PlayStation Plus in March: Early Journey Access, Free Sly Cooper, Street Fighter and More

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PlayStation Plus in March: Early Journey Access, Free Sly Cooper, Street Fighter and More

It’s another giant month for PlayStation Plus subscribers with early access to one of PSN’s biggest games, great free content, Mass Effect 3 Full Game Trial and much more.


To start, we’re pleased to announce that Journey will be available to purchase 1 week early for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The game releases PSN-wide on 3/13, but you’ll be able to experience the full game tomorrow.


To back up the early access to Journey, you’ll be able to download Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on 3/6, free with your subscription! Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus (part of the Sly Collection) Is fully remastered in HD with Trophy support, this is the ultimate version of a true PS2 gem, and is available free to download in Plus. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix brings the definitive version of the Street Fighter II series and sports an unforgettable roster of fighters, redrawn in HD with online multiplayer to boot.


Find more free content this month with PS one Classic Um Jammer Lammy, PS mini Bermuda Triangle, a Journey Dynamic Theme, and much more.

You’ll also find great specials and discounts this month with two great PlayStation Store events. The voting in this year’s PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards is coming to a close, and for 1 week starting 3/6, Plus subscribers will get a 50% discount on the winning games. If you missed out on any of the winners that were released 2011, that’s the time to grab them. If that wasn’t enough, the Spring Fever event, starting 3/13, features amazing new release PSN Games with discounts and/or exclusive items for Plus subscribers. Additional standalone discounts include special prices on the Bioshock 2 PS3 Full Game, Motorstorm RC, Phineas and Ferb: Across The Second Dimension PS3 Full Game.

As usual, PlayStation Plus subscribers get access to Online Game Saves and more free content than you’ll know what to do with. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, sit back and enjoy this month’s content. If you haven’t seen all that Plus has to offer for yourself, you can go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 and head to the PlayStation Plus section, or click here to purchase a voucher code online that will be emailed instantly to you to redeem in the PlayStation Store. Some content and/or release dates outlined may change including the addition or removal of content. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or continue the discussion on the PlayStation Community forums in the Official PlayStation Plus Update thread.


Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Click here to purchase your subscription

Exclusive: Early Access – Journey – 3/6 ($14.99)
Free Games: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus – 3/6
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix – 3/6
minis: Bermuda Triangle – 3/6
PS one Classics: Um Jammer Lammy
Full Game Trials: Mass Effect 3 – 3/6
Tom Clancy’S H.A.W.X 2 – 3/6
James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game – 3/13
Phineas And Ferb: Across The Second Dimension – 3/13
Media: Qore Episode 45 – March – 3/6
Free Avatars and Themes: Cool Cat – 3/13
Stick Up Kid – 3/13
Top Dawg – 3/13
Mexican Skulls Dynamic Theme – 3/13
Journey Dynamic Theme – 3/20
 PSN Games
MotorStorm RC – 3/6 (PS Plus Price: $7.49)

Bioshock 2 – 3/13 (PS Plus Price: $14.99)

Bioshock 2 Complete Pack – 3/13 (PS Plus Price: $20.99)

Phineas And Ferb: Across The Second Dimension – 3/13 (PS Plus Price: $31.99)
PlayStation Store Events –
More With Plus:
Gamers’ Choice Awards – 50% off on Winners – 3/6
Spring Fever Event – 3/13 – 4/3

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  • Great update! I already have Sly Collection, but I’m glad others can be introduced into the series this way and it’s a great game to put up for us. Also picked up Um Jammer Lammy for about $2 (new!) on amazon a few years ago. It’s so good <3 I'm terrible at it though. ;_;

    Keep up the good work.

    I have to mimic upping the cloud data storage for saves. I'd love more space. I also think it would be nice if everyone got to have *some* cloud save storage. Think of it as the way you do sales. You still have tons of sales on content for every day users, but PS+ offers even more on top of it. I think cloud storage should also be that way. Give them something (whether it's a measly 20MB or less) and give us more. I think the overall PS experience would be better with some cloud storage for everybody and it wouldn't devalue my PS+ subscription at all if they were given a small bone to chew on. We still get the steak.

  • Sweet! Can’t wait till tomorrow :D

  • Theres been better PS Plus months ,but its not bad…i already have the sly cooper collection. Bought it back when it came out but ill snag the download so maybe eventually the other 2 games will become free & i can just trade in my disc. I like having games on the HDD as opposed to disc. I just bought the PSN version of Jak Collection

  • Also, I have a suggestion. And an answer would be appreciated :) Can you guys make a patch for the PS1 and classic games like Um Jammer Lammy that allows you to look at your friends list and messages when you press the PS button? I strongly dislike the fact that I have to quit my game to look at my messages. Please and thank you. Keep on rockin PlayStation ;)


  • DarkMegamanSX900

    Hay Sony Could We get some Of the Pro and Legendary Avatars Please I really want the Ratchet and Clank Ones for real Please replay back to me on this Thank you

  • Outside of Journey a week early (or week delayed for anyone not PS+), looks like this month is a wash for me, already own everything else of interest.

  • Mass Effect 3 should release every Tuesday. It’s the only way you will publish the store at a decent time!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    How about discounts on Bioshock 2 DLC by itself? Don’t know if I want to double dip for the whole game….

  • Looks like another good month for playstation plus but no mention of anything happening on 3/20 and 3/27?!?

  • Um Jammer Lammy! Awesome! I already have Sly unfortunately for me, but I’m glad everyone else will get to play it. Real fun! Lol wow, I just looked up and #50 said the same thing.

  • @5

    PSplus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> XBL

  • @53: use your vita to check messages while playing PSN games on your ps3 xD

  • *PSX,I mean :P

  • You nearly gave me a heart attack! I thought I was getting Journey free… :(
    Oh, and only TWO free games? Or will you reveal more later in the month? >:D
    Sorry, you kind of spoiled me last month…

  • Motorstorm RC and Sly Cooper alone make me very happy.

  • im tired of you guys giving out free content that i have already bought. If you want to keep me as a plus subscriber then you need to make changes in the program so im not penalized for buying games and then they just turn up for free later for plus members. This is yet another wasted month of Plus membership. You should give mutiple games to choose from and allow plus members to choose one out of each list or give a voucher for the value of the free games price if the customer (ME) has already purchased the free content you offer. This happens every other month to me so either fix this issue or im done with PS Plus!!!!!!

  • PS+ keeps getting better and better! My harddrive is overflowing!

  • I’m suddenly regretting getting PS+. As awesome as Sly is, 2 free games, one free mini, one free PS classic. So a couple of free games in the beginning of March, and then nothing free after that. I know discounts are nice, but the reason I purchased PS+ is because I don’t any money to spend and I wanted some new games to play..

  • A reply for post 66 would be appreciated Morgan or Dis-Grace of a Chen

  • If i were president of sony GRACE CHEN would have been FIRED a long time ago and I would give Morgan a shot at running the PSN store. Atleast he reads the feedback and replies to some of the comments.

    • easy there. all for constructive criticism, but please take it down a notch. I work with the Store team to answer questions, so we’re all one team, Grace included! also, she’s awesome and does a ton that the average PS user never sees

  • I hereby grant Sony 1,000,000 bonus points for another midnight store update.

    ME3 isn’t my thing but I’m in for MLB 12 The Show for Vita and Motorstorm RC.

    Looks like I won’t be getting any sleep tonight.

    • hey there; sorry to possibly burst the bubble, but the midnight launch is only for the upload of ME3. The rest of the Store update is coming on Tuesday 3/6 in the afternoon as normal.

  • Any chance of remote play for Journey on the Vita?

    I know, long shot.

  • Hey Phishmaniac, your issue has already been addressed in multiple replys by the months and even one iirc in this thread. They try to make the Plus service appealing to everyone. There’s a lot of content, even for someone who says they have everyone. Don’t tell me a free demo of the full version of Mass Effect 3 doesn’t appeal to you or 50% off of the winners of GCA doesn’t appeal to you. Plus there’s the yet announced (to my knowledge) content of Spring Fever Event. Should be something good in there for you.

    Me personally I already have Sly 1 and have Bioshock 2 for PC, you might have this content too but some people don’t. A service that services millions isn’t going to satisfy everyone all the time. Maybe this month wasn’t a lot of content for you but you can’t say it never has been nor will be in the future. Just in the last 6 months we’ve had Tomb Raider, Far Cry 2, Syphon Filter and Resident Evil PS1 games for free – among others.

  • will ther be a sly 4 ????

  • wait wait wait, the entire PS Store is updating TONIGHT at midnight instead of Midnight on Tuesday as normal?? ;)

  • $15 for Journey?! I’m sorry this is NOT the price point I expected for this game! I was going to buy it but now I’ll just wait when its on sale….

  • Oh I completely forgot this in my previous reply

    Again, Kudos for a midnight release Sony. Even if it’s Midnight PST it’s still amazing. Can we PLEASE, I’m begging you with a plate of cookies, start doing a regular update time. Like by noon to 3pm EST or something decent. Set the expectations with your customers.

  • hey guys is it too much to get Battlefield 3 as a digital download like they do in the uk store? i know alot of people with broken blurays in their ps3’s that would love to play ( namely my best friend, we been gaming on ps consoles together nightly for a decade) it and join me for some great fun. How about it? whats stopping you guys from doing that. also liking the lineup for plus this month.

  • @75 It’s just a special publish for Mass Effect 3 only. Not the entire store.

  • if a Plus member has a game already, should be able to swap it for another of the same price or gift it to someone, like they are doing on all your competitors stores…..

  • HI Phatmillips, Its not just this month buddy its 9 out of 12 months that this happens. There would be an easy fix for this problem, as i previously stated. Its not about the money seeing as I have lots of it. Its about offering the customers of Sony a good product with real customer appreciation.

  • one thing that would be nice if you had a plus account. is a page where it shows all the new content in one spot. like themes,avatars,dlc, etc.

  • ps plus is awesome love this months update hopefully u guys can increase the cloud storage to maybe 10 gigs would b awesome i play 2 many games i need cloud storage to increase please and ty

  • I’m really glad to see Sly Cooper on there. I haven’t had the opportunity to play any of those games and that collection has been tempting. I’ve heard good things and…well…Adam Sessler said it was his favorite game, was it not?

  • It would be nice to have some PS+ perks for Vita owners.
    It’s understandable that there isn’t a ton of content yet to draw upon, but you could offer Vita owners discounts or freebies on PSP titles.

  • I’m stoked for the early access to Journey! Also, very very cool that you guys are offering a full game trial for Mass Effect 3. Cool to see a blockbuster title like that get a full trial on release day. I still need to finish ME2 before I play that one though. I got the Sly collection from gamefly when I had it, and Thievius Racoonus was the first game I’d ever platinumed. Even still, it’s cool that we’re getting it for free. I hope the others go free soon. Would be sweet to platinum the other two. My brother and I will have some good ol nostalgic fun with street fighter for sure.

    I really hope to see some vita integration soon… Btw, why can’t I install all of my minis on my vita? Most of them are compatible with vita, but they don’t appear in the content manager when I connect it with my PS3. There’s no way any of us would re-buy all of our minis just to get to play them on Vita. I have so many minis and ps1 classics. Was super bummed when they didn’t appear on content manager. Also, I wanna see psn exclusive titles be compatible with vita. Would be awesome to play Journey, Joe Danger, Hard Corps, etc on both systems!!

  • @66: And I am tired of comments such as yours. The world does not revolve around you. Sony has no way of knowing what you buy or don’t buy. That’s the risk you take when you subscribe to a content service such as this. So let your subscription run out so I no longer have to read you complain like you are the world’s focus. :D

  • I was planning on picking up Motorstorm RC day one, anyway (always want to support that team) so this made it all the sweeter. And thanks for everything else! Very nice! I was a Sly Cooper noob until I tried the 60 min trial and I really enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to playing the entire first one for free, and will most likely nab the others after that.

  • I pre-ordered Journey at Gamestop so do I have to wait an extra week for my code in spite of being a plus member? No fair! :(

    I’ll have Sly Cooper to keep me occupied at least.

  • Dang! I just picked up Sly two weeks ago.

    I gotta quit buying games and just wait for them to pop up on Plus.

  • Awesome. Been wanting to try the Sly Cooper series, and now I get the chance.
    The Bioshock 2 discount next week is that not big a deal, since the game is about $10 at my local game store, but Sly and SSF2 are great Plus perks.

  • It would be great if Sly (digital version)’s trophies list was different than the disc-based version. I don’t think I’ll be downloading the digital version since I already have the platinum in the disc-based version. I love the Motorstorm RC discount though!

  • Day 1 60 minute trial of ME3 is a wonderful “win”.

    Good content to Plus, even thought I own them, good chance for others to enjoy.

    My only slight concern would be no discount on a new release for plus on Journey. I’m on the wait until a sale list. $15 is not my buy point $10 is. I’m in for Motorstorm.

  • Would it be possible to give us the option to download full game manuals if we purchase ps3 games off the Psn?

    Anywhoo great update this week, can’t wait to try out Journey!

  • Morgan, when I said “good week” I was talking about the stuff in the picture labeled “Available 3/6”. Is that not all coming out this week?

    • yep! you’re right, anything listed under 3/6 is for that week. just wanted to make sure there was no confusion! =)

  • Thanks for all the cool stuff…now and future. What is the method used in determining what games you release for Plus users ? I like how you put up the games to come, but the selection is kind of thin such as are the games…Bioshock 2 in my opinion, dwarfed in comparison to number one….it did however have that multiplayer side of the game. Would that be the reason why it was chosen? I for one, am not big on MP games ( there are more who think like I do than you think ) and I enjoy the single player games you release. Anyway, thanks for all that you do indeed try to do for the single player community.

  • I forgot to mention…Mark of Kri HD….just a little food for thought…thanks.

  • Are you guys planning to integrate ps vita on ps plus?

  • I love psn plus, thanks to it I have more games that I know what to do with, but I have a request that I would like to get answered, could you guys change the amount of ps3 that we can have active from 2 to 3 for us plus members? Is very annoying to have to deactivate a ps3 in my room so I can play in the living room because my kids are playing something on their PS3, thanks for reading this

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