Twisted Metal Multiplayer Demo Coming to PSN Today

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Twisted Metal Multiplayer Demo Coming to PSN Today

Twisted Metal: E3 2011

We know your appetite for destruction is growing as we draw closer to Twisted Metal‘s Valentine’s Day release (2/14), so we’re pleased to announce that the Twisted Metal Multiplayer Demo goes live on the PlayStation Store this afternoon!

Once the demo hits the Store, you’ll get a taste of Twisted Metal’s online play with:

  • Eight vehicles to choose from, each with their own unique special weapons
  • Two multiplayer modes: Classic free-for-all Death Match, and team-based Nuke mode—a Twisted take on Capture the Flag that’s brand new to the series
  • Challenge mode, where you can practice with each vehicle to hone your destructive skills

Twisted Metal: E3 2011

Be sure to try out all the vehicles and modes available in the multiplayer demo and let us know your favorites. Servers will be up today through February 7th, so you’ve got a week to practice before the full game comes out on February 14th. Get killin’!

To celebrate today’s release, Game Director David Jaffe chimed in with answers to some popular user questions. This Q&A relates to the final retail game, not today’s multiplayer demo, but it will give you a closer look at what to expect this February 14th.

Will Twisted Metal feature a Party System for easy play with friends?
100%! The new Twisted Metal supports Party and Clan systems allowing players to easily jump into ranked and unranked matches together. The party system was key, not just because it’s a staple for online games, but because we heard from so many players who came up playing this game with friends (be it as little kids, or college students) and now their crew have scattered across the globe and they were asking us for a fast, easy way to jump into games with friends so they could relive some of those fun memories (and ideally make a lot more new ones)!

Will Twisted Metal have splitscreen coop missions?
Split screen local co-op has been a staple of the series since TM2 and it’s back and better than ever. The campaign that you and a buddy can go through together is more varied than any other TM campaign we’ve done. And the other split screen modes- for 2 to 4 players on the same tv- allow for free for all and team games with lots of host options for players so they can tweak and adjust the game so it always says fresh. In 2 player split the players have 30+ levels to choose from. In 3 and 4 player split, players can choose from 10 battlegrounds.

Is there any gameplay relevance related to the pedestrians in the environments, mechanics and trophies?
Yes to all three questions :). A good example: in the level called BLACK ROCK STADIUM- which is this ‘hi tech meat grinder-meets-Roman Gladiator Colosseum’ players can park their vehicles on pressure plates. Sitting on these plates long enough causes audience members to get ejected from the stands. Each audience member that is ejected is wearing one of two kinds of vests: a vest with a cross on it and a vest with a question mark. Hitting cross vested peds yields health. Hitting mystery peds yields a random weapon pick up.

If you kill an enemy, the drive and gunner eject from the explosion and their burning bodies go running around in terror. After a few seconds they die, but if you can hit the gunner before he dies, you get a random weapon. If you hit the driver before he dies, you get a little extra health.

Which characters are some of the Twisted Metal team’s other favorites?
All of the human characters in the new Twisted made it in mainly because they represent the team’s favorite from a 50+ roster of characters that live in the Twisted Metal universe. So besides Tooth, we’re all big fans of Calypso, Mr. Grimm, Dollface, and Preacher. We also tend to dig No Face and Minion. As for vehicles, we love the cast of vehicles in the new Twisted and that’s a big reason they made the cut. We do miss some of our old friends however, such as Thumper, Pit Viper, Yellow Jacket, Twisted, and Mr. Slam.

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  • Yeah i cant get into MP either, but i waited for this game for many years… i can wait a couple more hours/days! Thanks so much for this, Twisted Metal is one of my favorite game of all time, sooooo many nights of fun with my friends on this game! LEGENDARY!

  • Wasn’t able to get into any online matches either as of 7pm EST…is there a problem with the TM servers?

    Love what I’m seeing so far (except I miss my control freak button layout)

    Already have this game pre-ordered and paid off…just waiting for 2/14!!

  • servers are down and being fixed -_-

  • Definitely trying this out today!

  • Damn, the servers are down.

  • From twitter davidscottjafee (the dude who co-made this game) says they are aware and a fix is in the works, please be patient. That was about an hour ago.

    For online pass haters, you claim this practice is BS and is not “fair” and blah blah blah. If you don’t want to pay the market price for these games I suggest you get a different hobby. I for one am glad they are doing this, and hope it grows to 100% of all publishers. I’m an early adopter of games or not at all and I pay my own way. What you want is for the creators of these games to give you free content, or better yet, let me pay for it then trade it in and you swoop in and buy it for 80% of the original price. So why do you deserve a whole game for less than whole price? God willing this practice will drive all you whiners over the edge of a cliff and at the bottom you can start a buisness where people complain about how it’s not fair that you have the audacity to charge for your goods and services. You must be young people because you have no freaking clue how the world works. Go sign up for cable and tell them you’re not paying for it and see what happens.

  • Well, I can’t get online either. I’m sorry to see others are having difficulty, but I’m glad to know it’s not my connection. Tried the single player… not impressed. I spent 100s of hours playing the original Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2 back in the mid 1990s and this game does not impress. The controls are lame. They changed them, getting rid of flat pad or D pad steering support. Also, what in the world is with double tapping the O button to reverse. Some of us ORIGINAL Twisted Metal player knows the analog stick is too slow for this game and after all the years of playing, just doesn’t feel right. They also got rid of the fun combo moves in order to freeze and use shield. Now you just push the flat pad in one direction. No way I’m buying this garbage.

  • @ RREDDWARFF . You obviously jumped online and started ranting before actually playing the game. What the hell are you talking about. Didn’t you do the tutorial? You don’t double tap to reverse. Also you can change to the original TM controls in the options menu. Did you even play it properly or did you just play it once and jump online to b***h about the older TM? I played it for a few minutes and got used to them very easily. Get you head out of the past and be adaptable instead of constantly b***hing about everything like all modern gamers do.

  • Don’t cry, the controls are lame. It’s not about adaptation, it’s about doing it right. I knew this would get personal with some “interesting” individual out there. Also, why in the world did you assume I played online? I couldn’t the servers are down… remember. I have an opinion and I voiced it. The controls stink, the “classic” Twisted Metal controls are not the classic Twisted Metal controls (you’d know that if you ever played it) and when you select the classic controls (which are not actually the classic controls) you DO have to double tap the O button to reverse.

  • Will the multiplayer splitscreen modes support online splitscreen? As Uncharted 3 and Resistance 2 have supported? I would like to go with my couch co-op friends online to battle other people!!

  • ^^^^^^^^There’s 2 player online splitscreen, so yes you and a buddy can go online and own together. As for “RED” aka the guy whining about controls… it’s so sad to see so many gamers these days that don’t know the simple idea of ADAPTATION. Get good. Focus on getting better at the NEW controls instead of focusing on complaining and crying for old controls EXACTLY how they used to be, it’s pathetic. Does anyone even remember how TM controlled EXACTLY? Do you want sweet tooth to ALWAYS control the EXACT same in EVERY game? It’s called Evolution…
    You act like it’s SOOOOO hard to learn some new controls. Pathetic. All the REAL TM fans wont let “new controls” or “not classic ENOUGH” controls stop them from playing one BADASS game. CONCLUSION: IF YOU CANT ADAPT? : Get out of the way before you become the roadkill of the better gamers out there ;)


  • Oh yeah! It’s all about the personal attacks. Anyhow, it’s an opinion and once again, it’s not about adaptation, it’s about doing it right. What’s pathetic is making a fool of yourself talking about how tough your “thumbs” are.

  • WTF!!!! i keep getting matchmaking error.!!!! fix this come on
    sony!!! WTF

  • i dont know what that guy is talking about … this game is all that an a bag of chips !!!! cant wait to get hands on day one just really was excited to play some mp and the servers are screwed. maybe be fixed by tommorow and i correct my self when i said earlier the single player challenge sucks .. it doesnt its great once you get use to the controls. guess its because i haven’t played TW in about ten but im so glad its back and the game makes me feel like a kid again. need more remakes of awesome games of this caliber!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @RREDDWARFF dude really get a hold of yourself…it’s called modernizing…hellooo the ps3 control has so much more tech in it than the ps1 controller hence a much more varied control scheme…why play a game and not take make full use of the controller…it’s like using just the dpad for a game like gt5 or hot pursuit LOL

  • Seriously red dumb@ss^ learn to adapt like everyone is evolution or modernizing like he said, shame you’re too ignorant to get into the game…other than that Original Twisted Metal fan FTW, thanks for finally reviving this amazing game! Shame they didn’t add trophies to TMB though :*(

  • Matchmaking error…matchmaking error…crash…matchmaking error…matchmaking error…crash…MATCHMAKING ERROR…CRASH! This is the twenty-third time when I have successfully joined a match and the system crashes on me, not including countless of matchmaking errors and other crashes along the way. I can’t even join a single online match, which of course frustrated me to no end, so I decided to uninstall and forget about the stupid thing. Seriously, no demo that I have downloaded thus far has ever crashed on me (except for Stranglehold, but that only happens like once every fiftieth time). In the end, all I did manage to do was going through the tutorial…ridiculous…

  • really bad servers T_T


    “it’s not about adaptation, it’s about doing it right.”
    How are you gonna tell the developers what is right about the game. Play it how it was made or just don’t play it all. Quit whinning.

  • can´t wait too play it :)



  • There was no doubt in my mind that I was gonna purchase this game on day one, but after playing the multiplayer demo. I’m cannot wait, seriously. I just got done with an intense match, where I joined after the 1st inning, and helped bring my team back to win it. We worked together, defending our leaders, defending our missles, it was sooo much fun! I must give a big THANK YOU to David Jaffe and EVERYONE at Eat, Sleep, Play for all their hardwork, and another thank you for bringing this franchise to PS3.

    Much love, from a Twisted fan xD

  • @thebgj

    No, I don’t have the TV, but I’m saving up for it. Turns out you can’t spend a few hundred bucks anymore without thinking when you’re restoring an old mustang… That’s neither here, nor there. In Best Buy, the screen looked pretty dark, but I’ve seen that adjusting your settings fixes it up nicely. I was just thinking for the future, you know?

    The fact that new games coming out with the new technology is a testament to Sony’s conviction to the Simulview experience. I mean, come on, what is it, three games compatible? This game could have benefitted greatly from the feature. Just the fact that split-screen is still being utilized is almost like a step back. Of course, there are a great number of people without a simulview compatible screen, and that’s fine.

    Perhaps the game will implement the technology, and they just aren’t promoting it currently. Here’s to hoping!

  • Jaffe himself said that there’s a big learning curve. I for one, never played twisted metal but wish I did. Looks like tons of replay value. Never had a PS1 but had a PS2 when my mom was a little restrictive towards what games we got, which were very little. This game could’ve changed my childhood, man! I want to get good at this game. This is a must buy. Maybe not Day 1 for me. But yes, down the road, oh yes, I will buy this.

  • I was just able to get in a game of Nuke and it was a blast. Everyone ended up leaving after two matches so now I’m stuck getting matchmaking error for the 50th time in a row. I’m surprised this isn’t fixed yet, hopefully it’s fixed by tonight but whats taking so long? Also I don’t care too much for the helicopter, its too easy to fly away and its mini-gun is too powerful.

  • Wow…..this demo SUCKS!!!! This is by far the biggest disappointment I have had in a long time. I’m so glad I did not pre-order this.

  • Wow, I can’t believe this demo is this big of a trainwreck.. I haven’t been able to get into a single online game, plus sometimes it won’t even load into a 1 player game..

    Not too happy right now to say the least

  • I like the character and unique style of the game. I like the speed and frame-rate :)

    I’m not liking the controls either. They are not intuitive or customisable. It would be really nice if I could customise these to my liking.I gave the demo an hour with first the Classic TM controls and then decided in desperation to try the others. I’m happy to adapt to game controls but these just aren’t sinking in yet.

    There are some strange, unconventional choices for the controls. For example, I don’t understand why there are buttons to accelerate and brake, but the right stick down (or a double-tap of brake) reverses. To turbo-reverse, you have to press R3 and pull the right stick down. Weird. Why not have Square to accelerate, X to brake, hold X to reverse, and have a button for turbo which works regardless of direction the player is travelling in already. OK, I’m sure it’s difficult – there are a lot of controls in the game and not every one can have a button. The choice of button mappings seem a bit odd and inconsistent.

    I will persevere though – I like the game a lot, just getting owned by the AI!

  • I have only play 2 online games, but hope fully they can fix it quick!!! on 1 match i went 20 n 3 good thing i still got my twisted skills!!!!

  • I’ve been a long time Twisted Metal fan, and have been anticipating the game for a long time. Sadly, the demo seems to crash my system (launch model 60gb) without fail about 10 seconds after the start menu. The system powers down automatically, with a flashing red light. I have not experienced this problem with any other game, and was wondering if there are any other people experiencing this problem.

    I hope the devs are able to fix this issue expediently, as I’m really looking forward to playing the full game.

  • @2: a_striped_lombax

    I got better news then “it better have Rob Zombie on the soundtrack”. I’ve been speaking with David Jaffe on Twitter quite a bit lately, and got the chance to ask a question regarding the new Twisted Metal. not only is the game going to have a bad@ss soundtrack, but you will also have the option to use customized playlists from your PS3 HDD. If your a metal fan, you can make your own game experience rock that much more the JUST Rob Zombie, not that he isn’t awesome…he is. just saying, you could just as easily use the new Lamb Of God cd or some Cancer Bats copied to your PS3’s HDD, and not just bring death & destruction to your enemies, but also to your eardrums.

  • @2 a_striped_lombax

    not only will you have Rob Zombie on the soundtrack (actually no idea if he is or not) but I know for a fact that you’ll be able to make your own playlist on your PS3 HDD by copying mp3’s/cd’s to HDD, create a playlist of your liking, and you’re ready to go! then you can listen to some Cancer Bats or Lamb Of God too, not just Rob Zombie.

    David Jaffe himself confirmed to me on Twitter that the new Twisted Metal will use custom playlists, but will also have its own awesome soundtrack as well.

  • Ive not really been exposed to these games much.
    To those that have played it… My question is, after playing single player… Is the game really this hard??

    I only played 4 rounds, couldn’t kill any cpu opponent, boy this game is hard… I hope its just me sucking.

  • @Ch1d0r1_666
    I’ve played the whole series and this is by far the most different one. I found it extremely difficult at first too but the goal is to always know where health is and learn the spots of where they are on the map. If you turbo in circles you can usually dodge missiles and get away from crowds that swarm on you too. Now if we could just get the online fixed that’d be great…

  • Just played the demo and it was great! Better than expected!
    The challenge was really hard ,which is great for us the ral fans, and the controls are better than in previous Twisted Metals IMO(those that complain about the controls play the tutorial and keep playing, you will get used to)
    I just hope that they fix the servers pronto!

  • @ Corb1301,
    Yeah i havent played this much, couldn’t find the health. Ill give it a run when online is fixed, Thanks for the reply. ABT the game looks very polished. And thanks for the tips.

  • wow this demo was trash.. played about 15 minutes of the single player because there was a error when i tried multi.. deleted.. back to rayman.. and gotham imposters beta

  • One of the sound the official soundtracks is by Hip Hop Gamer & Brain “Get Twisted” . Man I loved Twisted Metal !!! Thanks Jaffe.

  • Twisted Metal Sucks!!!!!!! I cancelled my pre order!

  • tryed for 2 days to get 0n online game i only got play 1 nuke game and got to load screen bout 5 times out hrs of trys. luv TM but this demo makes me wounder if ill get to play online games or will it be like ghostbusters great game but not online freindly for all nat types o_O

  • i cannot connect to the MP ether… :(

  • tried the demo and it seems like fun, but it’s hard to get a feel for the game when there is no option to group up with friends or find a private server to play with friends. Additionally, there needs to be more controller options such as switch sticks (my husband is a lefty) :(

    Otherwise… the game is looking good – though it won’t be a purchase until I find out if grouping options are in the final release and a swtich sticks or controller customization options.

  • Ah… just saw the update and yes, there are grouping/clan options! Nice… now about the controller customizations…

  • @Elsa
    Where did you see that there was an update?

  • Wow, not a lot of patience on the multiplayer’s server problems. I had trouble getting online at first to but once I got online… Oh boy, man I did not expect Twisted metal to adapt to online like this so well! I only played Black before that and this game is AWESOME. It’s intense man love the soundtrack (and custom track option) and this is probably the closest I got to on the couch fun online. High fives for everyone at EAT SLEEP N PLAY! I could keep entertained for hours on the demo alone! Twisted Metal is a unique experience and you guys brought that back ten fold!

  • So freakin’ excited!! I haven’t even DLed it yet… waiting to get home from work then errands :( I had a question that I did not see asked thus far. Will the dev’s be extending beta past the 7th as the servers up at least until now haven’t been working? I may have to get on twitter and follow Jaffe–> lame I hate twitter. If anybody knows the answer please respond. Similarly, I will post if I find the answer….and remember to post. BTW if your looking for somebody to rock the tarmac with add me as I will be destroying all those who stand, drive and get ejected before me. Spin the tires and spark the fires! FTW!!

  • still no online,,,,man the single play is super tough,lol i thhink all the cpu cars are all ganging up on me,,,lol,,, still love it thou,,,

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