Resident Evil 6 Revealed!

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Resident Evil 6 Revealed!

Ni Hao PlayStation Playas, this is John Diamonon, the Brand Manager for Resident Evil in North America, and it’s been a while my friends. Last time I was here, I announced MvC3 and you were all like, “Yeah!” This time, I have news that’s gonna make you say, “EFF yeah!”

It’s my pleasure to announce that the next installment of the canonical Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 6, returns on November 20, 2012. That gives you a whole month to enjoy the game (enjoy life really) before the end of the Mayan calendar when the real zombie apocalypse happens. We figure you might need some practice killing the infected to prepare yourself. Oops. Did I say zombies? Resident Evil 6 has zombies?

Watch the trailer and find out.

Resident Evil 6 Revealed!

WHAAAAATTTTT??? Man, when I had hair in the 90’s, it looked exactly like Leon’s. I seriously think there’s No Hope Left for his doo. He needs a fade or something.

Anyway, comment below and tell me what you think. Oh. It might be a day before I get around to answering your questions. I’m at the Mezzanine San Francisco (444 Jesse St.) setting up for our Fright Club: The Resident Evil Experience where we’re showcasing Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (available 3.20.12) and other RE titles.

If you’re in the area and over 21+, I invite you to come by tonight and celebrate with us. Our musical line-up includes Murs, David Banner, Del tha Funkee Homosapien with Dan the Automator, The Alchemist and Oh No, DJ Qbert and Domino. Doors open at 8:00pm, but you need to come real early since admission is free!

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  • ok so wait there is going to be operation raccoon and re6? Interesting

  • Looks cool:P But i wish it was PS3 only:( Multi-format graphics are so last Gen to me:D

  • 2 RE games coming now?

  • are the graphics gonna be as good as “the other version” this time? It’s no secret Capcom has given PlayStation 3 the short end of the stick. They did it with Devil May Cry 4 (30 minute install joke), and both Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 4 looking much better “on the other console”. Nice way to pay your respect to the (Japanese, no less) company that made you what you are for people who don’t play SF. Let’s see at least an equal treatment for the PS3 with RE6, it’s not like your games are the most hardware-demanding or anything (it’s quite known they look awesome, but we’ve got better graphics on PS3). Thank you.

  • are the graphics gonna be as good as “the other version” this time? It’s no secret Capcom has given PlayStation 3 the short end of the stick. They did it with Devil May Cry 4 (30 minute install joke), and both Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 4 looking much better “on the other console”.

  • Nice way to pay your respect to the (Japanese, no less) company that made you what you are for people who don’t play SF. Let’s see at least an equal treatment for the PS3 with RE6, it’s not like your games are the most hardware-demanding or anything (it’s quite known they look awesome, but we’ve got better graphics on PS3).

  • Nice way to pay your respect to the company that made you what you are for people who don’t play SF. Let’s see at least an equal treatment for the PS3 with RE6, it’s not like your games are the most hardware-demanding or anything (it’s quite known they look awesome, but we’ve got better graphics on PS3). Thank you.

  • ^^I meant Resident Evil 5 of course…

  • We need some Rebecca Chambers before the end of the world, please. Thanks.

  • /\
    And I mean hi-def Rebecca Chambers. Sorry for the confusion. :p

  • Marino, chill a bit.

    Can’t wait for E6. This game is now one of my most anticipated of 2012.

  • Hey John I got a question for you. Why would you guys/Capcom announce RE6 so soon and more importantly, RIGHT before Revelations comes out? I just got done playing the new Revelations demo earlier today from the e-shop, was blown away by how near PS3-like it is and how much better looking it is than Mercenaries, and then I go online to see RE6 news/trailers blowing up everywhere. What a way to kill all the hype Revelations had going for it man lol. It even got a 39/40 from Famitsu, but now all we RE fans are going to be able to think about is RE6. You guys should’ve really saved this nuclear bomb for E3 and not so soon.

    So now 2012 is a crazy year for RE. You got Revelations, Raccoon City, RE6, RE5 Live Action Movie, and probably that CG sequel movie to Degeneration as well. Any updates for the CG movie by the way. Its been forever since it was announced with the teaser.

    Also, PLEASE make a Killer Collector’s Edition for RE6 that includes statues of Leon AND Chris. Me and I’m sure many other RE fans would pay $200+ for that, easy. Pass that on to marketing please John, I know its not up to you! lol.

  • @MarinoBrea Chill bro, nothing Capcom has done was anywhere near as bad as Sega’s Bayonetta PS3 port. All MT Framework games tend to be pretty close amongst the 2 consoles, so chill. RE6 is going to Rock for sure. Its copying the live action movies now with global outbreaks, but at least we’re playing through it and not just skipping over it all like the movies did lol.

  • Let’s hope for the best!


  • I love Resident Evil and RE6 looks great. But can you ask your Japanese Capcom overlords, why “Resident Evil: Revelations” is a 3DS exclusive? Surely you’re willing to put the game on Vita and earn an even greater amount of money….

    And that poster specifically mentions the “3DS exclusive” Resident Evil Revelations on a Sony Playstation Blog…I’m not sure why


  • Saw the trailer looked really good. Definitely a must buy for me 2012.

  • RE 6
    Raccoon city
    Umbrella chronicles

    I think the end of the world is coming

  • Wow, could somebody slap me real hard across the face? Cuz this feels like a dream! WUUT!? RE6 COMMING THIS YEAR?! CAN I HAZ IT NAO?!

    In all seriousness, im a big fan of RE since the 90’s and it’s nice to see that it didn’t took you guys 8 years to make RE6 like some guys at Capcom said a few years ago, lol. Oh, and one last thing… Thank you for bringing zombies back!! (If thats what those things are).

  • I hope the game won’t get delayed!!

  • Lmfao I had said that too. It being a month b4 we all die. LOL and I told my bff she was like Omfg. And about leons hair she hates it too. I’ve always like it but like u said it is kind of dated. And i do have a question. I love the RE series I’m just curious to know why is all this RE stuff coming out 2 games in a year and a movie. Please reply if you can. Thnx. Btw It’s weird too LOL not tht I’m complaining that the movies always come out every 3 years.

  • Ps sadly my bff if on xbox 360. -_-

  • Is*

  • Yupp it lookz good,specially the new move mechanics.I hope is going to be more fast acting,quick reacting,run & gun,slide & shoot.Hope im right cause im thinking about buying.

  • Looks very promising..

  • HEY

    If you upload this trailer to the US Store, it will be nick, but please PLEASE don’t forget the Tripe Impact trailer from Operation Raccoon City!!

  • WOW!! Was online looking for the new movie trailer for Retribution and found a double whammy!!! HUGE fan of the RE series and this game looks awesome! Although NOT a Leon fan [my wife is] it is cool to see him back. I just want to see more of the other characters return too…REBECCAAAAAA!!! ~_^

  • So, I take it RE6 is comprised of multiple campaigns.

    Leon’s scenario looks to be more of a horror/action game, not unlike RE4.
    Chris’ scenario looks similar to RE5, plus a new cover system and revamped shooting mechanics.
    Then there’s the new guy, who looks eerily close to inFamous’ Cole, and is apparently immune to whatever new viral strain is causing the epidemic. We don’t get a lot of gameplay from his scenario, but I’m guessing perhaps a stealth section?

    It looks surprisingly solid so far, but after the deep, personal disappointment of RE5, all I can say is that I’m cautiously optimistic. The lack of Jill and Claire, however, is a definite mark against it.

    Also, an end of the world setup seems like an opportune time for Rebecca to pop back up.
    Another also, where the hell is Barry Friggin’ Burton???

    (P.S. Mr. Diamonon, call me, I have an insanely amazing idea on how to end the series, once and for all. When Capcom’s ready. Also, I am obsessive when it comes to Resident Evil, so can I have your job when you’re done with it?)

  • Will this game have archaic stop and shoot controls too or have they brought Resident Evil into the 21st century?

  • @GeneJacket I read this is a prequel(to RE5 probably), so Jill is still “dead” here.

    Thisis cool, but still not as cool as MvC3

  • WOW! Two dates –Two Games to look forward to March 20-Operation Racoon City and November 20 RE6. Can’t wait.

  • This will be a first for me (seeming pessimistic on my any forum, let alone my favorite site for PlayStation news) but here I go…
    Resident Evil for the past few years have grown out of being Resident Evil. When I viewed this trailer and noticed helicopters and tactical combat I came to the conclusion of “Well, here comes another half a**ed Resident Evil meets Call of Duty” and given Capcom’s track record I believe its safe to say it will be a worsened experience on the PlayStation… (in all honesty Capcom should make it an exclusive on other consoles if they can’t utilize the PlayStation’s abilities [my non gamer friends eat this stuff up on my other consoles, all 2 hours of game play before they begin dancing in front of their televisions again]). Being on this site for years I’ve noticed PlayStation and PlayStation owners perfer creativity and though out experiences (which Resident Evil once was in its infancy, but not now). Point and shoot COD vs Zombie titles are in abundance, we don’t need more. It’s sad that Capcom created the second wave of Zombie lore (the first being George Romero [and like Romero]) its creator has ruined the core of that it has established.

  • If Capcom wants to make an action undead title Operation Raccoon City sounds like it should fill that void, but after watching “Call of Zombies” (video posted above) its safe to say we will get Operation Raccoon City Part one and two this year. Being this disappointed by the direction the series have taken I will do everything in my power to make sure this title is unsuccessful. I will definitely apologize (and in far greater length) if this action shooter title is once more a “survivor horror” title. But I very much doubt gamers will be getting no more than Resident Evil 5.5. Capcom should be ashamed of itself, of all the wonderful intellectual properties (IP’s) it has created the only one worth playing of late is Street Fighter (and its a shame what they’ve done with Marvel vs Capcom… and just to increase profits! [ie. they under developed and released a title only to bring out the real version 9 months later so they could sale more copies], they deserve to go bankrupt [thats a prediction by the way] for that practice, and bringing up what they’ve done to Mega Man breaks my heart so I’ll pass on that topic.

  • If anyone working for Capcom is reading, I would like to tell them… rethink what they want as a company, grow stronger talent, and utilize the tools that made the company such a staple in gaming.They created Resident Evil 1 with nothing like it at the time, work on being creative once more; or sale your company to a larger one (Electronic Arts [EA] is now making amazing games maybe they can help the wonderful IP’s Capcom once cared about [look at what they’ve done with Dead Space… the series is amazing (could be a little less linear but its well done “survival horror”), and Battlefield 3 is the best thing out there for shooters (I wish Capcom noticed theres a difference like EA, maybe they wouldn’t combined the two genres). Watching content you care(d) about getting mistreatment gets a little upsetting; but great IP’s becoming nothing due to lack of creativity is far more disappointing than I would have thought, and this trailer is reemphasizing the many concerns gamers have with Resident Evil.

  • Glad to have you back John D.
    No more contests to crash the servers?
    Last time you here, I had several hundred posts in the thread, most of them alone, even a couple hundred after you had reached the goal and left the thread.

  • @35 you WERE here.
    I think I accidentally a word there

  • Hey John, are we going to get witty Leon from RE4 or will he be a much more glum dude? Also, will this game be like RE4 in terms of only one player controlled character or will it be like RE5 where there can be up to two?

  • It looks very nice! It seems theres coop too? thats great. Some say Resident evil should not have coop and should be horror only but ill gladly acccept coop lol

  • I love it! Resident Evil Series is why I own a ps3. It is about time to bring back the zombies and horror. I want to have to play this game with the light on light resident evil 3: Nemesis. Glad to have real game news. Tired of Sopa and crappy games.

    Add Me if you play re5.

  • That Bald guy, is that Carlos from RE3!? And he looks all Melee, is that so? If so, AMAZING!

    Overall though, I have mixed feelings, I’m a hardcore fan of the old school and RE4, where the games were actually a little scary, not the RE5 style, where it’s just a dull action game. I’m hoping theres a return to that classic fear, and I kinda hope the Attache Case comes back, I miss that. Also, this game has the potential to have an AMAZING version of the Mercenaries, which spans the entire series.

    My other mixed feeling is the fact that 5 felt like it was supposed to be the end. Wesker was the Main Antagonist, and the reason anything ever happened in this series, killing him should have been the end. However, I do also see this to be the potential way of tieing off any and all loose ends and letting the series go out with a big climatic bang, instead of…well…RE5.

    Needless to say, if Wesker comes back, I will be mad. Same for Sheva, I hate her.

  • Please have tank controls. If it has tank controls I’ll buy this in a heartbeat. if not…I’ll wait until the Mayan calendar ends.

    Resident Evil isn’t supposed to play like a modern shooter. So if it plays just like them then it’ll be a travesty to the series.

  • Yes i was so excited that this game was revealed and its going to have Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield and better yet its coming out this year in November, only hope it comes out with a special edition or something similar to that. I already pre-ordered Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Special Edition :)

  • The first minute looked so good, then it turned into another shooter.

    bring survival horror back please. you know, Resident Evil.

  • OMG, just read this title for a story at N4G.

    ” Resident Evil: Attracting CoD fans ‘the dream,’ says Capcom. ‘Action route makes sense’ ”

    Are you Fing serious!!!!

    NOT buying this game!

  • I live in Connecticut to far for me, I wish I could come. But if you guys do something in New York I won’t mind driving over ;) 1 or 2 states over is not to bad, well i’ll keep my fingers crossed. Ok back to game, I’m still freaked out from the dogs that jumped in through the Windows lol, RE1 scariest moment. I hope RE6 has a memorable scenes like that, kick @ss baby!.
    Thanks john :)

  • Resident Evil 6 + Leon S. Kennedy = FULL OF WIN!

  • D1P!!!! Thanks!

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