Games and Art Converge as ‘The Studio’ Opens in the Americas

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Games and Art Converge as ‘The Studio’ Opens in the Americas

After much success in Europe, we are excited to launch PlayStation’s digital art platform – ‘The Studio’ – across the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil in the PlayStation Store tomorrow. Games and art converge on PSN with The Studio’s unique collection of dynamic and static themes, which give PSN users access to affordable and cool art in their homes and on the go.

Thanks to our partner Studio Output, PSN users across the Americas will be able to further personalize their experience on PSN with the finest offerings in everything from urban street art to illustrations that have been uniquely digitized into new static and dynamic downloadable themes from PSN.

Anthony Burrill - The StudioHydro74 - The Studio

Jasper Goodall - The StudioMaharishi - The Studio

In a first for the platform, Studio Output will bring in a series of guest designers from the music and fashion worlds alongside renowned artists. Headlining the new contributors are global stars Kasabian, who have just released their fourth album ‘Velociraptor’, as well as no. 1 UK urban artist and producer Labrinth, with more high profile acts soon to be announced. Also signed up from the fashion world are urban designer Maharishi, streetwear brand ADDICT Clothing and set designer and illustrator Gary Card. Joining them are famed Iron Maiden illustrator Derek Riggs, visionary music photographer and director Timothy Saccenti, the artist who defined Britpop, Michael Gillette, and the world’s premier paper sculptor, Jeff Nishinaka.

The Studio XMB (XrossMediaBar) themes for PS3 will cost $2.99 each, with 20% off for PlayStation Plus subscribers and can be found in the PlayStation Store under The Studio icon in the Themes & Avatars category after the PlayStation Store publishes tomorrow.

Studio Output Play - The StudioEboy - The Studio

mcAttee - The StudioJagovsMcAttee - The Studio

Take an “artwalk” and check out all the offerings in The Studio at

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  • They deleted my link of proof so ignore the proof below comment I made

  • Some of them are kinda cute but… are people really getting excited about themes? I don’t know about everyone else but my XMB is only visible when I’m in-between games or Netflix. Otherwise, the PlayStation is off… so, I don’t quite understand all the fuss.

    • I’m excited for them. They add a layer to the PS3 experience that makes interacting with the system just that much more fun. So yeah, it’s not exactly going to change the way you play your PS3, but it’s like getting a new awesome paint job on your car. =)

  • No free themes? It should have at least one or two themes as a ‘preview’. That way gamers will be awed and say, “If it’s this so cool for free, the paid ones are gonna blow me away!”

    Try it, Sony. Never hurts to do a little free ‘promotion’. I’m sure people will buy most things (or everything) The Studio can offer. ;)

    And before people say there’s a lot of PS3 dynamic themes available for free online, I’d been there – it’s not as artistic or having taste such as these.

    Oh yes, I also suggest the default font to have a thicker Drop Shadow if you could in future updates*.

    *I’d also suggested this in the new ideas page. :)

  • This very good ilike the art alot. I will buy a some :0

    @43 it is very do able , as matter of act i make wall papers so do my friends,.. we make our own themes, dynamic themes as well. I go it from this site You can go throught your ps3 web and view it or via personal web. Since the update 2.0 you could make your own back ground. themes included, some of them even being dynamic in motion.. I highly recommend it. I use it myself for 2 yrs now.

    I buy some the psn ones aswell but if want to do them your self and free ones. Go tot he websie it has thousands of them and very fun to do. Everything is 100% free!!

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • @49

    the latest Game Informer states that Nintendo Wii has sold 90 million copies worldwide, Xbox 360 has sold 57 million and PS3 is in last place with 55 million…..

    as an owner of all 3 systems I can honestly say I can see why they are in last…

    keep taking stuff away Sony, it seems to be helping your cause…

    meanwhile, do want me to fetch you a ladder so you can get out of the hole once you’re done digging it?

  • $2.99 a theme LOL. No thanks I’ll get better ones off the net for FREE. Heck even the Dynamic ones are FREE. You guys try to make money off anything. Don’t tell us that those took along time to make. I know many artists that could put one together in a few hrs.

  • When you spend a few thousand on a Sony TV and you game almost 24/7,your TV becomes the center of attention for your guest. .When people walk in my Home,they see my Sony and whatever is on it represents it and my personal taste as Morgan said,it’s your paint job

  • For Brazil? Awesome, now, where are the rest of the PSN avatars for us? Our PS Store is missing alot of stuff you know. :[

  • These are awesome.

  • Hi, I’ve just bought the dynamic theme “Spawn by Tom Hingston Studio” and it’s great, but the background image is very erratic. I go to theme, load it up, it works fine for about 10-30 seconds (varies), but after that, it reverts back to the original background. I can make this process even faster, by going to Photo: Photo Gallery, Video: Playstation Store, TV/Video Services: My Channels, Game: Disc, Game: ALL PSN games, Playstation Network: Playstation Store and about anything that pops up a new background. In contrast, I’ve also downloaded “A World of Moving Shapes and Colours by Anthony Burrill” and everything seems very stable. My ps3 is a 160gb model (2011 Black Friday Bundle), if that helps any.

  • Please don’t change the XMB, it’s perfection. I hope PS4 has it as well, only that the PS4 has enough ram allocated to it and the in-game XMB to make it run perfectly. Since the PS3 is kind of locked in what it can do, which is understandable.

    I despise all the changes that MS has made to their dashboard, each new update makes everyone who purchased a background in the passed a fool. Since they all ruin them.

    The XMB is great, because the layout makes sense and it allows for great backgrounds that you can always use without fear of them becoming useless with some dumb os change. :/

  • And for the guy who asked, the PSVita lets you put different backgrounds. (there are videos showing it on YouTube)

    Each ‘page’ can have it’s own background. As for themes, I don’t think so, but you never know.

  • @16/17, jgrizzle358: Lighten up, and get your facts straight before launching into such a childish rant. PS Vita games are NOT “on cartridges” – they are either downloadable, or will be available on flash memory cards called “PlayStation Vita cards”. According to the FAQs on Sony’s own support site, said cards CAN, in fact, “store add-on game content or the game save directly on the card” – contrary to your ill-informed claims. They will also hold one’s PSN account info.

  • @55
    I also own the three systems I agree on some stuff that you say but I honestly don’t like the fact that you have to pay for Xbox Live membership or that it breaks down more often than the PS3 in my opinion both systems would have been equal if only you didn’t have to pay for membership, PS3 would be better if it was faster. Nintendo wii is a great console for family and friends but I think that they should at least add games from 360 and PS3,and it shoud have started off with good graphics. There are more facts about these consoles that you probably already know. But neither console is better because of all the ups and downs on them, to me they are all equal. But right now I’m sticking with PS3 because it is like my personal computer. Now if you will excuse me I’m going back to work on getting to prestige mode, haven’t played MW3 for days!
    ….anyways the themes look spectacular!

  • @marlyt I tought the same too man, i think i would be able to create my own themes and personalize then and etc. At least select from all the themes i got in my ps3, cause you cant choose a dinamic background from one and icons from another :(

    I hope someday I’ll be able to personalize the background, the icons and etc of my xmb the way I want :)

    Would be nice to have cross game chat too cause sometimes i just want to talk with my friends while playing an offline game so i can get help or help then in the game etc.

  • I for one love these themes, and would buy several of them if I had the money. Good job Studio Output! On another note, what’s the song that plays during the video above? It’s pretty sick and I’d like to look it up.

  • I was wondering will we be able to create our own themes? I was just wondering because I have been looking for a Green Bay Packers theme and I have not yet been able to find one.

  • Its cool to have different options for a background , but you can do the same with screeen savers. I have my background set with mountains and snow.

  • Really cool designs. All artists did a great job.

  • Some interesting designs.
    But you what would be cooler?
    If you would let us create our own themes.

  • Sony how about a characters remaining bar, so I don’t lose my entire post when you tell me i went over and I try to go back and edit down. Super annoying.

  • My original post.

    Good afternoon Morgan (blog team)

    I would like further explanation of the sony email comment about the studio quoted below

    Choose from an ever-expanding selection of dynamic and static digital art or create your own.

    Please tell us the endorsed method of creating our own. I would like to do this.
    Also since you are actually endorsing artist themes, it is time for more theme options in terms of the xmb logos/color, the sound options for themes etc.

    As is they are simply inadequite. It would be nice if something could be done in terms of custom avatars. I would like to have a manchester united avatar, etc football related avatar/themes. I know they are available in europe/uk etc but I want it for my own account. There has to be some way you can do this and still protect your ip.

    I like the Jasper Goodall one, I only wish the studio logo was a watermark it’s so distracting, and i’m not advertising to anyone I don’t think i need to have to stare at it after giving you my $2.30.

  • Lots of typical off topic whining on this blog post. my thoughts

    2 Ps3/psp’s per account. Really you are upset that they did this? Well maybe you should have thought about that when you shared your accounts with 4 friends and got the 5 for one call of duty map packs etc and then bragged about it. This is what’s known as “peeing in the pool” and flagrant abuse. You can try to ratiionalize / justify the theft all you want but to cry and whine about it after sony finally tightens it up to 2 at the end of 2011 is pretty childish. I shared some titles to play with my roomate in the projector room and with my brother. and you guys ruined the reasonable use expectation and the generous limits sony had in place. In other words quit being whining theives. the vita whining is a joke, the psp was utterly ruined by piracy, notice the software wasteland at the end of the cycle. sony is justified to protect their products from thieves.”console x is better/does this better”

    Definition of hypocrite: goes to so called better consoles forums then complains to them about the things sony does better.

  • there are legitimate things sony could improve upon, but cross game chat is obviously an architechture issue much like, the annoying trophy loads, and installs and everything else we just learn to live with while enjoying the things we do like about sony.

    Losing the Console War? Xbox 360 came out a year earlier and it’s cycle will be over for years while sony continues to slow burn the ps3. So your arguments about the things they have to do to somehow get you back on board is also moot.

  • Yes Playstation Plus are included rentals and not free games, welcome to the discusting ad plastered snake oil world of marketing that we live in, where once something is standard practice even honorable companies japanese companies like Sony and Nintendo are forced to follow said practices in those regions.

    I take issues with repeat content. Do the repeat and something new if your going to do that. I take issue with unclear Point of Purchase materials on the store. But to call people stupid for using the service that they see value in or to lord it over the unwashed second string users in a vain attempt to validate your purchase of plus is self defeating.

  • I purchased the 18 months for 50 because after watching and doing research I saw value in it for me. I feel that is good if you play quite a bit and are not super set on what you want and also are not a bleeding edge early adopter on plus content. as many of the free titles are on the time delay.

    that said try and treat the blog staff with respect, they will actually likely respond to more of the constructive and valid questions instead of the fluff praise responses. “i also quite like milkshakes” right below ten semi vaild but overtly whiny queries. What do you guys expect?

    (Sorry for Spamming had a few things that i wanted to address)

  • Oh and Merry Christmas you Filthy Animals!

    Thanks Sony for another Great Year of games and products, It was really special this year for me any my big brother to restart our old PSx Tekken, Soulblade, Street Fighter rivalries after being apart for almost 13 years. It’s a dream come true for us to be able to play each other again, even though he’s in Japan and I’m in canada to be able to joke around with all our old favorite games(reincarnated), and even to be able to play magic the gathering is really special.

    I am a proud Sony Customer and they will always have a place on my shelf when it comes to entertaiment and electronics products.

    Cut Sony and Nintendo a little slack, that disaster could have been worse, and the world would have had coal in it’s stockings.

    despite that and being hacked among other big profile companies, Sony did in fact come through for us and had a banner year.

  • @Everyone nut-riding Playstation, Xbox is better. There is nothing wrong with the new dashboard I could easily navigate to friends, games, YouTube, and get this! Xfinity in a few weeks more then likely! HA HA. I own the PS3, I am a “hardcore gamer,” the PS3 lacks good games, lacks style, no easy to navigate apps such as TV apps, or YouTube. The web browser sucks, it’s slower then 360’s apps. Yes, you can use it for whatever but I own a super computer for that. My game systems are meant to be convenient. PS3 lacks everything. 360 now has the ability to ADD whatever app they choose to get a contract for. I bet Skype is next. Then PS3 will be completely toast. I use to love Playstation because of Socom but now that the series is completely dead; hate to say it to all you nut-humping suckers PS3 is dead as well.

  • the whole thimg is a great idea.. it brings out every psn users chacter. They get to bond with there ps3 and thats realy cool. Keep it up Playstation. Your doing GREAT!!!

  • WOW love all the Dynamic themes

  • You know what I would love as an available background? The design in the background of the PSN store when you are viewing all the Studio stuff. Paired with the icons from the Play theme it would make my PS3 so happy.

  • Hey guys do u have to pay for this ?

  • The functionality that this new feature brings continues to push the envelope for hard core gamers !


    Thought I was on the Xbox forums. Sorry…

  • Whats the one with a picture of Buddhas head called please?

  • Wow this is really new and im glad i can finally log in after like 2 years! This is some improvement and i hope PSN will keep poping new things up! I hope PSN reads this because i have a great idea for a new feature for PS3 like google chrome or firefox and make sure you make an update on saving picture on your ps3 because i’ve saved an HD pic and its the blurriest uve ever seen :(……also try to make apps on ps store like, yahoo messenger, gmail, or something that we can do socially.



  • it seens beasty!

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