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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

This post isn’t an hour late… the clocks just moved on me.

We’re coming off a great GDC week (more stories coming your way pending embargos lifting), and now we’re transitioning straight to SXSW. Like last year, we’re holding a community-focused event. So if you’re anywhere in between Dallas and San Antonio, come join us in Austin TOMORROW for a free, fun time – No SXSW badge needed. Did I mention that if you’re one of the first to bring a PS Vita to the event, you’ll get a free copy of Unit 13? More details here.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 5, 2012)


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  • If you haven’t watched it yet, check out the Magnet Video (11th link from the top). Now I can’t wait to see some of that augmented reality within games. Maybe a Flow 2 for the future? :D

  • Vita A R looks pretty cool, cant wait to see what games and other goodies the devs come up with :)

  • sony… has nearly been 5 weeks since firmware 4.10 killed your official 7.1 stereo wireless headset….where is the fix?!?!?!? this is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff,

    What happened to the PS Blog smart phone app? There hasn’t been a peep about it for a very long time and the EU has since updated their app. Thanks!

  • looks like you guys need to drop the price of your memory sticks for PlayStation Vita. See I wasn’t blowing hot air your way when I said 100 dollars for a 32 gig stick is to much, the LA Times agrees!

  • Jeff what is the point of having cross game chat on the vita. if Sony and 3rd paty devs are gonna turn off the online features when we play there games its stupid. so far uncharted golden abyss and ninja gaiden sigma plus are so far the 2 games i have that turn off online WHY????. that is my biggest problem with Sony they talk and give us all these features but then never use them or limit them. on top of that you guys let other devs decide what features we get. which in return they don’t really support your features not even your own devs support Sony’s own features. All these great features Sony have and they barely support them.

  • I’m officially P’O’ed with Sony, mostly because of Sid Shuman. due to asking Sid on his Recap GDC post about the Sony 7.1 headset, I was BLOCKED on Twitter. very poor socialization skills for a social medi amanager. it’s been 1 mnth, It’s been on me to update the forums, and Sid blocks me, leaving the forums silenced and with no moderators or Public Relations even to acknowledge that a fix is in test, not coming whatever, just to communicate with us, and I get blocked for it! thats BS!

    Way to punish the users of your $100 headset for asking when you’re going to fix them after your fk up, Sony!

    not directed at Jeff, directed at Sony. Jeff is cool in my books, but Sid is a d*ck. he can apologize and unblock me, it won’t matter, the damage is done now! I won’t be buying ANYTHING else Sony, not even a single game, until this headset issue is resolved, I’ll go buy them for my new xbox360 instead, seeing as Sony wants to treat people who spend thousands a year on them like crap, and MS listens.

  • @DaGimp13 I really dont understand while you feel like you are threatening sony by saying you are going to go play your 360. Go play it have fun! Sony already has your money. Honestly asking Sid for an answer on a question like that is pointless. He doesn’t know. He is just a community manager he is not the one working on fixing those kinds of issues. He probably blocked because you might have said something rude to him. And microsoft doesn’t listen they have horrible customer service.

    It is really childish the way you are acting. You belong on Xbox live along with all the other whiny children

  • @KazeEternal

    not giving you any crap, but honestly when you think about how much apple charges for 16gb of memory. Think about it. a 16gb ipad is 500 and a 32gb one is 600. thats 100 dollars for only 16gb more. 32gb for 100 dollars is not much

  • while you’re entitled to your opinion morningdrive, fact is I WASN’T rude or disrespectful towards him ONCE EVER until AFTER he blocked me, and it’s on the forums for all to see as well, it was simply he didnt want to answer or have it spoke of on the Blog, and I was blocked for it, that simple, which is a D*CK move to make. The reason I’ll go buy 360, and not Sony from now on is because they aren’t listening to people like myself who do spend thousnads per year on them. yes, they have my money right now, but no more from me and thousands of others, which means millions less per year earned. I think Sony will listen if it hits them in the pocketbook.

  • again, if ANYONE from Sony (Blog, Forums, Moderators, ANYONE ) is willing to come forward and talk about it so new customers arent being ripped off when buying ti for “Crystal Clear Chat” when it isnt there, and if they either said “a fix is coming/in test phase right now” or even” no fix is coming” I’d quiet down and possibly let it go/move on. but Sony’s neglect to test firmware before its rolled out as mandatory updates, let alone arrogance to think gamers wont be mad about their firmware breaking an official product , and to block us when we do speak up….says alot about the company you choose to support, hence why I’ll divert my finances to a company that will listen to me when I spend thousands (not exagerated either, 2011, over $2300 was spent on PS3 games, accessories, etc.) each year.

  • Umm…does anyone comment on the actual meat of this article or is this just a complaint forum? I’ll start…

    1. I was really interested to hear that Mutant Blobs Attack is among the top-selling games for the Vita. It’s not surprising as it’s a very high-quality title, but it’s still nice to see the smaller developers and publishers getting the credit they deserve. Hopefully this news will help Sony court more small developers to the Vita to develop smaller-scale titles at a lower price point for the end user!

    2. Great Unit 13 review by GamesRadar. I’m really enjoying the game so far and I’m glad to see some of the blogs giving it some positive feedback. The game obviously has some downsides (no story, re-use of maps, and some freezing issues), but overall the good outweighs the bad and it’s nice to read about the games positives!


  • …continued…

    3. Very cool to see the Chicago Tribune promoting the MLB 12: The Show “Cubs Win!” commercial. This is one of my favorite ads for a sports video game in a very long time and as a lifelong Red Sox fan, it definitely brings me back to the hysteria of the 2003 and 2004 seasons!

    4. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing a link to my site (MyVitaFeed) for the second consecutive week! Glad to have you as a reader :).

  • Sounds like the start of the store update post:

    “This post isn’t a day late…it’s still Tuesday somewhere…”

  • Jeff please help! Can you please confirm the time that the SXSW event is taking place? I came from San Antonio and thought I would stop by Red 7 to ask what time the tournaments were taking place and a girl up front told me “today is all private parties” so I was very confused. I asked if I had needed to RSVP on Facebook (which I have done) and she just said “I don’t know” please let me know I have my Vita waiting with my finger on the Foursquare check in button :D!!!

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