MotorStorm RC Interview: “A Refreshing Change”

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MotorStorm RC Interview: “A Refreshing Change”

Judging from the comments, we caught you by surprise when we announced that MotorStorm RC is coming to PS3 and PS Vita in time for launch. You all seem really excited about the game so I followed up with its director Paul Rustchynsky to discuss in more detail the vision, the Cross-Play with PS3 and PS Vita, and the social interactions that will be at the heart of MotorStorm RC.

If you have any further questions then please let us know in the comments and I’ll get the answers.

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  • Really cool to see a new motor storm. i am getting this for my ps3/ps vita

  • this is great guys weldone

  • Great stuff! I love the idea of a scaled down Motorstorm on Vita! It sounds like aTON of fun!

  • Ghosts!? SOLD.

  • I really really really hope that Sony takes the buy the game once, play on both philosophy to more game franchises. I never liked the idea of buying the exact same game twice so I could have it at home and on the go, but buying once and playing wherever I am has me sold. Third party developers need to take notice on this service.

    I like that this game changes up the formula for Motor Storm. Can’t wait to play it on my PSV when I get it and then able to transfer it to the big screen. Will there be post release support for this game like the other PS3 Motor Storm games?


  • So I assume you will have to be a Playstation Plus member to save your game to the cloud to continue your game on the ps3 from the Vita and Back?

  • @ JimmieChaos

    I hadn’t even thought about that yet, but you’re probably right!

    That sucks….

  • @6 & 7

    No you do not have to be a PS+ member to use cloud saves on Vita. The developers have already stated that it isn’t necessary. The same goes for Ruin and Kojima’s games that allow for “transfarring”.

    This game looks cool and i’ll def give it a shot!

  • Great to see that they’re still able to make games after Apocalypse.

  • I definitely support the Play on Both platform philosophy. One thing I’m curious about is with a ‘Dual’ PS3/Vita title like this are the trophies unlock-able on both the Vita/PS3? are they exclusive to one platform entirely? are some only unlock-able with the Vita? etc. I thought I read somewhere the Vita will have Trophy support, I’m curious how it will be implemented.

  • @8 Yeah, we’ll see. Until it’s actually out and working, there is a chance they could change it… maybe even after its out they could change it. lol

  • “Its less about the brutal competition between vehicles”


    A racing game that is not about competition between vehicles???

    Basically a “online” single player game?

    You guys are losing your vision!!!

    Motorstorm is 100% about competetion, about beatutiful tracks, about various paths!!!!

    Its about first person view points and motion controlled steering!!!

    What have you become?

    I always tell everyone how great the Motorstorm games are, and with the exception of the PSP version being way to easy and the MSA being not about varied paths.

    I dont know why but it seems the trend for our beloved Sony exclusives is to make the first ones great, and hope their name sells all the half assed versions.

    KZ3 dissapointed, MSA dissappointed, R3 dissappointed, and it looks to be that MS:RC will follow suit.

    Why cant they just give us the option for first person views and motion control?

    Love the idea behind this new itteration, but the implementation is very scary.
    It would be the same but better to have a few extra options dont you think??????????????????

  • Come on Motorstorm be the game we all love, be the game with options, please?

    I have been ruined by the other Motorstorms, I cant play a racing game with the analog stick, please dont make me miss this game over last generation control schemes!

    I love Motorstorm, “its always the ones you love, that hurt you the most” Phillyblunz.

  • Hey James, I was wondering if any plans to re-release previous PS3 games is in store?

    I would love it if Motorstorm Pacific Rift came to Vita, its easily the best racing game I’ve ever played.

    I think re-releasing PS3 games in a portable device is an underestimated field of easy revenue.

    It would be amazing just to play the games we already know and love on the go with no loss in quality.

    Just a thought, care to comment?

  • At first when I heard of this I was feeling pretty iffy, as I liked motor storm as a sort of hardcore off road game. However, after seeing the ramps etc… this is becoming more interesting, and seems very appropriate as a fun PSN/Vita game. :)

    However, I do hope you guys break out of the motor storm franchise some time. No matter how much I enjoy it (though the last wasn’t as gritty as the previous two, it was still spectacular and the best online off road racing yet), your studio just has so much talent that I think would be fantastic to see explored in other areas/ways.

    Needless to say, I am curious to see what all you’ve changed up and added to this one after seeing the range you guys can explore with it.

  • Not my type of game genre. This is one I will keep my eye on for my kids.

  • @12

    KZ3, MSA and R3 dissapointed? ….really? I’d like to see what type of games you play if you’ve found those games dissapointing, but i know thats your opinion and i respect it, i loved them all!

  • Kz3 doesnt hold a candle to Killzone 2.
    -Graphics cant compare, except in 3D KZ3 looked pretty good, 2D it looked horrible.
    -Wasnt nearly as challenging either. In KZ2 the AI was shifty, they’d flank, hide, blind fire, etc
    -The vehicle sections of KZ3 were tacked on to say the least.

    MSA isnt nearly as good as MS:PR.
    (Although the first few times through the levels were interesting but its not dynamic so the wow factor soon faded.)
    (And i didnt mind the 3D, though it deffinitely wasnt the best 3D in a game I’ve played on the PS3)
    (the fact that multiple tracks were very few was the worst though)

    R3 has a decent campaign, which i just beat and will still replay on superhuman, but it was dissapointing in a few ways such as:
    -Reduction of online players to less then Resistance one! went from 40, to 60, down to 16 for the sequel??
    -Complete removal of the best mode R2 had to offer, the online coop campaign was the #1thing I was looking forward too for R3 the most.

  • Some of my fav games ever for PS3 are:
    -Drakes Fortune 1&2(havent gotten to three just yet)
    -Resistance 1
    -Resistance 2 Online coop campaign
    -Motorstorm 1, 2.
    -MAG(I know, but its just great to have such massive battles never before realised on a console, even today. I love the MMO customization of everything, the command structure, clan battles, flanking snipers, etc)

    Nowadays i play a lot of Payday the Heist, its a nice change up for the objectives and for $20 who can resist?

  • This game looks great, but when it comes to launch day Racing games, I’m prioritizing on getting ModNation Road Trip and WipEout 2048. After I get a few more games, I’ll get this :D

  • Smash Cars on PSN is a good RC racing game that doesn’t get any press. It’s cheap too.
    (Just FYI)

  • I don’t expect the blog staff to ask difficult questions of 1st party devs but I was wondering if the Evolution guys are aware of the disappointment a lot of people felt about Apocalypse? Pacific Rift seems to be regarded as the best in the series and the changed handling, cringeworthy “story”, on screen distractions and general shift in direction put a lot of people off. I wonder if the new game will draw people back or further alienate fans.

  • Looking forward for it!

  • I CANT WAIT FOR THE VITA!!! its going to be so epic!!

  • It’s really cool that Playstation kept Evolution alive! :DD also, it would be cool if you guys relived some of Sony’s classic racing IP such as Jet Moto

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