MotorStorm RC Comes to PS Vita, PS3 on March 6th

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MotorStorm RC Comes to PS Vita, PS3 on March 6th

MotorStorm RC has very humble beginnings. It started out as a simple concept we were playing around with during lunch times, a pet project to challenge each other to set the fastest times, originally using post-its on the wall as a low-fi leaderboard!

Through a lot of love, care, and attention, MotorStorm RC has been transformed into the most exciting and addictive racing game we’ve ever created. It gives me great pleasure to finally be able to share that experience with you all — MotorStorm RC will be available on March 6th for both PS Vita and PS3 from the North American PlayStation Store.

See how much fun it is for yourself by picking up the free demo when the full game hits PlayStation Store on March 6th, and check out the extremely rare vehicles while you’re there…if that sort of thing takes your fancy.

MotorStorm RC Comes to PS Vita, PS3 on March 6th

So much to do!

MotorStorm RC revisits the extreme locations its bigger brothers put on the map: battling around the rocks and mesas of Monument Valley, crashing through jungles and tearing up the sandy beaches of Pacific Rift, sliding across ice sheets and barrelling down the mountains of Arctic Edge, and weaving through a city ruined by Apocalypse.

You’ll race eight classic MotorStorm vehicle types, ranging from the off-road Buggies to the lightning-fast Super Cars, and take on a full festival championship with dozens of events and medals to earn. As you rise to become the champion of every event, you will compete in wheel-to-wheel racing with eight vehicles on the track at a time, you’ll also be faced with three other game types: Drift, where you need to power slide for as many points as possible, Pursuit, where you need to move your way up the grid to first place from the back of the back as fast as possible and Hot Lap, the classic race against the clock for the fastest single-lap time.

Outside of the Festival, you can race at your own leisure in Free Play or fight for fractions of a second in the fiercely competitive world of Time Attack. And as you’d expect, MotorStorm RC on your PS3 serves up some good old fashioned split-screen multiplayer action for up to four players.

MotorStorm RC for PS Vita and PS3

Race your way

Because of the unique way MotorStorm RC was made, picking it up on either the PS Vita or PS3 makes it available for the other platform at no extra cost. Not only does this give you great value, it means that all progress, lap times, unlocks, medals and trophies that have been achieved on one version are synchronised to the other, allowing you to take your game with you wherever you go, picking up where you left off.

MotorStorm RC for PS Vita and PS3

Old-school racing for the connected generation

MotorStorm RC embraces the classic arcade racing styles that make the genre so iconic and brings it right up-to-date. With online leaderboards for every event, track and vehicle you can compete against your friends and the rest of the world with ease, no matter what your favorite race is.

The Pitwall is the home of your RC community, a constant supply of up-to-the-second updates of your friends’ progress. See their victories, their defeats and, most importantly, challenge them to beat your own times. The Pitwall will alert you when your friends set faster times than you, so the competition never lets up.

The ethos of MotorStorm RC’s competitive play has always been convenience and, with leaderboard challenges between friends and cross-play across both PS Vita and PS3, it’s never been easier to beat your friends, no matter what platform you’re playing on or what time of day it is.

MotorStorm RC for PS Vita and PS3

So much more for you to discover

With a wide range of vehicles to collect and customize, a playground to explore and a Platinum Trophy to chase down, there’s plenty more for you to go out and discover in MotorStorm RC. On top of all that, for PS3 there are a few little extras: 1080p HD visuals; stereoscopic 3D; SimulView same-screen multiplayer and classic four-player split-screen multiplayer.

I hope you enjoy playing MotorStorm RC. We’ll be sure to call back here soon to share more details about March 6th and, thanks to our partners at Toyota, we’ll also have some more good news to share with you about MotorStorm RC.

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  • And the price will be?

  • So if we buy this for the PS3, we also get the PS Vita version for free?

    • The ‘buy one, get one free’ applies for only for the European territories – we will provide more details closer to launch regarding our distribution plans, but rest assured that North American consumers will get both for $9.99.

  • Get First Edition Bundle a week early…. wait to get Motorstorm 2 weeks later than the rest of the world.. First World Problems. Can’t wait, looks fun.

  • Yes, if you buy one version, you get the other for free.

  • Finally, this game has been dated. Can’t wait to try it out. How much will the game cost when it releases???

    P.S. Sony, you have truly struck gold with the Cross Play feature and now the “pay once get both” formula.


  • I’m so pumped for this game…one of my most wanted “launch titles,” but Sony, come on with the March 6th date already!! It’s going to be a very unfriendly day for my wallet since I’ll now be buying MLB 12 (PS3), MLB 12 (Vita), Unit 13, AND MotorStorm RC…ugh. At least this one shouldn’t deal out as big of a hit to the wallet as the others!

  • @2 “Because of the unique way MotorStorm RC was made, picking it up on either the PS Vita or PS3 makes it available for the other platform at no extra cost.” Reading is gud!

    THIS is what I’m talking about! Buy once and get it for both PS3 and PSV. Really awesome.

  • are you SURE it’s coming March 6th? cuz you never know, Sony may forget to post it on the store like they did with multiple things last night >:(

  • I’ll be picking this up on launch. Looks absolutely fantastic,guys!

  • will there be an option or patch for hood cam?

  • @2

    Or if we buy this for the Vita, we also get the PS3 version for free!

  • Damn this game is so awesome! Loving it.

  • My most anticipated Vita game.

  • I want this

  • I usually don’t do day 1 purchases but this will be the exception! Looks like a lot of fun. Hope it plays as good as it looks.

  • PS3?? 1080p visuals?? Online cross platform play?? Holy $hit this is AWESOME news!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea some Vita games were going to be available for play on PS3 only, this is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks cute. Never thought I’d say that about a Motorstorm game! I’ll probably pick this one up. After all, I’ve already got four Motorstorms. One more added to the pile can’t hurt!

    p.s. Bring Arctic Edge to the PS2 Classics lineup on PSN.
    p.p.s. Any news on the rest of the Apocalypse dlc?

  • I was really excited for this….then I find out it came out and is available on the UK PSN store. They even have a demo for it. You can download the PS3 demo and play it now, but you can’t play the Vita Demo. I find it also sort of messed up that the UK got a demo for Wipeout and we didn’t. They have a few other things available too. I downloaded some stuff using my UK sub-account and come to find out i can’t add them to my Vita, even though they are on the same PS3 as all of my other stuff. Since a demo is free why does it have an owner attached????

  • The 3D and Vita cross play and buy 1 get both sold me :3

  • So if I buy it on my PS3 can I play it on my PS3 without owning a VITA? Just making sure before I download it for nothing

    • If you buy it on your PS3 you can play it on your PS3 without owning a Vita. There is a separate version for each system.

  • I have been anxiously waiting for this since it was announced a few months ago. I couldn’t wait and picked this up off the EU store yesterday.

    This is an absolutely wonderful game that you won’t be able to stop playing. If you’re a fan of the Motorstorm series this has all of the locations you’re familiar with. The tracks are really well designed and offer a wide variety of challenges.

    It’s very easy to just pickup and play but collecting all of the gold medals should offer a sufficient challenge for everyone.

    Playing around and exploring casually in the playground is a ton of fun too.

    No pricing has been announced for the US version yet but if it’s comparable in price to the UK version it should show up for around $7.99 which includes both the PS3 and Vita versions. Upon purchase you are given 4 downloads: Vita Demo, Vita Unlock Key, PS3 Demo and PS3 Unlock Key.

  • US pricing is $9.99

    Looking forward to 3/6/12!

  • So for $9.99 I get motor storm RC for my vita and ps3!!!! That is so awesome. First day purchase for sure. One of my favorite developers to.

  • Perect!!!! Definitely a day one buy for me.

  • Why O Why did UK get this first? Shouldn’t it be launched for all of us so we can play with our EU bretheren? Bummer!!

  • Was hoping to be able to play this today but I guess I’ll have to wait a few weeks. Will be a day 1 buy for me regardless, and the extra perks you gave for the PS3 are certainly appreciated. Always on the lookout for new 3D games to make use of my TV.

  • great price, definately getting this :)

  • can you customize your car ?

  • I will buy this!

  • Yes! Cannot wait. Day one here.

  • Will this have psvita 4 player multiplayer, or is it only ps3? If its only ps3 do you plan to add multiplayer to vita? If not, why the hell would you guess come to that conclusion, its very important!

    • PS3 is the only version that has 4-player split screen local multiplayer. There are no plans at this time for multiplayer on the Vita version.

  • Little disappointed that it’s $10. This was being hyped up to around the $5 – $8 range (not that I don’t think it’s worth $10).

  • $10 is a great price and looks like a lot of fun. Don’t have Vita yet but will be getting this for my PS3, thanks for the update.

  • I will have to get both since its something I can play with my daughters on the ps3. But daddy will take the vita version also.
    Two quick questions. Since they are two seperate games will they have any unique trophies? And, if and will there be a bundle for both for people like me? (dont mess up like the super stardust bundle!)

  • Didn’t see this mentioned but wanted to ask quickly if 3D can still be enabled for split-screen multiplayer?. I know how taxing it can be so was curious if this was possible still (more interested in 2 player split-screen than 4 player).

  • Any chance on additional tracks or a level editor (here’s hoping)?

  • I thought this was going to be a launch title in the US. Didn’t realize it wasn’t until the last few weeks. Glad to see a release date announced and coming soon too. Thanks!

  • Wow. Day 1. Now that is value!

  • Unbelievable! 3/6/12 is going to be a great day. MotorStorm RC and Mass Effect 3 ca-ching! Cannot wait, not much longer now!

  • You had me at simulview

  • So your basically saying If your unlucky enough to live in the US that you honestly going make us wait like a extra month for the game even though I bet europe had it out for awhile now. Then your going to make us pay for both versions? Even though europe get the 2nd version free?

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