Today is The Day: The Tester 3 Premiere Has Arrived

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Today is The Day: The Tester 3 Premiere Has Arrived

The time has finally come: it’s premiere day for The Tester 3! We hope you’ve enjoyed getting an inside look at this exciting season: we’ve introduced our diverse group of contestants, panelists, and special guests, provided a sneak peek at the first episode, and gone behind the scenes at  the future workplace of the season 3 winner. Here’s a look at the first minutes of the season premiere of The Tester 3:

Today is The Day: The Tester 3 Premiere Has Arrived

Watch The Tester 3 – Episode 1

To celebrate the start of season 3, we’ve brought our past two winners of The Tester here to the PlayStation.Blog to talk about their experiences. Both season 1 winner Will Powers (Cyrus) and season 2 winner Matthew Brown (Gaymer) have gone on from their experience on The Tester to full-time careers at Sony. We spoke to both of them recently, and below, they’ve given us their thoughts on being a part of the show, and where it has taken them.

Will Powers, Associate PR Generalist, SCEA
Because of the nature of The Tester, upon winning I was exposed to various media interview requests, all of which had to be staffed by individuals from the Public Relations team here at PlayStation. The general consensus was that during these media opportunities I came off as well-spoken and knowledgeable. There happened to be an opening in the Public Relations department in San Diego, where I was recruited based upon the relationships and impressions that I hadn’t even known I was making as a neophyte within the organization. Now over the past year and a half I’ve been working to help organize events and promote product publicity for various titles in the PlayStation portfolio, including working on The Tester itself.

Matthew Brown, Marketing Coordinator, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Being on The Tester has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Filming the show, testing for Sony Computer Entertainment, going to E3 and meeting so many people, it’s all been an absolute blast and has only deepened my love for the industry and PlayStation. I’ve since moved to Los Angeles and joined the Sony Pictures family (my hiring manager saw the show), where I’m laser-focused on rounding myself out as a marketer and storyteller. I’m confident that as the entertainment and tech industries grow there will be more and more crossover between games and films, and I can’t wait to be a part of that with Sony.

Impressive. Who’s next to win season 3? The best way to find out is to catch the show every Tuesday: Log into PSN to watch the show through your PS3 or PSP, or stay online and watch the show at Full episodes are also hosted in Theater 2 in PlayStation Home, where you can get exclusive The Tester 3 avatar shirts for watching the show. And keep an eye on the official PlayStation Twitter for ways to win great PlayStation prizes throughout the season.

The Tester 3 Premiere Party

Members of The Tester 3 join past cast members, panelist Brent Gocke, and host Meredith Molinari at the LA premiere party.

We hope you enjoy this season!

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  • Will download once the store updates… Enjoy the previous seasons!

  • “I’ll spam you and you spam me back all day popularity contest” Season 3 sounds more accurate. Seriously, some of these people don’t even play games much. No thanks.

  • I cant wait to watch!

  • Iike the position Matt got better than Will’s. lol

    SPE vs PR Generalist? lol

  • lamest show ever makes me ashamed to play ps3 pretty much sums it up

  • oh boy another reality show.. lemme go slit my wrists

  • isn’t ego was on this season?

  • i love this show, best “reality” show ever

  • LOL @ Egoraptor’s face in the last pic.

    The Tester looks ugh… I mean when you think of it. All of these people will have a shot at being in a game company… Egoraptor only deserves that spot in my opinion. I’m saying that because he stands out from the crowd… this just… ugh… my face flushed because I was so embarrassed after watching this trailer. These people *shouting* YEAH I’M NUMBAH 1 BABIE NUMBAH 1″ To see people fight for a spot in a game company like this is just ridiculous. I respect game companies because they aren’t filled with these kind of people. They are full of respectable people using what they learned to create modern day works of art. I will cry if anyone but egoraptor wins. Now that I think about it, the girls actually seem tolerable, I can see them working at a game company, so I hope one of them wins. As much as I want to see Egoraptor do his stuff, I can’t watch this.

  • Meredith Molinari OMG! .. She is in my wet dreams … anyway, the cast for ladies was awesome, pretty cute girls.

  • It bugs me out how if someone doesn’t like the show would sit there, type their name and p/w just to say something negitive, that lets you know they have no real lives to occupy their time lol!

    I do agree that some contestants have no VG background but it usually sorts itself out at the end.

  • @polo155 Their’s power in numbers. Maybe if enough people complain about how lame this show is, season 4 will never happen, ever think of that?

  • after watching the first episode i think only 1 person belongs there ,the guy that won the first contest , he seems to know a lot about playstation , he seems to be well spoken , oh my god i dont understand how the heck they didnt send the other guy home , he is a joke and i think the gamers voted for him online , he got lucky and he know it , but it wasnt fair he made it to the next challenge just because the gamers voted for him online

  • OMG LOL at the fat guy eyeing all the girls…………..sad lol

  • …somebody wake me up when the store update has arrived…

  • Mmmmmmm….Love me some Meredith Molinari :P

  • @snakeman07

    “Their’s power in numbers. Maybe if enough people complain about how lame this show is, season 4 will never happen, ever think of that?”

    Well, no, that isn’t how it works. Complaining that a show is lame does nothing. Bad ratings are what end shows.

  • I met Will at a Playstation Blog meet-up back in ’10. Very nice guy.
    Matthew is the lucky one, though – he’s already seen the new Spider-Man movie!!!

  • Mathew, I hope you’re reading the blog. You were my favorite from start to finish & I am so glad to hear of your continued success. I complained on the blog that they didn’t interview you or Will during E3.

    Meredith is cute but I hope she’s not in that trailer trash collection of tube tops like first 2 seasons, and, tell the production assisstants to wipe off all that sweat during outdoor events. Or did you all film in cooler weather?

  • I love this show.
    Not because it’s “reality”, because it’s far from it; but because it is entertaining.
    People complaining about how it sucks because it’s a reality show blah blah blah, should really just leave well enough alone, if you don’t like it then fine, but complaining in an attempt to make sure that season 4 doesn’t happen is just the dumbest argument i’ve ever heard.
    If they have the viewers, then they’ll be doing another season, Period.
    Shows don’t end because of public outcry, they end because people aren’t watching them.
    So for all of you that want the show to end, the only thing you can do to make that happen is just not watch it. Which i would hope you wouldn’t be watching it anyway, since you clearly hate it so much.

  • Here we go again! Exited for another season. Ep1 is always the best with Double Elimination at hand!

  • Iam very excited for this show and cant wait to download it!

  • Would the episodes be available in 1080p instead of 720p???

  • Rootin’ for Egoraptor!

  • oh my god guys just go to the movie side of the store and look for new tv shows , the episode is there , is been there since the morning

  • Looking forward to the store update today, not only to get a bunch of free stuff with PS+ and possibly purchase a few items, but to get my long-awaited first episode of The Tester Season 3.
    Became a fan about halfway during Season 2’s run, watched all of the first season and finished up the second and all the extra footage videos.
    I hope they do more of that with this season. Extra episodes showing behind the scenes stuff, more of how they had fun together and interacted on a personal level outside of the challenge grinds. Good stuff.

    • Yes, extra scenes will also be released throughout the season. You’ll find them in the ‘Extras’ section on the following week.

  • Shouldn’t the show be renamed “The Production Associate” for this season? Or maybe it could be called “Attention Seeking Idiots Pretending To Be Gamers Will Do Anything For Mild Celebrity.”

  • I don’t care about this,just hurry up & update the damn store

  • forget downloading…im watching it on HOME right now :D:D:D

  • lol I just this for the drama and to see people make fools out of themselves.

  • Like #25 said, it’s already on the video store and has been for some time…

  • Thanks for the reply Kevin

  • It would have been nice if the episodes came in 1080p since the GT episodes came in 1080p & were an hour long each. Still looking forward to season 3

  • burnNibelheim better win this!

  • I’m sorry about my negative comment. I checked the store and realized that they’re 8 episodes and you know. I might be bored one day, and I might watch it just to see people get tossed around. I realize this isn’t really as serious as other shows seeing as it only has 8 episodes so I don’t want to hate. I’d love to see how egoraptor plays too. So carry on! I’ll give this a chance.

  • when is the update coming?!?!?!? its 8pm!!!!

  • They spoiled us with an early update the last couple of weeks.

    Looks like everything is back to normal.

  • HELP MAJOR ISSUES HERE… I have 2 PS3’s 1 upstairs, 1 down in my room. I went to download the NEW TESTER 1 episode and a mesage came up saying I had to DEACTIVATE my other System. So I went upstairs, went into my ACCT., and then DEACTIVATED IT for GAMES and VIDEO.

    I did that and went back to my room, and upion trying to DOWNLOAD TESTER Ep. 1 for Season 3, a message again appears saying I have to deactivate the orther PS3 SYSTEM. WHICH I DID, AGAIN.

    I went upstairs, went into my account info.. i again, DEACTIVATED the GAMES and VIDEO on that system, and then turned it off.

    I came back to my room, went into my Acct info, REACTIVATED the Games and VIDEO, But when i went to download the new Seas. 3 Ep. 1 of the Tester, I’m STILL getting that message that the other PS3 system, mus be deactivated, which I already did as I just stated prior.

    So I turned off my PS3 in my room… i waited a few minutes, started it up again, logged in and once again it says I CANNOT DOWNLOAD IT AS THE ANOTHER PS3 IS ACTIVATED!

    And like I said, I DID , DEACTIVATED the other PS3 in the Living room.

    SO NOW WHAT???

    PSMN: Haskell420

  • They’re changing the Playstation Network accounts to Sony Entertainment accounts – that could account for some of the strangeness happening and the lateness of the update, but it’s just a guess.


  • ._. where is the update?


  • Egoraptor is awesome! He’s probably the main reason many people are even watching the show.

  • this is such BS.. and im gonna lose it…. For the 10th go@#%# time, I went to the Living Room(LR) PS3…DEACTIVATED BOTH THE VIDEO AND GAMES IN MY ACCOUNT…..BOTH TIMES I RECEIVED THE “CONFIRMATION” OF DEACTIVATION.


    BUT, when I went to ACTIVATE the VIDEO, to download the Tester, a message pops up saying the other PS3 is activated and I have to deactivate that one. Which i have done now numerous times ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TO NO AVAIL!!

    So I turned off my PS3 in my room… i waited a few minutes, started it up again, logged in and once again it says I CANNOT DOWNLOAD IT AS THE ANOTHER PS3 IS ACTIVATED!

    And like I said, I DID , DEACTIVATED the other PS3 in the Living room.

    This has been a rough week as it is, I dont need the stress of this crap bogging down my ind when i have company on the way over and i’m looking like a idiot.

    Figures, I finally have my girlfiend over so we can watch some movies together and now the god@#$ thing isnt working right.


  • Still waiting on that store update for the only thing worthwhile and fairly priced content you’ve thrown into the store in months.

    Come on, Impostors.

  • sorry, just a really bad few days…wasnt my intention to go SONY, PS BLOG and my fellow PSN brothers sisters, please accept my apologies for my language.


  • dude just call sony and stop complaining on this blog that no one can help you with other than a customer service rep. obviously you’ve done the appropriate things.

    JUST DO IT swear they can help and faster than the time you’ve wasted here.

  • #44
    I only have one ps3, but every time i try and download a movie or something from the video side of the store it says it must first activate my system. EVERY SINGLE TIME! I don’t understand why it doesn’t keep it activated, when i never have gone and deactivated it before. So all I wanted to say was that, the psn video store just doesn’t ever seem to work right. I don’t like the restrictions it has for videos, and i would never actually buy a video off of it. I only ever download stuff for free.

  • Hey, not trying to sound impatient (I am VERY impatient.), but when is the update going live? I’ve been kinda waiting for the update for about 45 minutes. Just wanted to know.

  • welcome to the club. I’ve been checking on here every now and then for the past couple hours

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