ModNation Racers Road Trip: Out and About!

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ModNation Racers Road Trip: Out and About!

ModNation Monday Art

Lately I’ve been spending a great deal of time outside the studio and, I must say, the positive reception the game is receiving from those that get their hands on the game has been outstanding. From in-store demo stations to my local “corner coffee station” to my kid’s little league team each and every comment is similar to “I’ve got to get this!”

But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Below is a random screenshot* from my personal Vita’s “near” feature showing what I and many others have experienced: players are loving this game! After only a few minutes of hands–on time with ModNation Racers: Road Trip they realize just how much long-lasting fun this title has to offer. That’s all we can ask for. Give it a play or two and you’ll be sold. The game speaks for itself!


You like us and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

ModNation Racers: Road Trip For Vita

Mod Explorer Destination Check-ins
Speaking of “Out and About” here are the Top 10 Mod Explorer destination check-in locations so far…

  1. San Francisco – USA
  2. New York – USA
  3. Los Angeles – USA
  4. Toronto – Canada
  5. Tokyo – Japan
  6. Kyoto – Japan
  7. Singapore
  8. Berlin – Germany
  9. Melbourne – Australia
  10. Chicago – USA

ModNation Racers: Road Trip San Diego Studio Faves


Show Us Your Creations!
Here is what we are looking for…

  • ModNation Racers: Road Trip for PS VitaMODS / KARTS
  • ModNation Racers: Road Trip for PS Vita TRACKS
  • ModNation Racers: Road Trip for PS Vita POSTCARDS
  • ModNation Racers for PS3 MODS / KARTS
  • ModNation Racers for PS3TRACKS
  • ModNation Racers: Road Trip “Track of the Week” Ice Empire by punishthem420


ModNation Racers For PS3

Top Tracks: A “RAD” Tribute
Imitation truly is the purest form of flattery, so we thought that the most appropriate way to celebrate the creativity of one of ModNation’s most celebrated and talented “Mod-jesters” was to challenge the community to design a track in the flavor of RADMANROB.

Look at what they came up with…


Hot Lap Track of the Week: Pirate Kingdom by statickey_660
(IMHO this is the definitive Pirate Themed track for ModNation Racers. Obviously a lot of planning and impeccable execution went into creating this track. Truly an epic adventure. Thank you statickey_660! )


This week we put the community up to the task of selecting this week’s “Track of the Week” and Hot Lap tracks.

Take a look and see if you agree.
Monday: Dino Crisis Coaster by statickey_660 (Another great track submitted this week from our friend statickey_660 from Japan. This man knows how to build some blockbuster tracks!)
Tuesday: Desert Garden Utopia by LLoyd2k4 (LLoyd2k4 is one of the best racers in the game so there is never a doubt you’re getting a great track from him)
Wednesday: Tenuki Midnight Showdown by ath_racing (atheistsw’s new name and as expected, same great tracks)
Thursday: Blizzard Beach Resort by statickey_660 (this could well be the first week ever with three tracks from one creator in Hot Lap. All three are well deserved IMHO)
Friday: Ice Carnival by anaximperator (Last minute votes put this track into the rotation. Congrats!)
Saturday: Pirate Kingdom by statickey_660
Sunday: St. Philipsburgh Thaw by atheistsw (This track was a very close second in the Hot Lap voting this week. Any other week it would have won. Great track!)

Have a great week everyone,

PS3: ModNationSD
Vita: ModNationSDVita

* randomly taken at casa de modnationsdvita

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2 Author Replies

  • Why Can’t I see the photos?And why doesnt this game have online head to head multiplayer?its 2012 man.2012.

  • You ModNation guys should spend less time posting on the playstation blog and more time working on a patch to add online multiplayer to MN:RT so that I–and countless others–can go out and buy the game already. BTW: none of the photos you’ve attached are available through flicker = FAIL.

  • lmao harsh bro.

  • Without actual online play once people have started to complete the game there will be nothing for them to do and nothing can convince me that it’s anywhere near as good as the PS3 one without online play. No amount of new content can change that. Top all that off with the fact that UFG is now going to focus on LBP Karting now and forget about this whole franchise and I might add that LBP Karting doesn’t look like my cup of tea because I can’t get over the lame looking art on it. I love driving realistic body cars on MNR and can’t imagine having that taken away where every car is a piece of cardboard with marshmallows for wheels. Above all I lost a lot of respect for UFG in the past week because to me they’ve done like many other developers these days and sold out instead of making one last final touch to their golden product. I guess it seems they must have just tried to rush Road Trip out for a quick buck and COULDN’T FIGURE OUT how to make the online work. That’s right I think UFG are behind on development. All I hear about Road Trip is how the load times are horrible like they were for nearly the first year on the PS3 which shouldn’t have been so in the first place but I forgave it because the online was awesome.

  • any news of that long anticipated online head to head multiplayer patch Mark? btw i was almost finish creating my jungle track when my modnation racers road trip game got an error and now everytime i want to get back to finish the track it gives me the same error so i uploaded it unfinished

  • @4 continued: It was quite embarrassing to say the least when I was ranting about MNR after playing the beta someone bought a PS3 just to play the game and guess what? They returned their PS3 and game because of the load times and assume all PS3 games are like that now and I’m sure that wasn’t the only case of this happening.

  • @5: I’m sure it will be over a year after release only after they finally fix the load times just like they treated the PS3 version.

  • whats the fastest way to achieve rank 28? i think i’m at rank 10 right now

  • @8 Make Mario stuff.

  • really? i’ve been making my own stuff but if making mario stuff will get me to rank 28 faster so be it lol , btw how does that work?

  • I wish the PS3 game had the same creation points trophies as the Vita, because I would have by now, I So far have 3 downloads in a week. On PS3 I had no problem getting downloads. But no one downloads Vita stuff, it’s always the PS3 and even if, Rank 28 is WAY to much to get to. And A last thing what’s the point of a gold trophy for rank 28 and one for I think 80 000 creation points? is there other ways to rank up.. because on ps3 Online races ranked you up, but on here it doesn’t have the option

  • @4 United Front Games has nothing to do with MNR:Road Trip. They developed the first game and the first game only.

  • Mark
    Why isn’t MNR PS3 DLC getting the price drop that it needs!
    Since you guys have clearly moved on to MNR:RT the least you can do is properly price the PS3 track packs.
    $30 for DLC when the game sells for $20 or less is a little lob sided don’t you think?
    Then you guys can you all that easy revenue to patch MNR:RT online head to head

  • Thanks for choosing my track for Track of The Week Mark… but the sad truth is that i am already getting bored with Road Trip ..(and i`m not the only one) .. We NEEED a daily HOT LAP or the obvious Online head to head to keep this game alive … cause without either of those i do not have the urge to even turn on my road trip…. i just go turn on my ps3 to play some mod.. and i did not want to mention the load times… but you guys really need to work on that too !! they are unbearable sometimes !

    and i wouldn`t be posting this here if i did not love this game …. is has great graphics, driving mechanics, awesome weponds, and has lots of potential … it could be a game i play for years like the PS3 Mod or could be a game soon collecting dust …… please make the choice to put online head to head !!!!!!!!

  • can we edit screenshots with the new photo tool coming out for the ps3 in a firmware update tomorrow? (transfer shots to ps3 ad edit)

  • No online play and loooong load times have made this an almost regretted purchase.
    I’ve played it twice since buying it but usually by the time the game loads I’ve moved on or lost interest.

  • Quoting punishthem420 (@420):

    “and i wouldn`t be posting this here if i did not love this game …. is has great graphics, driving mechanics, awesome weponds, and has lots of potential … it could be a game i play for years like the PS3 Mod or could be a game soon collecting dust …… please make the choice to put online head to head !!!!!!!!”

    I definitely see this as the reason you see so many people passionate about a fix and reporting the same issues – actually bothering to post and check weekly – the game is actually good and we know it, other than the issues.
    Lots of us (as well as for the track recommendations) come to check for any word of updates for the three main issues:

    Frame-rate (turn down those shadows guys…so many objects)
    Online head to head
    Load times

    Without those three issues this game is clearly an AAA title in all other aspects. Those three hit hard though.

    Btw there is a hot lap mode @14? With the updating ghosts…it’s pretty decent.

    Will definitely be checking out some of those tracks especially the pirate themed one. Thanks again for another update.

  • No online = No buy

  • I bought this game in hopes that online would be added in game feels dead without it and there’s frame rate issues in the game not helping its situation and that lack of news that there might actually be online patch and the fact that you ignore answering people when they request online that makes it look that you just mentioned it to get a quick cash grab off people if no news bout it soon i will definitely never buy a game that comes from San Diego Studios every again

  • this game suck i mean no online game play wtf

  • The dawn of Little Big Planet Karting will mark the setting sun for MNR. The very fact that I post on this blog shows that I care, however, a person can only take so much dissapointment. If Mark continues to ignore online comments, see who will be left to care…

    Yes, we know the racing is superb, the creation is genius, and the possibilities are endless. We don’t check here weekly to re- insert that into our minds. That just makes it more painful to see how much fun I could have had.

    youv’e read before, NO ONLINE =NO BUY

  • @16: Wait, that’s what’s causing the framerate? Shadows? They could patch that out easy. I could fix that in the options menu of a PC game. Or maybe add occlusion culling to the engine (only render what you can see.)

    Also, online multiplayer. It’s just not a kart racer without competitive, head to head multiplayer. That’s what built up mario kart, and that game had way less tracks than MNR.

    Fix framerate and add online multiplayer, and you will have one of the best games on PSV. Just turn down shadow detail for the framerate. Online Multiplayer, well, you did it before on PSP and PS3, you can do it again.

    Please guys, the racing and drift physics are the best I’ve seen in a kart racer, just put in a bit of work post release, and you will have a hit on your hands the calibur of which has not been seen since Mario Kart DS.

  • ^ I can’t say for certain but I’m sure it doesn’t help. The game creates shadows for everything! Even the accessories on the car (noticed on this vertical map where the car’s peace car and most of them are quite nice shadows too. I dunno could be an easy fix and I wouldn’t mind the sacrifice considering how much it affects the gameplay.

    I totally agree as well about the drift physics and various other gameplay mechanics making it a brilliant racer that just could really be something with the fixes. Hopefully we will get some word about patches soon.

    To be totally honest, I have quite a lot of fun in the single player with the ai and the main reason I’d like multiplayer is to have races with other customised karts other than the default ones really! Of course I’m sure the races will be even better too but not sure I’d want to put up with the challenge with the frame rates. Sound like a baby I know but they do get to me since I can recognise it so clearly.

  • *sorry just to clear up the sentence about the shadows – I was on this custom map where I was driving vertically upwards, basically towards the sun and noticed the awesome car accessory shadow (while blocky) was rendering over his face due to the angle I was driving at. It’s dynamic shadows must be so taxing when there are so many objects as well. Without other optimisations I’d say this would be the easiest way for a fix – turning the shadow resolution down on some objects. Perhaps the number of dust particles in some of the weaponry as well..

  • How about another Double XP week. It’s been awhile.

  • OK! i gave up last week, and this week on a MODNATION MONDAY i FINALLY GOT MY COPY OF MODNATION RACERS ROAD TRIP! HELL YEAH!! :) MODNATION ALL DAY LONG, EVERYWHERE! now about that online play…

  • Are you guys slow? They already discussed the online for Road Trip. Like a couple weeks before it came out and a week after it came out. They said they were reluctant to add it because in the PSP version, the percentage of people who bought and played online were less than 6%. He’s probably not answering because he’s tired of everybody asking something that was already addressed awhile ago.

  • @27 The fact that you know it was mentioned but don’t actually know what was said is kind of baffling. What you’re quoting is why they said they didn’t include it in the first place.

    Before the game was released they left people hanging by saying that they were looking into the possibility of adding online via a patch . Now that people have bought the game (should have waited), they are saying nothing about it.

    Insulting people without knowing the facts is not very commendable.

  • Go back to MNR and make some more Career Expansions on the GOOD game.

  • check out my valle de sula track !!!!

  • Is there going to be an update released to address the performance issues with this game? I’d like to play it more, but the load times and terrible frame rate make me avoid playing it…

  • So much last-second BS in this game. You can be lapping everyone and some randomness knocks you back to 8th. Makes me feel like the game is nothing but luck. I sort of regret the purchase.

  • Hey is it possible to create tracks on the vita and play those tracks on the ps3 version? The only reason I did not purchase this game is the lack of online multiplayer. That’s all I did on PS3, and the idea of having this in a portable version is what was selling the system to me. But then I discovered the game didn’t have multiplayer and I already own a 3ds and mario kart. This is a must have in today’s day and age. Please work at getting an update to support not only online races but cross platform racing, as this is the point of this system.

  • @dilbig5

    that’s no excuse when cross platform play exists.

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