Starhawk Private Beta Begins Rolling Out Tuesday

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Starhawk Private Beta Begins Rolling Out Tuesday

After many, many months of hard work we are happy to announce that the Starhawk Private Beta will be live on PSN beginning Tuesday, November 22nd! As you may have read in Dylan’s last PlayStation.Blog post, a selected a number of loyal Warhawk players who have opted-in to receive PlayStation emails will receive Private Beta keys, so if you played Warhawk there’s a chance that you’ll have a voucher invitation in your email in the upcoming weeks! If you don’t get on day one, don’t get discouraged: our Private Beta will be “slow rolled.” That means that we’ll slowly add more fans and features as the Private Beta progresses.

Making a game is hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun! To show you what I mean, check out this new Behind the Scenes video to give you an inside look at the SCEA Santa Monica/LightBox Interactive working life! We really, really appreciate the Warhawk faithful joining us in our Beta efforts. Hopefully this video will give you all some insight into our day to day lives. You Warheads are always at the forefront of our thoughts, as you will see.

Be sure to visit for the extended version!

For those of you that get Private Beta access very early, you can expect to play Capture the Flag on a couple of maps to your heart’s content.


You’ll be able to find games via our Matchmaker system or choose your own game server via our Game Lists. We’ve kept the initial roll out pretty tight as we exercise the systems, but we’ll open the kimono inch by inch so keep playing to see what we have in store for you.

The Starhawk Private Beta is Live This TuesdayThe Starhawk Private Beta is Live This Tuesday

We Want Your Feedback!

Please bang on the Private Beta and help us make Starhawk the greatest possible game. We’ll do our best to avoid hiccups, but you may see some bugs or other unintended gremlins — it’s all part of the process. We ask those of you that play in the Private Beta to participate in the Starhawk Private Beta Forum located here(note: If you’re accepted into the Private Beta, you’ll notice a “Beta Central” section here). This forum is set up to help us collect feedback, bugs, feature requests, etc. Keep it clean, respectful, and specific so that we can try to address your issues. You’ll need to log in with your PSN account and choose the “PSN Beta” tab under your log-in name. If you aren’t in the Beta, you won’t be allowed access to this forum so please be patient.

How to Gain Access to the Starhawk Private Beta

We’ll be looking to unlock the door for registered players later on in the Private Beta. Fans that want to get in but may not get an invite can increase their chances by registering on the official site. Remember, we can’t send you Private Beta keys unless you have opted-in to receive them. Check out this Beta FAQ page for more info. We’ll also be working with great partners like G4, IGN, GameSpot, GameTrailers, 1UP, Kotaku, WIRED, USA Today, CNET, Maxim, and TIME (just to name a few) to make sure there are even more chances for you to get into the Private Beta. Even our community manager, HawkStar Jay, has a handful he’s itching to give away, so stay tuned for more details!

Finally, if you have a Starhawk Public Beta voucher from UNCHARTED 3, you are guaranteed access in early 2012. We’ll have even more features, game modes, guns, weapons, and general goodness to show during that next Beta phase.

Congratulations to those of you fans that got (or will get) an invite, we love your enthusiasm and loyalty. We don’t think of a Private Beta as a privilege for you. You’re doing us a favor and helping to create Starhawk…and we thank you.

Warheads….have fun! Everyone else, stay tuned! We’ve got a lot more in our bag o’ tricks!

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  • I’ve just received my Beta Code today, but it won’t work and it expires on 20th December :(

    I’m a huge Warhawk fan! I play it every week and I would pay £££ just for a single player campaign.

    I need to get Beta access. Does anyone have any ideas?

    p.s. I’m a UK resident.

  • Hallo habe heute auch meinen beta code bekommen aber ich kann ihn nicht aktevieren eingabe falsch oder code abgelaufen “!”!” wer kann helfen

  • My code will not work either, i’m gutted!

  • just got my beta key! :) extra excited can’t wait to download

  • am i missing something?! i got a private beta invite mailed to me, but when i use the code i get a message saying: “the code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be active. please check your entries.”

  • oh, im not the only one, i c =)

  • i have received my code but is invalid

  • just wanting to ask if anyone is having this issue,i got my code today and everytime i put the code in it says code not valid or incorrect,i know im typing it in right,any help would br great.

  • i cant lvl up in private beta does any 1 no y i cant cuz its bull crap if they made it like that so its fare to every 1 els im just gana burn all of my sony stuff

  • ive just spoke to sony about these code issues and the codes are u.s codes,so we r screwed unless u have a u.s account then your good to go

  • i got a response from the support saying that the code i got is connected to account in US, MX, CA.. but the mailadress the code was sent to is connected to the account that i use for my psn-id. dont tell me i have been sent a private beta that i cant use because im not american?

  • Same way as the others, the code is not valid.

  • i got a new code from scee that works. THANKS =)

  • At first I got a message saying the code had expired, and but then it all changed! I got one of the PS3’s many indephirable error codes: 800231256. Googling this suggests that I’ve entered the code too many times and now Sony is very disappointed in me. :'(

  • I don’t know what ‘indephirable’ means, ‘and but’ I meant ‘indecipherable’. The joys of typing on a phone.

  • Harvard, any reason why people outside the US are getting codes that are either invalid or don’t work? is someone looking into this and getting back to us or is that it?

  • i got the beta key but i cant redeem it its say its already used
    are i is type wrong but i try it 100 time but it wont work what now

    sorry for me bad englise lol im dutch
    i hope you can do something

  • i keep trying to play the beta but the game keeps telling me that the connection has failed or there is a server error… i’ve now been looking at a loading screen for 15 minutes and i’m kind of upset, was really looking forward to playing this game but how can i when it won’t connect.

  • starhawk is going to be big when it comes out. im one of the tester and i love this game. the online play is sick. right now it beats any game out there!!!!!

  • @Harvard Bonin when are the beta codes from uncharted 3 for starhawk going to work. im excited to play the beta but the code is invalid

  • The long-awaited code on the Beta the test of Starhavk has come, it is good.

    But it doesn’t work (writes: the entered code н is correct or more isn’t valid) it is very bad. :(

    At me two accounts on PSN and so, the CODE has come on the first (older in Warhawk) where to me to the general half more ways. And the account with the platinum general while nervously smokes aside. – and it isn’t clear.

  • please my codes is not valid other codes please

  • Make sure the codes you have are for the “Private” beta and not the “Public” beta, which doesn’t start until Feb/2012.. If your code came via the Uncharted3 game, it is a “public’ beta code.

  • I have the same problem: Beta code doesn’t work. “Code valid until December 20, 2011”. I really wanted do test Starhawk after long hours of Warhawk, but propably my beta will expire in few days before even playing it. I was really happy that i get this code… but whats next? I hope You can fix this – many fans are waiting for this beta.

  • just got my starhawk beta key. tried putting it in on the ps store. diddnt work. please help meeeeeee…. i really wanted to play but it says its ivalid -_-
    im on the australian ps store thats probably why it wont work. if anyone knows if the beta is comming to aus please tell me. if not ill be giving my beta key away

  • I received a private beta code for Starhawk but it doesn’t work (I think because it is a US code and I am a European user).
    How can fix this problem? How can I get a Europe code in exchange for the one I have?
    Please, answer me.

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