PS Vita System Software Update (v1.61)

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PS Vita System Software Update (v1.61)

Now that some of you early adopters have PlayStation Vita in your hands, we’re going to begin keeping you posted on any changes to system software here on PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation Vita (updated image)

In preparation for Wednesday’s wide release of PS Vita, tonight we’re making System Software Update (v1.61) available for download. If you are just turning on your PlayStation Vita for the first time, this update will add the following features:

  • A new application, (Maps), has been added to the home screen.
  • In addition to photos, you can now take videos using the Photo application.
  • You can now publish stories about the products that you rate in PlayStation Store to Facebook.
  • In near, players’ information is now displayed on the Discoveries screen. On this screen, a list of the online IDs of up to 100 players that you have encountered, and the number of times that you encountered each player, are displayed. Tap an online ID to display that player’s profile screen.
  • The Mac OS version of Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation has been released. The Windows version has also been updated.

You can download Content Manager Assistant from here. Refer to the website to find out how to install the application.

If you have already updated your PS Vita to 1.60, 1.61 will improve certain aspects of the system software.

There are a few ways to update the firmware on your PS Vita:

  • Select “System Update” under the “Settings” menu and download the firmware directly to your PS Vita over Wi-Fi.
  • Connect your PS Vita to a PS3 or a PC/Mac and update via Content Manager.

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  • I got my playstation vita (3G/WIFI) last week wednesday and updated then, and yesterday I updated again to version 1.61. I see no difference at all. This handheld system is by far the best out there today!!! A must have for gamers, I can’t wat for MLB The Show 12 to be released

  • x-D-G-A-F-x, Somethings are better in update form, Lets say if Facebook was built into the firmware and did not like it well too bad you would be stuck with it. + it prolly add more dollars too the price of the system, basically when you buy a system like this your paying the programmers, tech too make is cheap but programmers are not…

  • “If you have already updated your PS Vita to 1.60, 1.61 will improve certain aspects of the system software.”

    Read people. Read!!!!!

  • the features included in this update are already on the prior one..!! i have maps and I can record all the videos i want without the update, so what is the update really do?? probably security patches… my ps3 also has an update available that doesn’t add any new features, but it’s better to be safe than sorry so i’ll probably update both, i wouldn’t mind having netflix on my vita or ps1 clasics without having to use remote play…!! maybe on the next update.

  • I can’t wait to get mine Tomorrow, everyone who is getting one, please add me on psn / ps vita ……killmany6 is my username…..see everyone online tomorrow!

  • I absolutly adore the Vita and I can’t wait till I get mine tommorow.

    But, yeah, I’m still very concerned about the price of the digital version, it’s not worth it.

    Say you buy Uncharted and 32Gb Memory Card
    it’s 99$ for the MC, you save 5$ on uncharted 2.7Gb.
    You could fit 11 Uncharted on the 32Gb MC.
    It comes a total savings of 59.$
    That means you pay 40$ more with the memory card.
    This means you get to pay more for the digital version than the retail version.

    It makes no sense, there’s no production of any kind, so it should be cheaper than just 10% off, it should be 15% to 20% off to make them worthwhile on the first day. Given you buy Sony’s MC.

    please double check the pricing and %off rebate to something more reasonable.

    Thank You

  • It’s finally Mac compatible!! TTuTT

  • @106: They can’t have digital prices be too much lower, because RETAILERS would not be happy. Retailers have to be happy in order to stock your products, so they have to keep that in mind when pricing digital versions.

    @107: It had Mac support day 1 for the first edition bundle with v1.60… xP

  • when are we going to get an update that will allow us to view our vita trophies on our ps3? also, same goes for ps1 classics being playable. one of the reasons i got a 32GB card was to load up my vita with all my final fantasies.

  • So, it begins…

  • so tomorrow will i be able to get some apps for my vita in the store? like facebook twitter and of course netflix?

  • I already got my vita last week so suck it!!!!!!

  • just ordered my vita today. can’t wait until tomorrow!

  • I guess i will be getting this tomorrow evening, Awesome.

  • Can’t wait for TOMORROW

    Thanks SONY

  • Has anyone been able to move PSP save files to the Vita? If so how is it done?


  • Since I made this update, I’m unable to sync my trophies. When I click Sync trophie with server, it stops at 80% and say ”Unable to connect to server (NP-10234-0)”. With the auto-syncing process, it gets to 100% but the trophies won’t get added to my trophies count… Am I the only one who have this problem?

  • Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!!! :D

  • As several people have already stated, firmware v1.60 already had maps and video recording!

  • So when does the Vita get the apps?

  • I have the vita and right off the batt, this is the hottest thing on the market for the ppl who are hesitant! Dont b! Jus do it! There are a couple of issues tht im worried about though when someone comes online it doesnt show tht there online on the friends list for a long time also for some reason its very hard to join a friends game and it seems like i cant join at all off of their PSN ID. Im sure after a few updates this wil b handled but u sony has really put togeather a masterpiece. Jus make sure u guys stay with strong titles … Call of duty, assassin creed, dead space, maybe a lil mass effect jk. If tht were to ever happen i think this would blow up beyond imagination, good work sony!!

  • Hmmm, Mac Media Manager doesn’t seem to work.

  • If there’s a content manager for the Vita, what about Media Go?

  • Any idea on when the ps store will be up and running?

  • When Will the rest of the applications be comming out like facebook and skype i finally got netflix on my psvita and i had it since the 15th… far this game system is amazing..


  • Target has the best ps vita packages right now.

  • While you all complain about the PSVita… I’m sitting at home playing one! IT’S RELEASE DAY FINALLY!

  • This was a frustrating launch. I purchased my Vita today, but it refuses my PSN account until I install the update. The Manager Software doesn’t work and connecting it to my PS3 does nothing either. My PS3 has all the latest updates, too. Very frustrating. Rough launch!

  • I just opened my Vita, connected to Wifi, and it won’t pass the initial setup without a system update. I connect the Vita by the USB cable to my PS3 which is updated to the latest firmware and nothing happens. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to get this thing updated. This is really terrible.

  • I can’t get past the setup screen on my vita either. Just like NashTheSlash mine won’t sync with my PS3 until I update the software on the vita but you can’t because it is stuck in setup mode!
    Anyone have a fix for this yet???

  • yeah any help on how to get past the initial setup just rickypro and nashtheslash I can’t seem to get past no matter what i do.

  • i need help i pre ordered the launch edition so i get and its says free at&t data pass it shows me all the intruction but i need like a code but i dont c it on the box or reciet plz help any1

  • i have the vita but how do i get to play ps3 games on it i try using remote play but it wont let me play the ps3 game is there a update for it????

  • sony hi my name is Ricardo I would like to send an old psp updates to an update of friend who can Play it online and add friends and send email as that of PS Vita just ask thank you very much.

  • I know this is too late, but I just want to say your explanation of how to update the Vita is severely lacking. I just got my Vita on 2/22. So as soon as I try to initialize it, the process is denied because I have to first update the system software. But I can’t update the system software because I can’t create my account on my new Vita. I tried to connect via PS3, but there is no content manager app on the PS3. I looked in the store. Nope. So I tried the PC way. Downloaded content mgr. Connected Vita. Tried to update. Back where I started. I couldn’t get past the screen to create my account unless I first updated the software.

    So if anyone else has this Catch 22 frustration, here is the answer that nobody here tells you:


    Inconsiderate jerks!

  • Is there any way to download the firmware update without the Vita being connected to the computer? There is no broadband here, therefore no wireless, and I can’t use content manager until I update the Vita. I know it is a small update, but on a slow dial up connection, it is still several hours of downloading, and time when I can’t use my Vita.
    If, however, I could just download the update separately, and still be able to use my system, that would be just fine, only I can’t seem to find a way to do so.

  • i love it i have fun with it.i have mine since the 15 of february.and i love it.

  • Assuming someone from Sony actually reads this…

    For PS Vita:
    -Add support for all popular music, video, and photo formats. Come on sony you can do better than that.
    -Get a better web browser. As it currently stands the thing is pretty useless. At least support XML.
    -Combine Party, Group Messaging, and Friends.
    -Enable voice chat between PSV and PS3. Doesn’t seem that hard.
    -Enable the ability to listen to Music while playing games. Seriously, xbox 360 has had this feature from day 1 and you guys barely have support for this on a handful of titles. Not to mention 360 can do it for ANY game instead of the developer making support for it.
    -Add Youtube app.

    And this last part is just a rant but seriously Sony? I have use that annoying Content Manager to put anything on my PSV? Part of the reason I liked the PSP is because I could handle my files any way I wanted to without having to use some worthless interface like Itunes. Could we please drop the mandatory use of CMA? I organize my files way better than your software ever will, so let me. Please i beg of you.

  • The only reason i got my psv was so that i can play ps3 games on it while the other half watches tv or somthing. but you cant play ps3 games on it at the min it must need updating from sony. We must off all seen the trailer for cross game play with killzone 3. I am really disapointed that the vita dose not play ps3 gameS AND ITS MAKING ME THINK TO SELL IT!!!! and if sony does not want us to jailbreak are ps3 then they really need to do what they said that it can do. and not try making more money by bring out a game for ps3 and then the psv then i think they would lose. no one in there right mind would pay twice for the same game at £40 a pop the only way to play ps3 games on a vita is to have a jailboke ps3 come on sony this is WRONG

    Dose anyone no more about cross game play thank you

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