2012 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards – And The Winners Are…

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2012 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards – And The Winners Are…

GCA 2012

Drumroll, please…

We’ve tallied up the votes, slipped into our tuxedos, polished up the trophies and are now ready to reveal the winners of the second annual PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards. Votes were cast this year across 10 categories in the PlayStation Store, including the community award for Best PSN Indie, which was voted online by the community.

First off, we’d like to thank all of the nominees for being a part of this year’s PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards. All of the games that we showcased were some of the highest and most user-ranked games released in 2011, which is an honor in and of itself. Second and most importantly, we want to thank all of you for casting your votes both online and in the PlayStation Store to determine our winners.

We had an incredible turnout during the voting period this year, which made for an intense competition. Things got so heated, in fact, that the battle for Best PS Move Game literally came down to the last day between Dungeon Defenders and Dungeon Hunter: Alliance. But only one could come out with top honors.

Without further ado, here are your winners for the 2012 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards:

The celebration continues as the award-winning titles will be discounted 30% in the PlayStation Store for one week, starting later today, with a 50% discount available to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. Don’t miss out on the chance to score these great games! And don’t forget to start rating the games that you’re playing throughout 2012 so your favorite games can get nominated next year.

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  • really i just seen reviews on it and they its good but just looks bad and they say its real short

  • @enderfall

    You could vote for any game. Ownership is not a requirement.

    See the nomination thread where folks complained that the winner will be the games people want to buy on the cheap. Winners, which are opinions, last year reflected this thought, or at least judging by the comments on last years post.

  • lol ps+ is garbage some of the discount are good, overall whats the point of paying for good discount every so often!!

  • @BigRig dude you’re crazy if you think its not worth it, just look at all the free game we’ve gotten and beta access, to me it just sounds like sour grapes

  • So happy I have PS+
    Sadly I have most of these already, but I may get Duodecim again for my Vita. It’s a hard decision to rebuy a game I already own on PSP though.

    If only Chrono Trigger was compatible for Vita!

  • lol try again have had it twice and will only get and most of what u is garbage!!! that is why i say ps+ is garbage overall yea beta is cool the game that are free suck and discount are good every 3 to 4 months a part. so not that great of a deal to me. no sour grape don’t plan on getting any of these games. and the games i do want that you get a better price then me i will gladly pay the extra for!!!!

  • I can’t find any discounts. ChronoTrigger is still 10 bucks. and G O W is only for + subscribers. Help me out, please.

  • wait wait wait. I just saw Chrono Trigger at Best Buy on the bargain rack on the way out for $20, I also decided to spend $10 on a PSN card. Now people saying the PS1 classic isn’t really a good version? I would happily skip it. But then again it’s $5 so I may as well get it =P

  • @reptilehand yeah the ps1 version is kinda laggy and has some annoying load times


    disappointed that the only 3D game i wanted in Tetris didnt win..now ill probably never get it. but i will jump on that SF3 sale once again..missed the first one.

  • @bigrig how about plants vs zombies all the crash and spyro games, simpsons arcade game,bomberman,burn zombie burn,marvel pinball,swords and soldiers,stacking,


  • @yungshep totally agree I just wish you can rate them from game library and not from the store

  • >Chrono Trigger
    >Best PSNES1 Classic
    Called it. Some times it really sucks to be right. Enjoy your bad load times, worthless anime cutscenes, and overall inferiority to both the original the DS release. :D

  • Dang. Pretty much all of the winners are game I already own in some form. I was hoping to get ACII, Tetris and Dungeon Defenders on the cheap. :p

  • @Elvick_ To be fair…all these games are basically more or less ports.

    @megamixer Yeah, sure, it could be better, but my first experience with it was on the PS1. I can wait one or two seconds of my life for a battle or a menu to load. It’s still one of the best games ever made regardless of that.

  • YEAH DISSIDIA 012 [duodecim] FINAL FANTASY……………..
    need to try limbo though……….

  • @Husteen: Oh? I don’t feel left out at all, if I payed for a suscription I would damn well expect some benefits over people who don’t. Get off your “must have everything for free” horse :l

  • @RedHood9 Don’t forget that we’re also getting Sly Cooper and SFII Turbo HD for free this month. Also we just got all the Sega Genesis stuff for free (even though they did it last year as well) and Final Fantasy V. I’ve been constantly impressed by the free stuff I’ve been getting; a lot of it is stuff I would’ve bought down the line anyways.

  • Well, most of the titles I voted for won, which means I own most of these already. I didn’t bother voting for the Minis, PSP or Indie categories, as I didn’t think any of the available choices deserved to win. However, for the easy trophies, I’ll pick up Limbo, now that it’s finally at a realistic price, considering how old it was when it released on PSN.

  • Woot! Woot!! AWESOME!! Hey!!! Ummm… Will DISSIDIA 012 [duodecim] FINAL FANTASY be PSVita enabled??? Pretty plz!!!!!! :D

  • PS+ from day 1 to LIFE!! Woot!! I’m all kinds of SONY hooked!!!! Now let’s keep it rolling shall we? Hehe! :P

  • Hmm. Sounds like reviewers do not have kind things to say about the ‘HD’ in RE4. Oh well, maybe next year the Gamer’s Choice Awards will have something for me.

  • @ ChaseHammerJ:

    “First the crappy nominations, then a crappy discount, even at 50% more than half of these games arent even worth my time much less my money.

    Sorry, pass.”



  • @ BIG_RIG_2010:

    “lol ps+ is garbage some of the discount are good, overall whats the point of paying for good discount every so often!!”

    you aren’t subscribed to PS+, so how do you know it’s garbage? it’s not only discounts, there’s free content available just about every week, and early beta access. i’ve personally gotten well over $300 of free stuff since subscribing to PS+ and have taken advantage and saved lots of money with the discounts on games i’ve purchased, so the $50 investment i’ve made has paid off.

  • Please don’t spend money on that awful Chrono Trigger port. Its literally unplayable.

  • Happy inFamous won, but I don’t understand how dungeon hunter wins over dungeon defenders. Wanted to get that game cheap.

  • How do you rate the games. I have never noticed when i buy games online that it says please rate

    • @thebgj it is there on the product page (somewhere below the buy button) in the PS Store. You can rate any game you own.

  • Very glad Infamous festival of blood won! by far one of the best games on PSN ! all of the infamous titles were awesome

  • To everyone getting their panties in a bunch, pretty sure last year all the nominees went on sale a month after the Awards. You’ ll get your games.
    Just be patient.
    Picking up AC:B for $15 for sure. Still have the expired trial on the HDD in anticipation of a sale.

  • Considering I just got my tax refund, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of some of these deals. I can see getting Chrono Trigger, Resident Evil 4, AC Brotherhood and/or God of War Origins Collection. Way too much awesome here. Oh by the way–I predicted each of those! (except I didn’t vote for 3D or PSP)

  • Meh… Duodecim, Chrono Trigger, and Dungeon Hunter? Looks like I get to spend money on vita games.

  • Has this hit the store yet?

  • Sweet. Going to finally get my hands on Angry Birds. Never played it before but my fiancee has really wanted to play too. 50% off really helps. Might also pick up Resident Evil 4 since it’ll be on sale too.

    Overall not surprised by the list. For those of you who didn’t vote for a 3D game simply because you couldn’t/didn’t use the 3D itself, who cares? Vote for the game, not the graphics. The 3D in games can be simply fantastic but the game itself lacking. If the game is good and the 3D is crap, at least you got a good game. An example of this is Resistance 3 and Gran Turismo 5. Resistance 3 has amazing 3D qualities but overall… The game sucks. While I can envy the 3D, a bad game is a bad game. Gran Turismo 5 is the opposite. While the 3D is still good and frankly does add to the game, there’s much better 3D around yet Gran Turismo 5 itself is solid. In that instance I’d vote for Gran Turismo 5 over Resistance 3 even though its under the 3D category.

  • Oh, also anyone that hasn’t played the God of War Origins Collection owe it to themselves to pick it up discounted. $28 for regular PSN members still saves you $12 over stores and nets you 2 games, effectively making it $14 a game. $20 for PS+ members is even better, saving you $20 over stores and making each game $10. I’ve played the Origins Collection, even in 3D and was very impressed. If you have a 3DTV, that’s even more of a reason for you to buy!

  • …Limbo won?… really? *facepalm

  • Re-buying Dissidia 012 in digital format to play on my Vita. Wish they would release the rest of the DLC for it on PSN too.

  • AT What time is the psn updated?

  • I feel like the nominees should see discounts too. I own every one of those games outside of Dungeon Alliance :/

  • Thank goodness Dissidia 12 won. it was stupid on Sony part to include the demo thats only a couple dollars, but it doesnt matter. i plan on getting Dissidia, and Crono Trigger, but thats probably the only decent games in this award. Hopefully next year goes a lot better than this one. hopefully much better/worthy games gets nominated, with no games being more than 1 category. hopefully Vita games come in (with psp games still being in this) but i have my doubts. i wouldnt be surprised to see more paid demos in next years list, or games in more than one category.

    I guess better luck next time.

  • DISSIDIA 012… Dood! Enjoy your win and, be very happy that they totally ignored, “Persona 3”.

  • my money grew wings and it’s flying your way Sony!!

  • Add me on psn & mostly my games that i forgot to vote on won because i didnt know about this until now

  • Really good games I don’t own yet have been chosen. Great. That was very predictable too.
    What time does the update happen? :D

    I want

    GoW Origins Collection
    Infamous FoB


  • I can remember a time when I’d get home from work at 330 and the store would be updated…. what happened? Its like when they made the switch from Thursday to Monday (horrible decision btw) it started taking longer and longer. I think its time for a premium membership so they have more funding for a better Network experience. I know paying sounds unheard of but if it results in better services and features how could people possibly complain? I’m sure it would work out better in the long run and maybe the ridiculous “online pass” will become a thing of the past because it seems like Sony is just trying to put the used game/game rental places outta work. I for one enjoy renting games and being able to play online without spending $10 on a game I’d only plan on playing for a couple days, but that’s just me….

  • Dissidia had no business winning. Not only was Tactics Ogre the best PSP game from last year, it might be the best PSP game period.

  • And by premium membership I don’t mean plus, something a little more geared towards better online service/features, not just targeting PlayStation store users because not everyone downloads their games

  • Such a good list~

  • WHY WOULD YOU IDIOTS CHOOSE BROTHERHOOD?!?!?!?!? Assassin’s Creed 2 was WAY BETTER!!!!!! God dammit none of you have any taste once so ever!!!

  • ” And don’t forget to start rating the games that you’re playing throughout 2012 so your favorite games can get nominated next year. ”

    Why, so we can get a 50% discount on the game we already own? :P

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