Dive Into PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Suite

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Dive Into PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Suite

At CES, we scored a backstage demo of Table Soccer, one of three augmented reality games that show off PS Vita’s Wide Area Augmented Reality capability.

Today, Sony Santa Monica Sr. Manager Dave Thach returns with two new augmented reality games, Fireworks and Cliff Diving. Both are part of the Augmented Reality Suite coming exclusively to PS Vita on Feb 22nd on PSN for free. Also, packaged with your PS Vita will be six AR cards which will also work with Reality Fighters, and other great AR experiences.

Fireworks transforms the world around you into a firework display where you’ll literally touch the apex of the firework for multipliers, combos and points. Cliff Diving introduces you to diver Dave, where you’ll have him diving off your coffee table into a virtual body of water.

Before you check out this video, make sure you watch our very first tour with Table Soccer which completes the AR Suite on PS Vita.

Instead of telling you more, I’ll let Dave Thach show you!

Dive Into PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Suite

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  • Ok, so where is the “Eye of Judgment: Vita Edition” announcement?

    Seriously. If Sony doesn’t bring out an EoJ for Vita they are dumber than a bag of hammers.

  • @Blade133 well in fairness they should have launched world wide an not only in japan, i can wait for the us one but theres people out there who can’t an wont an i wonder why the japan one doesn’t have AR cards

  • SONY!!!!!! you guys messed up my Playstation Vita First Bundle AR cards because with my AR cards i have 2 set of number 6 cards and because of this 2 set of number 6 cards i dont have the number 5 AR card.

  • I got first place on the local leader board for fireworks, yeah me!

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