Naughty Dog’s First Comments on The Last of Us

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Naughty Dog’s First Comments on The Last of Us

Unless you’ve been far, far away from the internet this weekend, you should already know that the VGAs afforded us our very first look at Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. If you haven’t, watch the trailer now! Then come back.

As soon as Zachary Levi walked off stage and the lights came up (I think the credits were still rolling!) we grabbed Naughty Dog co-presidents Christophe Balestra and Evan Wells to ask them about their next title.

Naughty Dog’s First Comments on The Last of Us

You surely haven’t heard the last of The Last of Us; stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for more.

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  • “Narative driven” game?? So in other words, it is just going to be another “shoot your way from cutscene to cutscene” game

  • LMAO what a bunch of PS3 fanboy sheep. See one trailer people already saying it will be the best PS3 game and GOTY. Naughty Dog are good yes, but they have a lot to prove after UC3 was disappointing and more of the same as UC2, too linear and scripted. Not to mention making a game in an already over crowded genre.

    Look, this may be a great game, but stop saying its gonna be awesome, GOTY after one trailer, lots of great games out and ND has a lot to improve on after UC3 IMO.

  • Awesome trailer, really excited about this game. Naughty Dog your awesome!!!

  • I’m excited for this. B^)

  • @CandyCaptain, if ND ever makes a detective/adventure game, they should hire you as a consultant… Nice work!

    Also, #5 has a point; it’s a gorgeous clip, but an actual gameplay clip would shed a lot more light on the upcoming experience.

  • What I love about new IP’s is that I don’t have a preconceived notion on how good it is. I had a problem with Uncharted. I loved the first one, then the second one improved all the complaints I had with the first. Then my expectations for the 3rd made it not as good, because I already had an idea of what it will be. With new IP’s the slate is wiped clean. Some fail, and others will be successful. I will always buy a new IP over an existing one, because it is more of a gamble. That’s why I never buy Call Of Duty games because I rather try a different shooter, because sequels ultimately become boring. Example see Tony Hawk series to Skate(a newer IP).

  • Most developers these days seem to be afraid of making new IPs so I say more power to Naughty Dog. The game looks impressive. Can’t wait to see more. Thanks for keeping it interesting Naughty Dog^^

  • the only thing i have noticed in the video is,searching around for ammo or objects to use as a weapon while being hunted down by mutated humans.

  • the one thing that i noticed to be interesting in the video is that we would have to search around for ammo or objects to use as weapons while being hunted by mutated humans.

  • i hope this game is co-op so my daughter & i can play the game together hmmm we shall see.

  • Awesome!!

  • its weird naughty dog haven’t got uncharted 3 yet because i wanted dead island, bf3, skyrim, mw3 & getting NHL 12 for christmas but for sure i will get it soon The Last Of Us looks so amazing i love uncharted 2 story it was amazing cant wait to see more from THE LAST OF US NAUGHTY DOG FTW keep great work :)


    I was so glad to see the Naughty Dog logo. This game will be EPIC!!!!!!!!!

  • plz put The Last Of Us trailer in ps store today & maybe some skyrim themes & avatar’s plz ty

  • hope The Last Of Us has 4 player coop or maybe splitscreen coop i know Story going blown my mind away like Uncharted 2 did FOR SURE UNCHARTED 3 WILL TOO WHEN I GET CHANCE TO GET IT

  • will they ever make anothr crash bandicoot game? =( i liked that game

  • I agree with 66 hopefully it offers co-op. I can’t wait for this game looks very interesting I just downloaded the theme, and bought the Joel avatar since there isn’t any Ellie avatar YET. Which there should have been one.. :c

  • This game looks really great but….. it is just a trailer…. i cant wait until they release gameplay footage but it still looks good. If they actually use the same animations from the trailer it would have great graphics. But you just have to wait till gameplay footage…

  • The Last Of Us looks incredibly awesome, and the graphics are nothing short of amazing. Naughty Dog is going to once again deliver a 5 star quality blockbuster that will set a new standard for gaming. CANT WAIT!

  • How is this not just another knock off of red dead redemption aka rage aka dead island?

  • i cant wait for the last of us its amazing

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