A Twisted Metal Message from David Jaffe

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A Twisted Metal Message from David Jaffe

Hey all, we have a special holiday message from David Jaffe, Co-Director of the new Twisted Metal and co-founder of Eat Sleep Play.

While Dave and the team are hard at work finishing up Twisted Metal, he wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday and make a special holiday announcement!


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  • Co-Director? Why? When did that change?

    • What do you mean? Scott Campbell and I have always directed and lead designed the Twisted Series. That is why we are called co-directors.

  • This will clearly be the best Valentine’s Day to ever take place in the history of humanity. Forget stupid cards, forget stupid flowers, forget stupid jewelry, forget stupid candy (actually candy is delicious, scratch that). New Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal Black together in one awesome package.

    Can’t wait!

  • Mr. Jaffe. I have to say that I honestly never played a single Twisted Metal game. I’m more of a Japanese developed game, gamer…heh.

    But I do branch out with series like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Resistance, God of War (of course), Uncharted (of course)…

    Is this reboot of the franchise any good? o_O
    Also, there’s been massive rumors about God of War IV. Can you shed some light on whether or not this is a game that is actually being made. If so, are you involved? I really hope so.

  • I pre-ordered it last summer. David your games are awesome. We know you work really hard on them, so thank you.

    Wondering if TM is going have Wheel support? I got the Thrustmaster T500RS for GT5, & playing TM with a wheel would be rad. Maybe it’s not possible cause how do you shoot & snipe with wheel controls? It does have a D pad and buttons?

    • Hey- thanks for the kind words. I know you know this but just so everyone reading knows ‘my’ games are really ‘our’ games since there are TONS of people working on them and contributing huge skills and talents that make these titles all they are. I am super lucky to have gotten to work with such great, talented teams over the years.

      No wheel support at the moment. Too much for our small team to do just to get the core game going. If there’s a demand though, perhaps down the road via a patch. But no plans at the moment. Heck, we don’t even have DLC plans right now cuz we’re all just waiting anxiously to see how much of an audience still exists for our baby! Would love to do all kinds of support and DLC and such if the game finds a good sized audience!

      I don’t know what you mean when you ask, ‘it does have a D pad and buttons?’ tho. Can you elaborate?

  • Flooding as per David :)

    + Crump on December 28th, 2011 at 12:16 pm said:

  • @David Jaffe
    I feel for you! I get hit with that 1250 character limit quite often! Re-reading my own post makes me feel like I could have phrased things in a much better tone. Now I have a feeling I’m going to get blasted… :o

    *read blog*

    Only 3 characters for the story mode? Hm, maybe Sweettooth will be an unlockable fourth. I’ll have to find that out for myself (spoilers not wanted)! The story mode stuff does sound very different from the older games which I suppose accounts for it having fewer characters. I never really thought of previous TM games SP as deathmatchs before but when you put it that way, then TM PS3s SP sounds a lot more like traditional single player games/modes. With all the fuss over this games MP I never got a good understanding of how its SP has evolved. The old games SP & MP were essentially the same but now they have their own identity..? That was unexpected and very interesting!

    To apologize for the disrespect I’ll load up amazon and get a pre-order going :) It will sit proudly next to my ancient copies of TM/TM2/TM:B/TM:HO:ETE.

    Thanks once again for shedding a great deal of light on the SP situation!

    • Thanks! Ok…so 2 names on the petition so far… :)

    • Ooophs, wrong post!

      No worries on the disrespect. I get it. Internet anonymity gets the best of us all at times :). But thank you for the pre-order anyhow! :)

      Tooth IS the first character in chapter I, so no need to unlock him. No spoiler, we’ve let it be know Tooth was in the game for over a year :).

      Yeah, only 3 characters for story mode. We debated it for a while and there were lots of reasons we did it, the main one being we felt we could not ship a campaign using the older TM structure…it’s just too dated. Plus we wanted to really flesh out the universe and world and characters and for us, diving deep into and spending our production money and time on Tooth, Grimm, and Dollface (not to mention learning about Calypso and Preacher, who are intertwined in the stories) allowed us to really expand the TM world vs. having 8-12 little short joke endings that- while fun- felt too insignificant for a campaign game story in 2012.

      Hope you like what you play if you decide to give our title a shot!

    • Oh man- my message got nuked! GRRRR!

      Anyway- yes- no worries – net anonymity gets the best of us at times! :)

      Thank you for giving our game a shot and we hope you dig the campaign when you play it.

      Had typed out more explanation of the story mode and why only 3 characters but I’m running out of fuel- and gotta get back to working on the game- so I’ll explain that in more detail in the next few weeks.

  • Jaffe, thank you so much. Hope you had a good holiday with your family. I’m going to pre order Twisted Metal tonight with the gift cards I got for Christmas.

    Words can’t express how much I want this game. Every Playstation system I have (minus PSP), I got for Twisted Metal, and the PS3 is no exception. Thank you for keeping us in the loop, the Twisted Metal series is the reason I play video games, and is one of the reasons I am creatively inspired every day to make great games, and am studying game design at school.

    Your Twisted Devotee and die hard fan,


    • Cool man! Thanks for using your Christmas loot to support our game! That means a lot to us- much, much appreciated!

      Wow- so you bought the whole system just for our game? No pressure! :) But thanks for saying that; thanks for ‘getting it’ and loving it. These games we make really are like our children and when we meet someone else who loves and supports them- as you do- it’s a really cool feeling! We are working hard to make sure this new game lives up to that faith and loyalty over the years! We’ll do our best not to let you down!

      Love you are going to make games- best of luck! Maybe one day soon I’ll be spending my gift cards on a pre-order for your first title!

  • Hey David whatever happened to that Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Contest giveaway about a year and a half or so. I received a message on PSN from Will Powers saying that I was one of the 10 that had won but never heard from him back. Is it still going on?

    • Doooood! Oh man, that ball got dropped about every way you could drop a ball! Tell you what, lemme send you a figure. I got a box full of them. Can you write Will back and give him your address and we’ll make sure we send that out this week or start of next week?

      Hit me up on my twitter account if you’ve gotten no response- those guys are slammed- and I’ll take care of you.

  • Awesome deal! Oddly enough I haven’t heard of Twisted Metal back on PS1, I do remember seeing Twisted Metal: Black on the store shelves but I thought it was some creepy horror game and never bothered looking it up, but man I wish I did! This new Twisted Metal will be my first, very excited and I’m glad I’ll also get to experience some of the older stuff that I missed out on!

    • Cool man- thanks for giving our game a try!

      Yeah, that was my mistake on the TM:B cover art. I LOVED the art and was in love with the universe and characters and it never occurred to me that players would think- just by the cover (not to mention the brand new logo/title treatment)- that the game was survival horror and not vehicle combat! That’s why the new cover has lots of vehicles going BOOM! on it :)….

      Welcome to the twisted fold, good sir! Hope you dig what you play and sooner than later we’ll be able to count you as one of the very passionate members of a vehicle combat community that spans the world! :)

  • Hey cam you say if it has custom soundtrack? I wanna listen to heavy metal while I destroy everything in sight!
    Thanks for adding black too!
    Your the man! :)

    • It DOES have a custom soundtrack! But it also has brand new metal tracks and classic tracks from Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Judas Priest, NWA, GhostFace Killah, Iggy Pop, Airborne, Sammy Hagar, and more!

  • David do you think that the world wide release date for PS Vita will affect on TW sales or reduce the advertisement for the game? and did discuss this with Sony before you postpone the game release last September or it just all big coincidence?

    • I’m sure to SOME degree. BUT we’re in good company: God of War launched the same week as the PSP and that did ok :)…so we’re hoping some of that same ‘launching handheld hardware with a new game on the console side’ magic rubs off on us! :)

      Truth is tho-my feeling is this: people who want to play this game are going to get it week 1 anyway (assuming they are happy with word of mouth and/or reviews). I think that loyal, passionate TM audience is big and strong BUT I don’t think that audience is large enough to get us to profitability. And since we’re not a hyped to the moon kind of title that sells a million+ copies day 1 anyway, I’m hoping the loyal fans + the right reviews+ great word of mouth (starting from loyal TM fans and then spreading to new fans) is going to be what allows us to become a success. That’s how I see it going down IF we are to be deemed a hit. And in that scenario, the story won’t be fully written in the first week or even the second week. Which is a long way of saying: no, I’m not too worried about Vita hitting the same week as us. :)

  • Oh, what I mean is on the T500’s wheel is has most controls a DS3 has. The D-pad directional buttons, all buttons from the dual shock 3. The left stick the same axis as the wheel itself. So you really just missing the right stick, but it could be mapped to the wheels D-pad.

    On any un-supported games start up, this wheel will detect its not supported & will emulate the dual shock 3. Minus the force feedback of course. So as long as TM has the ability to remap the controls, this T500 will work.

    • I can’t promise it will work or not. I know so little about that kinda stuff. We have 3 preset controls in the new Twisted with no mapping feature so if you have to have that then- sadly- it doesn’t seem like the wheel will work. Sorry about that :(.

  • Was going to post on your blog but I don’t have any of those id-thingamabobs. So I’ll leave these questions here.

    Any thoughts on releasing this games (& other past TM)s soundtrack on PSN? It’d be fair game to sell after having given away 40~ tracks from TMs past for free with TM:HO:ETEs released! :)

    Also, with TM:B coming to PSN are/were there any thoughts on putting TM:HO:ETE up as well?


    p.s. Don’t let rap-haters, crunch time, and silly no-name blog posters get you down!

    • a- would love to sell the soundtrack! It may happen but I got no official word at the moment. Will keep ya’ll posted via twitter and my blog.

      b- I’ve heard nothing about it but I’d love to see TH:HO:ETE hit the PSN store!

  • Damn i wanted trophies of TM Black, this trophy thing really got me playing videogames, really a shame, yet is good to have it at least, this will be the first TM i play.

    • Yeah, trophies woulda been cool but we just didn’t have the time to support.

      Glad you’re going to give our series a chance- thank you for that! Really hope you dig the new one!

  • Happy New Year David and I really mean it, not only because TM is my most anticipated title of 2012, but also because I really really hope it’s a great game and it gets the sales and praise it deserves to put Eat Sleep Play in a vantage position so we can continue to enjoy more great, fresh experiences from you guys! Best of luck!

    • Happy New Year back! And thanks for the well wishes! Yeah, I have ZERO IDEA how well the game will do in sales and fan praise and review praise…you’d think this close to launch I’d have an idea but I just don’t know. Kinda scary! But also really exciting! :)

  • I called Jaffe “Jeff” and I can’t use the auto correct excuse because I’m not on my phone….Damn…but seriously Keep up the good work

    • :) No problem- lots of people do it on the net…wonder if it’s a lot of auto correct with people posting via smartphones :)…

  • Wow thanks a big one, will do. :)

  • Like I need another reason to buy this game. :) Will there be cheats in this game? Like tiny cars and big head mode?

    • No cheats in this one. I’m serious when I say it’s all we’ve been able to do to get the core game finished! :) If we get to do a sequel on day, would love to support that kind of stuff.

  • Wow, awesome. Even more “wow, awesome” is how many posts you actually replied. Huge respect. Day one buy for sure.

  • I love Twisted Metal, I spend countless hours playing with my friend back in the day. I hope there is a dynamic theme plan for it, I would like to have sweet tooth on my background. I would also love to see a twisted violent animated movie of sweet tooth and his origins. Good luck with the game, I know is a day 1 purchase for me.
    PS You stole one purchase from namco bandai because instead of buying soul calibur 5 I’m buying Twisted Metal.:)

    • No dynamic theme planned as of yet but I agree that it could be pretty darn cool.

      Animated or live action, Tooth has more stories in him for sure and I hope this game does well enough that those opportunities open for the freak! :)

      Thank you for the day 1 love, good sir! On behalf of myself and the team, that’s fantastic to hear! Poor, poor Ivy and her SC buddies :)…

  • Man… The original TM came out in 95. And I’ve been waiting for this game for over a decade, very excited. It also makes me feel old haha.

    With that said, that’s got to be a lot of pressure with it being over 10 years since Black! How do you deal with that?

    • Let’s grow old together, shall we? Cause yeah, realizing we started working on the first one when I was 23 or some such and now I’m 40?!!? How the hell did this happen?!?! Ah well, beats the alternative! :)

      Pressure? Yeah tons of pressure but its pressure we put on ourselves. I think you gotta do that so you push yourselves to do great work. Otherwise, if you are not striving for something special, you lose interest and then what’s the point to the work, you know?

    • Let’s grow old together then, shall we? I mean, I was 23 when we started working on game #1! What the hell happened?!?! Sheesh! Still, beats the alternative! :)

      We always put pressure on ourselves with every game, sequel or new IP. It’s a high stakes game these days with titles costing tons of dollas and tons of amazing games on the shelves…so you are always fighting to prove you’ve earned your seat at the table, always fighting to make sure people who pay for the game feel they get treated very, very well and got way more value than the purchase price. So yeah, pressure for sure…but I’m not complaining! It’s a fun, fun, wonderful career!

  • Awesome stuff David! That’s a very sweet bonus which I’ll definitely be getting since I am not gonna pass up on this game. The game is looking tons of fun and I can’t wait to get online and kick some major a**

  • One of the nicest things to hear is words of encouragement, and especially from one your heroes. Yourself and Mr. Kojima are to me what Spielberg is to you. That message touched my heart sir, and if I am ever lucky enough to make a game (or multiple ones would be nice) it would be an honor to have you play it.

    P.S. Just finished pre ordering TM. I hope the game gets the attention, sales and respect it deserves. And my favorite Twisted Metal to date comes with it? YES!

    • I can’t fathom that I would be a hero to someone else (cept my kids, I hope), let alone a ‘Spielberg’ to someone! That’s damn flattering and I appreciate it- very kind of you to say that. Forgive me if I can’t really believe it. Not that I think you are lying but you gotta understand, people like Spielberg really brought my creative soul to life and the idea that you feel our games have done the same to you…well…wow! That’s pretty dang kind and cool of you to say! THANK YOU!


      – don’t put your fate in the hands of luck. If you want to make a game, make one. That’s it. That simple.

      – Thank you for the pre order. All of us on the team really, really appreciate it and appreciate your faith that our game will be worth your time and excitement!

  • Jaffe, Jaffe, Jaffe. You never cease to amaze me. Your dedication and passion for everything that is gaming including your fans is nothing short of incredible. I read your blog, follow you on twitter, I was at the special God of War directors show last year and was even at Sony’s E3 press conference when you announced Twisted Metal and all I can say is thanks for being you and making yourself available to your fans for questions, comments and even the occasional personal attack. You truly do make gaming an enjoyable experience, not only in the games that you’ve made/make but your attention to detail when answering readers posts (not just this post either, any posts that you’ve made). It does feel good knowing that our inquires into our favorite games and game designers don’t go unnoticed, so thanks a bunch for that.
    With that, keep up the great work. I know TM will be awesome, I really enjoyed playing it at Comic Con this year and really look forward to playing it day one when it releases on Feb 14th. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Oh, and your Eat, Sleep, Play family as well!

    • You were at the GOW show? Cool! That was so much fun to do- had a blast! Thanks for coming out to see us- I had no idea if we’d have 5 people or 5000 in the audience!

      Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I love interacting with folks who like what we do! Not only do you guys pay for the roof over our heads and the food on our table but if you are fans of what we make it means we’re also connected in that way as well, sort of digging and enjoying the same kinds of entertainment!

      Glad you dug what you played at Comic Con. It’s gotten a LOT better!

      Happy holidays to you and yours as well! Have a Happy New Year!

  • That’s an awesome holiday surprise, David! I’ve been looking forward to Twisted Metal for a while now, but getting the opportunity to add a free downloadable Twisted Metal: Black to my collection is icing on the cake. Thanks for your hard work and Happy Holidays!

    • Cool- so glad you dug the surprise! We got an even cooler, better one coming up soonish! But cool- glad you liked the idea. Sony came up with it and I only heard about it a few months back. So glad TM fans are digging it!

      Happy Holidays to you as well!

  • Oh my god this is so fn cool! Thanks David Jaffe, I wish more games would do things like this, giving the fans a free game from the previous installments of the franchise as a thank you, reward, gift, etc.

    I remember buying the network adapter for the PS2 just to get twisted metal black for free, spent literally at least 100 hours playing twisted metal black online, good times during the dial up days.

    Going to pre-order twisted metal right now since I was debating about buying this game day 1 or later for a price drop on amazon since there are WAY too many games I need to finish nowadays if you know what I mean.

    One question though, for the people that don’t end up buying the new twisted metal game, will sony be releasing twisted metal black on the psn store for 9.99-14.99 sometime in the future? Perhaps they will release it for free for ps plus members, etc

    Anyways, I can’t wait and make sure the Quality Assurance team is testing this game like crazy before release date, I got a feeling there’s going to be issues in the online/multiplayer department but prove me wrong!

  • Hey Dave, any kind of succees in avoiding the mandatory online pass for your game? Or unfortunately the suits left you with no choice?

  • Will it have 4 player Split-screen mode with bots? (not sure if they will be called bots, maybe car-bots, er erm) :D

  • Sweet! Although I am currently living in Sweden and there are no indications at the current time that SCEE will give us the same deal, I am STILL pre-ordering your game :)

    I’ve always loved TM, one of the first games i really became hooked on was TM2 (I might have been too young to play it at the time, shhh don’t tell anyone!) so a new TM was a no-brainer!

    thank you (Even if there isnt any Black in my TM) :)

  • I personally first got into TM when 2 came out when I was about 8…..Now I’m nearly 25 and my girlfriend and I have been super stoked about this for the past 3 years when we first found out about it. we loved the darkness of black (which we still play) and hope we get the same grim feeling from the new installment! Dolls for the win!

  • holy crap DAVID JAFFE, or someone he hired, COMMENTS MORE THAN ANY ONE. Twisted Metal FTW


    TWISTED METAL needs to be most popular game on PSN title of all time

  • Niiice thanks Eat Sleep Play for this. I looooooved TM Black so this is just extra icing on an already jam packed amazing cake!

  • So awesome! Twisted Metal Black is really a wonderful game that deserves more exploitation. Now I’m REALLY going to buy this game on release day.


    Saints Row the Third= Saints 2 Free. Assassin’s Creed Revelations = Ass Creed 1 Free. BF3 = BF1943 free, after some hoops but still free.

    Now Twisted Metal BLK Free with Twisted Metal HOLY CRAP

    xbox sux SONY FTW

  • ok dude, i looked back through and you responded not only to my post, but to almost everybodys comments. You are the man. Or you just cranked a bunch of coffee, downed a couple monsters, and got right to it. either way, THATS dedication. And class.

  • 1 more thing Great Cover art. It communicates Twisted Metal Car combat perfectly and sweet tooth face Lets you know there more to it than that.

    10/10 Cover Art

  • Awesome video David, I pre-ordered Twisted Metal back in 2010, and I can’t wait to play it in February it’s gonna be epic. By the way, if I had a character design drawn up on paper in great detail do you think it could be put into the new Twisted Metal as DLC or something? If not I totally understand, I think the character that I designed would be a perfect fit with this Twisted Metal, I mean you wouldn’t have to pay me for using my idea I’d just be happy to see it make it in there somehow, is there any way I could send you a picture of the design? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. (:

  • Saint Row the third did the same and I got to say that the kind of sweet deal that usually get me to pre-order!

  • David, major respect to you and your team. Thank you for giving me one of the best gaming experience with the Twisted Metal series and God of War as well. Although I was only 6 years old, I remember when I got my first copy of Twisted Metal for PS1, and I’ve bought every single one ever since (yes, even TM: Small Brawl). Can’t wait for this one David! and I wish you would consider doing a TM game for PS Vita, since Head-on was my first PSP games and it was AMAZING! (it was my first online handheld game ever). Thanks again! and David, you should rest, you look tired my friend.

  • Wow Jaffe actually took the time to reply to most comments, that’s DEDICATION at its finest.
    Much respect to you Jaffe, may your wishes for 2012 come true and may Twisted Metal have a great welcome on Feb. 14th

    Greetings from Peru, a fellow Peruvian gamer.

  • New to the series can’t wait to play after looking at some gameplay video.

  • Mr. Jaffe I would like to say. on be half of my brother and I, thank you for such good memories as kids. Me and my brother LOVED TM growing up and we owned each of them from the first to black. I love the series and I ESPECIALLY loved your comment to megamixer. Well said sir and thank you so much for the newest game I will pre order it as soon as pay day hits. Thanks again for a very weird and crazed childhood, I loved every minute of it. :)

  • Im so glad this game is back Ive been waitin forever for this series and SSX to come back I use to love playin TM on the PS1 back in the day and I completely missed TM Black on PS2 IDK how that happened but I find it cool that it comes wit the new one as a bonus to first week buyers, I will surely b buying this day 1, the first 3 months of 2012 will b big as I have 16 titles games to get plus a new handheld (PS Vita) plus my birthday is the very end of the month I cant wait for the new year to start =)

  • I’m glad I got to shake your hand at E3 2010 and say thank you. Twisted Metal FTW!!

  • I don’t often say this about new games, but this is definitely a pre-order/day one for me, even without Black included. The pedigree of the Twisted Metal series (not to mention the excellent work of David Jaffe) means I’m putting this in the same personal pantheon as Super Mario or Zelda. I can’t wait!

  • Cant wait for that game!! got it preorder long time ago!

  • Im on the fence for this game and 2 factors have me jumping all over it
    First D Jaffe hardcore fan dedication. That is just priceless
    Second I played TM Black, liked it but notthat much. But that was a long time ago and the new TM looks very refreshing when compared to the bunch of generic online shooters
    Game on!

  • I don’t believe it… A response to seemingly every question. I just may get something answered…

    Okay, so, I read much of the comments, but, here’s what I want to know. If i went out, and reserved my copy of the game next week, what are my chances at getting the limited edition with Twisted Metal: Black.

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