ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Recipe For Fun… Big, Bad, Weapons!

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ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Recipe For Fun… Big, Bad, Weapons!

Excerpt from recent internal San Diego Studio memo…
From: ModNation Racers Scientific Research Lab – Weapons Division (MNR: SRL-WD)
Re: Fun Factor
To: All Concerned
cc: Biff, Gary
bcc: Kevin Butler

b(cool weapons + explosions) + w(great racing + track design) * y(MNR’s “Secret Sauce”) = !(freaking fun kart racing)

Key: b = BOOM, w = WOW, y = YAHOO, ! = !!!

(please note: this information IS NOT CONFIDENTIAL)

b1. Weapon Classes
ModNation Racers: Road Trip weapons add more excitement to our already great racing experience on the PS3 with all new weapons that give the racers more control both offensively and defensively. The seven weapon classes fall into these categories: Earth, Fire, Ice, Mines, Bolt, Guns, and Sonic weapons. Notice below that weapon classes are distingushed by color. Once a weapon is attained all future weapon pods collected will remain the same color until used. Color key: Red – Gun, Dark Green – Earth, Light Blue – Ice, Dark Blue – Sonic, Pink – Bolt, Orange – Fire, Light Green – Supercharger, and Yellow – Mines.

 ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Recipe For Fun… Big, Bad, Weapons!

b2. Weapon Types:
Track Based Weapons: These weapons are triggered by you or your opponents to bring potentially devastating damage to enemies and/or yourself if you’re not careful! Imagine being in the middle of a heated race and desperately needing to break from the pack. Well, if you have a Level 3 Phoenix in hand unleash that bad boy and watch it literally fly ahead of the pack. At the right moment your Phoenix will stop and unleash a rain of fire upon the track. Racers will scramble along with you to make it through the carnage. Some will make it, some won’t. Will you? This is just one of the uber-powerful level 3 track based weapons along with and Level 3 Rockslide and a Level 3 Sonic Rift.

 ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Recipe For Fun… Big, Bad, Weapons!

Spray Weapons: These multi-purpose weapons allow racers to swerve their kart while firing to spray projectiles across the track. This gives the players a choice: hit a single opponent with all of the projectiles, or spray to try and hit multiple opponents.

Roaming / Near Weapons: These weapons add the random factor to your weapon arsenal. Set one off and watch as they travel freely down the track. They don’t lock on to your Kart but you’ll have to act fast to avoid these.

Drivable Weapons: These give players the ability to use their driving skills to dish out punishment to their opponents. I personally can’t begin to tell you how rewarding it is to literally snowball over a racer(s) that just sideswiped me into a wall. No. Really – I can’t tell you. The judge and my anger management coach restrict me from articulating this pleasure any further.

 ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Recipe For Fun… Big, Bad, Weapons!

Lock-On Weapons: Ah, lock on weapons… so much fun to give, not so fun to receive – the pure definition of being “pwned”. In ModNation Racers: Road Trip you’ll have a little more say to the degree of “pwnage” your opponent can dish out. You will still have audio clues (can be turned off) of incoming attacks but you’ll now have the advantage of a “lock-on” reticule for visual assistance in timing your shields. This results in a more balanced racing experience while not removing the pure joy of unleashing your “Hydra’s” up someone’s tailpipe!

Mines: Now a weapon class of their own and the only instance you’ll be dropping a weapon behind you (see below). This class includes Plutonium Mine, Toxic Cloud, and Toxic Cesspool

b3. Weapon Pod Cash In
In ModNation Racers for the PS3 you could drop weapons as mines behind you or in essence “dump” weapons that you did not like. In ModNation Racers: Road Trip you now have complete control of how to best use your acquired weapon. Don’t like the weapon you picked up and maybe running a little low on boost?… simple…you can press the weapon icon on the bottom right of the front touch screen or just hold down on the fire weapon button to “cash” it in. Voila… more boost in you gauge. You can “cash-in” your weapon up to and including level three’s! The sprint towards the finish just got a lot more exciting didn’t it? Yeah it did!

b4. Amnesty Shield
Another brand new feature to ModNation Racers Road Trip is the Amnesty Shield. This automatic shield comes into play when you fire a weapon and an opponent fires the same exact weapon at or toward you. This again adds a little more strategy to the racing experience and helps avoid races being decided at the very last second by the ever popular “Hydra-palooza”.

ModNation Racers Road Trip: Recent Features Preview
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ModNation Racers: Road Trip – New Racing Features

PS3 ModNation Racers News

Triple Threat Team Challenge – Results!
A few weeks ago we challenged players to team up and create the ultimate MNR experience. Judging from the great response this was MNR’s best creation challenge yet. We choose our favorite overall “experience” based on these criteria – Track: 30%, Mod(s):25%, Kart(s): 25%, and Story: 20% (how it all ties together). After careful consideration of all the hard work that went into every creation, we came up with our overall favorite – Team “Parenthood” (DeathsMom, OnePoppa, POULTRY_GOD). Take a look around the track as you drive and you’ll see many of life’s big events. Congrats!

 ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Recipe For Fun… Big, Bad, Weapons!

Please take time to download and experience all of the entries unique creations HERE.

Creations of the Week: Team Triple Threat Challenge

 ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Recipe For Fun… Big, Bad, Weapons!

Hot Lap Tracks of the Week: Team Triple Threat Challenge

Monday: Land of the prehistoric by Team “Prehistoric Invaders” (prob_alex, Flathletics102)
Tuesday: X’mas Cake [BSA] by Team “Japan” (skid18-18, asura-007, big-village_920_)
Wednesday: Parenthood by Team “Parenthood” (DeathsMom, OnePoppa, POULTRY_GOD)
Thursday: Kawaii High Rise by Team “5W” (Ginsu_Loki02, Blu_Caracal, Yika)
Friday: Hiroko’s Secret Dimension by Team “Otaku Trinity” (BandaiNamco209, parise93, John31269)
Saturday: The Astro-Prison by Team “Super-Duper-Leet-Awesome-Epic-Lazer Explosion-Steve” (Biver_, dane9261)
Sunday: Ivo’s Trash Lands by “Team Science” (IvoYaridovich, IndustrialSavior)

Have a great week everyone!
Mark (PSN ID: ModNationSD)

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  • I hope i can race those PS Vita tracks on my PS3 :)

  • Not sure if i missed it but i like the fact you can “Cash In” your weapons now it will be very usefull, BUT….. Can we still throw them back as mines (Throw them in the annoying guy in our rear view mirrors Face) HAHA! but can we?

    • No. Mines are now a separate class like any other weapon. It adds a lot more strategy to racing and removes some of the randomness in using weapons. I think you’ll really like it. I do.

  • “Dark Blue – Sonic”, I don’t know why, but this reminds me of a speedy porcupine or something like that, hehe…

  • ModNation Racers: Road Trip looks better than the PS3 version in terms of gameplay !

    After the development of Modnation Racers: Road Trip, will San Diego bring us a new thing about Modnation Universe ? Why not a Sport game with Modnation characters ? :)

  • Road Trip looks great!
    I plat’d MNR for PS3 shortly after it was released and I’ve been looking to revisit the game. Any chance that the DLC packs are going to go on sale? $30 for 3 DLC packs is more than the original game sells for.

  • Is ModNation Racers: Road Trip a Vita launch title?

  • Well there be a blog post confirming all of the launch titles? (for Vita)

  • y cant we get a wifi bundle with uncharted or umvc3 with a 8gb memory card like they have in the Asian release on 23rd of Dec not fair.. sony always give us girly freaking bundles check out the psp first bundles go ahead ill wait……. my point your major day one sells are going to be hardcore gamers give us the goods you said long live play well make it happen i thought this was sony not nintendo if i want to play a kiddy game ill buy a 3DS tighten up . heres another thought how about a sports bundle with fifa soccer that would so push units do a poll on the 3 come on give the hardcore gamers some excitement

  • Need to pop in ModNation sometime soon & take a break from life’s misery! :(


    • Merry Christmas to you too!
      I’ll look for you out on the track. I’m sure kicking my teeth in on a few races will cheer you up! :)

  • @5 i am waiting for the same thing, you would think we could at least get the arctic theme as part of the christmas or winter sale? all three would be nice, i have been itching for new kart content.

  • So will this new weapon system be applied to the PS3 version as well?

  • You know what you guys should do?


    It could use an update. Put some ramps and loops….IDK just typing my mind.

  • @10
    They seem to be uninterested in even acknowledging this request.
    I’ve been asking for some kind of response for weeks but Mark doesn’t seem to like me :P
    Think of the revenue Mark, there are a lot of people who think the $10 price point per DLC track pack is just a little too high. Buy 2 get the 3rd Free sounds pretty sexy…

  • This holiday, you guys should checkout my reindeer mods, Santa Polar Bear mod and 2 of my holiday karts it’s really coooool. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!! ^_^

  • @Mark Wilson

    that list isn’t complete it is missing at least one game (Unit 13) but it does seems to be the best list so far

  • @Mark Wilson

    it is also missing Ridge Racer

    anyways I plan on buying ModNation Racers: Road trip day one along side may other games

  • Awe man, I feel so left out. :(

    Any hope for a potential Expansion or Sequel to the original ModNation Racer for PS3? :D

  • I’m confused. You say the new weapon system is only for Vita (Booooo!!!) but if the vita can play with PS3 people in a race then how does that work? Use PS3 weapon system only? I was really hoping that PS3 would also get that stuff as an update when the Vita game was released. I only wanted the vita version to play with a couple of really good friends on the PS3 while I’m not at home but if that’s not going to work then I’m not sure I’m sold yet after all

  • Gotta say, I’m starting to get a little impressed with whats going on with the Road Trip version. Not going to get me interested in a handheld though, but certainly gives me hope for a new version on the PS3 someday. :) However, I really think that you ought to consider giving us PS3 players a little something, seeing as we’re the reason there’s going to be a Vita version in the first place. If it wasn’t for this community and it’s fantastic dedication to the game then we wouldn’t still be creating and racing regularly over 18 months after release, how many other games can you name that have this kind of support after so long on the market?

    All I’m saying is throw us a bone now and then, give a couple of the sought after features of the Vita version so we can continue to find new and innovative ways to create. Look at how the various creation glitches uncovered have prolonged the game, make these real and EVERYONE can do it!

    Finally big congratulations to three of my good friends, Mom, Jay and Poppa for the team track challenge. Well deserved guys, great job! :D

  • Oh and by the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS Mark! :D

  • I can not wait for this game!! Thanks guys and girls!

  • I gotta ask something that I’ve been wondering for a while now. Will road trip have stickers? That was one of the biggest features for making your mods and karts unique. I’m not a tech GENIUS, but I know you definitely need some possessing power for stickers. Will the vita be able to handle it? PLEASE respond, the answer will determine if I actually buy the game. Yes, to me, stickers are THAT important.

  • A Cake track : P

    The weapon lookk like an unusual amount of fun. : )

  • The stickers that you put on your characters and karts. You could make your own logo’s or text… a bunch of things. If you still don’t understand,

  • Merry Christmas to ModNation!

  • Lol…what can I say about the new MNRs for the Vita…really?not much at the Vita gets a new and better MNRs and the PS3 gets what?absolutly nothing,thanks for the memories?but useless “UPDATES” like dumb little hats and crappy looking cars,A Tractor?are you seriouse?and old farmer?KillZone3 mods we cant even modify or their cars like,Kratos,Sly Cooper,Drake ect.whats the point then?Wow thank you United Front for thinking of us your supporters.when I heard there would be new features for this game I swear I jumped for joy…when I heard it was for the Vita I wanted to jump out the window…I dont care about paying for any kool and Useful updates for MNRs but dumb boring maps and dumb little cars and outfits that dont even have a story to them?SNOOZE FEST…do Us all a favor,take your little money hungry butts and design something good if not great for a slowly dying game for the console it originaly came out for,The PlayStation3 not the Vita.sellouts.

  • also add to my comments about the MNRs game for the “VITA” heres the thing,one ok it came out for the PSP but lets not forget what the psp’s use is.not as kool as the original but it gets the job done,now we have to buy yet anouther addition of techno crap.I was completely fine with the ps3 the way it was,then they come up with a new smaller sleeker version.psp the one with the slide up screen now the vita?whats next ps4 but under another name?yeah its a MNRs based blog dont worry Im getting to that.I like the game that was meant for the ps3 okay?as a matter of fact I love it.instead of coming up with something that already exists why not work on making something for the original game better.its unfair that yet this game so awesome as it was now gets replaced,instead of doing an update so gamers go back to playing it they way when it first started.hmm no wait I can just imagine the department will be all over this.I DONT LIKE THE WAY YOU TRADE A GAME WITH ANOTHER GAME THATS THE SAME THING.those features and new career modes should of gone DIRECTLY to the PS3’s MNRs game and not to something most people dont own’d make more money with updates than this crap.

  • I know that most “GAMERS” will frown at what Im posting,possibly even the people at the playstation blog will block me out,but well like I said we are unapreciated consumers taken as a see the economy how its going and wheres its headed and yet they expect us to buy more techno crap by making newer versions of games for something else?its BS okay to be honest.I go online and see that the highest number of people playing this game on the PS3 dont exceed the numbers of 20 to 30 people,thats sad it used to be lots more.but hey heres the Vita with MNRs buy that and play there.ps2…lost in the past.cant even play certain ps and ps2 titles on the know theres really great games for those,just incase you about making new and differant titles for the Vita?yeah something never done or seen or heard of exclusively for the Vita and NOT TAKEN FROM THE PS3.

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