Journey Early Access and Pre-Order Program

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Journey Early Access and Pre-Order Program


If you have been following Journey, then you’re probably as excited as I am about its release next week on March 13, as the first game in our Spring Fever event this year. The reviews so far have been fantastic, and I can’t wait to get online and experience the game online with other Journey fans.

JourneyJourney: Desert

If you caught Friday’s update from Kellee, the last line of her post about big news coming Monday probably had you wondering what sort of news might be coming. Well, earlier this morning I’m sure you saw this month’s PS Plus blog post revealing that Journey will be available this week for all PS Plus members, one week ahead of the normal release date. What’s more, this early access purchase comes with a bonus, an exclusive PS3 dynamic theme featuring some concept art from the game.

And if you’re not a Plus member, we are also launching a special pre-order program as well. You’ll be able to put your money down for the game and get hold of the same concept art dynamic theme as Plus members for doing so. Then when the game hits on March 13 during the normal Tuesday publish, just head to the store and download the game for free.

Journey Desert clouds

Watch the Blog and PS Store, because we’ll have a few more videos for Journey, an additional dynamic theme (free for Plus members) that will showcase some of the beautiful vistas in the game, and more. We’re also launching a dedicated tab for Journey on the PlayStation Facebook page where you can get an exclusive Journey PSN Avatar starting today, so head on over to check it out.


And don’t forget to head over to the Journey live dev chat page to sign up for a reminder, and come back this coming Friday at 10 AM PST to chat live with Jenova Chen (Creative Director) and Robin Hunicke (Executive Producer) from the Journey dev team.

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  • Thanks for the awesome facebook stuff to make my timeline pretty <3 and the free avatar, and the early access through PS+


  • Ok so if the vita wasnt distracting enough, if. I hadnt felt like I have already waited forever, and just because i let my plus dry up due to funding and lack of PERSONALLY appealing contenet. im picky (:

    I plan on getting plus and this game probably.

    BUT wow its like this game has an ANTI- advertising team I swear…


    Pfff, dirty towel… go do your homework kid..

  • Looks awesome.

  • @show0072 if by homework you mean your mom then i’m done, but I’ll be back later for sone extra credit.

  • @R0BIN_LEECH – We aren’t your slaves. If you want to know what is the game about, use google. Otherwise, you will miss a great game.

  • @56. 1st I never said you were. 2nd it was a simple question, if I would of got an answer I would of gone away. But instead I have people like you telling me what to do. I was hopeing that the author of this article would answer me but instead I got you.

  • Maybe it’s because I don’t know what I’m doing but I can’t find the preorder/PS+ Purchase for Journey anywhere on the PS Store.

    Am I merely not looking in the right area or has it not come out on the PS Store yet?

  • it’s 9:09 pm where the heck is the game.

  • Literally just hit PSN on East coast! at 905pm Start downloading people!!!

  • The good thing is that it’s only 589mb and comes with a dynamic theme which weighs in at 5690kb chock full of the Concept Art from the game.

  • Go to New Releases + Playstation Plus+ and wait for the box on the left hand side of the screen to scroll through it will say Journey then Sly Cooper and Super Street Fighter 2 HD then Mass Effect 3 and then Gamer’s Choice Awards 2012. I can’t seem to find it anywhere else in the store.

  • Love the music which I have some questions… 1. Will this game be available for the PS Vita? 2. Is the Sound track available for download??

  • @Brian Dunn – I hope you read this and, let the Journey team know just how fantastic I think this game is.

    Only the second area into the game, I came across my first other traveler. For the next three hours or, so.. We helped each other regenerate energy, guide each other to energy sources…. lol, we even had a friendly fight over which way to look for hidden goodies…. We occasionally ran into another random traveler but, they usually weren’t exploring as much as we were and, they would run off.. which was just fine. Even in some of the faster paced, “sliding” levels, whoever got to the end first, would be sitting there, waiting for the other one to catch up and, greet them with an excited series of tones. The entire time, we sort of had a little rivalry of who would reach the stages end first.. However, as we reached the final steps of our journey together, we actually slowed down and finished it side by side. As the credits rolled, I finally got to see a list of the other PSN members I encountered but, I don’t know for sure which one was my “buddy”. I don’t even really care to know. What I do know is, I will NEVER forget the last 3-4 hours I just spent playing Journey.

  • wish it would it been longer!!!!!!

  • I had an amazing experience playing the game. I’ve been playing games for a long time. I’m 40 and I grew up playing Game & Watch, Atari and on our IBM PC jr. I never had a game as simple and beautiful at the same time draw different emotions from the beginning to the end.
    The idea of simple communication was brilliant. The only thing a player can do is to hum out a sound that will show up a ripple in the air with your symbol. You and your companion will start slow but as you go along, both of you will learn to communicate without words – only actions and that simple hum.
    I can understand how the game got such high reviews. But I don’t think this is a game you can stamp with a review rating. It is an experience. Every player will see it differently every time they play a new game. I also believe that it is not for everyone but I will still recommend people to play it and experience it. I can’t guarantee though that they will like it.
    As for me, I love it and I can’t wait to play my next Journey…

  • The game is brilliant. Exceeded my extremely high expectations, just as Flower did before it.

  • Just got it today and will be playing it all day. It feels like Christmas day! So happy Journey is here.

    Im also excited to participate in the live chat this Friday with the Game Devs from ThatGameCompany:

    Hope you all can make it!

    Also, come join us in the PlayStation Forum to discuss your thoughts on the game and share your journey!

  • @9

    You get an exclusive theme.

  • Jeezz!! I want to have a constant partner. Sadly, when the next stage starts I’m automatically paired with a new traveler..,I want to search for the hidden creature. :(

  • Ths game seemed too short I finished it in around an hour.

  • Pre-ordered it 2 days ago, it’s my birthday, why is it not able to be downloaded?

  • It’s the 13th, I pre-ordered this game, why can’t I download it? This post says the game comes out today.

  • it isn’t coming up other than as exclusive to playstation plus, i tried right after 12 last night and again today, seems a little unfair on those people that pre-ordered.

  • I pre-ordered this & i can’t download it yet, & They even Had the nerve to charge me twice

  • Wanna respond to the people who pre-ordered but can’t download it?? I paid for the game, do something about it.

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