Pulse 2/28 Edition: Unit 13, Mass Effect 3, SSX, More March Previews

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Pulse 2/28 Edition: Unit 13, Mass Effect 3, SSX, More March Previews

In this edition of Pulse presented by PlayStation Network, host Christina Lee sets her sights on the first FPS for PS Vita, Unit 13. With 36 tactical missions and nine high-value target battles, it’s the perfect showcase for PS Vita’s precise dual analog sticks. Other PS Vita previews include must-play sports titles MLB 12 The Show, incorporating front/rear touch controls and cross platform play, and Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational.

Pulse 2/28 Edition: Unit 13, Mass Effect 3, SSX, More March Previews

With Mass Effect 3 dropping next week, this week’s Pulse also shows off the unique in-game Argus rifle and exclusive PS3 theme available for those who pre-order from PlayStation Store. Other “Only on PlayStation” content shown in this episode include a look at SSX’s Mt Fuji mountain and Street Fighter X Tekken’s exclusive character Cole MacGrath.

Finally, with the Academy Awards behind us, the Top 10 highlights the most popular past Best Picture winners you guys are watching from Video Unlimited.

Download full HD editions of PULSE from the PlayStation Store after today’s update.

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  • I’m sorry, Unit 13 isn’t a FPS. It’s a third person shooter. Isn’t Resistance Burning Skies supposed to be the first FPS on the Vita anyway?

    Still, nice episode. I’m excited for all of these games. :)

  • sony add flash already to vita or html5!

  • what sony need to fix on the vita.

    1. flash or html5

    2. ablity to set online status

    3. recive pictures sent from ps3 or sent froma vita to a ps3

    4. passcode lock screen color change (not everyone likes blue)

    5. fix the web browser (make use of the analog sticks or d-pad to navigate through the site.

    6.fix the layout of the keyboard (it’s just a mess right now)

    7. more video support (dvix,avi,ect)

    8. ps3 online support (ps3 users should see that your on the vita and not appear offline)

    9 fix the wifi and 3g (they turn off everytime the screen turns black)

    10. also a option to use the analog sticks or d-pad to navigate in the main menu (your fingers get tired of touch touch touch)

    11. tapping the status bar will make the page go up auto.

    12. copy and paste text (really sony? we need this)

    13. also if i chat with my friends and my vita then go on my ps3 i dont want my inbox full of the same messages i got in my vita from them.

  • btw mass effect 3 next week folks!!!

  • FPS was obviously a typo, relax. And yes, Resistance is the first FPS dual stick game on the game.

  • @LilRican Dude, you realize that this isn’t the proper place to post those kind of requests (if you would like to call them that). Completely irrelevant. If anything, go on the official PS Community and post that or the PS Blog Share.

    Anyway, back on topic – I should clarify my first post in response to the article when it says, “In this edition of Pulse presented by PlayStation Network, host Christina Lee sets her sights on the first FPS for PS Vita, Unit 13.”

    I said that Unit 13 is not a FPS. It’s not. It’s more of a third person shooter than anything else. However, I do acknowledge the fact that it does contain some FPS elements.

    Looking forward to that, Motorstorm RC, MLB 12, Mass Effect 3, and Street Fighter X Tekken next week among other things. :)

  • Hadooken? Really Sony, you allow one of your employees to blatantly and ignorantly pronounce a word that has been said in fighting games for over 20 years? FAIL!

  • Jaja! I feel you @ArchAngelMai !!! :D And I totally dig what you’re saying LilRican! Keep posting on all the different forums and the word will most definitely spread. Yes @G-Force08… This might not be the place to post a huge list of dislikes and requests… But then again… It kinda is. Allot of the devs and employes do read the Blog posts to track inquiries as such. Some even reply back letting “us” know they hear us. Like it says right here… COMMENTS : OPEN TO EVERYONE, but don’t be a jerk. I’m sure LilRican has nothing but good intentions. Anyway… What was that link or place to “actually” be heard n post inquiries, likes, dislikes and requests for the PSVita?? :)

  • Hot Shots is freaking awesome on the Vita, love it!

  • Oh! And like I always like to say here… I ❤ PULSE & Christina Lee! Woot! :P

  • @LilRican

    you can actually change your entire lockscreen (picture) through the photo app.


  • i love ps vita only think they need to fix is so that we can play all ps3 game and can play online with ps3 player and we need more game for ps vita and flash or html5

  • Anyone else having problems with Gotham City Imposters….?? CANNOT log in to multiplayer….says Gamespy account cannot be verified.

  • @ lilracan, good ideas. I hope Sony follows through.

  • I played the Unit 13 demo on my Vita. It was alot of fun. I loved the touch screen implementations. For example:touch a mine to disarm it, etc. March 6 is going to be bananas. Between Unit 13, MLB 12 THE SHOW(I have yet to decide between Vita or PS3 version), and Mass Effect 3, my heart will be filled with joy but my wallet will be empty of hard earned currency. lol

  • @15 (BxNYCBonaoDR)

    You’re suppose to get both versions of The Show, to take advantage of that sweet “shared gamesave” stuff! Hopefully Sony hooks it up with a bundle deal on the pair.

  • Disappointed there’s no mention of the upcoming Tales of Graces F in the previews – but there’s always next week I guess.

    This series desperately needs more exposure out here in the west.

  • I love my Life…..Err I mean Vita…I excited for future firmware updates…I love firmware updates, it like Christmas except without all the snow…

  • this episode was weak. home integration more like lag and downloading fest. all the games lag. an everything requires downloading an loading screens. waste of ps3 potential. waste of harddrive space. how bout drop home and tester show. merge pulse and qore into one entity bi weekly ala pulse. add more memory to ps3 and i dont mean harddrive space i mean dedicated memory for developers since this is a issue with bigger games. ps3 is old technology either evolve with the times or keep loseing billions your choice!

  • also if everyone would look up at lilricans post up above he has posted 13 things wrong with the vita sure all can be fixed with a patch but just goes to show you the carelessness sony exhibits with its gameing products compared to IOS games in which mobile phones all this is standard stuff

  • @ 20, no it’s not standard in many ways. You will see ports from Android apps to iOS & apps & viceversa most of the time. The Vita will have their own exclusives & ports from home CONSOLES. The power of the Vita & its design makes this possible. Firmwares will get rid of this annoying weaknesses, but the gameplay is for real.

  • 2 things how can i get a job at playstation and is the vita gona get a flashplayer

  • ps nice pants chistina

  • i can wait till next week 4 street fighter x tekken yeeaahh

  • Can you please sort something out for the vita as there is no download for this on the store and no flash or html5, thank you.

  • @LilRican, all of those updates are very interesting idea. however, i’m wondering if anyone else been having freezing problems on their vita system? mine been freezing only in setting mode and no game freezes or anything wrong yet so far so good. perhaps, i think sony would need to fix the freezing problem would be much appreicated.

  • Yes, I always look forward to Pulse, unlike the total freak show that Qore has become. Also could we get the update going in a timely manner this week please, guys? Last week, it wasn’t online until after midnight in the east, and some of us have to work in the morning. I’m not complaining, just saying. . .

  • @userchris296 no freezing what so ever, anywhere.

  • rawr leopard skin leotard im guessing

  • @16 Yea I know. Hopefully we get a bundled version of both the vita and ps3 mlb 12 the show at a special price. But i doubt it because it would have been revealed by now. Mlb 12 the show releases next week. but i cant afford both, which is why I have to decide between the vita or the ps3 version. I think im going with the PS3 version because it will have all the features available and not the watered down version the vita is going to be.

  • @LilRican:
    I Agree With You 100% About Playstation Vita Should Already Have Flash/HTML5 Support Since Playstation Vita Released Iam So Dissapointed With “Sony”
    Here I Go Clicking On The Video In This Blog With My Playstation Vita
    I Get A Error Messege Saying…Please Install A Update Version Of “Adobe/FlashPlayer”

    If I Knew All Theres Errors With Playstation Vita I Wouldnt Of Went Out And waste My Hard Earned Money
    Also What Is Up With The “Facebook APP”? That App Didnt Came With My Vita And I Cannot Find It Anywhere On The PSN Store? Does The Facebook APP Come With A Certain Vita Model? If Your Reading This Sony Please Tell Me Where I Can Find The “Facebook” APP

    BTW Awesome Show Kevin/Christina I Always Enjoyed PULSE Ever Since I First Started Watching It

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