San Francisco: PS Vita Meet-ups Kick Off This Week

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San Francisco: PS Vita Meet-ups Kick Off This Week

If you’re eagerly anticipating picking up a PlayStation Vita at launch, February 22nd probably feels distressingly far away. “But I want to play NOW,” you may be thinking, feeling, and/or shouting. We understand.

Vita Hill Social Club

That’s why we’re going to be fanning out across the country to give loyal PlayStation fans the the opportunity to go hands on with the PS Vita months before launch, through a series of Vita Social Clubs. And for people in the San Francisco Bay Area, that opportunity comes knocking this Thursday with the grand opening of the Vita Hill Social Club. We’ll be bringing the food and the beverages, but most importantly, we’ll be bringing the Vitas. Dozens and dozens of them. Bring extra hands!

The Vita Hill Social Club will give you the opportunity to play tons of PS Vita games, including UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, LittleBigPlanet, Little Deviants, WipEout 2048, ModNation Racers, Reality Fighters, and Hot Shots Golf in a relaxing setting. We’ll also be raffling off a few things… maybe even a PS Vita (correction: yes, we will).

Here’s what you need to know:

Thursday, Dec 1st, 2011 from 5:00 – 9:00pm Pacific Time

Vita Hill Social Club
1694 Union Street (at Gough)
San Francisco, CA 94123


Not in San Francisco? Don’t worry, we’ll be opening up PS Vita Social Clubs all around the US in the near future. We’re also set up in several malls across the country right now. We’re planning more meet-ups in January – many in cities we haven’t been to before – so stay tuned.

In the meantime, see you Thursday, San Francisco!

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  • Aw. I live in Los Angeles, California. I know that the demo for PS Vita is available in Santa Monica, California. But are you guys planning to have more demo available near my location? Let’s say such as South Pasadena, Pasadena or Glendale…? I sincerely hope so!

  • Come to Austin!

    I’d drive to Dallas if I had to!

    Can’t wait to try out a Vita!

  • @MTK4355 If you want to play Vita, drive to Dallas. A Mills Mall down there has it to play.

    I already played Vita at Potomac Mills in Northern VA (near DC). It was beyond awesome and love it. Everyone who comes out should enjoy it.

  • Thanks Mana! Road trip this weekend!

  • wow so when can i try a playstation vita on the playstation lounge in NY ?

  • Please oh please oh please come to Cincinnati! I live in Kentucky, but that’s the largest city around here…

    I know a great number of people who would be very interested in attending if you guys came to Cincinnati!

    = )

    Either way, this is an awesome idea! I already have the Vita pre-ordered, and I should be able to pick mine up on February 15th! ^_^

  • Any way for those of us not on Facebook to RSVP? :)

  • Are you guys serious with the prices of the vita memory cards?

  • I am surprised that the mall of America in Minnesota isn’t on the list. Microsoft has a huge Kinect dedicated kiosk there. They had some serious balls to open up a store directly opposite of the Apple store. Sony should do the same with the Vita. Essentially say, “why by an Xbox when you came get better than an Xbox in the palm of your hand.”

    I would even work at it for you (I’m 38, BTW.)

  • Feb 22nd you say? Nah, all us cool kids are getting the Vita on Feb 15th.

    Anyway, I got to try the Vita at SCEC’s holiday preview event. I played LBP and honestly thought the gyro and touch controls made the game a pain to play.

    Jeff, how about a Hot Shots tournament when the time comes? I wanna kick your butt in that:p

  • Western Carolina University has a pretty good PSP-owning crowd, and I think most of us would enjoy having a Vita Social Club here in Cullowhee, NC. In fact, if you can come out on December 10 and come to the third floor of the University Center, we could probably get a ton of people playing with or trying out the Vita, and possibly getting a great many folks to say “I’m buying the Vita day-&-date” and one person might get to win it, who knows. The college crowd is key to getting the Vita to fly off the starting gates. And especially at $250 for the Wi-FI only version ($299 for the Wi-Fi & 3G version), it will be very important to get such things into the hands of the college crowd before the thing launches.

    Being a Nintendo fan (and a recent Sony console purchaser), Nintendo really did not do that for its 3DS, and they only really hit the big cities to their peril. I think you need to look into coming to Western Carolina University and other college campuses all across the nation.

  • Judging by this, the Vita is already ready to launch? Then why not launch it in December when everyone is shopping for presents?!!

  • Pls tell me I don’t have to have a Facebook to RSVP.

  • wish y’all can just be in katy mills mall or down at the galleria here in houston

  • Come to Albuquerque!!!

  • Man, i cant wait!

  • Come to Salt Lake!

  • Uhm NEW YORK CITY! Can’t believe you haven’t posted anything about the worlds capital yet, I mean come on ;) ;)

  • Why cant u guys just have like 10 in different places in each through out all the states in the USA.

  • cant waite till this comes out

  • Seriously you guys are not coming to New York?

  • I agree with JAMKOR. I was just at the Mall of America this weekend and I saw the huge Kinect kiosk they have set up and the huge crowd of people around it watching two people play some dance game. It was actually pretty fun to watch. I’m sure the creative minds at Sony can create something similar for the Vita. And please bring it to the Mall of America!!!

  • Man, two other events sprung up on Thursday here in San Francisco, but I think the choice is clear: I’m gonna finally get some hands-on time with the Vita!

    Looking at the location on Google Maps, and just want to clarify: The location is where this “Mudpie” place used to be, according to Street View, right? If so, I’m planning to take Muni, and it looks like it stops right in front of the place!

    Any limit on how many people show up? How early do you suggest showing up?

    Thanks, and looking forward to finally playing a Vita!

  • Can’t wait for thursday! See you guys there!

  • Would be awesome if you guys made a stop in Vancouver, BC, Canada! ;)

  • well I know it wont be coming near where I live stuff like this never do and I live near Wichita KS

  • its true what D squad3 says if the ps vita is ready to launch, then launch it already! u guys announced it to be released this holiday, who cares about the launching line-up just release it i went and got the hundread dollars i had already put down for it at gamestop…they said they dnt blame me

  • Please come to Florida! I’m buying the Vita day one but I really want to play with this wonderful machine! :D

  • If it is ready now then why wait?????? why wait i we can play it 2 months before? that makes no sense……. I guess you just want to make money off these ‘vita clubs’ sigh…….. Seriously why wouldn’t you just release it now at christmas time? jeez it is like you WANT the nintendo 3ds to get ahead of you.

  • @9, MS are a great marketing company, Xbox destroys Sony in sales in the US where MS markets, advertises, does many promotions and have made the xbox the IT console in the worlds biggest market. Sony can’t compete with MS when it comes to marketing. Well they can but sony seems to be living in the 70’s and 80’s….

  • @22, Sony are a terrible company at marketing, MS, while making an inferior product are great at selling and marketing. Sony need to get their game up.

  • )8, then sony will wonder why Vita struggles like PSP did………………. Sony outprices themself, and the handheld market is really tough now with tablets and phones making many casual gamers shy away all together from a handheld console.

  • @30 I doubt they are making a lot of money by setting up free “come in and try out” locations; more likely, they want to have several million completed units ready to sell before launching, and that takes time.

  • Lucky raffle winner.. :)

  • off topic slightly

    SONY you had me with the ps vita at 249.99

    BUT, SONY you lost me with out of control!!! memory card prices. yeah i know they will go down.

    then no psone psn game vita support on day one. come on!!

    then there is the shrinking game launch line up!!!!

    AT&T 3G need i say more!!!!!!

    so now I will wait and buy a USED sony ps vita and then I will buy a USED memory card then I will buy a USED uncharted golden abyss and SONY will see none of my money.

    SEE how that works SONY and if more people followed suit and CANCELLED their over priced pre-orders SONY just might pull a NINTENDO or PSPGO and drop prices or pffer free game downloads.

    DON’T get me wrong I am normally all about SONY, but the hosing we are taking on the psp 3000 UMD games and all this other GAUGING is WRONG 19.99 for a USB cable

  • heavenly sword 2????

  • at 37 yeap , i dont understand how it hasnt happened yet

  • What exactly is packaged with the wifi model of the Vita? I remember PSP came with a case and headphones, does PS Vita come with those items as well?

  • Can’t wait for my 3G Vita.

    Hope to see you guys in NYC again Jeff and Crew, I also enjoyed The Official Playstation BlogCast, the audio was great already! I couldn’t hear the AC lol

    Did u give the DJ the Playstation Sound Samples or did he grab them for the intro beat?

  • goddamn it feels good to live in the Bay Area

  • @37 you are my hero.

    How come you others dont realise the glory which could be Heavenly sword 2?

    I want to see Kratos in there as a love interest of Nariko, but she must battle her way to save him proving her warriors love with every severed limb.

    Winning his blood soaked heart, and setting up the sequel which I envision like so:

    Kratos and Nariko have children and move on up to the East side.(of the world)

    They have 4 of course, suitably filling the 4 horsemen proficy, and spinning off into their own eventual series.
    -The hideous shapeshifter, having the god like power of absorbing her enemies strengths+1 to continually evolve. Be happy to never know her true face.
    -The Brutal Warrior, and first born son of Kratos. Taking after his father but with weapons formed from pure will, allowing him to conger any weapon for any task, and having the inherited skills to be their master.
    -The beautiful Siren, capable of making men and women alike fall to her nether regions on command for business or pleasure.
    -And the midget, specializing in attacking much larger foes with acrobatic skills, and special tactics. Possibly with the ability to change size!

  • Sony makes memory cards for Sony devices, now they gonna make a new memeory card just for Vita??

    They must think we are stupid, and some of us obviously are if they gonna put up with that.

    Sony you better give this thing at least 30GB internal storage or you will be shooting yourself in the foot once again!! But obviously not the last time.

    I cant believe you still in business with all these shady practices.

    I was the biggest PS3 fanboy out there, but you lost me at 2 activations, propriatory memory cards, and no solution that I have seen to transfer my UMD’s to vita.

    You losing it, maybe stop and think once in awhile???

  • set this up somewhere near Saskatchewan Canada if u please!!!

  • No word on us Facebook holdouts? Guess I’ll show up and hope for the best :P

  • $120 for a 32GB Vita memory card, glad I can get 1TB hard drives cheaper than that.


  • @36 & 43 Umm… I think you forgot about the $350 bundle deal that comes with a 3G model, a 4GB memory card, and Little Deviants. I don’t know about you but that deal sounds more like a steal. It should keep us good until the price goes down in memory cards, right? I bought my PSP back in 2009 with a 2GB memory card and I still have space on it. I believe if we do it right, 4GB will be enough for a good year or two. :D

  • Is there a reason that there are no North East Showings?

  • Ugh I hate it when these things is on a Thur. I can’t just jump on the flight to get there in time for it..

  • Wow, this is cool and all but how about getting down here to the Seattle area huh?

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