A Twisted Metal Message from David Jaffe

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A Twisted Metal Message from David Jaffe

Hey all, we have a special holiday message from David Jaffe, Co-Director of the new Twisted Metal and co-founder of Eat Sleep Play.

While Dave and the team are hard at work finishing up Twisted Metal, he wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday and make a special holiday announcement!


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  • Wow, true love to the fans. I still have twisted metal black but no Ps2 console :(
    I cannot wait to pick up this game! Delaying the game was for the best definitely. Happy holidays Jaffe!

    • Thanks man. We feel the delay really helped us out as well and hope players agree when the game hits. Happy holidays to you as well!

  • You’re pretty twisted yourself, Jaffe. Thats a cool bonus for a coupon, or green stamp thing.

    • Ahhh, green stamps! Man, me and my grandmother used to collect those from the grocery store in Alabama and save them up then go to the Green Stamp store and I’d get cool toys. I remember once I got this kick ass laser pistol toy. Anyway…where was I ?!? :)

      But yeah, the bonus was all Sony and we were surprised to hear about it about 2 months ago! But we like the idea as well and love it’s hitting with the first printing of the title.

  • Nice. Ever science i heard this was coming to ps3 i knew i wanted it!!

    @2 Ha

    • Cool! Thanks man! Hope we don’t let ya down when it ships! We’re super proud of the new Twisted Metal and hope you dig it!

  • Awesome extra gift for the fans, thanks!

  • Twisted Metal Black was the game that got me into the series, and the primary reason I have so much faith in the new game. I personally champion that game any chance I get because I rarely hear anyone speak of it on their “Best PS2 Games” list. I think this is a great idea, and a fantastic nod to your hardcore fans. But I mostly posted here to say that you guys (and more specifically you, Jaffe) have an openness toward your fans that every developer should have. If more companies were like you, this industry would be much stronger than it already is. As a fan, I appreciate what you guys are doing. I wish you all the success in the world, I really do.

    • Thanks from all of us for the kind TM:BLACK words! Even though we made that game over 10 years ago, it’s still really nice to hear you hold such fond memories of it.

      As for other developers being open: I dunno, I do it cause I like chatting and gabbing about games and geek stuff with anyone who will listen! I don’t think it makes the biz weaker cause there are game makers who DON’T chat with gamers as much. I think the other part of it is I work at home these days (the team is in Utah, but I didn’t want to move from sunny San Diego) so while they are off at lunch gabbing games with each other or hanging in the hall talking about the latest cool movie trailer, I just hop online and chat about it with my online family of fellow geeks and game peeps! :)

  • Twisted Metal was the game that made me a Playstation gamer, and I’m glad that after all these years it’s returned to remind me of why I love gaming so much.

    • Cool! I remember seeing the boxes for TWISTED METAL and WARHAWK in the EB GAMES in 1995 the day the titles hit and most gamers still didn’t know if Playstation would even catch on! What a thrill to see that series alive and well 16 years later! And hell, same with WARHAWK. StarHawk is not set in the WarHawk universe but they share a lot of the same DNA (and some members of the original WarHawk team as well, I THINK!) :)…

      Glad we aided in showing you the power and potential of the original Playstation. Hope we can make another such mark on you- and gamers who have yet to take the Playstation 3 plunge- with the new Twisted!

  • The first Twisted Metal debuted in 95 and I love that game I got TM2 on the go on my PSP as well as my PS3 and well this game is must for me I played black even unlocking Minion which gave me chills when I unlocked him. I just want to know if this game is going to include trophies? Cause I could plat black without cheats and if cheats are enabled they should disable trophies. When I played TM Black the last character I would play with is Sweet Tooth cause I always save the best for last. I don’t know why people are afraid of clowns. ha but, I can’t wait for it Feb. is going to be a money grinder cause of the PS Vita and this game not to mention I have to pick up Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 as well. Busy Feb.

    • Wow- that’s an expensive Feb to be sure! Thanks for putting us on your ‘gotta buy’ list!

      As for the new TM:Black download, I am pretty sure there is no trophy support and it’s not HD. It’s the actual, honest to goodness TM:BLACK we shipped in June of 2001.

  • Thank you Eat Sleep Play/Jaffe

    Already had the game on pre-order, so this is just an added bonus.

    Much success.

    • Thanks for the well wishes and for the pre-order! That faith in us and the game means a lot to us and serves as a great motivator as we finish up the last 3-5 weeks of game making!

  • Thanks Mr. Jaffe.
    This a great way to start off the new year. Nice 1st party title to keep the ps3 hot streak going.
    More developers should do this. Imagine a new Rygar with the original arcade Rygar included. Or even better, A remake of Battle Arena Toushiden with the original ps1 copy included..Ooooohhhh.

    • Wait, a new Rygar…I thought that was GOD OF WAR?!?! :)

      I keed, I keed but I tell ya: when I heard the new one was doing Greek Mythology (this was like 2003 time frame) I was depressed for days. I was like: ‘DOH! THEY GOT THERE FIRST!!! NOOOOO!!!’

      But I really dug the new one- was lots of fun!

  • Curious if the TMBlack download is going to be the PS2 version, or an updated HD version.

  • Twisted Metal Black comes with the new game!? WOOOO!! :D

  • Man, I forgot how close this game is to getting released. Now you got me hyped again… thanks..

    • You are welcome! And thanks for being hyped again! :) We’re doing our best to make sure your hype is well deserved!

  • Love the new TM but hells yes having the old school TM B makes 10 times better just having both of the best 2 TMs games on one disk I mean 1ce the new 1 releases with black even though I have black on disk and same with all the other TM games its cool caz ill be able 2 now play it on PS3 have a great safe and fun new year every1. P.S LONG LIVE TWISTED METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Just so you are clear: the new Twisted Metal ships with a voucher to let you download a copy- for free- of TM:Black that sits on your hard drive. It’s not actually on the disc. But either way, glad the decision has you jazzed! We feel the same!

      You have a great, safe, and fun new year as well! And yes, long live Twisted Metal!!!!!

  • WOW i will buy it for Sure, PLEASE MAKE IT HD WITH TROPHIES

    • :(

      Sorry- no time to do those things. It’s not HD and it doesn’t have trophies. Hope you still dig the nod to the past while enjoying the upgraded, updated, and best ever (we feel!) Twisted Metal on PS3!

  • Awesome. Can’t wait. :)

    • Us either! Can’t wait to walk into the store and see our baby sitting on the shelf! Been a long haul on this game but we feel it’s the best one we’ve made and we hope you’ll agree!

  • You are the man.

    I’m still picking this up Day 1, you just only sweetened the deal ;)

    **Proud Twisted Metal Fan 15 years strong!**

    • Ah man, thanks for sticking with our series from the very beginning! That means so much to us, not just because of the practical support but because it means you really get and love the vision of Twisted, just like we do! Whenever we meet such hardcore fans of the series, it means tons because it really is like meeting a kindred spirit who ‘gets’ it, you know?

      Hoping the new Twisted Metal keeps you a fan and lives up to your dedication of the series!

  • I’m still excited for Twisted Metal’s return and this nice bonus of Twisted Metal Black is amazing. Jeff’s still killing it with the comedy! Happy Holidays to you Chad, Jeff, and the rest of the Team

    • Why do people call me Jeff?

      I swear, I see it more and more and more on the net. Please explain!!!! :)

      And yes, Happy Holidays to you as well :).


    • Ok.

      Just kidding, not really.

      I was playing BF3 last nite tho. Campaign. Kept dying at that SAME damn spot! It’s like they spiked the difficulty all the sudden and I’ve died like 20 times! Anyway, love that game!

  • Also, for all of you asking about TW Black, this clearly implied that Twisted Metal Black is coming to the PS2 classics collection anytime between now and February 14th.

    The voucher he mentions is probably for that.

    • I have to counter the statement ‘this clearly implied that Twisted Metal Black is coming to the PS2 classics collection anytime between now and February 14th’ given I have no idea what your talking about :).

      Are you suggesting Sony is going to sell TM:B on PSN? I’ve not heard about that, but I guess it’s possible. No idea if they are going to sell it and if they do, if it will be on sale before or after TM PS3 hits.

  • ……GRANTED! ..I mean, sold.

    And even if I don’t get the voucher – awesome if this means Twisted Metal Black turns up with the ps2 classics. :)

  • I just want 2 ask when you say first print do you mean like who ever pre orders or just the first copies like within the 1st week of launch? Will it be in HD version or regular? and last will there be trophies for the relaunched TM Black? Please reply.

    • Thanks for the questions. Here goes:

      1. pre-orders are irrelevant I think. It’s just the voucher is packed in to the first run of games we make (not sure what that number is). Certainly those who pre order and are guaranteed a copy day 1 will have a great chance of getting the limited edition cause I don’t imagine we’ll sell out the entire first printing just on pre-orders…I mean, that would be GREAT but I’m not expecting that. My gut tells me even if you don’t pre-order you’ll be able to get this offer day 1 just by walking into a store BUT that’s not the official word, that’s just me guessing. BUT I have been assured that once the first print runs out (and hopefully we will be a big enough success to do another printing) this offer will expire for good.

      2. TM BLACK is not HD.

      3. TM BLACK offers no online and no trophy support. It’s the actual game we shipped back in 2001.

  • Still not sold on the game until significant single-player details come out. More than just “hey we made live action endings!”. Do not care for multi-player gaming whatsoever, and I still own Black so… your move Jaffeyboy.

    • Wow- I wrote you a super long post and then the blog says it was too long :(.

      BUT I stuck it on my blog, so give it a read there if you like.



    • Wow- I wrote you a super long post and then the blog says it was too long :(.

      BUT I stuck it on my blog, so give it a read there if you like.

      I guess I can’t post links on this so just google DAVID JAFFE BLOG and you should get a link-


  • I still own Black and could never play it its was online only if I remember correctly. Never had internet back in those days. Delaystion 3 Long live play (:

    • Yeah, the team in Utah put out TM:BLACK ONLINE and lots of fans seemed to really dig it. That was a different version though that you got for free if you purchased Sony’s online adapter. That online version will not be part of this download, sadly. We just didn’t have the time to support. Woulda been cool for sure!

  • wow @megamixer go to his blog he talked plenty about the offline play just not as much caz the ppl like us that actually use r PS3s 2 its top potential care 4 both online and offline modes and hell he might not be able to tell something like there way more stuff he has not showed about online mode but hell IDC I love to have surprises I mean sure its bugs the hell out of me but if u see it all b4 hand then u might loss ur interest in the game so I mean sure I would love to see everything but I love 2 see when its 100% completed. just so u know I not made when I wrote this but if your a true TM fan you’ll buy it and have faith in it that it will be good enough so dont knock it b4 u try it.

    • Three thoughts on this:

      1- thanks for your support- means tons!

      2- While I appreciate the faith, games are expensive and while I’m not a fan of megamixer’s tone, I think customers have every right (even an obligation really) to demand all they can before they spend their money. We look at every customer for this new game as a new customer that we have to win over with each and every iteration and sequel.

      3- Agree on the spoiler thing. It’s a tough line because some folks want lots of info before they make a purchase decision, and some folks want no info. I’m the latter kind of player (have intentionally avoided ANY Darksiders2 info- including screenshots- for that very reason) but I respect the fact that there are lots of different gamer types.

  • clicking the snowflake button makes this video infinetly better. Jaffe covered in snow makes it feel more festive and makes the darkness of twisted metal even better

  • Awesome! I have the first run of TM Black sitting on my shelf still, picked that one up on day 1 and this one will be the same. I’m going to attempt to stay single till at least Feb 14th so I have no distractions on that day ;)

    • Good idea!

      Better idea: find a significant other who loves games and Twisted Metal as much as you do! :)

      And thank you for the support of our series- that means tons to us!

  • david, why did you post a blog; stoned? lol just kidding hehe haha. thanks david & happy holidays to you to :) well time to go drink a little something, something :)

    • I was not stoned, I promise.
      I just don’t like watching- and thus making- clearly rehearsed and thus not real/human kinds of videos when it comes to these sorts of announcements. I want our work to be over the top and polished and hyper real but when it’s just me talking, I’d rather come off as I really am. And yes, sometimes (often times?) that’s me being a distracted guy with way too many thoughts rushing in my head competing with each other for which one gets to be verbalized and shared with the world :).

  • I already have it pre-ordered through amazon but i’m about to pre-order through other places to make sure i get that voucher! I had TW:B but was lost in a move.. So now i can play it again. :) Really looking forward to it… Also, Really looking forward to the R/C cars and T-Shirts mentioned from your Blog.. If you have any more details on that, that’ll be great to hear too!

    • I was not stoned, I promise.

      I just don’t like watching- and thus making- clearly rehearsed and thus not real/human kinds of videos when it comes to these sorts of announcements. I want our work to be over the top and polished and hyper real but when it’s just me talking, I’d rather come off as I really am. And yes, sometimes (often times?) that’s me being a distracted guy with way too many thoughts rushing in my head competing with each other for which one gets to be verbalized and shared with the world :).

    • Thanks for the pre-order. Sorry for the other comment- that was meant for station3fever above! :)

      As for shirts, head over to my blog to check out a Twisted Metal contest we’re running where you can win those shirts before they hit stores!

      As for when the shirts and R/C cars and stuff will hit retail, not sure yet (ideally same time as game hits). Will let ya’ll know via this blog or my blog or my twitter as soon as we get some locked dates. Played with the R/C video in Chad’s office a month or so ago and the thing is really fast and responsive! It rocks!

  • I couldn’t help but laugh after hearing ya get sidetracked over coupons and vouchers… XD

  • look at what I found it might not be exciting but just look if you want 2 its about TM Black coming 2 PS3. 1st go to ersb.com, 2nd click advanced search, then in the drop menu box that says search by platform, put Twisted Metal on the search box, but click title in the circle buttons below then click search. like I said it may not be exciting but I think its pretty cool that its official TM B coming on to PS3 even though DJ said it I just like 2 have more then 1 resource 2 go by.

    • Yeah, I’m real happy it’s going in the box! Fun to share a game a lot of the TM fans love with new fans as well as share a look back with the fans who experienced it back in the day!

  • srry select PS3 in the drop box

  • Merry Christmas!!!

  • @A104049
    I don’t want to know everything about the game. Far from it in fact. I’d simply like assurance this games single-player will be as full and fleshed out as it was in all previous TMs. As it stands right now, the SP talk has been vastly overshadowed by MP each time this new TM is brought up. Some more focus on this “phantom SP mode” would be welcomed.

    • Again, please visit my blog. Does that give you enough information to help paint a better picture of our campaign mode?

  • AWESOME!!!. I lost my original copy on PS2 but still have the Multiplayer disc for Twisted Metal black. A true treat indeed. Still going to be a day one purchase. COME ON FEB!!!

  • Besides Hitman Absolution and Max payne 3, Twisted Metal is another game that i cannot wait to play in 2012!

  • Question: why is there no more Axel pre order bonus advertised anywhere in Canada (futureshop, ebgames, amazon)?

    • Hey- I have zero idea. Not sure if Chad or anyone from SCEA is reading this but if so, could you guys give Harshevik an answer? Hit me up on twitter or my blog if you don’t get answer in the next week and I’ll try to see if I can get you some info.

  • I do have a question, I have all my PS2 saves one my PS3; Will my PS2 Twisted metal black save be compatible with the downloadable version?

    • Good question. I have NO IDEA. Hit me up on twitter or my blog and I’ll try to get you an answer in the next week or so. Deal?

  • I can’t say how much I look forward to this, not just as a twisted metal fan, but as a classic gaming fan over all. I’ve been craving the over the top and brutal arcade like game play games such as this, unreal, quake used to give me honestly. The mix of insanity, mayhem, and 90’s music just makes it all the better.

    I cannot wait to see more, and most of all, get my hands on it finally. :)

    • Cool man! So glad you are digging what we are selling!

      For us, the challenge has been making sure the new Twisted definitely feels and plays like a modern title and not some throwback while at the same time making sure a lot of those 90’s shooter sensibilities are represented. I’m pretty proud of the hybrid we’ve created!

      Very excited to share it with fans who long for shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament (and action/arcade games like Mortal Kombat and Mario Kart Battle Mode) while at the same time worried that reviewers will get those nods but still feel we are living in the past with our design choices.

      As I’ve said in the press, I’ll put our MP (split screen and/or online) up against ANY MP shooter that has shipped in the last few years when it comes to fun factor and value. I’m that proud and excited by what the team has created. But I’m also prepared that some- but not all- critics are going to feel it’s too arcadey and old school and thus dismiss it out of hand and thus miss the super deep play that exists in this new title.

  • @megamixer true im sorry never thought of that way caz all they talked about was the doll face boss part of story,

  • I am really pumped for the new Twisted Meatal. I just reserved my copy today!

    • Ah, cool man! Thank you for the reserve! We’re still cranking super hard to make sure the game doesn’t let you down! See you online on Valentine’s Day!

  • I hope Europe gets something similar but I doubt it, even though we’ve been so loyal we still get treated like second class citizens. :(

    • First off let me say: AT THE MOMENT this is JUST an SCEA deal. I hope it makes its way to SCEE territories but my understanding is that that decision will be made by SCEE in the new year. Whether TM:BLACK for Europe contains the American version or the original European version is also- as I understand it- TBD.

      Regarding the 2nd class citizen comment, let me just say this: different cultures and countries have their own ways of doing things and that includes what content they allow into their country. I respect that even though as a creator, it can often be frustrating. Ah hell, as a creator, it’s often times INFURIATING! :)

      Now the cool thing is, because of the net, we’ve discovered Twisted fans all over the world! We honestly thought there were only like 5 people in Europe who liked this series! And while it’s never going to be the year’s biggest seller in Europe, turns out there are lots more European TM fans than we ever knew existed! Not to mention South America and Australia as well! And we’re thrilled about that. To that end, a few things you should know:


    • * Since online is such a huge aspect of this new game, you’ll be able to join other TM fans all over the world and play ranked games, join clans,etc. I’m personally looking forward to getting to know and play with and helping to grow a truly international Twisted Metal fan base!

      * Unlike TM:Black, where we had to respect a number of country codes and laws about content and there just was no time to do anything but make a simple ‘cut all the movies out’ decision, with this new TM, I’ve supervised and directed every single edit that needs to be made to the movies and Scott Campbell and I have supervised and directed every single in game content change in order to guarantee that anyone who plays TM- no matter the territory- will get the true vision and spirit of the game. Sure a shot may be missing here, an animation there, but I assure you: the essence of the game remains the same no matter the version.

  • @Megamixer – Why do you even post on here every week? You don’t even play your PS3 and barely support it at all getting only 2 games a year. Seriously, who plays only 7 games in 2 (soon to be 3) years?

    I do agree that while i know ill love the MP i do what to hear more about the SP, but seeing you on the PSN updates every week, complaining pathetically is annoying.

    Thanks fro including Black in the LE Jaffe, it’s actually the only Twisted Metal i’ve ever missed out on. Question though, Why did you guys decide to release it on a Friday and not a Tuesday?

    • Thanks for the support and glad this will help you play all the TM games! :)

      Don’t get your question: we ship on Valentine’s Day which is Feb 14th which is a Tuesday. Where are you seeing a Friday release?


    • NO KIDDING!!!

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Flood PSN with this request! I would LOVE for Sony to pony up 1-2 million bucks for an exclusive, hard core R rated PSN slasher starring Tooth. Very low budget but gritty and nasty. Sell it on PSN first, then release it on Blu Ray!

      Man, what a dream that would be! :)

  • Can’t wait to play the beast!

    TM1, TM2 (so much fun with the Eiffel Tower level!) and TM:BLACK were SUPERB games, among my all-time favorites and I play games since some time now…I’m 32 and still I feel like a child waiting for TM on PS3!!! : )

    • Ah man, thank you for saying those nice things! How cool to know that a game we’re working on can evoke such amazing feelings! But our goal is to not rest on those wonderful, powerful nostalgic feelings of fans but instead pretend this is a brand new series and game and we’re going to have to earn each and every fan all over again!

      I think that’s the responsible way to make sequels and while only time will tell if we succeeded, at least this way we’ll know we tried our best!

      Thanks for being there from the start, DaveedT! We appreciate that support and hope the game we ship is deserving of your loyalty!

  • Please tell me this isn’t US only!!

    • Hey- not sure yet :(. I hope not. Please see a more detailed reply to this very question a few posts up…I think it’s post #41.

  • i cant wait just another reason to get it first day twisted metal black and twisted metal 4 were the best ones so thanks

  • @shadysaiyanz
    I’ve mentioned this before but don’t you see the theme I have going there? I only a.) purchase and b.) platinum games on this account. The rest are all hidden away offline. Its a form of customization. I have 30 (Retail), 48 (PSN) and 18 (PS1) games for my PS3. I may have only bought 6 this year, but between PSN being down for a month, and having my PS3 die (couldn’t afford a refurb 4 for months), then having the next one die, I’ve maybe only really been able to use my system for about half the year. :| Why am I pegged as a hater when I keep coming back for more?…

  • If I preorder it from GameStop do I still get this downloaded game?

    • Pre-order or not, however you acquire your game, my understanding is the FIRST PRESS of the game (be it 50,000 units or 5,000,000 units…I really have no idea) will have the voucher inside for TMB. The hope is the game is a big enough hit that stores sell thru their inventory and order more. In that case, we’ll print more BUT those new versions will not contain TMB.

      Does that make sense/help?

  • Just another reason to buy Twisted Metal! I can’t wait!

  • @42, the 14th of February is a Tuesday!!! What calendar are you looking on?

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