Dive Into PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Suite

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Dive Into PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Suite

At CES, we scored a backstage demo of Table Soccer, one of three augmented reality games that show off PS Vita’s Wide Area Augmented Reality capability.

Today, Sony Santa Monica Sr. Manager Dave Thach returns with two new augmented reality games, Fireworks and Cliff Diving. Both are part of the Augmented Reality Suite coming exclusively to PS Vita on Feb 22nd on PSN for free. Also, packaged with your PS Vita will be six AR cards which will also work with Reality Fighters, and other great AR experiences.

Fireworks transforms the world around you into a firework display where you’ll literally touch the apex of the firework for multipliers, combos and points. Cliff Diving introduces you to diver Dave, where you’ll have him diving off your coffee table into a virtual body of water.

Before you check out this video, make sure you watch our very first tour with Table Soccer which completes the AR Suite on PS Vita.

Instead of telling you more, I’ll let Dave Thach show you!

Dive Into PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Suite

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  • Awesome

  • Will it have trophies? No Platinum trophy, no buy.

  • @wario64
    It’s free

  • Nothing is free. With limited memory card space, I’ll have to battle with every free MB.

  • Pretty neat technology. Since these are downloadable games, I’m assuming you need to have a memory card in to play them? Additionally, I noticed the table the cards were placed on was covered in plastic/paper. What is the best surface to play these on?

  • excellent!!!!

  • I no this is irrelevant comment but when I bought hot shots golf (vita) there was no online pass to download when Wipeout did?

  • You and your fireworks loll what was it on ps2? fantavision? It looks great nonetheless

  • I’ve been looking forward to the AR features on Vita! Just love how smooth of an experience it is compared to other mobile devices where the augmented items kinda drift as you move, making it not seem as realistic.

    Also really glad to see that it’s free and available at launch!

    Looking forward to finally trying it out myself!

  • Have you ever heard of something called erasing a game?

  • erase???lmao!!

  • @ealefan129

    I believe the online pass for Hot Shot’s Golf: World Invitational is already up on the store. Just search for “Hot Shot’s Golf” and you should be able to find it if you scroll down a bit. But I believe if you download a game from the store, it should include an online pass. You only have to buy one if you purchase the game used.

  • My comments was towards @wario64

  • SONY it seems like you have this problem with “last minute” ideas, why don’t you just announce a lot of stuff right off the bat, $400-$500 on a handheld with games and accessories is a big price shift to make when you have an idea of what you actually NEED in life… still a kick arse handheld though, hit me up when it’s $150…

  • I saw an AR video with dogs in it in one of the sizzle trailers. When can we expect to see that? My wife would loooove it.

  • well if welcome park has trophies , im expecting these free games with trophy support too , hey guys why uncharted golden abyss is $49.99 on psn ? isnt it supposed to be $44.99 ? modnation racers road trip , wipeout 2048 , hot shot golf are 10% off, why uncharted isnt ?

  • The AR Tech is one of my favorite aspects of the Vita. When can we expect news on new Vita games coming to the Clubs Rey?

  • Two more weeks :)

  • I hear the ps vita won’t be getting backward compatibility in the US, Is that true??????

  • This AR stuff seems pretty cool. really interested in the soccer game and the use of AR in reality fighters

  • Great stuff. I’m really looking forward to the soccer game.

    Question: are the AR cards covered in any way? If they aren’t, will laminating them for protection obscure the way they are captured by the Vita?

    I ask this because I wouldn’t want them getting ruined because, setting them on a table, there could be liquid that may bleed out the ink or make them overall unreadable.

    Nice to see the Vita doing this kind of thing, hope to see more interesting stuff in the future. Thanks

  • what about feb 15 for us that have the pre order do we get this ? or only the people who are wating a week later

  • how do you get the cards if you already have the vita no fun i already got my vita i wanna play no far

  • how do i get the cards i want them all my vita came with is uncharted and 4gb memory card i want this i wanna the cards how do i get the cards no fair not fair at all

  • @head20

    Well in all fairness, you were advised NOT to import the Vita. Unless you won yours through Taco Bell or something and have the actual North American system, I wouldn’t complain about not getting the cards. Japan got the UMD trade program, we get the AR mini games. Different regions call for different launches.

  • @v-X_SHADOW_X-v
    smh by far the dumbest question. How is that possible if there are over 300 psp games available to download from the PS Store right now? The UMD program won’t work hear, that’s all and honesty it’s a good thing, because people will borrow games and use it and exploit it like everyone does with anything sony gives. Which is why stuff like sharing between 5 systems are not possible no more

  • Rey,
    what do you think about this LittleBIGPlanet Karting news?

  • Sweet!!!

    Thank you for throwing out a WAR bone for us to play and experiment with.

  • Are the AR cards only for the Vitas that are being release on Feb 22nd(including the Launch Bundle) or are all Vitas getting them (including the First Edition Bundle)?

  • Swweet cant wait to have it!!

  • ok now Uncharted Golden Abyss is $44.99 on psn , but why amazon has Wipeout 2048 and Hot Shot Golf at $29.99 ? and they are both $35.99 on psn ?

  • @ remanutd5 because you get better deals at retail then digital. Amazon is discounting the games by 25% and digital is only 10%. Makes ZERO sense at all.

  • Heck you can download PSP games for less by buying the code from GameStop.com then straight from PSN.

  • at 32 do Wipeout 2048 and Hot Shot come with online pass already ?

  • I’m really interested to learn more about that Pocket Garden game that was shown in that first AR demonstration video from last year.

    Any chance the game is still a thing and we can see a demonstration of it?

  • A few people above asked about Trophies in the AR/WAR games, I’d also like to know. The searching I’ve done (not exhaustive, mind you) hasn’t turned up any information about Trophies in these AR/WAR games.

    I must say too though, the Fireworks one is totally awesome! I am a pyromaniac, to my husbands dismay, and this just might get me my fireworks fix (or maybe it’ll fuel my fire!) I’m game at any rate, I love fireworks. This is really, really cool looking.

    Anyhow, I linked this post to the PS Vita discussion forum here, and there are others wanting to know about Trophies as well.

  • Dont want to sound lame and all but this looks very boring,

  • I’m sorry, perhaps you already answered this but: 1) How many AR games are there? 2) Are they bundled with the Vita? 3) What’s the purpose of the mat he has the cards sitting on? Is it an anti-reflective mat? Its not like everyones going to have some silver-looking mat in there back pocket. Just curious.

  • This looks really cool and all but there isn’t any launch games I’m interested in. Maybe after some better games come out I’ll consider buying a Vita.

  • @tom Hoang One more week bro WOOT!!! Well for the first edition anyways.

    And yes AR cards will be in the box. He said it ships with EVERY vita and that means early or not… Just not for the fools who imported “waaa not fair” from Japan so whatever. Glad I didn’t do that cuz it was tempting. For the record “no play, no buy” seems to me a pretty stupid standard to guide what you buy or not. However stupid isn’t illegal, it’s just stupid. In closing, approximately 90% of the questions posted on here can get answered with a little ingenuity and effort on your own part. It’s called the Internet and google. Chances are good you’re already on a computer of some sort already if you are reading this page. Now just go to google and time in your search topic and then, if you can, read the article. God help us if we ever went back to the Dewey decimal system. Cheers.

  • @39 you did watch the video didn’t you??? Your answer for question 1 and 2 are in it.. And for your 3rd question there is no purpose for the mat…

    I cant wait for these games.. Cliff Diver, and the Soccer game look fun..

  • Free is good. It will get people interested in the AR.

  • Yo, GabeP, I hear the AR cards are coated with a little plastic and are pretty durable.

  • I’m absolutely infatuated with AR – can’t wait to try these out! :)

  • If the vita region fixed?
    If so, no buy!
    I wanna play jap games from jap ps store.

  • Will those AR cards and games be available via retail for those of us who already “imported’ a PS Vita?

  • Any TROPHIES in these games?

    TROPHY Support?

    Please, we need an official answer.

  • As someone who just discovered the brilliant Invizimals just before Christmas, I love this stuff and can’t wait!

  • @harmony102 Vita is region-free, which is great news… I’m pretty sure Project DIVA 3rd won’t come out in the US, so I’ll have to get it from Japan. :)

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