Gran Turismo 5: New DLC and Update 2.02 Coming Next Week

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Gran Turismo 5: New DLC and Update 2.02 Coming Next Week

Hey GT fans! We’re excited to announce all of the new content coming to Gran Turismo 5 next week, including our second round of DLC. Next week you’ll be able to download Car Pack 2 for $3.99 and add some fantastic new rides to your garage. Car Pack 2 includes the 2011 Mini Cooper S, 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI R, 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R, and the new and improved 2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition R35.

GT5 Car Pack 2 DLCGT5 Car Pack 2 DLC

GT5 Car Pack 2 DLCGT5 Car Pack 2 DLC

There’s more good news, because as a special gift anyone who purchased anything from the first batch of DLC will get unlock the Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SP and five New Car Refresh cards in the game for free. The refresh cards will take any car back to being ‘as good as new’ while maintaining any modifications or paint jobs you have given your motors. To take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to install the new downloadable update hitting next week.

GT5 Car Pack 2 DLC - Opening Move

The free downloadable update coming next week will also add several new enhancements to GT5 as well as correcting some reported issues. A few examples of the benefits of update 2.02 include:

  • Users can now change wheels on Standard cars
  • The settings sheets will include a new ‘copy’ feature
  • In GT Auto, players will be able to see how the oil changes, aerodynamic parts, engine overhauls, and racing modifications will affect performance points and engine power, before and after their application
  • Free coupons have been added that allow you to wash cars, change oil, overhaul your engine, or refresh the car body in GT Auto (10 coupons will be distributed for free to each of those who have downloaded the 2.02 update)
  • Pressing the Square button in the car coupon selection screen of the Car Delivery will now allow you to exchange all car coupons at once, rather than doing one at a time
  • In screens where the [Garage] and [Driver List] buttons are displayed in the A/B Spec events, Special Events, and Seasonal Events, pressing the Square button will now show the [Garage], and pressing the Triangle button will bring up the drivers list
  • In My Lounge, the room settings will feature a new ‘Max. number of participants’ setting
  • In the event selection screen of seasonal events, there are now ☆(star) marks that show the number of Gold Trophies attained in each event
  • Improved racing sound effects
  • Elements of the steering assist controls (used when using certain controllers on Racing Karts) have been tweaked

GT5 Car Pack 2 DLC - Toyota-86-GT-'12_73FrontGT5 Car Pack 2 DLC - Toyota-86-GT-'12_73Rear

As an additional gift to players this holiday season, everyone who downloads the 2.02 update will also receive the stunning Toyota FT-86 2012 to add to their in-game collection.

One more note: Those who purchased the course and/or vehicle DLC that was released in October will be able to download Family Upgrade unlocks for free from the store. This means that if you bought the Racing Car Pack, Course Pack, or the ‘Complete Pack’ that contained both of these, by downloading the free Family Upgrade items, the content will now be accessible to more than just the user account that purchased the content. Family members or friends using the same PS3 can all use the courses and cars. Note that the upgrade doesn’t apply to the Racing Gear Pack or Special Paint Pack, and starting next week, new purchases will not have the restriction in place.

And don’t forget, there’s only one week left to compete in the special GT5 Time Trial Challenge and unlock a special edition Nissan GT-R for your garage. We hope you enjoy the free game updates, new cars and new batch of DLC. Drive safe!

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  • One update I’d like to see is a fix for the AI cars’ stability. If you ram one of them they hardly move, but if they barely bump you your car spins out into the rail.

    (Just my two cents…)
    Thanks for the continued work.

  • I know this is old hat, and that it’s been spoken about to death already…….

    But how about patching the game up so that it’s 720p ONLY, which will then free up system resources for developers to get rid of the ugly jagged shadows and smoke effects when they overlap with the car?

    720p would still look good enough.

  • @ UKStewart82 (#49)
    I disagree that money is hard to come by. I think there’s too much money, frankly. After 3-5 of the seasonal events it’s easy to get about $1,000,000. That takes less than an hour.

    Unfortunately, when I first started playing the game I started with the seasonal events instead of the A-Spec. The huge payouts from seasonal made the A-Spec. hardly worthwhile by comparison. And worse, since I could afford to upgrade my cars without limits, A-Spec. is almost a bore because it’s so easy.

  • What an exciting updates. The DLC looks nice, I for one love imports and DISLIKE American cars.

  • Awesome, thanks PD and Sony in keeping the updates rolling. The update is boss with the ability to change wheels. Next (prolly not for GT5 but 6) would be to get some actual mechanical damage due to for example over revving or mis shifting. I have such great ideas for the game it burns me up inside. How bout a grass roots racing mode, where you build a car from scratch with real world performance parts and real monies. Imagine a Honda Civic being that you buy that you can than trick out with actual mugen parts from a web store; wheels or areo kits for 50 cents…micro transaction at its finest.

    As for the DLC, its a bit weak sauce in the amount of cars. It should have been like the last with the quantity of vehicles plus a track.

    My two cents. Out.

  • I’m happy that PD is continuing to develop this game further and further. For the people that have been commenting negatively, just chill out. The only reason you’re being let down is because you’re expectations are so high for this title. Remember folks: This is a video game.

    The online mode in this game is fascinating! For all the complainers about this game’s single player mode, try online, it has the best online racing on any console racing title. I was online last night, using the new Sony 7.1 Surround Headphones, listening to my own custom playlist, and racing against talented virtual drivers from across the globe, it was a great gaming experience. Thinking about how I thought the original Gran Turismo on the PS1, and how that title was amazing, and comparing it to today’s game, it’s just unreal.

    I guess I’ve digressed a bit, but for this month’s DLC I was hoping for a few new tracks, but oh well. I have trust in PD that they will continue to update this game until they start hyping up GT6, so I expect there are still great things to come!

  • as well, please fix the standard cockpit view not having wipers in the rain. If you have in this update, great!


  • Another GT-R? How about some different cars? I want a 302 Boss Mustang!!!!!

  • Awesome !

  • haha you actually play in these online rooms with those scrubs that host public rooms? seriously get some friends and private match.

  • @mastorofpuppetz The reason why leaderboards aren’t in GT5 is because the fact that they’re experiencing technical difficulties with their servers. Also, your request about damages, personally I would like to see airbags pop out the cars at a certain speed and get a complete game over if you crash 30 mph and show smoke coming out of the hood which would be interesting compared to real life which would be very realistic to see. Unfortunately, PD said that they’re having licensing issues with the manufactures regarding damages. Your car manufactures don’t like to see damages in their cars, since manufactures are allowing PD to have their cars in the game for advertisements for the marketing product. The only best damages you see in GT5 are the rally cars. That’s why damages limit on certain cars.

    I’m getting tired of playing with exotics in this game. I’m glad that PD released regular cars in this DLC. I might buy a Volkswagen Scirocco R in real life it looks good in the game :) Looking forward to buy this dlc. Looks interesting.

  • Will you be adding the Genesis Coupe, in any updates or will this be a GT6 car?

  • Pass again, as if we didn’t need any more Nissan.

  • Sony is on fire this holiday. PD may take its sweet time making a game but you have to not only love their final product but their commitment to continuing the release with updates and bug fixes and dlc.

    I truly never have to buy another racing sim again until GT6.

    PD if your reading this, we would also love Tourist Trophy 2 on the PS3 please :)

  • This is good and all, but when will we get a Premium Bugatti Veyron as a DLC???? Sheeesh.

  • Just what we need. Four cars we never wanted! I certainly did not vote for, or know anyone who would vote for these cars! I will not buy them. If given freely, I would not accept them. I want RALLY TRACKS, More Course Maker Enviroments, more (real) Formula One cars, and the Daytona start glitch fixed! DLC#2 = EPIC FAIL!

  • And a vinyl editor would be the best thing ever!

  • Another totally worthless update and DLC.

    PD: We need fastest lap times to be displayed during online racing, what the heck is the problem to show us, who is currently the fastest driver on the track. We need lap time tables during free drive mode.. You have all the data, why dont you display it on screen. Every simple 1980’s racing can do this. GT is not able to do it, i cant believe that. All you do is creating new textures for your GTR’s… Hope Forza 5 will become cross-platform!

    Where are those nice older Gt-Tracks: We need Apricot Hill, Midfield Raceway and so on!

  • Why doesn’t PD hire a community manager to address questions and concerns? No wonder Forza is the premier racing series this generation. GT5 was a huge disappointment.

  • Great to see the DLC PD, I like seeing the new Scirocco in there. Not much for GT-Rs myself, but…
    Anyway. You guys are getting closer with GT5, but there’s still some issues lagging. Here is a good representation of what the ppl who REALLY play GT5 want to see in future updates. The good drivers, the tuners, the ones you made the game for, would like:
    -Online pre-race qualifying that actually WORKS. Even after an hour long session.
    -Online and offline physics be identical.
    -Apricot Hill
    -El Capitan
    -SS Route 11
    -BMW E30s -v
    -2nd Gen Camaros, FIrebirds -old cars give the game depth and long-term interest
    -Online Reject Votes that WORK. Alot of these races arent quick little 5 min games, and one idiot can screw up hours of effort, while others are powerless to stop it if the host is busy.
    -The wet weather tire model is messed up. Racing softs are always faster than any rain tire in the wet. And racing hards dont last any longer than softs in the dry…

  • hey guys Senna movie is on psn already , i wanted to import it from the uk but now its on psn , man i could only imagine a race between senna and villeneuve , omg

  • I would really like to be able to chose my B-Spec Drivers names instead of it generating a random one everytime. Also would love to see some more Mustangs.

  • You guys keep crying while we keep playing the game. I’m a huge GT fan from the days of GT1, GT5 is Amazing, Thank You PD for all the hard work. Keep em coming. If your gonna add tracks how about, Midfield, Seattle, Apricot Hill, Complex String, Red Rock Valley, Motorsports Land, Grindelwald, and Pikes Peak. A drag strip would also please alot of people.

  • Yay! Good thing I read all of it! Especially the GT-R (Academy special). Finally got it! And the 2012 GT-R! AAAAHHHHH So many GT-R’s!

  • Thanks…. And keep the DLC coming. How about Pike’s Peek Hill Climb like in GT2. Even though GT5 has tons of content, it was a little light on Rally racing events.

    Also, with the last Track Pack. Played it a bunch with friends, but it should of come with new Racing Events for those Tracks using the cars from the last Car Pack. Or make some Season Events with the new Tracks. Please………………..

  • I’m lovin the fact that finally some VW’s are included into the game not just new versions of MX5’s and Skyline’s! So looking forward to take part of the R-models, and I hope for more European/VW cars to appear, some 24 versions of the Golf and Scirocco would be amazing, or some version of the Golf G60, the MK2.

  • I’m not terribly excited about the new cars, except for the new and improved 2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition R35. But, i will probably purchase the DLC any way.

    Here’s a suggestion for a future update to the game… it would be helpful to have a quicker path (or jump) to the tuning sheet in the garage from the GT Life area or from the Tuning Shop or GT Auto. As it is now, after i go to GT Auto or the Tuning Shop, i have to back out and manuver all the way to the garage and enter the garage and then hit the current car button and then select Tuning. There’s got to be a better, quicker way to do it?

    Thanks for listening!

  • This is gonna be sweet

  • I would still like to know what the people who beat GTP are going to get. Bc we got the arcade cars from GT psp but what about GTP?
    Also a few dream cars like a bat mobile or speed racer or even KITT from Knight Rider.
    Any comments?

  • mastorofpuppetz is right on all accounts and I’m surprised people are claiming now all of a sudden that critical features that would make GT5 a proper sim are somehow unimportant. Sounds like a lot of zealot justification of BS to me. People know [DELETED] well these features ARE needed and wanted, but since they aren’t here (or aren’t done remotely well), the value of them is now put down to make yourselves feel better.

    The game is horridly outdated and feels like PD created this with their head in the sand. Ignoring most of their audience to know that blind fanboys will justify any ole’ BS the company churns out. To be fair, I’ve played almost every sim on the market and on console lately w/ Forza 3. So my frustration with this game is very deep seeded w/ GT1, 2 and the PS2 collection of 3,4 and Concept on my shelf.

    There really isn’t any excuse for this. The series needs an entirely new design overhaul.
    Leave the current weight and suspension physics, give the gameplay mechanics to some real automotive enthusiasts and let them play.Because as it is, this game is still behind the times of many 1st gen PS2 games.

    Which is really f’ing sad for 5+yrs of dev time.

  • GT5 lost my interest MONTHS ago, I was over 80% done the game about a month after it’s release and was then bored to tears.

    Thank God I’m not a FanBoy and own both Consoles, I don’t know what I’d do for Racing without F4, LOL

    Sorry PD, I’ve been a fan since “GT”…..but not so much anymore.
    Actually to be blunt and honest, I bought a 360 just to play Forza4……..and haven’t looked back to GT5 since, actually I even did the GT5 Update AND purchased the DLC and STILL went back to F4.

    Maybe next time PD, maybe next time…..

  • I’m happy with the amount of cars but would have been better for a track or 2, loving the fact you will now be able to change wheels on the standard cars, gonna be saving for the Ferrari 330 P4 now and Ford MK IV got over 900 cars and these new ones will help alot to get me closer to 1000

  • @42 would love for them to include Koenigsegg and Porsche, glad Ferrari And Lamborghini mad it into GT5 would love Adventador LP700 and FF in there soon! PD please include more tracks, more rally courses! and other tracks for GT5 from previous GT’s!

  • Very, very happy that Standard Cars can now have custom wheels. Not being able to do this was a huge deal-breaker for me even though I still loved the game overall. Don’t understand why this couldn’t be included from the get-go. In previous GT games, I often used custom wheels to identify what were my racing cars & what were my garage cars (I tend to keep at least 2-3 of each car in the game) and its nice I can finally do this to Standard.

  • bring on the 012 GTR

  • Hey how about a real Quarter mile track and not use the side lines of regular tracks Sony,Polyphony?

  • These comments are a joke. Not funny ones either. All i’ve seen is false ”statements” and stupid ”wishlists”.

    People asked for a new GTR, people care about it, a dragstrip is a stupid idea, people only seem to want those old cars or dragracing cars or American cars (last one does not need explaining). I’ve waited ages for more Volkswagens, I wanted a GTR Black and I’m sure I’ll like the Mini Cooper. I also like the old DLC.

    So what do you want then? Dragracing with 1970’s cars with excessive damage and brake fade and more ”sim” features like less TCS so the game isn’t fun anymore (only for a very small croud)? Or would you want to have Nascar 2009 cars, OLD CARS, on a amazing exicting 4 time left track.

  • They need to work on adding 4 player multiplayer, with computer cars on the track. The computer cars could be optional. You wouldn’t have to use it. I also wouldn’t mind seeing some classic Nascars, Like Dale Earnhardt’s Car, Or Bill Elliot’s Record Qualifying car, Or The Dodge Charger Daytona Nascar version. That thing hit 243 MPH on the Chrysler proving grounds. In 1969!

  • i can’t wait until it’s released later on today. I wanna drive the 2012 GT-R already :D

  • @mastorofpuppetz, the lobby system which GT5 uses is perfectly adequate, and IMO it caters to the needs of the players much better than any matchmaking system would. The whole point is that you can start a lobby whenever you want and alter the rules and regulations to fit the type of racing which you want, rather than having a bunch of unchangeable regulations. Don’t like inexperienced people crashing into you? Turn on contact penalties or turn off driving aids to deter inexperienced players. You say that damage is necessary for any simulator, but even though the visual damage in GT5 leaves something to be desired, the mechanical damage does a decent job of simulating damages which would slow down your car. If you really, really, want a simulator, go out and get a subscription to r-Factor. Don’t whine incessantly about something you can’t change.

  • Im apauled with the latest dlc 4 cars which r practically already in the game just different versions of them except the scirrocco. Even though it takes half a year 2 make a trac and 2 weeks to make a car i think they could have done better. How about listening 2 ur players gran turismo. To add to the bad news wats with the damage????
    some scrathes for massive hits the bumper looks out of shape thats noit damage ifd u ask me. and iof you put heavy damage if u smash someone after a while the damage doesn’t go away. The career is stupid no1 likes racing in french hatches or european slow coaches we want fun exciting races where the al don’t just let u pass they actually fight for their position. They should even put a little bar tht says dlc where u use dlc cars and tracs. Also if they upgrade the damage so its more “realistic” th put a feature were if u smashe u go 2 pits and hav it fixed.
    So Gran Turismo heres wat i want in future updates better more realistic damge, New tracs new cars tht rn’t already in the game, new career races and more competetinve al

  • Sorry about typos lol

  • screw all this crap….when is the endurance race save function being added??

  • It would be nice to have all the cars (and the tracks) we use to have in old gt games. Future DLC maybe…
    For instance we lost the nissan pulsar gtr and seattle race track.

  • There are much better cars than to worry about the Veyron or other stupidly fast, expensive and popular modern exotic cars. Bugattis aren’t fun race cars. A Miata is a fun race car. Instead, the ford focus RS, Toyota Supra, Audi A4 Quattro, Cadillac CTS, Porsches, old and new Shelby GT500s, a lot more LM race cars, and more cars to put your own racing modification. Also buy paints with GRAN TURISMO MONEY, new tracks like Infinion, new city/street tracks, 1v1 races with high AI skill level, more A-Spec events, mistakes by AI, not putting the fastest car 1st during limited PP or HP races, no need for trucks or mini coopers. The next Skyline they give me better be in my driveway and not in the collection of 50 of them in a game that’s lacking car variety. I love the Gran Turismo and I will play it and enjoy it. There are just times when I get bored of the same cars, the same tracks and events, the same difficulty, and the same places to take pictures of your car. I couldn’t care less about damage, Veyrons, and Bentlys. I know it will never happen, but I hope you are listening Gran Turismo.

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