The Drop: Week of January 30th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of January 30th 2012 New Releases

Twisted Metal is nearly here, and to celebrate the return of our beloved PlayStation franchise, we’ve sweetened up this week’s The Drop with a demo on PSN. Get your skills checked and in-order just in-time for our big Twisted Metal community event on Thursday, February 2nd.

Blu-ray releases make their triumphant return this week with a sequel, to a sequel. Final Fantasy XIII-2 changes things up with an adventure to search for the missing Lightning. New heroes join returning warriors in the fray that is SoulCalibur V. Wield a butterfly design-inspired sword and an arsenal of guns to decimate waves of ungodly enemies in the not-too-distant future in NeverDead.

On the digital front, guide fluid through several booby trapped mazes, in the physics based and puzzle/platform game, Puddle. The full PS3 version of Madden NFL 12, brings all 32 teams, stadiums and all your favorite player in the league to PSN. Join Hiro, the smallest hero on the biggest adventure, as he embarks on an epic and electrifying quest to restore harmony to a world on the brink of chaos with Mini Ninjas. This week’s The Drop brings us pig skins, puddles, medicated psychopath and miniature ninjas. Just another Sunday afternoon at PlayStation.

PlayStation 3

Final Fantasy XIII-2 — Cocoon, a utopia in the sky. Its inhabitants believed their world a paradise. Under the Sanctum’s rule, Cocoon had long known peace and prosperity. Mankind was blessed by its protectors, the benevolent fal’Cie, and believed that tranquil days would continue forever. Their tranquillity was shattered with the discovery of one hostile fal’Cie.

The moment that fal’Cie from Pulse – the feared and detested lowerworld – awoke from its slumber, peace on Cocoon came to an end. Fal’Cie curse humans, turning them into magic-wielding servants. They become l’Cie – chosen of the fal’Cie. Those branded with the mark of a l’Cie carry the burden of either fulfilling their Focus or facing a fate harsher than death itself. A prayer for redemption.

A wish to protect the world. A promise to challenge destiny. After thirteen days of fates intertwined, the battle begins…

Set several years after Lightning and the others saved Cocoon, some survivors have decided to start over by rebuilding on Gran Pulse. Lightning, however, is nowhere to be found and thought dead by many, but Serah believes otherwise. When her town is suddenly overrun by monsters, a mysterious man named Noel appears to save her. Together, the two set off to find Lightning…

SoulCalibur V — SoulCalibur V picks up 17 years after the events of SoulCalibur IV with new heroes and returning warriors clashing in an epic showdown between good and evil. The tale of Patroklos, son of Sophitia Alexandra, unfolds as his family’s destiny intertwines with the Soul swords.

NeverDead — NeverDead is a third-person action game set in a fantasy and horror-influenced universe where supernatural battles between humans and extraordinary creatures blanketa vast city landscape. Gamers wield a butterfly design-inspired sword and an arsenal of guns to decimate waves of ungodly enemies in the not-too-distant future.

The game begins in the waking hours of peace and calm, when the world is under threat of being consumed by a demonic plague. Centuries have passed since the world succumbed to an unforeseen shadow of evil, and a hero was made an immortal by demons. These demons have risen once again in the present day causing unrelenting mayhem reinforced by destructible environments within the game. Now using his immortalic regenerative powers re-assembling his own body to evade death, the hero carries out the only salvation the world will know, for he is Never Dead.

PlayStation Network

Madden NFL 12 (Full PS3 Game) — Madden NFL 12 continues the rich tradition of the storied franchise by bringing fans closer to the NFL than ever before. Featuring all 32 teams, stadiums, and all your favorite players in the league, Madden NFL 12 is True to the Game. All-new collision system, advanced defensive A.I. enhancements highlight the 2012 edition’s improved feature set, with Custom Playbooks also added provide a more authentic gameplay experience. Franchise mode includes more than 100 new features and enhancements, while Superstar mode now allows fans to control the growth of their superstar with an all-new progression system. Dynamic Player Performance creates unprecedented realism as a player’s skills and confidence will rise and fall based on his performance throughout a game or in Franchise mode, just like the real NFL.

Puddle (Demo Available) — Experience a brilliantly designed physics-based puzzle/platform game where you must guide a puddle of fluid to its target destination, not by moving the fluid, but by tilting the game world. The player must work with friction, momentum, and the unique properties of each type of fluid and environment to send as much of each puddle past fires, rifts, potential spills and more. But watch out: the fluid motion is realistic! Tilt too quickly and you will lose control.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (Full PS3 Game) — Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a raw and brutal crime shooter designed to take players on an even more intense story experience, following two of gaming’s most disturbed criminals, through the gritty Shanghai underworld. Introducing a new visual experience, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is inspired by documentary filmmakers and the user-generated era. Every aspect of the game has been designed to deliver a fresh perspective to the words ‘intensity’ and ‘realism’ in videogames.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Full PS3 Game) — Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a violent and chaotic journey of two men – a flawed mercenary and a medicated psychopath – and their brutal attitude towards right and wrong. Now, they must partner up as a mess of cash makes for hell on Earth in this co-op action game.   

Mini Ninjas (Full PS3 Game) — Prepare yourself for a Ninja adventure like you have never seen before! Use your skills and mighty Ninja training to battle a magical army of evil Samurai. Harness the power of your Kuji magic and utilise the special skills of your Mini Ninja friends as you travel through a perilous world to reach the final confrontation with the Evil Samurai Warlord in his Fortress of Doom.


  • Twisted Metal
  • Syndicate

PlayStation Portable

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact (PSN Download) — Featuring large-scale battles against massive groups of enemies, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact puts players in the middle of epic fights as their favorite Naruto Shippuden characters through electrifying single-player and multiplayer modes. Deliver an action-packed and dynamic fighting experience, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact lets players unleash their honed Jutsu skills through exciting single-player and multiplayer modes. Story Battle lets fans become part of explosive Naruto Shippuden fights straight from the anime with more events and battle sequences than ever before on the PSP.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Syndicate sounds interesting. Does the demo supports 4 players?

  • Febuary?
    FF XIII-3? Twice!
    What happened to Rey’s spel czech?

    Also waiting for Just Cause 2 to drop to $15. Or Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood to drop to $10.
    FebRuary better be good for PS+. January was a disappointment….

    And don’t bother giving us the broken mess named Amy for free. I will download it only to rate it 1 star, then delete it. Like everyone else. WORTHWHILE free games please, not bargain bin junk that you can’t sell.

  • final fantasy XIII-2 and Soul calibur V special editions already preordered
    now im just looking forward for the Twisted Metal Demo

  • @47 thanks for doing Rey’s job. Someone’s got to right? Your post saved me from purchasing Neverdead which I now won’t be buying since TM has MP in the demo. Lisatsunami is absolutely spot on about Mini Ninjas. It’s a cute, challenging, and fun game for anyone except people who think anything without headshots is dumb. Anyone else bummed that the Resistance franchise is done? At least with regards to Insomniac it is.

  • Here’s an idea, how about releasing Legend of Legaia? Legend of Dragoon was a joke!

  • What time does it come out on the 30th? I’m in Canada and downloads seem to come out later in the day for me than in the US. or is that true? does psn items come out in Canada later than US?Iit seems that way but i havn’t had ps3 for that long to really notice, i just got my ps3 last christmas

  • more jRPG on PS3 please…

  • Twisted Metal YESSSSSSSSSSS Love u Sony!!!!!!

  • In other news, Killzone is still MIA. I hate it when you tease me like that, Sony!

  • Of all the game that was releases on psn during january only a few demo was interesting and nothing worth spend my money.

    I guess in the end i saved money because of that but i hope febuary won’t be boring like that too

  • Three amazing releases! I hope these games worth for an entire month with NOTHING!

  • Still no new PS1 games?

    Nothing for me this week. >.<;

  • As Soon as im done with school on Tuesday! Twisted Metal Multiplayer Demo is going down! Add Me with the subject Hashtag TM MP Demo? (#TM MP Demo) <—- What I will see on the subject line! See yall online Tuesday! Long Live PlayStation, and David Jaffe! I hope Eat Sleep Play gets studio of the year.. oh and as always… @Rey Gutierrez You still the man on the PlayStation Blog! Much love to the entire Blog team!

  • sorry but im really confused WHERE DOES IT SAY ANYWHERE THAT THIS TWISTED METAL DEMO IS ONLINE, if it ws gunna be an online demo, it would be a beta or say that its an online demo duh lol XD

    BTW……… TwisTed MeTal will soon rule the earth with its epic car combat destruction from the depths of hell XD

    LOVE YA SONY, twisted metal, uncharted, infamous, little big planet, warhawk and starhawk are the reasons why i own a playstation 3 XD thank you sony computer entertainment XD

  • If you listened to the blogcast episode 009.. they mentioned it there.

  • Can sony stop fooling around and just release legend of dragoon, legend of legaia, breathe of fire 3

  • wow, you guys are beating this spell check issue to death. LMBOOOOOOO. ( Was that spelt right ), oh well. Good to see Twisted Metal demo coming out. Thats gonna be gettin some serious play time.

  • Keep the full game downloads coming. I have bought a lot of them over the past year. Madden 12 is a very nice add by EA for this week.

  • Hey Rey is the Madden NFL 12 a 60 minute Trial or just a full game download

  • Sony keeps ignoring RPG’s. PS3 is way too focused on Action games. Need some good Exclusive PS3 RPG’s. Ps3 really lacks in this area, and RPG’s are more popular then ever,

  • Can we please get Legend of Legaia and Brave Fencer Musashi?

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 & SoulCalibur V tomorrow we meet.

  • yeaah Twisted Metal cant wait…also I’ve been waiting to try syndicate….NeverDead is cool but need a demo,and SoulCalibur V is a must buy….also nice that MiniNinjas got a digital download I already got the BD…and is one GREAT game.

  • i might consider getting 13-2 wasn’t really feeling 13 it was meh..twisted metal huh? wow i remember playing that on the ps0ne the one with the school yard lvl had alot of fun with it might wanna try this demo out ^_^

  • Is something wrong with the PSN being down or just the video store, because it wont activate my video and download it, and im getting the activation error code, but I only have this account on 1 PS3 and it has never been activated more than 1 time, anyone else experiencing this problem?????????????????

  • TWISTED METAL WOOP! nice job rey.

  • Here’s to hoping the only reason they botched the Killzone release without telling us was so that they could go ahead and get started on an HD remake with the framerate issues and other bugs/glitches hammered out and streamlined…one can only hope :)

  • A tale of souls and swords, eternally retold…

    Nuff said. :D

  • huh…sounds nice, i’ll probibly be checking every hour on the hour for the twisted metal demo… that brings back memories….

  • Dude! Ivy Valentine just called me on the phone and told me that my copy of Soul Calibur V was ready to be picked up tommorow! Anyone else?

  • awesome on FF13-2 & SoulCalibur V; can’t wait to get my hands on one soon.

  • Sony, Sony, Sony… you’re so out of touch. Please get out of the digital release field, those games you are selling go for $5 everywhere else but on PSN. I could literally go into EB games right now and get K&L2 for $2, I’m not kidding.

  • I’m so excited to try the new Twisted Metal demo. I’ve been playing the franchise since the first game was released and this reboot could not have come at a better time. I’m just confused about why they didnt have a Soul Calibur V demo. They had one for IV and you’d think they’d want people to try all the new features of the fifth one. Meeeeehhh

  • finally a twisted metal demo thats great but sony can u pleeeease put out the getaway on ps2 classics i absolutly love that game and want it in my library again .

  • The only games I am currently interested in are:

    SoulCalibur V
    Twisted Metal

    Sony please hear my plea. Make a Fighting game, similar to the fight scene at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4 but with all Sony Mascots as the fighters. Not a Smash Bros. clone but a fighting game like this

  • When will the US Vita Store launch? Please, at least let us download free apps and Vita game trailers.

  • Is Duke Nukem Forever on Psn? I am asking this wondering if it’ll be there by the time I get a ps3 :)
    Playstation + Duke Nukem = Stuff I love

  • @mixedkidbx….they should of hired you then because you are flawless!! oh wait that’s right they need people who at least use proper gammar…

  • just wondering a price on madden

  • YAY! I got a Call from IVY today from SC5 She called to remind me that i got to pick up Soul Calibur 5 tomarrow. Of course i already knew that. But it was Sure Kind that IVY herself called to remind me. :)

    I’ll be at there door waiting for there doors to open… Limited Edition FTW! Oh Yeah!

    SOUL CALIBUR 5 tomarrow Can’t Wait!

  • Rey:

    Any word on anymore Playstation 2 classics coming out, ever? Same with PSone. Having issues with the rights?

  • psone classic come on legend of legaia or some kind of rpg

  • I’m Waiting for PSN to get these Two Fighting Games as Downloads to the PSN!

    1. PS1 Classic TEKKEN 3
    2. PS2 Japan Classic ARCANA HEART 2


  • Loving PS Plus and cant wait for the Feb Update. Sooo since Playstation was revealed to be the publishers of GTA Vice City and GTA III, any idea of when we could expect them to join the slowly expanding PS2 Classics family? I know that they wont be in HD and i wouldnt want them that way. I wanna play with the old glitchy formula i know. AND WHERES FFX HD? Great work Ray. Blogcast 009 was the first one i listened to and i loved it. P.S. Im waiting for Shank2.

  • TWISTED METAL!!!!!! The only thing I need!!!

  • Only waiting for FFX HD. Release it!


  • It’s a shame Sony’s not adding some trophy support to these PS1 and PS2 games while their library is still small. If it doesn’t happen early in, it’s just not going to happen. It’d be a real misstep, I think, if it never happened.

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