PlayStation Blogcast 017: Warren Spector Slips Us an Epic Mickey

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PlayStation Blogcast 017: Warren Spector Slips Us an Epic Mickey

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Today’s show is a wee bit late…but for good reason! With full details on Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two rolling out wide right this very moment, we cajoled threatened convinced veteran game designer and Epic Mickey creative director Warren Spector to join us on our humble slipshod industry-leading podcast. In my youth, I saw Spector as a god given his key role developing legendary games such as Deus Ex, Thief, Wing Commander and many more. Warren describes his work on Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two — out this fall on PS3 with PlayStation Move support — as well as his thoughts on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and PS Vita, working with cartoon mice instead of cyberpunk assassins, and much more.

Warren Spector

Today’s show also welcomes Sean Hollister, West Coast Editor of sexy new gadget website The Verge. We have a grand ol’ time talking Journey (spoilers!), Mass Effect 3’s ending (OMG moar spoilers!), and our favorite game of all time. And, per usual, we also reveal next week’s PSN lineup and serve up a slew of new user questions and user tips. Don’t forget: Submitting helpful user tips or good user questions might net you a free PSN game, so don’t hold back!

Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Nick Suttner

Sean Hollister - The VergeOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Rey Gutierrez

The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator
  • Rey Gutierrez – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Sean Hollister – West Coast Editor, The Verge
  • [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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    • Spoilers…I might need to skip this episode.

    • I enjoyed Disney Epic Mickey and I am looking forward to The Power of Two in HD on the PS3. It looks like my PlayStation Move will be getting used a bit more this year between the downloadable games that will be using it and a lot of the big retail releases with Move integration.

      Good stuff!

    • Hmm better try Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. :p

      Game tips
      Shinobido 2 game tip: In the mission to kill 12 bears(or any other mission on Anki Forest) you can finish it easily by luring the bears to the ledge that is close when you start the mission, jump and use the Grapple Hook and enjoy watching bears falling to the abyss.

      As for user questions:

      -Will the Vita have some sort of archives to put the games?

      -The max number of pages the Vita can have is 10 right?

      -How about a comic and e-reader?

      -Is it better to let the Vita’s battery drain completely or charge it when its like 50%-20% remaining?

      -Cloud saving for plus users would be great for Vita users, that way you just save on the cloud and delete the game if you want to download a game but don’t have enough memory.

      -I know you where tiptoeing on Mass Effect 3 but did the ending had some sort of closure or is it like Prince of Persia 2006 in that you have to buy DLC to see what happens after the ending?

      -I know this game is a little old but, what where your thoughts about Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom?

    • Hey guys, sounds like a neat lineup =)
      I’m really excited about the Epic Mickey sequel! Any chances of more PSOne and PS2 Classics?

      Also, there seems to be a mishap or a mistake on the PlayStation Store on PSN, if you browse the PSN games, there’s a misplaced PSOne Classic in there, “XS Junior League Football”, I have no idea why it is in there but it is, and has been for awhile! Lol

    • Hello
      Is there a possibility of bringing TOMBA to psn as a pso classic

    • We Need More Vita Information!! Skype? When will I be able to see my PSVita Trophies on my PS3? E-Reader? I would like to use the comic book store the PSN already has! We need something new before E3 whats the hold up!!!

    • Can you tell me the prossess that dlc goes through to get from idea to console?

      one of my of the games i play most dungeon defenders has dlc all the time on pc,
      with just one on psn. it would be nice to have it explained so psn does not sound like the bad guy.

    • @6 Agreed.

      More PSV information. From new upcoming apps to some high profile games to hook the stragglers that are still on the fence about picking one up. HTML5 support information as to when its coming so we can enjoy video on our PSVs while browsing. And NUMBER ONE for me, is information on when PSOne classics will become available to play. I recall it being said that this would be supported “soon” after launch. I take pride in being a Sony customer, don’t drop the ball.


    • I enjoyed the Warren Spector interview.

    • I saw the piece on Epic Mickey on GTTV last night & I am so happy it’s coming to the PS3. I bought the first one, but it’s top of the pile of games I never played because I hate being forced to get carpal tunnel from using the wiimote. In that pile are the last 2 Zelda’s & Okami.

      So yes, I will get Epic Mickey 2, & use the Move (this will be the “killer app” for the Move) & the dual shock when I’m feeling lazy. We should always have options.

      Going to have to skip the part with ME3 spoilers, though.

    • I agree with comments 6 & 8: MORE VITA INFO. We understand some apps are not ready yet…how about an update? Or a tentative release date? How about a new segment called “What’s coming down the pipe!” (not just next weeks releases…upcoming weeks or even months). We (Vita owners) are also aware that apps, like games, can be delayed…and that’s OK. I don’t see the harm in providing updates.

      Having that been said, when can we expect Skype and PS1 classics, PSP compatible game updates, email app, etc.?

      Thanks and love the podcast.

    • you should have left those spoilers for the end of the podcast lol i couldnt listen to the whole thing thanks to you guys saying you were gonna talk spoilers

    • Great show guys…just added the The Verge to my Google Chrome favorites :) I posted more detailed comments in the iTunes Review section and even tossed in a question. Hope you check it out. See ya’ll next week!!

    • What I really want to see is a fully-2D Epic Mickey adventure on Vita. Warren should take some cues from Rayman

    • Any news concerning PS One Classics on Vita? :( Or any new PS One Classics on the story anyway?

    • Great show as usual guys!!! i really enjoyed the interview with the creator of Epic Mickey(REALLY underappreciated game by the way), Warren Spector. Real pumped for Power of Two on PS3 :)

      *User tip: If you switch your PS3 from an SD tv to an HD tv(requires HDMI cable), and something happens to the HD tv, you will find that when you start your system back on the SD tv, nothing shows up. To fix this, all you have to do is hold the power button while you are turning on the system until you here a couple of beeps, and the systems video settings are reset back to 480i. Hope this helps anyone :)

    • I have a user question:
      What game that does not have a sequel do you believe deserves one? ex: I still long for a Legend of Dragoon 2 (and yes, I did make Share Idea for this as well).

    • Hey, Metal Gear Solid for the PS1 is also my favorite game of all time! And I also played it on the Underground disc! It was great a game for that time.

    • I skipped to the User Questions/Tips.. Sorry Im skipping this one due to spoilers.. I still love you PlayStation. :) Thank you for noting *spoilers* in the blog story! Imagine though, Shepard on the Vita, and cross platform your character between games! Anyway! Keep it up! :)

    • From what I listened to… it was a decent episode and I hope they bring over the first Epic Mickey with Move Support, but you guys should really split the “Spoiler blogcast” part from the rest of the episode. That way, the ones that don’t want to listen to it have the safe sections of the podcast to listen to. This is usually the way that Giantbomb does it as they have a spoiler bombcast along with their regular bombcast in the same week.

    • @3 Onvertic

      It might not be that big a issue but you’re better recharging it before it gets drained, you really should only need to do that though once in awhile for calibration purposes. The PSV’s battery is lithium ion and doesn’t have the memory issues of other battery types that required full cycles to prevent problems. You however never want to completely drain it as that will damage or kill the battery but you shouldn’t be able to as the PSV, like other electronics “dies” before that happens. Look up “Battery University” that’s a good site to check out to learn about batteries.

      It would be nice if we could upload our saves though Sony would need to bump up the storage amount we get. Sony also needs to fix the issue with downloaded games and their save files being inseparable when using content manager to back up to your PS3 or PC. It’s annoying to have to copy DD PSV games to my PC before I can go through and delete the game files just to keep my saves. It’s a unnecessary hassle, I can copy individual saves from PSP games without copying the actual game, we should be able to do the same with PSV games.

    • Good Afternoon Gentlemen!

      Last week, Jeff said that this episode was going to be about résumé tips and résumé building. Since Jeff was not able to join you guys this week, will you guys be discussing résumés next week?

      Thanks guys, keep up the great work

    • I loved that parallel that you guys made with Wall-E. Now I have to go watch it….then go on another Journey.

    • Great episode as always! I have a request for an upcoming cast: how about a feature on what Sony Studio Japan is up to? Folklore from early in the PS3’s days is still one of the best implementations of the sixaxis controls and I’m dying to learn more about TOKYO JUNGLE!! I hope SCEA is paying attention and is intent on bringing this to North America in the fall. Keep up the great work.

    • I can’t help but think you guys seemed far more relaxed in this episode while Jeff was away. Loved this episode.
      Great podcast.

    • Hey guys love the podcast! I have a game tip for Journey if you are looking for all the symbols to unlock the white robe. The hub where you can choose a level all the way to the right of there are a a bunch of stones squares. The ones that are lit represent the symbols you have acquired and the ones that aren’t lit are the ones you haven’t found. Also at the end of each level, underneath the statue where you meditate to go to the next level are the same squares that tell you if you got all the symbols in that level.

    • @ #21 IPhoenixZeroI,

      Thanks for the battery info it helped a lot. I had the same question about when is the best time to charge my PSV and I now have a definite answer.

    • As always, congrats on another great episode! Listened to it on my Vita which I am so in love with right now.

      I have a user question about the PS Vita game’s save data. In the online manual it says that save game data saves to either the Vita’s memory card or the game card. My question is can we choose where we save the data or is it automatic? If not, how do we know where they are saved? I like to back up all of my games’ saved data and I do this with the back up feature in the content manager, but I don’t officially know what all is backed up. I don’t know if it would be possible but I suggest adding a saved game utility feature in a future update kind of like the PSP has.

    • @dragonmagician – I beat Journey the other day. It’s a great game but there’s really not too much you can spoil. If you played any of thatgamecompany’s previous games then you’ll know what your getting into.

      I’ll have to skip the part where you guys talk about Mass Effect 3’s ending. I’m currently working my way through the first Mass Effect. The first Mass Effect is amazing and I wish I had of played it sooner.

    • Hello i just want to say i listen to playstation blog every week in it just keep getting better. I want to know if i was to buy all my games off the PSN store like MLB 12 The Show would i get the online code with it and can you tell when LittleBigPlanet out on the Vita and will they make assassin’s creed as well thank you


      Thanks about the info the site, that clears a couple of questions I had about the Vita’s battery :)

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