New Year Brings New UNCHARTED 3 DLC, Fortune Hunters’ Club Grows

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New Year Brings New UNCHARTED 3 DLC, Fortune Hunters’ Club Grows

Happy 2012! We’re starting the year off with a fresh batch of UNCHARTED 3 DLC content and more in the pipeline that prophecies forbid us from fully portending quite yet. Hope you’ve all gotten 2012 off to a rocking start even with all the 2012 phenomenon chatter. If not, we’re about to make your end of days talk and your UNCHARTED gaming life much more awesome.

First off, today we’ll be releasing four maps we teased a couple of weeks after the UNCHARTED 3 launch.

You’ll be getting the Cave, Fort, Lost City, and Sanctuary maps in this download pack. Dynamic lighting effects, new particle effects and a slew of technical changes have been made to these maps. The lighting was reworked from scratch. New textures and weather effects are apparent and freshly decorate all maps. We poured hours of development time into these maps to make them be really fun in the UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer ecosystem. This map pack is a taste of how far we can go to remix some of your favorite maps into a completely new UNCHARTED 3 gameplay experience.

If you’re a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club these maps will be available free to you. If not, you can gain access today by purchasing the FHC from the PS Store. It’s a fantastic deal at $24.99.

Initially, the Fortune Hunters’ Club offered a total savings of 45% off the seven multiplayer packs (three character skin packs, four map packs) that will be released for UNCHARTED 3. We’ve kicked this deal up a few notches and are now offering 14 total packs, 7 new packs that we will be revealing as the year progresses! As a FHC member the savings for these 14 packs will be over 60%! Current membership and any new membership purchased will include all currently available and any upcoming DLC packs for UNCHARTED 3 as well as an exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club theme that will let you know when new UNCHARTED 3 DLC hits right from the XMB of your PS3.

Besides the fun new maps you’ll be playing on today, we wanted to tell you about some future hits of DLC. We have three new character skins packs coming at you next. The Rogues Pack 1 and Rogues Pack 2 will let you play as some of the major thugs and minor characters from UNCHARTED 3. Donut Pack 1 will giant-size some of your favorite UNCHARTED 3 heroes and villains.


Details on how and when the three new skin packs will be available, and what DLC is coming after that, will follow in our next blog update. We have a lot more DLC coming at you. To whet your appetite, here’s a hint to as what it may be:


Any guesses to why Lazarević is holding half a Janus head?

As you see we are currently hard at work on completely new DLC for your UNCHARTED 3 online adventure. As soon as all the content is fully baked, tested through QA and we have locked release dates you’ll be the first to know. For now, let’s explore some new maps together. See you online!

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  • hi i member Fortune Hunters’ Club
    and i know i will get 7 packs free but what about 7 new packs Will be free for FHC ??

    • Yes, 7 new packs will be included in the FHC membership. All present and new FHC members will get all 14 packs as part of their membership price of $24.99 US.

  • yeaaah *_______________*

  • DLC is great and all …. but im wanting another one of Drakes mis-adventures

  • Can I haz naked Elena skinz?

  • Eric Monacelli said:
    “The skins and the maps are downloadable new content not unlocks.”

    Yet the skins are of character models that were in UC3 from day one. I mean, theres no simple playable Agent in UC3’s MP besides the ‘Dead Agent’, yet not only do those characters exist in the SP, but if you actually look, they have the ‘Treasure Hunter’ head in the campaign, leading me to believe that the agent outfit could have in fact been custom parts. So let me guess; The Rogues Pack will have an Agent skin…

    The problem is that these skins are stuff thats already in the game, only now we’ll have to pay to have them enabled in MP.

  • I’m Berni a proud Fortune Hunter Club member, and i approve this post.


  • Wow. 4 maps? and no new trophies? expensive.

  • I don’t understand the Fortune Hunters club. It says the 24.99 is for 3 skins and one map pack only right? Or is the 24.99 for every dlc for uncharted 3 ? Also I wish this was totally new maps instead of maps from Uncharted 2.

    Myself i am disappointed that more dlc is being released while the game has tons of issues.

    Leaving the map on Desert village and not being seen and being able to shoot the opposite team

    Bad respawns

    Horrible lag on both the London underground train and the Airstrip while jumping on the plane.

    All parties in team deathmatch

    Blindfire is more accurate than actually aiming. This is the worst issue

  • BOOOOO to map packs and skins, I want episodic dlc content for single player campaign.

  • Where is my post ?

  • Does the fortune hunters club include every dlc that will be released for uncharted 3 or just the 1st map pack and the first 3 dlc new skin costumes ?

  • gimme Donut Elena!!!!!!!!!

  • This brings us to about $23 worth of U3 content so far…

    FHC is $25. This is only ONE of THREE map packs mentioned.

    Wait we get even MORE DLC beyond that?

    $25 well spent. The Rogue idea is pretty cool.

    And hey more Adventure content! I feel bad for the people who did it on crushing because there’s probably ANOTHER reward to beat these ones on crushing when they come out xD

  • awwwww no new trophies :C

  • WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT……you’re telling me……we pay you $25…… give us 14 DLC PACKS…….as in a four with a one in front of it…….making them essentially $1.79 each?



  • Eric, PLEASE tell me that Elena is going to be in these new Co op Adventure map packs! And be second character so she gets some good lines. I’m tearing my hair out with worry I didn’t know I’d have that she won’t be in it. Please tell me, or drop a hint if you can’t, OR tell ND to put her Elena Fisher in these new Adventure maps. Please (and thank you)!!!

  • Yes, Eric answer Speedemon1066’s query. Just because I care as much as him. Elena Fisher in the Co op Adventure maps! Will Elena be a dougnut skin. If not add her please! Elena in the Co op Adventure packs. If you can’t answer Speedemon then could you put in a good word for us at ND! thanks!

  • Total Epicness, I can’t wait to play as my favorite villans in new co-op maps. I wonder if you could get new skins from these co-op maps. I would really like to see that yeti monster as a skin.That would be cool as a kickback also, just turn into a monster and maul some people. That sounds like a good time, like juggernaut and creepy crawlers combined. Also cannot wait for the donut packs, would love to see a Marlowe who looks like a regular customer to McDonalds. Keep it up Naughty Dog, and you might see some of my cash going your way.

  • Eric , If you can’t answer the ‘ELENA IN CO OP ADVENTURE MAPS’ just tell us and PLEASE tell ND that we wan’t her in the new maps in a decent role. Thanks.

  • So basically by getting the Fortune Hunters Club I Get all the DLC past and present right ?

  • Wil there eventually be a lab? I enjoyed it in U2…imagine the fun with a T-Bolt and Tau match…or why not a greande and kickback match…Keep up the goood work…those of us who stink and play for fun appreciate your efforts…

  • Ya that would be cool just a tbolt round, smart thinking coach_adkins45

  • Sounds ok., wish there was some single player DLC though.


    so if i join the Fortune Hunters’ Club TODAY , will i get the all the OLD DLC, like the classic skin packs, and this DLC map pack? , or am I TOO LATE?

    • Yes you will get all the past DLC. The Classic skin packs 1, 2, and 3 and the Killzone Accessory pack as well as the Flashback Map pack #1–and the upcoming DLC not yet out.

  • How long is that “limited time deal” on the FHC? it’s been about 3 months, i’d say limited time has passed. everyone got it because its limited and because of the deal, but if it’s just gonna stay that priced then you’ve pretty much lied to get sales….

  • Damn, Lazarevic. Lookin’ good. Nice polys on your head, dude. Have you gotten some work done?

  • I can’t wait to re-re-purchase these skins/maps again when they’re re-re-mastered for Uncharted 4. What a system they have in place now for DLC! Taking time to actually build new content? NAHHH! Just “remaster” old stuff and re-sell it again and again. It’s actually brilliant.

  • Thnx for clearing that up for us im glad to hear that you poured hours into the DLC cause a couple minutes of developing wud be kinda weak for $10 or dissapointing for a FHC member im hoping the nxt DLC you guys can pour days or even 1 or 2 if your not to bizzy for some new maps and maybe a ladies in lingerie skin pack too
    thnx ND

  • I’m guessing, and remember, this is just a guess, that the image is teasing Co-Op where you play as Eddy, Lazarevic and Flynn gathering the pieces of Janus. I don’t know why, but that thought just seems amazing to me.

  • Regardless of what Eric said, you DO NOT get every bit of DLC available for Uncharted 3. Doughnut Lazarevic was excluded from the skin pack, and had to be purchased for $.49. So unless Eric is offering a refund to those of us who purchased the doughy villain, he is incorrect.

    • If you’re an FHC member you should be able to download the Doughnut Lazarevic skin FREE. Go to the PS store from inside the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer menu.

  • Does anyone know if you will have to renew your Fortune Hunter Club to keep your DLC content?

  • @stardeth You can download Doughnut Lazarevic is FREE. All you need to do is go to store in Uncharted 3 Multiplayer menu.

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  • What’s with the no trophies :(.. I mean, I’m happy about the extra DLC, but I like to show off my accomplishments and new challenges totally encourage me to come back to a game :3

  • @JamesM5150 Good catch! Didn’t notice pointy Lazarevic until you mentioned it! lol As far as his skin goes, too late, but it would’ve been nice to know it wouldn’t be free BOTH ways before. Not like I died from the cost or anything…

  • 10 for old map packs..this game is certainly starting to follow some CALL OF DUTY schemes for the online community. :/ Well i will be waiting for some NEW STUFF..and by stuff i mean MAPS and SKINS and hopefully WEAPONS..HOPEFULLY :/

  • @Capshot

    That is probably right.

    3 people style Co-op (just like the one included on the disc)

    Oh my god you’re probably right.

    We’ll might finally be able to play as the villains :D

  • hey i have a question see if i get the fortune hunter club do i get like something tht shows im a memeber when i play u3 or is just for the psn store i love U3 and with the new maps im thinkin of buying the FHC but i dont mind if there isnt i just need a reply please thx :)

    • There’s a exclusive FHC theme for your PS3 when you become a member. Nothing shows up in-game but that’s an interesting idea!

  • ohh ya and it also says this: if you’re a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club these maps will be available free to you. If not, you can gain access today by purchasing the FHC from the PS Store. It’s a fantastic deal at $24.99.

    it says free to you so its free if i join FHC right so i need a reply on tht too plz :)

    • Yes, it would be free – as in included in your membership – if you join the Fortune Hunters’ club right now.

  • awesome. im downloading them now. thanks for the 7 extra packs for FHC too haha.

    any word on increasing/lifting the level cap anytime soon? i know lots of people a bit frustrated with being stuck at 3rd legacy level 75 for a long time. thanks.

  • Thanks ND can’t wait to download the maps tonight! :)

    @nYcFrEeWiLL82 :
    How can you compare this to COD??? CoD DLC are 15$ for EACH pack, and their “bundle price” is 50$ for a year, wich is 2 TIMES more than the FHC for Uncharted 3!
    For 25$ we get 14 DLC PACKS total, including 2 revamped U2 maps packs AND 2 new map PACKS later on! 14 DLC packs means less than 2$ a pack…wich is WAY BETTER than MOST DLC OUT THERE!
    Beside, CoD, like a lot of other game are recycling maps from previous titles too without changing the textures/ambiance…and it’s way easier to create a map for a FPS title because you have no climbable and grabable areas and such other things…

    I don’t think so…but if you use the skins and plays on the maps it will say to others that you are a FHC member…lol : ))

  • Fortune Hunter Club is a great deal. Already a bunch of content with the skins and maps coming out today but on top of that your adding more! I think i orgasmed when I read that part XD sure they’re all hand-me-downs from U2 but come on people. These 4 maps coming out today, it’s not like you’ve been playing them for the past 3 months. Its not completely new but its something we didn’t have before. I don’t know why people complain. I mean new NEW maps are coming soon either way. Just enjoy these in the meantime. Or maybe I’m just less stingy since I didn’t pay for DLC on U2 :P Never Pay Full Price !!! haha

  • @aclockworkgeorge:
    Yeah, can’t wait for news on LEVEL CAP too but at the same time please ND don’t turn this into CoD by ginving us 10-15 legacies…that’s boring. You should make current legacy (3rd) or the 4th one the last but with extra levels that goes up to 100 with a lot more XP needed to go up, not as much as U2 but a lot more than for current levels in U3 please!

  • I hope Eric could answer this. As mentioned on one of your reply FHC includes 14 packs. Will the packs exceed above 14? Will there be more packs where we could pick or choose? thanks

  • Come on people,these old maps have been redone with weather effects and look totally different. If you do like it dont buy it and go back to COD. FHC is looking to be a great deal with all the content coming. They have a lot more great stuff in store yet that we dont even know about.
    ND will take care of us, just you see. PS3 is a great place to be, looking forward to another exclusive coming in Feb. TWISTED METAL ……………………yea

  • That Co-op adventure pic looks like its from the Fort in UC1 in the really annoying flooded room. :D

  • $10 for old maps, seriously ND…and you chose to include 4 Uncharted 2 maps (the worst bunch of them in my opinion) in U3, so the game is still quite short in original content to begin with. No matter what you say about these revamped maps using new tech and whatever, they are still the old maps, who can you possibly charge so much for them? and why not release new original maps first? I’m very disappointed.

  • I dont get why it is so hard as to make new maps. I mean these maps are good( They Better Be), but they are old from uc2. I could make these maps with this new lightning effects and some snow. You should make really new maps like these: in single player the SHIP scene could be a good map. At the beggining of the chapter where the barfight is held would be a good place, That place where drake is as a kid could be a good place to. If any 1 else has any good ides for maps plz tell

  • Roll on Twisted Metal, I’m done with U3.

  • ND should just “remaster” Uncharted 3 and call it Uncharted 4. Since it would be a “remaster” it would be new and exciting. Why bother spending time making new material! It has different lighting effects now!!

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