PlayStation Plus February Preview: Free The Simpsons Arcade Game, Far Cry 2, Final Fantasy V and More

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PlayStation Plus February Preview: Free The Simpsons Arcade Game, Far Cry 2, Final Fantasy V and More

February is nearly here, so it’s time to have a look at what’s coming to PlayStation Plus.

To start, we’re excited to bring new release The Simpsons Arcade Game as a free offering for PlayStation Plus subscribers! Releasing on February 7th, subscribers will be able to relive this classic title remastered in HD, complete with the online four-player cooperative play it’s famous for. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Plus subscribers will have access to download a bonus PS3 full game – Far Cry 2.

PlayStation Plus

You’re also going to want to check out the other free games coming throughout the month, including Square Enix’s PS one classic Final Fantasy V, two PlayStation minis, six additional PSN games, and the SEGA Genesis Bundle – timed with SEGA’s two-week release and sale on the Store put back in Plus just in case anyone missed them.

In the discount department, PlayStation Plus subscribers will want to keep their eyes out for great sales on games like new release The House of the Dead III (30% Off) Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (Bundle) (20% off), and Hamilton’s Great Adventure (50% off PSN sale price). There’s plenty more we couldn’t squeeze into this post, so keep your eye on the Store Update PlayStation.Blog posts in February to keep up with Plus updates as they come.

Finally, next Tuesday we’ll release an early-access demo of The House of the Dead III exclusively for PlayStation Plus. Here’s a trailer of this PSN exclusive arcade shooter with HD graphics, Trophies and full PlayStation Move support.

PlayStation Plus February Preview: Free The Simpsons Arcade Game, Far Cry 2, Final Fantasy V and More

Some content and/or release dates outlined may change including the addition or removal of content. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or continue the discussion on the PlayStation Community forums in the Official PlayStation Plus Update thread.

PlayStation Plus

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PS3 Full Games: Far Cry 2 – 2/14 (V-Day Special One Week Offer)
PSN Games: The Simpsons Arcade Game – 2/7
Sega Genesis Bundle – 2/21
Altered Beast – 2/21
Comix Zone – 2/21
Golden Axe – 2/21
Sonic 1 – 2/21
Sonic 2 – 2/21
Streets of Rage 2 – 2/21
Battle Fantasia – 2/14
Fatal Inertia – 2/14
Hamsterball – 2/14
Inferno Pool – 2/7
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom – 2/14
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars – 2/14
minis: Hungry Giraffe – 2/7
Gold Medalist – 2/7
PS one Classics: Final Fantasy V – 2/7
Full Game Trials: Grand Theft Auto IV – 2/14
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – 2/21
Tom Clancy’S H.A.W.X 2 -2/21
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 -2/28
Early Access Demo: The House Of The Dead III Exclusive Playstation Plus Demo – 2/7
Media: Qore Episode 44 – February – 2/7
Avatars and Themes: The House of the Dead 3 Dynamic Theme
Start The Party 2 Dynamic Theme – 2/21
The House Of The Dead III – Agent G Avatar
The House Of The Dead III – Lisa Avatar
The House Of The Dead III – Z1 Avatar
PSN Games Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (Bundle) – 2/14 (PS+ Price: $23.99)
The House of the Dead III – 30% off Crazy Taxi & SEGA Rally Arcade – Drive Me Crazy Bundle – 20% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $9.59)
Sonic Rivals 1 – 25% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $5.99)
Sonic Rivals 2 – 25% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $5.99)
Sar – Search and Rescue Mini – 20% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $TBD)
Hamilton’s Great Adventure – 50% off Sale Price – 2/21 (PS+ Price $2.50)

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  • In the Immortal words of Homer Simpson…

    Oooooooh Doh-nutz!


    This is a Tasty lineup. One of the Best since plus began. Great work there at Sony guys. Keep em coming!!!

    ’til then

  • Awesome deal on Far Cry 2 and the Simpsons arcade! I wasn’t expecting those. Just out of curiosity though, are there any plans to up the Cloud storage? Skyim alone hands down killed off about 32mbs of my cloud storage (which is a hefty amount). That and can we please get some pricing information on Vita games (via download) since the launch is only a few weeks away? I would like to know if there are any plans for Plus discounts too with Vita?

  • This is honestly one of the most impressive PS+ offerings.

  • Before the usual wave of complaints from snobby gamers flood in, let me say I love Playstation Plus. This update is amazing! I was going to buy Far Cry 2 anyways, and FFV and the Simpsons will be sure to trigger some nostalgic gaming bliss. Now, back to Soul Calibur V and FFXIII-2. Thanks guys!

    • Thanks very much for your support. We’re working hard to make sure Plus continues to be an amazing service for all subscribers, month to month, week to week.

  • Wow… this is hands down THE best update we’ve ever received for PlayStation Plus. Amazing job Sony. Now I just have one question that I hope someone from Sony will be able to answer: what, if any, perks do you have planned for owners of the PlayStation Vita with PlayStation Plus? Are we going to be seeing discounted games and/or free content for that as well?

  • what about Rayman Origins? is it planned for coming to the american PSN? pleeeeaaaaase!

  • Awesome month, good job!

  • hmm .. i have wanted to try Deus Ex

  • Holy catfish. You couldn’t fit nearly everything into your overview picture this time, haha!

    So for clarification, is FarCry 2 free ONLY on Valentines day, or beginning on Valentines day?

  • WOO HOO!

  • Any chance of some discounts for upcoming Vita games for PS+ members? I would love if PS+ carried over to the Vita.

  • Oh man, The Simpsons? So many quarters of mine went into that game. Hopefully, the four player co-op will be local as well as online. It’d be nice to gather the old crew and resuce Maggie once again!

  • Great for users plus good games, and now going to be available GTA IV in its digital version.

  • Tap it into my veins!

  • Woah! Do I count 17 FREE games!?

    And not one of them is the joke AMY! Great month for + users.

    Anyone knowhowmany GB Far Cry 2 is? DCUO may finally have to be deleted from my HDD…..

  • @_@ wow… Far Cry 2 and FFV? awesome… ^_^ thnx…

  • wow… what a great month to be a plus member! It’s a thing of beauty!

  • FrozenInferno5 Comment #9:

    “PS3 Full Games: Far Cry 2 – 2/14 (V-Day Special One Week Offer)”

  • What is being released/updated this week ?

    I ask because most of the post is listed for next week and the weeks following.

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution price please!?

  • This is why i love PsPlus
    Great content

  • PLUS is hitting it outta the park! Anyone who poo poos the service now is gonna look even dumber than usual.

    Very happy with the ROI on +. Sony is awesome.

  • wow i just fell in love with Sony over again will you marry me lol this is freaking awesome only thing that would make this more sweet is to put the vita US store up next Tuesday so i can start playing more games on my VITA yes yes long live play ……

  • “Mmmm…donuts”-homer

  • Alright alright I’ll re-subscribe .

  • @ #15-I’d estimate FarCry 2 will weigh in around 6 Gigs.

    @ #20 -Deus Ex will probably cost anywhere from $29.99 to $39.99. That’s the going price range for it at retail.

  • ohhh Wow, I almost never comment but this line up for february need it, is the best so far month in plus, last one for me was december.

    First stacking, next Pvz, next Tomb Raider and now Far Cry 2, is awesome,

    GTAIV for $24 is awesome too, I have the disc version and the expansion but this tent me.

    I need to say, the discounts for plus mebers are getting greater and greater, and as always you keep it after plus, I need to say I am going to renew my plus membership on july no mater what.

    thanks for the great content.

  • Wow i just thought of sumthang there’s 5 free games on Valentine Day play 10 PS VITA i already got my VITA on the 2nd of January so wow my gurl is going to be mad cause im not taking her n e where lmao Valentine Day is going to turn into a Gaming Free for all Day lol

  • Urp. I’m going to be out of town on valentine’s day, so I guess I’ll miss out on Far Cry 2. Oh well, it doesn’t have the greatest reviews anyways. :-(

  • Well this certainly caught me off guard. My god, what an incredible month February is going to be. Surprises like this is why I love PS+!

  • Is that the same Simpsons arcade game that was in the arcades? If so, then I’m down with that kind of game. I used to play that game so much back in my hometown’s arcade in one of the casinos. Not a big fan of the show but the game is awesome.

    Also, I can’t believe what I’m seeing here. Full game of Fry Cry 2 for free? That’s better than Tomb Raider Underworld, tbh. Even Final Fantasy V for free? This is going to be awesome!

  • # 30 you can grab it anyday of the week if I read it right

  • This is going to be great. I almost bought Far Cry 2 and Final Fantasy V the other day. Seeing all of those psn games free for PS+ is great. Usually it’s all mini games instead.

  • What an epic month of content

  • @2 Skyrim can be backed up to a usb flash drive. I only use the cloud backup for games that have locked game saves.

  • Very nice month to be a plus member. I still haven’t had a chance to play all of my other awesome content! Looking forward to that FFV though. Glad I waited on purchasing it.

  • Ok so

    1. Is House Of The Dead going to have Sharpshooter support?

    2. Altered Beast was already a free game for ps+ in like august or september???

    3. Is the Simpsons game going to have trophies?

  • Altered Beast – 2/21
    Comix Zone – 2/21
    Golden Axe – 2/21
    Sonic 1 – 2/21
    Sonic 2 – 2/21
    Streets of Rage 2 – 2/21
    Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom – 2/14

    Didn’t we already received those games as Plus offers before?

    • Yes, but some may have missed them. They’re not the headliners though, just a cherry on top, but still awesome for those who missed them before. Also, they’re available all at once now.

  • Why so much love? I’m not worth it! :'(

  • Whoa…

    EPIC PS+ month. WOW!!!

  • I feel that everyone with PS Plus this month owes it to themselves to give Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars a shot. It’s a weird game with a weird name, but I’ve been hooked on it for years now and it’s the entire reason I purchased a PS3, for real. It’s an online multiplayer soccer game… that you play with cars (cars that can jump and flip and rocket-boost and fly). It has a really difficult learning curve. It usually takes just about forever before you can even score your first goal, but it’s incredible, and as you learn to do the crazy stuff the players online can do, it’s thrilling.

    I’m somewhat looking forward to playing with all of the new players (but try to go on the other team ;D). If you read this, and you do play, try to keep your teammates in mind when you play, and do your best to make sure your ball hits contribute to scoring or saving, or you might get some cranky messages from some veterans.

  • My head just exploded — so much great content for the shortest month of the year! I would have been happy enough with just the free Simpsons Arcade Game. I have a lot of fond memories of that one.

  • House of the Dead 3 comes to PSN in Winter 2012…is that like SOON Winter 2012 or like December Winter 2012?

  • nice update but why do u keep giving us the same games free that you already gave us?
    Altered Beast – 2/21
    Comix Zone – 2/21
    Golden Axe – 2/21
    Sonic 1 – 2/21
    Sonic 2 – 2/21
    Streets of Rage 2

    you gave us these free about 5 times now . and you also keep giving us several other titles free over and over
    and anyone that didnt get these before then they just joined plus

  • Theres more you say?? Are all those PSN games free? Unbelievable! This is what I would like to see!! Now, just start adding PS2 Classics, and more frequent free/discounted DLCs on more popular games and I may just renew my subscription next year after this one goes out. I love that you are adding more this month. Keep this up guys. LOVING IT!!!

  • @39- We did get the Sega games, but I don’t think we ever got Mahjong free. I think It’s always had a discount for plus members, though. That said, we MAY have had the dlc content as a free offer at some point in the first year. I feel like we did, but I can’t remember.

  • Wow. That’s 17 free games in one month, that’s crazy. In a good way, of course. :)

  • Ho-Ly Crap! So much awesome! I have wanted Simpsons Arcade for years, now your telling me that I can have it.. next week.. for free?? Oh and I guess I’ll pick up those other dozen or so free games..

    @ 44, I am quite sure that I read House of the Dead is coming out sometime in February.

  • Why are people complaining about the sega repeats when they clearly stated in the post that it was for those who missed the collection. Not only that, but they’re re-releasing them at no sacrifice to any other releases. I could understand if we were actually losing stuff so that they could release those again, but we’re getting a TON of stuff aside from those. Quit being crybabies.

    • You’ve got the right idea =) We know those are re-releases, but they’re in no way substitutes for the highlight content of the month.

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