to see you release Bally’s Centaur and Xenon in a future DLC. Those are two of my most fondly remembered tables!

  • I’m excited to see these tables come back. I’ve tried telling my son about some of them (like Medieval Madness and Attack from Mars), but it’d be a lot easier to show him with this. I have tried the android version of this, and didn’t like the physics, but that easily could be the limitations of the format or my tablet.

    I hope Twilight Zone is coming. I’d like to see Revenge from Mars come out, but I can’t even imagine it’d be possible to simulate that table, with the interactive effects projected onto the glass. Even Twilight Zone would difficult, because you need new physics for the ceramic ball.

    I second the request for Gilligan’s Island. I don’t have as much experience on it because it was a difficult machine to discover, but I remember that it was better than I had expected.

  • is it free?

  • One question, will you be able to play 2 player games over the internet via PSN?

  • multi-ball madness!!!!!!!!!

  • Finally after about 4 years. One of the only reasons I bought a PS3 was to finally have the 3 tables that were not on the PS2 version. Read that one of the upcoming tables romoured was Circus Voltaire. FarSight any chances on FishTales?

    Some of my favs would be Xenon, Fire, High Speed, Cyclone, Star Wars Data East version, Texas Hold ‘EM, Joker Poker, BK2000……..

  • Yes i am very excited for this game it never gets old and its very cheap for how long it will last what i was wondering is what i was wondering what the 4 launch pinball tables will be that about it for me cant wait tll tomorrow!

  • Why is the EU release ONE WHOLE MONTH from now on? XBL in europe got it one week ago, that really sucks :(

  • Hey Bobby, when are we going to see some Steve Ritchie tables in the game, like F-14 Tomcat and The Getaway?

  • Really enjoyed Williams Pinball so much, i purchased it for PS3 and the 3DS! Great job on that one! Will there be any plans for the classic first Simpsons Pinball and Star Wars tables, both from Data East? Two of my favorite tables and spent many quarters on the Simpsons!!! Purchasing this first thing tomorrow, i am a huge pinball fan!


  • I am for sure going to invest my bucks into this. Can you please let me know if you have plans for any of the following games. The top 3 are my favs and I would love to see them ported over.

    1. Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street (Premier)
    2. Guns n’ Roses (Data East)
    3. The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard (Data East)
    4. Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (Williams)
    5. Star Trek: The Next Generation (Williams)
    6. Back to the Future (Data East)
    7. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein (Sega)
    8. The Simpsons Pinball Party (Stern)
    9. Adam’s Family (Bally)
    10. Twilight Zone (Bally)


  • quick question does this have a online vs mode? also can you use custom soundtracks like zen pinball did?

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  • I’ve been a pinball fan since my youth and I already own the Gottlieb Collection and two copies (Wii and PS3) of the Williams Collection. Already first-day purchased this as soon as I got home from college today. I’m looking forward to more tables in the future. I’d really love to see Earthshaker, Cyclone, World Cup Soccer ’94 (outdated, I know, but it was just so much fun!), Dr. Who, Addams Family, the Twilight Zone, and the Lord of the Rings on the collection someday.

    I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if it was done on purpose, but it’s been noted that the plunger camera for Tales of the Arabian Nights doesn’t change. I believe this also happens in the XBLA version. Is this going to be rectified in the near future? Also, are there going to be additional features such as changing the ball skin, mirror mode, turning off tilt, etc. like there were in the Pinball Hall of Fame collections?

    Thanks for your efforts. Keep up the good work.

  • Couldn’t be happier with the decision to make a constant stream of tables as it’s been killing me waiting and hoping for another compilation disc. I own the Gottlieb collection for PS2 and Williams for PS3 and Wii. I’m even currently attending a 4 day pinball tournament only 2 days after “Pinball Arcade” premiered which I of course have. Licensed tables are the best, “World Cup”, “Who Dunnit” & “Creature from the Black Lagoon” as some of my favorites. I’ll be on pins and needles well… all he time because I’m still not sure what the release windows will be after the initial download? Let’s hope it’s QUICK! Thank you “Stern” and all cooperating pinball & licensing partners

  • Can’t seem to find it on Playstation store in UK, when will it be released in UK?

  • It’s not in the New Zealand store either. Lame. Part of the problem is that Sony has multiple Playstation blogs. They presumably would have us only look at our regional blog (which I don’t think NZ has) so we are unaware that other folk are getting new games.

  • The recreations are fantastic but the flipper delay on my PS3 makes the games near unplayable. Even tried a wired controller. Need a patch fast. Anyone else notice this?

  • Will Black Knight 2000 be available? I have always loved this one from my youth, and was disappointed that it wasn’t included in the Williams compilation. In fact, there are a lot of machines I’d like to see.

  • Would also love to see the Street Fighter II pinball game!

  • I personally love to see Haunted House (Gottlieb) (1982). It’s my favorite table of all time.

  • Awesome game! Just bought it. Can´t wait to buy the DLCs. Two questions… 1. Do you have a list, even that it´s not the oficial one, of the near tables to come as DLC? 2. Will you relaese the 1980´s Black Knight pinball table by Williams (my favourite)? Cheers from Brazil!!

  • will the uncharted table from the PSP pinball game work? also, are new tables free? or will they be like $0.99?

  • There are two tables that were tons of fun to play and I don’t hear mention of very much.

    Junk Yard
    Bad Cats

    Both totally doable and probably not too expensive on licensing. *Begging*

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