3 Great Reasons to Try PS Vita/PS3 Cross-Play Content

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3 Great Reasons to Try PS Vita/PS3 Cross-Play Content

Wipeout 2048 for PS VitaWipeout 2048 for PS Vita

The day is approaching for you to finally get your hands on PlayStation Vita! For some of you, that day is already here with the delivery of the First Edition Bundle. As we’ve discussed in several previous Blog posts, the connection between PS Vita and PS3 is one of the most compelling features that sets gaming on PS Vita apart. Because we want all of you early PS Vita owners to check out the cross-platform gameplay experience, we’re offering content on both platforms for one promotional price with two launch titles, Hustle Kings and WipEout 2048. Our friends at Capcom are also offering shared content for no additional cost with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for PS VitaUltimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for PS Vita

Here’s how it works:

  • If you purchase Hustle Kings for PS Vita, you will get Hustle Kings on PS3 for free. If you already own Hustle Kings on PS3, you’ll be able to download the PS Vita version for free.
  • If you purchase WipEout 2048, you will be able to download WipEout 2048’s DLC packs, WipEout HD and HD Fury for free when they launch on PS Vita later this spring (if you already own the PS3 versions)
  • DLC purchased for the PS3 version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can be used on the PS Vita version for free (and vice versa).

Hustle Kings for PS VitaHustle Kings for PS Vita

As we’ve noted previously, WipEout 2048 owners on PS Vita will be able to race against WipEout HD owners on PS3 across four tracks beginning at launch, which is separate from this promotional pricing. Hustle Kings also offers turn-based multiplayer pool between PS Vita and PS3 at launch. And Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 offers the “Ultimate Controller,” an exclusive configuration in which you can use PS Vita as a controller to play the PS3 version of the game, complete with touchscreen special move selection. All of this cross-play functionality is among the unique, new ways to play that we are ushering in with PS Vita.

Let us know which games you are most excited about below, and be sure to check out the full list of launch titles here.

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  • @ 33, 37, 41

    Obviously, I should point out if the game is not on Vita then it can’t possibly have crossplay.

    So I’m not saying every PS3 game has to be crossplay. I’m saying every Vita game that’s also on the PS3 should be crossplay for free and it SHOULD.

  • I’m also confused by the Wipeout wording. If I could buy just the PS3 or Vita version and get the other one free, I’ll do it. If I have to buy both then forget it.

  • This is similar to an idea I had shared in this blog some time ago, but my idea is more ambitious (better).

    Implement a system that when you buy a PS3 or Vita game that is available for both platforms in DIGITAL VERSION you should get a ****special discount voucher***** that enables you to download the other version for like half the price. Many people would buy the games DIGITAL just for this, and it would make Vita even more enticing.

  • I don’t think you would lose sales by doing this, all the contrary it would make more people interested in Vita (PS3 owners, hardcore audience the portable is targeting), and you would be selling more NEW, DIGITAL games.

    So what do you guys think?

  • If Sony does takes the same approach with games like MLB: The Show 12, they will definitely sell lots of Vitas! Here’s hoping!

  • PSN+PS3+PS VITA=EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get This Asap I Have My Vita Pre Ordered Already Cross Platform PS3 Play
    NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!! Try doing that With The 3ds and Wii…………………Sike!!!!!!!!! Never PS RULES *kisses*^_^ I Love Sony


  • Winter Has Spoken No One Can Hold A candle To sony

  • not to shabby!

  • pardon the obvious sounding question but… do the “freebies” only apply to the digital purchases? For instance, will buying the physical version of MVC3 forfeit my ability to have it on my PS3 (without additional cost)?

  • Theses Oddworld and Rayman Origin game should be added to the list.

  • I also saw that EU is doing Top Darts the same. Will we be getting that deal as well? And Motorstorm RC is doing this as well. I hope both deals come to the US. BTW, I am LOVING my VITA!!!

  • Does this apply to digital only? Or physical as well? Because I was going to buy Wipeout 2048 physically, and I’d like to have that DLC for Wipeout HD/Fury (already own both) for free.

  • As far as Wipeout 2048, I am assuming that since the requirement is that you own PS3 versions of the content, that the store can detect those PS3 versions in your download list and thus flag the VITA versions as Free.

  • Forgot to say that it kind of sucks that this is NOT an across the board thing. It seems to be a publisher/developer decision.

    An obvious game that SHOULD have this type of turnkey would be Plants vs Zombies. However, there’s no mentioning of that and it seems like if you buy the PS3 version you will have to rebuy the Vita version. That’s a let down as no one in their right mind will do that.

    Tell me Wilson, if I have a PS3 and a PSV, do I have to buy 2 versions of Plants vs Zombies? Or will one version work on both devices like Hustle Kings?

  • off the charts!!!!

    wipeout 2048 is already a great buy all by itself
    but this cross content offer is just super icing on the cake

    oh my just when i though my vita is super, now is even better!!!!

  • How about for Plants vs. Zombies ?

    I already have it for PS3 will people who own the PS3 version be able to transfer and play it on the Vita and will it have cross play?

  • I got a PS Vita first edition yesterday, Can’t find the AR games. Do i need to wait until the 22nd?

  • I’m sorry Sony as much I love MLB The Show and have bought each years version that has released on PS3. There is NO WAY I am going to spend $59.99 + $39.99 = $99.98 not including sales tax yet which would push the total price over $100 for the same game on to consoles just to use and take advantage of the cross play features and cloud save features. I don’t even the hardcore baseball fans spending that much on this game franchise each year a new version of MLB The Show comes out. Message to Sony’s marketing team and Ramon Russell the guy mainly in charge of this game franchise: You guys need to come up with a cheaper combo pack for buying both games or offer a special discount to Playstation Plus subscribers for buying a digital copy of the game on the Playstation Store.

  • I already know I want the Cross Play feature 100%. I want Sony to be fully committed to it.

    This promotion is a good thing, the right direction, but I’m hoping for Sony to go further.

    Here’s the next step: Since Blu-rays hold so much data (25-60GB), have the new PS3 games shipping with the Vita Data on it! I know most multiplatform titles run about 8GB because of Xbox still being on the DVD :(, so that leaves plenty of room on BRD’s for uncompressed files and Vita game data.

    Then, when someone buys a PS3 game, they hook up the Vita to their PS3 and download the game data on to the Vita and voila! Portable PS3 game on Vita, no extra cartridge to worry about trading in, and if you don’t have the disc, you can’t play the game on the PS3. It’s perfectly elegant!

    Come on Sony! I’m really rooting for you on this one.

  • I have Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3 for PS VIta. I downloaded DLC for the PS3 version to my console, but I don’t see an option to access the PS3 DLC on my Vita. Is the option already available or is it coming at a later date?

  • I assume these are going to be available later. i too have dlc for Marvel Vs Capcom, but cannot access it, or even search for it in the Vita Store. it shows up in my download history, but it says its not compatiable with the Vita. I hope i can still get the dlc since i already bought it. i dont want to have to buy it again.

  • I guessing augmented reality games for my vita will hit on the 22nd

  • Hey Wilson Cheng, even if I got Wipeout HD via the Welcome Back pack, I’ll be able to get 2048 for free.

  • @ 50, rriyo: Void?? I’m the one that brought up the Valve & Sony partnership. What are you ‘lol’ for? I really don’t even know what we’re debating here now but to use a positive example that I stated against me as your only defense is ‘lol’ in of itself.

  • As mentioned already, I hope the Plants vs. Zombies devs are listening… w/ their mega-hit game in every popular plateform, I hope the can give us a free Vita version if you own the PS3 title. Seriously… come on POPCAP!!

  • well this is great, finally one good decision in the middle of online passes, no ps3 backwards compatibility, overpriced digital games, no UMD passport, etc.

    Hope this cross play offers continue with many more games, I would love to buy the game once (or at least have the second one with a very good discount) and have the ability to play it on both PS3 and Vita

  • Wipeout HD on PS3 is now broken because of the recent patch in North America (Patch 2.40). I and many others cannot play the game online and when we can there are lots of issues and server problems.

  • This sounds like great news. Will this also apply to other Sony published games, for example if I buy MLB 12: The show for PS3, will I get the Vita version for free as well?

  • I’m Going To Have My Vita!!! On The 22nd ^_^ Can’t Wait Sooooooooooooo Cool SONY U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My PSN Friend XXBlackBoiXX is Also getting Wipeout 2048 4 His PS3 lol Were going at it he said ^_^ Cross play Is Sooooooooo Sweet lol my ps3 Needs service but i’ll still be able to challenge all my psn friends Via VITA!!!!!!!!! THX U SOOOO MUCH SONY!!!!!! NAILED THIS ONE 4 SURE!!!!!!!!!! step down 3DS Vita Has Arrived!!!!!!

  • Thumbs Up Sony!!!!!! Bring KB Back 4 Vita Ads^_^

  • looks like im going to go buy wipeout later tonight. thanks for the cross game stuff, it definitely is nice to have you give us stuff for free in this DLC age. im a proud FEB vita owner and i can honestly say i love the system. i have a psp, pspgo, ds, and 3ds, and this is my favorite handheld yet.

  • These are good news, now i have a good reason to get a vita (hardcore wipout fan). What leads me to ask, are you going to update Wipeout HD any time soon? I can barely play it anymore, it lags terribly and at times i get hit by nothing, like if a rocket or something got me, but there was nothing behind/in front of me. Also the zone combat is unplayable now, i just keep “hitting” non existent barriers. And my connection is fine, it played perfectly until the last update around 3-4 days ago :/. Thx in advance.

  • What about those that got Wipeout HD free from Playstation Plus, then decided to purchase Fury?

  • IGN says this deal extends to Top Darts and Motorstorm R.C. as well. I don’t know where they got that information, but is that really the case?


  • Wipeout 2048 it is then. Wipeout HD and fury have many more manufacturers of ships and 12 tracks. Since I already own both this is a no brainer tomorrow me and Wipeout become friends. Oh… to potential or soon to be Vita owners you will not regret your purchase. Very good job on the hardware Sony. Hope you sell a boat load because you guys DESERVE it.

  • So much confusion out there… I just want to know if I will be able to voice chat between my Vita and my friends PS3 if we’re online using CrossPlay gaming together with the same game…


  • How are you guys confused over the Wipeout 2048/HD/Fury thing? It’s plain english!

    Also, to you wackos that think you deserve all platforms because you bought one version… STOP TAKING THE HALLUCINOGENS! Why should you get the portable version for free? The game had to be hand crafted for the Vita… that involved time and money. The producers are entitled to compensation for their work. Nintendo makes Super Mario Olympics for the Wii, do you demand it for free on the 3DS? No. Why? It’s a different experience.

    Same with the PS3/Vita. The Vita version of the ported games have added touch features not found on the PS3 version. It is also a different code as well. The mere fact they are doing favors by sharing DLC between formats is a blessing. This isn’t a Bluray disc with a low resolution iTunes code for a barebones movie, it’s a fully functioning game!

    to be continued….

  • continued….

    No need to start an “Occupy Sony” movement. This is rather childish. Sony went above and beyond anything any other manufacturer **cough Nintendo cough** in trying to blend the home experience with the portable experience. Thank them by supporting this decision with dollars, not derision. Sony could have just as easily made a slight, 3D improvement to the PSP and called it the PSP3D, and filled it with watered down, flat versions of real games, but no, they went petal-to-the-metal to create a solid gaming experience in the palms of your sweaty, greedy hands.

    And for the record, no, I do not work for Sony or any of it’s affiliates. I am not paid, nor receive compensation for my view. What I am is an adult who is very concerned by the actions he sees coming from people who believe they are entitled to the work of people who make things without any form of compensation to those people.

  • While I do agree it would be nice for a $5 or $10 discount for those who already purchased the PS3 version, I understand the logistics of such a program would be mindbending. How can Sony prove that the copy of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the PS3 was purchased by me, and not a rental from Gamefly? Maybe future titles will include a coupon for cross platform discounts, but I honestly find that impractical.

    Sony, and the third party developers, are in the business to make money. Not ONLY to satisfy the whims of fanboys. Those of you who work, do you go to your job everyday just because you want to see your customer smile? No, you do it because at the end of the week/month you draw a paycheck. Let these developers draw their paychecks. If multiple platforms is too expensive for you, pick the platform that works best for the game you are buying. If you play sports games with your friends, buy the console version. If you primarily plan to play Mortal Kombat while sitting on the toilet, then buy the Vita version.

  • “Dear Mr. CEO of Electronic Arts… I bought Madden 13 for the Nintendo 3DS, and I demand the PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, Wii, WiiU, AND PC versions, because I spent $29.99, and you guys are trying to make money! How dare you want to invest the money I spend on your product to make OTHER products! I demand everything for nothing. Love, Spoiled Rodney”

  • Well said webzpinner.

  • i just bought Wipeout in a retail store on a cartridge but before I open it I was hoping I could verify that I will still get the free WipEout 2048’s DLC packs, WipEout HD and HD Fury for free when they launch on PS Vita later this spring. Or does this only apply to those who buy them both through the PSN. I have the PS3 versions that I got for free from the network outage deal, so do I need to buy the VITA version of 2048 via PSN or will I be okay with my retail purchase?

    Please respond and let me know as I am looking forward to giving this a go.

  • Wipeout HD and Fury would be infact a great additon to the Vita.
    I like the Vita and 2048 is fun.
    I hope that they don’t mess that up somehow.

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