Infantry Weapons in DUST 514

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Infantry Weapons in DUST 514

Infantry Weapons in DUST 514

The handheld weapons are a key part of any MMOFPS and DUST 514 is no exception. There were a few things that were very important to us.

Firstly, we wanted to avoid the feeling of “Vietnam in space” that you sometimes see in sci-fi games. The goal was to create weapons that had recognizable roles but used more advanced technologies than the equivalent weapons of today. The power of these guns would tear apart a modern day battlefield. In DUST 514 the only way your mercenary can survive the power of these weapons is due to the advanced shielding and armor of the dropsuits they wear. Without them, simply firing these weapons would severely injure or even kill you!

Secondly, it was important to us that the weapons felt like a natural part of the EVE universe. In the same way that the ships in EVE have distinct racial designs and specialties, the weapons of DUST 514 had to encapsulate the values and technology of the race that created them. The ruthless efficiency of the Caldari, the progressive aesthetics of the Gallente, the resilience and resourcefulness of the Minmatar as well as the proud arrogance of the Amarr Empire. All of this had to be communicated through the design of the weaponry; the different styles should be evident when you look at the three examples below.

What we didn’t want to do though, was to limit players to the use of one racial type. After all, you are a mercenary, so you use what works best for the job at hand. This way players are able to use a variety of different weapons to find what suits them best, regardless of its origin. Players are able to use different classes of weapon in different load outs so that they can make meaningful tactical choices and can respond to changing situations on the field of battle. There are three basic weapon classes, light, heavy and sidearm, and here we’re going to take a look at some of the weapons in these classes.

Light Weapons

Light weapons are probably the most common on the battlefield and for many players the light class will be their primary offensive weapon. The Gallente G75-VLB Plasma Assault Rifle is the perfect example of this. A solid all-purpose weapon, effective at short to medium ranges it is very flexible and comes in a number of variants: standard, breach, tactical and specialist. This allows the player to select the style that best suits them: trading fully automatic fire for targeted bursts, and lower rates of fire for increased accuracy over range amongst a variety of other benefits and trade-offs.

Gallente G75-VLB Assault Rifle


Conceived by Duvolle Laboratories, a corporation best known for its ceaseless R&D, the G75-VLB solves many of the problems inherent in mass-manufactured plasma weapons. The result is a weapon that offers improved accuracy and greater containment field stability (which equates to faster, longer bursts of fire) than anything in its class.

It is a magazine-fed, short-to-mid range weapon offering fully automatic fire. Charged plasma munitions are pumped into a cyclotron that converts the plasma into a highly lethal bolt before it is expelled from the chamber. Upon impact with the target, the magnetic field surrounding the bolt collapses, venting superheated plasma onto the contact point.

Designation: G75-VLB
Variant: Standard
Length: 98cm
Weight (loaded): 6.2kg
Weight (unloaded): 5.8kg
Max. effective range: 55m
Ammunition: Charged plasma slug

Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons are a different animal altogether. They can only be wielded by those skilled enough to use heavy dropsuits which immediately makes them a more specialized choice. They also tend to utilize a high amount of dropsuit power grid and CPU systems making them unsuitable if you favor a more “generalist” approach to your weapon and equipment load out. They are however devastating in the right hands. Nowhere is this more evident than in the DCMA S-1 Forge Gun. This Caldari built ordnance is an incredibly powerful anti-material weapon with only one purpose, engaging and destroying hostile Heavy Attack Vehicles, a job at which it excels.

Caldari DCMA S-1 Forge Gun


Adapted from Deep Core Mining Inc.’s proprietary technology, the DCMA S-1 subverts conventional expectations of what a man-portable anti-material weapons platform is capable of. Despite its excessive weight and extended recharge times, the “Forge Gun” as it has become known, is regarded as the most devastating infantry weapon on the battlefield, and an invaluable tool for those capable of wielding it.

Powered by a Gemini microcapacitor, the Forge Gun utilizes a stored electric charge to fire kinetic slugs at speeds in excess of 7,000 m/s, enough to penetrate even augmented armor systems. During the pre-fire charge, the forward armature locks into position, stabilizing the magnetic field and helping to shield the user from backscatter and the excessive heat produced. Power generation remains the single largest drawback of the current design, the onboard capacitor requiring a significant amount of time to reach full power after each discharge.

Designation: DCMA S-1
Variant: Standard
Length: 135cm
Weight (loaded): 58.4kg
Weight (unloaded): 55.1kg
Max. effective range: 1,200m
Ammunition: Solid-state


Lastly, we have the sidearm class. Don’t be fooled by their size, these are very dangerous weapons in the right hands. Often used as a backup weapon by frontline assault troops they really come in to their own when providing a close range infantry combat solution for players in highly specialized roles (such as those using a Forge Gun). A favorite amongst these is the CAR-9 Scrambler pistol. This Amarr weapon, whilst hindered by a low ammunition count, is extremely high on power. Accurate shots with the CAR-9 will tear through shields and armor. It is particularly effective when striking the head due to its high damage output and the thinner armor plating in that area. This last point makes it a particularly popular choice for highly skilled players.

Amarr CAR-9 Scrambler Pistol


The Scrambler is a semi-automatic pistol originally designed and manufactured by Carthum Conglomerate. A small-scale directed energy weapon, the CAR-9 produces a laser-induced plasma channel capable of dealing short-range pin-point damage to a target.

Power consumption is excessive, but The CAR-9 addresses this via a rear-loaded fuel cell, allowing cells to be exchanged quickly and easily once exhausted. Moreover, advances in the polymers used in the weapon’s construction have greatly reduced heat build-up and improved heat dissipation, resulting in improved reliability over earlier modules.

Designation: CAR-9
Variant: Standard
Length: 25cm
Weight (loaded): 1.8kg
Weight (unloaded): 1.7kg
Max. effective range: 40m
Ammunition: Energy fuel cell

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  • really hope there is possible thah we can just “play” with the weapon(s), f.eks reload, check the condition, training, clean them etc.

  • Brilliant.

  • Awesome this game has me interested in it. I do want too see some more gameplay.

  • Any news on the PlayStation Vita Version?? Game looks awesome.

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  • As always, appreciate the info Mr. Wang.

    Question the first: will there be a selection of different ammo types as it is in EVE or will there be one kind of plasma slug or solid state round, etc?

    Will the Light, Heavy, and Sidearm weapons have different training trees?

    Do you have a twitter account so that we can get more info about Dust514 from you in the future?

    And finally, are you enjoying your new position with CCP? I’m a bit jealous, seems like a fun, dynamic company to work with :D

    • You can expect ammo to work differently than in EVE, but that could change as well.

      The training tree will be as varied for DUST 514 as it is for EVE.

      My twitter is @CCP_CmdrWang

      Lastly, of course! :)

  • Not convinced on that said arm, looks to alien-ish.

  • Video or it didn’t happen.

  • Thank you very much for this new info, Mr. Wang!!!!!

    I’m encouraging my fellow clan members of the MAAN Clan ( to get excited about Dust 514.

    Question: When do you expect Dust 514 to be released?

  • Gameplay video would be nice.
    This game will be released on disc or by download? And a PS Vita version would be totally amazing like everybody is saying.

  • what is the player cap!!! its beginning to look more like Mass Effect 2! in a good way :)

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  • I really am excited for this, will this be a one off purchase or a subscriptin base game ?

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  • They almost look like Killzone weapons

  • EXOO77: the sidearm is created by the Amarr Empire, that’s why it look so “alien-ish”

  • Hey Commander Wang, the article is great, but where did this fansite get the image at the top of this page from?

    I don’t see it on the website so far as I can tell. It looks like Galente is bringing back the sexy with the racecar driver suit. I’m also trying to tell if thats a minmatar or an amarr hes standing next to that is about to blow away the caldari dude.

    Any clarification you can offer?

    And +1 to your guys art department.

    (If you hold me to a guess, I’m saying the hulky dude is amarr because it looks like a laser that hes holding any everyone knows amarr like lasers)

  • Does this game have a release date Mr. Phil Wang? I’m really looking forward to this.

  • This game looks very interesting!

    It would be an instant buy if it has splitscreen, or some sort of couch play type game mode.
    Mr. Wang, are you guys implementing where 2 people can play on one console online, like Uncharted, Blackops, and Resistance 3 did?


  • ok … I want BETA now!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m so hype for this game! CCP you guys are awesome all the thought thats going into this game is amazing

  • Love it!

    Any info on when we might be seeing another gameplay video, that could ease my wait until the beta comes!

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  • i want to know mr. wang

  • is there going to be split screen in this??? i’m going to try to buy day 1, when is the beta if there is one and how long will it last, it kinda looks like mag 2 if you will but any way looks awesome can not wait.

    • Have you seen the Forge Gun? Why, you can split the screen yourself with it! :P

      Have patience, we will be releasing more info on DUST 514 soon.

  • Still disappointing that the game is not planned to be released on pc; the same platform that eve is on after all :(

  • Honestly I don’t play EVE. But the mere fact that DUST 514 is connected to EVE makes the game interesting. This looks like a game that will finally give Halo a run for it’s money. It’s also awesome to get updates like this on the game. You guys at CCP seem to really know what you’re doing. Keep it up :)

  • The guns look interesting!

  • Hows about some actual gameplay footage? It seems a bit odd that all of this info is coming out but we dont have anything more than the reveal trailer showing us the game in action.

    Also, how many players is this going to support?

  • Looking forward to Dust 514 next year just as much as I was anticipating KZ3. These teaser updates are amazing and keeps me interested. I’m sure videos will be posted up closer to release date.

  • Thit game looks like its gonna be amazing! the guns look impresive as well as the vechiles.Id like to see some gameplay of the vechiles and weapons shown/revealed sofar. But sofar well done, i may not be able to understand some of words but I do understand the concept of these guns. im definitely gonna be buying this Game i can tell u that!

  • Will there only be damaged-based weapons, or can we expect Electronic-Warefare, too ? Perhaps some new kinds like flash grenades or sight-hindering stuff ? Please don’t take me wrong – I hope there get no crowd control weapons into the game – I really hate them.

  • is this like eve online?

  • Will the different races wield their own firearm designs?

  • I am highly interested ****IN*** this game..But i got some questions:
    1)When will this game be released?
    2)Will it be playable for PS3?
    3.5)Will it have Single Player Campaign?
    3.5)Will it have Multiplayer?
    4)Will i be able to fully use it wihout any additions?
    5)Summary of this game’s plot,Backround, Weapons ecetera..
    Could creators reply?Thanks.

  • This is all afaik, I am not an employee of sony or CCP. Just an eve player and a soon to be dust player too.

    @larry_hill = its only set in the literal worlds of Eve Online. In Dust you are immortal super-clone ground troops, in Eve you are a pod pilot, a person who has been cybernetically connected to a large spaceship with near limitless power.

    @ Hooligantuan = No, everyone can use everything, just like eve online.

    @ Post 39 (the guy with the string of numbers) :

    1) Summer 2012, private trails (the beta) are narrative, will take place on the live server and start soon ™.
    2) Only the PS3, its a PS3 exclusive.
    3.5 a) Unlikely
    3.5 b) YES!!!! its an mmofps.
    4) Yes, however you have the option of buying resources with RL money if you desire. However you can play the “mercenary” so you can earn resources by working for eve online or dust 514 players.
    5) Read Eve online has being going for 8 years so there is a lot of backstory. Suffice to say as a Dust Player you will be fighting on the terrestrial and barren planets (to begin with) of Eve Online (some 1000+/- worlds)

    Also there is a couple of alpha gameplay trailers on youtube, simply do a search for “Dust 514”.

  • what is patience i ran out of that back in april

  • I’ve been playing MAG for a 10 months and I gotta say that its a great game :) I’m going to look ftw to Dust514 :) I hope its like MAG but better :D See you in the battle field :) If you want to reply to this message then add me JIMvc2

  • Ooooh man, if this game releases during a semester then my grades are going to tank. Curse you Playstation for creating such fantastic-awesomeness!

  • I know why you didn’t show a Minmatar gun and I fully understand: A gun that is 80% duct tape isn’t really all that impressive and not the sorta thing you want to show off when giving first impressions of a game.

  • One major issue I have is the assault rifle having a max effective range of only 55m and the hand gun being 40m. In the article it says that Dust weapons would tear apart a modern day battlefield. Yet modern assault rifles have a far greater effective range than just 55m. I served in the Army for 5 years and when you go to the range to do your test 50m is the closest target while 300 is the furthest. Buff the assault rifle range up or modern day weapons will destroy you from 60m and out.

  • @REGIS_MARK_V = The reason the assault rifle has such a ridiculously short range is because it shoots short-lived balls of barely confined plasma. The other racial flavor rifles would have varying ranges because they’re rail/laser/projectile based.

  • I can not wait for this! I’ve never anticipated a video game before
    I really hope it works out for you guys CCP and us ps3 players
    It really is going to be a unique mmofps
    Please make a retail box release of this!
    It will look nice and it will be more memorable for everyone
    One More Thing
    Apart of the amazing details for this game
    Will The Jove be included in this in anyway or be a playable race? maybe unlockable items?
    In Such a well built story of the eve universe it makes them most mysterious
    thank you for the update and to CCP for their hardwork making this happen
    I can’t wait

  • anti material weapons? that should be interesting

  • I really hope this game doesn’t arrive too close to the announcement of a next gen console at E3. (If there is one)

  • Really looking forward to this game. Don’t let me down CCP.

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