PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

PlayStation Network will be offline for routine scheduled maintenance on Thursday, February 2nd from approximately 6am until midnight PST. During the maintenance, you will be unable to access the following services:

  • PlayStation Store on PS3, PSP, and Media Go
  • PlayStation Network Account Management
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration
  • PlayStation HomeMusic Unlimited & Video Unlimited services
  • You will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from (or the PlayStation.Blog).

Fortunately, most online play will be unaffected. Users who are already signed into their account on PlayStation Network before the start of the maintenance should be able to stay signed in to their online session, but will not be able to access any of the services listed above. Users who attempt to sign-in to their PlayStation Network account after the start of the maintenance may be presented with the site maintenance notification page if they haven’t signed in recently. During this maintenance, you can continue to collect in-game Trophies and these will be updated on your profile once PlayStation Network is back up and running.

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when maintenance has concluded. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • what about expand music and video servises in Europe

  • It seems like the network is always down intermittently for maintenance, but there’s never a noticeable difference. Why?

  • Nobody should be trolling in the companies defense over this. The lazy penny pinching manner in which they operate is beyond any excuse as is the arrogance of not even replying to their own customers. Little wonder the company just announced another billion+ dollar loss in the past year, for the fourth year running no less. Perhaps if they learned the meaning of such things as honesty, integrity or simply treating their customers with something other than open disdain they wouldn’t be in such desparate straights. Oh before I forget theres a reason why the frequent unplanned maintenance never produces results. Nothing is done right except in a desparate attempt to close the barn door after the horse is long gone. If they didn’t cut corners and do slip shod work much of this maintenance would be unneeded.

  • Can’t wait!! LMAO!! xD

  • I think they started maintenance a day early. I couldn’t sign into the network with my playstation wednesday evening. It’s now thursday morning at 6 am EST, 3 am PST, three hours earlier than it’s supposed to go down and I still can’t sign in.

  • there’s nothing like starting the day reading the usual opinion dribble…

  • Great

  • Take all time you need. Since I can still partly play online, I have no reason to complain.

  • Is it me, or did anyone else see the PS Blog colors change from red to the new blue theme? The only problem is that the post stats widget is running into the post body. Please make sure to fix that PS Blog. Thanks.

  • @ #34
    No, it is not a hack. No one has hacked the PSN since the April incident. I think they got everything under control now.

  • I always get worried when they do this, only because PSN is perfect i think & i don’t want them to change perfection LoL

  • PSN is down a LOT compared to a certain competitor.. Why doesn’t sony send out a big e-mail to psn users saying there is maintenance? Majority don’t check the PS blog. Poor communication.

  • Yes, PSn is certainly behind the competition, with its slower speeds, frequent maintenance, less features.

  • It’s only 18 hours peoples……Read a book or go outside for once while Sony Playstation makes our experience better….

  • what happened to the ps home update and now i love my plus theres some cool games for free thank you sony

  • got 2 b a lie.. my network has been down since feb 1st at 8 am- till now! what gives?!

  • i agree mastorofpuppetz but what do u expect for

  • how about a new xmb with ps eye driven gesture controls and head tracking, then forget cross game chat but give us the opportunity to leave a 30 second recorded voice message and a better report system fr cheaters and harrassers, also at tech support can you give them each a ps3 so they know what they are talking about, i wonder if this is to combat the new ps3 javascript virus thats out floating around the internets? got a fix for that? how about reducing the price to get a ps3 serviced, it is half the cost of a new ps3 right now, that should only be costing us $50.00 taxes in. thanks for no taxes in canadian store that has helped me buy more games. but really a new xmb experience would be awesome, been a while since there was a major change to it.(do we really need three store icons).

  • holy crappin’ cow

  • man what are you guys crying about ? couldnt you bought Game yesterday ? cant you buy it tomorrow ? we are still being able to play online so whats the big deal ? why some of you are acting like little kids with not life?

  • Being in the computer network business I respect and understand maintenance. My only issue is the lower than horrible notice given to the customer. We have to give 10 days notice for network maintenance. Europe gave slightly more notice than the US. But posting hours before you are to go offline is not good customer service. Email 4-5 days in advance is perfect. Why are you treating it like it’s a trade secret?

  • I can understand the fact that they dont want to reveal to a let say hacker that there will be a maintenance so they can counter their plans… but I still hate the fact to be aware that there will be a full day maintenance meanwhile it’s actually been performed….

  • gotta love how this company can blow it bigtime yet again and the crybaby fanatics will still rush out to defend them with such foaming at the mouth trolling. Look at how patrick posted this on the way out the door and hasn’t had the decencely to reply himself or have one of his lackies do it. At least not publicly. Nor did he attempt even the lamest of excuses, nothing. Look at the ratings on this entry, and so many others of late. Slapping the paying customer in the face can’t be excused. Thats just the way it is, a fact of life. Another fact of life is this: after this “maintenance” nothing will change other than the background colour on this blog. Thats right kids, no reduction in network latency while gaming, no added features asked for by PS owners, zip. But as has been pointed out the competitors don’t keep making these same mistakes. We shouldn’t be putting up with it and if patty boy seybold still thinks we should, then its time he left.

  • “PlayStation Network will be offline for routine scheduled maintenance on Thursday, February 2nd from approximately 6am until midnight PST”

    I hope this so called maintenance crap is to fix or add things that people under the blog.share asked for, because this bull the servers are done for this, I going to even bet nothing happens, as last week after you guys kept it down longer, and cost me a purchase when you decided to take it out early, last week, I saw nothing new added, or anything changed. So how about unless you have a real reason to take it down like new feature we all want like being able to delete game with trophies with like 0% or ones we tried and hated but don’t want the trophies showing anymore, you leave the PSN alone and stop taking it down and doing nothing. People like me who buy stuff from store or have a day off or sick of not being able to buy or enjoy the network because you guys feel you should take it down. Maintenance should never take from 6am – midnight if you guys are really doing anything every week, Even top online games maintenance takes this long, if they do it weekly.

    So comes down to the fact you guys don’t want business really and like wasting use so called loyal fans time.

  • *freaking typos* Should read even top online games don’t take this long

  • Sony I just read that you posted Net loss of $2.03 billion, this would make your 4th year at losing money if I not mistaken, how does it feel? Let me predict future SONY OUT OF BUSINESS – that where you guys are heading unless you start to change. The crap about “Sony cited “deterioration in market conditions” and “unfavourable foreign exchange rates”. It also highlighted the terrible floods that devastated Thailand (and much of Sony’s manufacturing) as another factor. ” as the main reason is bull, and you know it, sure that might have some effect but for a company like you that not the main reason. Do some Googling the main reason your losing money is because A) No longer care for your customers, B) your products are no longer what they use to be – yes I looking at you PS 3D Display (one with 19 page thread on Occasional Black Screen?, or others about it overheating) and yet no replay from you guys on a fix, and when we call we get Oh we never of heard of this issue) Seems to me you guys don’t read your own PS Forums to see if their are problems C) and my favorite bad marketing decisions – yes I looking at the bad marketing with the Vita Launch Bundle over the First Edition Bundle, pay more to get weaker memory card.

  • My PSN was down before today, but I wasn’t really worried about it. I agree Sony should have sent me something in advance so I would know, but I don’t have a problem with the maintenance.

  • Playstation network rules. It’s FREE!

  • Ahh Pacific time of course. I should have checked! It’s 12am but alas that’s Eastern time :/

  • Of course, pacific time. I should have known. Now I have to wait another 3 hours.

  • yay i made it

  • Finally I get on this… Because quite honestly? CaptainJames99 needs to shut the up! He thinks it is poetic justice to troll his butt off about stuff that only matter to him… As if anything he buys makes him as important as those who put money in Sony-based stocks. (=_=)

    I mean seriously! If I purchased a thousand shares of stocks in Sony, my word would have to mean something. But since I have spent hundreds for this account alone, I made the choice and should accept the idea that they will fix things that need fixing. (As in what the contract states prior to us agreeing to it.)

    And who cares when or if Home is down? Or they have to do this? I, myself, spent hours on the road just to see if a trip was possible… And guess what? I did not have my life be wasted by doing that, instead of having to wait hours for Sony to do their job the way they are trained to do it!

    People like Jim need a real life. They need to take the time they choose to troll and rant such nonsense and use it to educate themselves on the reality of things… If not shut off their damn computers and go out in the 3D world. Because they agreed to this when they signed up, and should quit if they cannot accept it.

  • Oh… And I just read what you said, Nightmare_Lord.

    You need to realize that in North America, the PlayStation 3 is still third in sales. Possibly second. Plus, also, the PSP is still lagging behind by a wide margin in terms of sales. The PSP Go, the Move Controllers, the Eye Toy, and even that mass hacking has not helped.

    If they were to make any profits, people would need to spend more on virtual and physical products on a near monthly pace. Because if you read their contract, you will find that we all agreed to the service that they offer us… And in exchange have made it clear that they will not charge us for anything that is meant to be free.

    In other words… If we want better service, then we should be prepared to pay for it. Better service should not be free, as all we did was have them give us hundreds of dollars in free optional items and games from the time they could recover to now. Where are the complaints about that? Hmmm?

    Get the jest of that? Because that is all I will say without adding the “work for them” and “read the contract we all have agreed to” speech. ^^

  • @ KUMA-NIN

    I agree. Better service requires more money. I don’t think anyone would be happy if Sony started charging for online services. Yet there unhappy with the free things they are getting.

    To be honest though, I would not mind if Sony started charging for online services. I pay for “that other guy’s” online services and would surely pay for Sony’s. I think Sony would make a killing if they charged a lesser price for online services than the competition. If me dropping 30-40 dollars a year equals me getting a better quality gaming experience on a system I LOVE, so be it.

  • Kuma-nin and destructo90 you pair of rusty tools really need to Shut your gobs, both of you. I’m sick of arrogant whiney posers like both of you coming on here and harassing gamers. You need an education. As nightmare lord pointed out sony has been losing billions 4 years running. The reason is their sloppy way of doing business. And your arrogant whiney rants defending it. What you fools don’t realize is the ToS you pretend to quote doesn’t give you the right to act like slime to all around you. Oh and just so you know what you have spent on sony is a pittance and you have no clue if I’m a shareholder or not. The little money your parents have spent on your PS3 for you gives you no right to scream. Theres no excuse for your deranged trolling at all, you have NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER. Nobody cares if you rejects like it or not, your both meaningless crybabies screaming cause you got ripped a new one. Get over it.

  • Lastly I’ll just reiterate whats been said before, Patrick Seybold needs to own up to his responsabilities. To date theres only one reply here, from Jeff Rubenstien. I usually pay Jeff no mind at all but why is he posting the only reply? he went out of his way this time where Patrick went out of his way to avoid doing his job. Once again he let the screaming trolls do it for him again. Has Patrick or this company no shame at all?

    For gods sake people GROW UP!

  • CaptainJames99

    As I recall, I didn’t harass anyone. Also what is a whiny poser? What am I trying to pose as?

    On another note you are calling people crybabies and rejects and then have the nerve to be calling people whiny? I have no problems with your opinion but you seem to have a problem with mine. But to be honest, I could care less what some dude on the internet is saying to me.

    Stop being a kid and start acting like a man. Your not always going to hear what you want. GET OVER IT!

    By the way, would you pay if Sony started charging for online services and would you be okay with it?

  • Just a thought, go play a different system if you are so unhappy with Sony’s business. Why complain about it and of doing something about it?

  • help scheduled maintenance is done and on my main account it says account banned or temporarly suspended still help that is my main account with all my hard work in it

  • this is why i prefer xbl, psn sucks limescale encrusted mule balls. there is always a problem.

  • Desctructo90 kid you are the most ignorant 2 faced troll beyond a doubt. You’re the one who wanted us all paying fees for XBL and here you are telling me to leave. I paid for my PS3, both of them in fact and a psp along with software ranging ito the thousands. But you want me to throw it away because you’re a loser crybaby who can’t handle the truth. Take a look around you petentious lackey theres nobody left supporting this pile of hogwash but you. No matter how much dime store perfume you put on a pig you can’t change the facts. So just shut your pie hole and crawl back under your rock. For the record if you really want to keep moaning and insulting, come and say it to my face. It won’t happen of course as you like your hero are a coward.

  • lol @ captainjames99

  • CaptainJames99

    1) Quit being a spaz.

    2) I like how you act tough on the internet

    3) I was not insulting. Read your post then read mine. I am telling to quit your childish antics. So far you’re the only one calling people names

    4) You didn’t answer my question about the fees

    5) I have 2 PS3 and 2 PSPs. what was the point of bring that up?
    a. What software have you paid for? I have yet to pay for any software updates/

    6) I do want fees like XBL. If that means the service would be improved, isn’t it solving the issue you’re complaining about?

  • ok its now 1:02am here on the 4th of february and i still cant access my dlc, when are they gonna fix this mess?? the problem i have with this service is that they never tell the truth about when things are gonna be repaired…

  • i live in england if that matters.

  • sat feb 4 2012 6;00 o clock here in vancouver, psn down just wondering if anyone knows when it will be back online

  • Destructo90,

    whine whine whine. do you even have a point? no the one under your hat doesn’t count. Lets see you scream childish rantings at myself to the exclusion of everyone else who also pointed out what your defending is stupidity. One point in case, this is not xbl, xbl despite it being direct competition, actually works, were as the garbage network we’re stuck with clearly does not. This does not help your case even if you had one. Go ahead and post it on blog.share if you have the guts (I know you don’t) and see if you get one iota of support (you won’t). It serves to show you up as the xbot troll you most definately are. Oh and btw, you call me a “spaz” and in the same breath say I’m insulting you. Thanks for proving my point about you being two face was indeed correct. Another fail for you. Lets not forget your here still the screaming brat, yet accusing me of acting like a chiled. Did I mention thats two-faced? yeah more than once, its now a dead horse like your spurious argument.

  • Lets not forget another fact, it was your troll buddy who brought up who’s spent what. And since you missed the point, the money I spent entitles me to expect what I’ve spent it on to work *AS ADVERTISED* without needless disruptions or infantile excuses. Just so you know I’ve had numerous messages supporting what I’ve said here. The number of messages supporting your spoiled brat tirade is exactly ZERO. Get it yet? you are indeed ignorant, clearly the fool, a friendless troll. So you might as well suck it up right now kid, nobody cares any longer. Goodbye and good riddance.

  • CaptainJames

    Again you didnt answer any of my questions. PS3 is my favorite and I want it fixed. I dont know how I am whining. If you look up the definition of whining, you will see it is what you are doing. Do you have an XBOX? I have 2 and yes the network quality is better but I doubt it would be if I and the rest of online gamers didnt pay the 50-60 bucks to play online.

    I will ask one more time before I just give up:

    1) What software (in specific) did you have to pay for for your PS3? All software I have downloaded has been free, other than the one game I have gotten DLC for. So what is it that is costing you money?

    2) Would you pay for online services if Sony started to charge? (Its a yes/ no question dude)
    a. If yes, would you be okay with it.

    Quit dodging the questions and answer them like a man. I am pretty sure you are probably younger than me judging by your posts….If not, you really need to grow up.

    Also, your internet lingo is quite annoying. Calling everything a “troll” or someone a “kid” is extremely stupid.

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