PlayStation Blogcast Episode 002: That’s a lot of blood

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We’re back with the second episode of Official PlayStation.Blogcast! Thanks for all the support and feedback for last week’s debut episode, which was listened to by a surprising number of PlayStation fans. We’re continuing to refine our voice and integrate more of the content you’d like to hear — this week, that starts with our first batch of reader questions!

Also: We share first details on the PSN game releases for December 6th and celebrate the PS3-first release of Battlefield 3’s Back to Karkand expansion pack this Tuesday, December 6th with special guest Ian Tornay, community manager for Battlefield 3. Plus: Dinosaurs, more Skyrim talk, Jeff shares a lucrative tip, Sid offers a PSN Gem of the Week, and a ton of nerdy game talk. Listen now!

Be sure to leave your feedback in the blog comments below, or shoot us an email here. Thanks for listening!

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  • I love this cast.. You guys are off to a great start. I love the seriousness, and the fact that I don’t have to lower the volume while listening… Can’t wait for Final Fantasy VI.

  • hopefully i’ll get a chance to play BF3 MP soon. beat SP the week it came out, but have only played one or two matches. DAMN YOU responsibilities and family holiday crap!!!! hah

  • Still waiting for my Starhawk invite.

  • Right on! Been waiting for this since I finished listening to last weeks show.

    I actually have a couple of questions for next weeks show. Can PlayStation Home be used on the PS Vita in any way, shape, or form? Also, can the movies/TV shows from Crackle be accessed from it?

  • Yes! Just put this on my iPhone and will be listening to it tonight while playing Arkham Asylum! I’m glad you guys chose Thursday to release an episode. The day I got my PS3.

  • Loving the BlogCast! My first ever BlogCast to listen to is this! well besides episode 001: Greatness from small beginnings! Keep up the wonderful work! Hmmm.. What if this was also streamed from PlayStation Home at one point! Just suggesting! :) Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  • You guys are really awesome. Loving the “Blogcast”.

    Just wanting you guys to know that you have fans all around the world (Nigeria) and that your opening tune is now my ringing tone XD

  • Still not a fan of your theme song. Something shorter and to the point like the actual PS bootup themes would be better.

    I wish Square Enix had made PSN ports or emulated versions of FF V&VI instead of just the PSX versions. TOSE complete dropped the ball on those versions.

    All in all your podcast is better than most corporate podcasts, but still weaker than an independent cast. It would be nice if at least one of your four guys was allowed to play a devil’s advocate.

  • ^ I want the closing tune as a ringtone LOL!

  • downloading it now. gonna listen to it on my psp later, hoping its as good as last week, if not better. oh, by the way, you guys did a great job last week. :)

  • Do me a favor and make an official PlayStation BlogCast Techno/Dubstep Theme like 3 Minutes long with all the PlayStation sounds like the Intro. Please? :)

  • Listening now! Though it would be cool if you guys let us know over Twitter or here who the next guest will be so we could ask specific questions.

  • THAT PS3 TIP BLEW MY MIND!! Seriously I’m sorting all my games like that now. Thanks a lot Nick.

  • Great show guys! really good! Man that guy really got me pumped for that BF3 content. cant wait to get in next week. Oh and by the way im super excited that you are coming to Miami! I’ll be there for sure when you guys get down here.

  • Sadly, I’m full deaf. I cannot hear everythings. Therefore, I envy you all that you can hear anythings! T_T

  • At work and can’t listen to this. Somebody wanna tell me what PSN game they said was coming on the 6th? And what was the PS3 tip that blew 14’s mind?

  • Another great Blogcast guys! And thanks for reading my question/sending the Starhawk invite!

    Looking forward to future interactions as PS events in the future!

  • Loving the blogcast so far, I like how you guys aren’t so official and talk like gamers instead of people trying to just sell games & stuff. Definitely on the right track! To many more! =P

  • i listened to this via my googletv, its was a good first episode and the audio/vocals were fine, didnt hear the AC lol.. will listen to this soon… good job guys! make it available in Home would be nice to so when im in my Hollyywood hills house i can listen there while doing hosting friends who also enjoyed the episode!

    Jeff or Syd are you guys coing back to NYC soon for any other events i want more bronies and drinks!! lolthat was very fun and my first time attending a PS Event, thanks!

  • oh, this can be downloaded vis PS3 directly for those who dont know, file isnt big either though i listen via the GoogleTV Queue streaming.

  • playstation blogcast is awesome i love it! you guys are awesome!

  • Great Podcast! Also, to the person who asked about putting the podcast on Media Go, you can do that yourself. While in the Podcast section, click add a podcast> subscribe to URL, and then copy and paste the URL of the RSS feed into the text box. Hope that helped.

  • Sorry Folks. Rey is the MAN! I love the Entire Blog team though! Big warm holiday hugs!!! #1!!

  • The second episode is already on iTunes by the way! Loved this episode felt more concise.

  • Another great episode guys… and Urgent Fury welcomes you to the podcasting arena as well!!!

  • hey guys, loving the blogcast. when can we start sending in questions?

  • Downloaded in the UK to have a listen. Enjoyed the slightly disjointed first episode so I’m looking forward to this one!

    I’d love to get some answers from the powers that be on a few things too.

    PS3 and PSP/Vita colours. Why do we (the West) get so few while Japan gets so many? Has someone been told that we don’t want them here?

    On the PS3 you can have multiple accounts which you can switch between quickly and easily which sadly isn’t the case on the PSP since online was all kind of tacked on afterwards. With the PlayStation brand being region free will the Vita allow me to have a Jap account and a US account like my PS3 does or will you have to go through the pin in the ass process that you do on the PSP?

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to future episodes!

  • Another fine episode, gentlemen, keep up the great work!

  • Like it so far. keep them coming.

    I like that it’s work safe.

  • very nice blog cast. could you guys share more of them tips, they’re very useful?

  • Oh, I just had an idea. Considering how you’ve now badmouthed Championship Jockey in two podcasts in a row I challenge one of you to actually play the game for next week’s podcast.

    • I like this one. Nick, you’re on it. Right?

    • Not badmouthing! Just recognizing the most niche DLC of the week which we’re the least educated on. But yes, I will accept your challenge! I’ll (probably) give it a shot this weekend.

  • Yay!
    Listening to the first blogcast now and its EPIC! Going to download those……. NOW!!!

  • Woops! I meant Arkham City. Anyway, love this podcast! Heh.

  • Like the show. Haven’t listened to this one yet but here is some unsolicited feedback from ep:1.

    1) Sid has a good “radio” voice and is well articulated. My vote is for him to be the host and move the show along when it begins to drift.
    2) I like Nick and have been listening to him for years on many podcasts but he definitely cuts people off too much. It’s nothing personal and really not too big of a deal but it just makes for hard to listen to radio.
    3) Don’t be afraid to make the show longer. I enjoy listening to it on my daily commute.
    4) Not a fan of the theme song. I get it, but it’s too literal and has been done before on the Beyond podcast. And honestly 5 year old UI clicks that we’ve all heard a ZILLION times does not make for good instruments.
    5) You guys NEED to provide these in the PS Store itself. Talk to your girl Grace.
    6) You should get Major Nelson on as a guest. :)

  • I would rather watch a video blog. I gave it a shot, but gave up after 2 mins.

    Also pass this along for us. That update (4.00) was a big deal. Obviously we didn’t get the full release notes. I deleted all my psp games, since I can only transfer then if they are not installed. Also what is up with the ps plus icon? Makes no since, I sign in and it goes away. So now I can sign in with both.

    Also I used the online web page to deactivate my ps3 for GED. But I guess video or psp’s are out of the question.
    I can’t even activate video on the ps3 I have. What can I do?

    Then this new pop up with the blog, won’t go away. I click x, and it just comes back.

    Please help.

  • Deactivate my ps3 for games(not GED)

    Couldn’t proof read with the new pop up getting in my way.

  • Loved the first one. downloading now

  • great podcast guys. cant wait for karkand

  • Hey guys great job on the blog cast. Everything flows perfectly.

    I was wondring if the PS Vita (PSV) was going to support PSone and/or PS2 Classics at launch?

    I love the classics but never play them because when I’m home it’s all about the PS3 and this years great games.

    Great tip of the month also for anyone who didn’t know. I can’t stand not having my games organized.

  • Have you guys heard anything about Fumito Ueda? Did he really leave Sony? Care to comment on rumors or speculation?

  • Can the blog staff or someone at Sony provide some confirmation of whether Fumito Ueda, the creator of Ico and SoTC and working on The Last Guardian, has left Sony? There is a rumor doing the rounds of the Internet. If true it would be a big loss.

  • Please get on DICE’s case hard-core about the broken voice chat and how the fans are tired of their canned responses.

    It’s insulting on how they say they care about the fans…yet the fans are still asking for it to be fixed and getting ignored.

  • One huge problem with the blogcast, it’s not long enough! You guys keep me wanting to listen to more! haha.

    As an editor from the DLB-Network (DLB-Network Podcast), I gotta say, I really love podcasts, lol, and am happy to add you guys to my lists of weekly podcasts! =D

  • This Kids Table redux is awesome.

  • You know, it’s actually kinda funny. While the intro theme kept playing, no matter how much I convinced myself I kept thinking that my PS3 was on and switching between menus. I didn’t know those clicks were so ingrained in my mind! Listening now.

  • I would love to get your opinion on the latest firmware update. I think a lot of people were not happy with the numbering (ie; jumping to 4.00), and the lack of features (especially without a Vita).

    I would also like your opinion on the price of Vita memory cards; it seems it will be too expensive, and with the 3DS at crazy low prices right now (I can get one for $140 plus a $20 gift card right now), I don’t think Sony can charge too much for these memory cards.

    Anyways, continue the good work. The more PlayStation podcasts, the better.

  • I can’t believe that you guys didn’t know about setting the album in the Information. That just blows my mind!

    Thanks for the shout-out, let me know when you want me to fly out there to join ya….. ;-)

  • I have a Vita Question:

    I preordered the First Edition Vita bundle, am I going to have to wait a week to play Uncharted, Ridge Racer and Hot Shots?

  • For the organization thing… I was a PS3 owner Day 1. Know every nook and cranny of that thing… I organize my games by PSN, PS3 (full/disc game), Apps (Metal Gear Index, Singstar, etc), MMOs and Demos.

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