Sorcery Storms PlayStation Move This May

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Sorcery Storms PlayStation Move This May

Sorcery for PS3

Sorcery for PS3Sorcery for PS3

We are pleased to announce that one of the most highly anticipated titles for the PlayStation 3 home console and the PlayStation Move motion control peripheral, the fantasy spell-casting game Sorcery, will be available in stores in North America on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012. The game is an action packed magical adventure where the PlayStation Move is your magic wand and only you, a sorcerer’s young apprentice, can harness the true power of magic to save this mystical realm from the darkness of the Nightmare Queen.

Ready to get started? here’s a quick summary of the story from Brian Upton, Creative Director on Sorcery.

Sorcery for PS3Sorcery for PS3

Finn is in trouble. First, he accidentally blew up his master’s alchemy lab. Then he’s let Erline, his master’s magical cat, talk him into trespassing in the realm of the dead. Now he’s unleashed an ancient universe-destroying evil that won’t stop until everything he cares about is utterly annihilated. It has not been a good day.

Even though he’s only an apprentice, Finn must find a way to defeat the Nightmare Queen before she destroys the human world. To do this he must plunge deep into the realm of faerie — the Endless Stair, the Faerie Forest, the Slumbering Palace. With Erline travelling at his side he must master powerful and arcane magical spells, and use them to overcome the strange and twisted servants of Nightmare. He must solve challenging puzzles, and decipher the mysteries of alchemy. He must discover the secrets of the Nightmare Queen’s power and undo the damage that she has wrought.

And, above all, he must earn the right to be called … sorcerer.

Sorcery for PS3Sorcery for PS3

As the showcase title for motion-controlled gaming, Sorcery is a third-person action/adventure game in which players control the awesome power of magic by casting spells with their PS Move motion controller. To help tide you over, check out the all-new screenshots, environmental shots, and creature renders from the world of Sorcery!

Sorcery for PS3Sorcery for PS3

Sorcery for PS3Sorcery for PS3

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  • This game looks great, but I been saving money for a move and I was wondering. Will there be a Move + Sorcery pack/deal?

  • Glad to hear it wasn’t cancelled this game is the only reason i bought my move and nav controllers a year ago… my money is all yours.

  • I saw this at GDC today. The Move control looked great!

  • Two words. Where’s the demo?

  • Finally ,the move killer app took way too long to get out the door .
    I liked that kid that started it all . But this will do

  • Can’t wait for this to finally hit retail. I’ll admit, my Move has been collecting a bit of dust, even though I’ve bought many a game for it. This will be the one to get my Move (and me) some exercise.

  • @24 & @42 this game is not on rails and will use the nav controller unless they decided to change the game at the last minute. A multiplayer addition would of been cool, but no complaints here. Had the game reserved two months ago.

  • I wish there were more games like this

  • Awesome game, again, I will be buying.
    Got a bunch of Vita games to buy too…

  • Any chances for PSN Store?

  • the game looks epic,certainly sumfin i can spend my money on

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