The Future of War: DUST 514’s Mobile Command Center

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The Future of War: DUST 514’s Mobile Command Center

DUST 514 is an MMOFPS on the PS3 with large-scale vehicle and infantry combat taking place in, and with a real-time connection to, the EVE Online universe on PC. Players are able to band up into corporations (e.g. guilds) and wage territorial conquest on thousands of planets. What follows is a thematic description of Mobile Command Centers, or MCC’s. At 200 meters in length, these vehicles represent the largest, most powerful weapon a team can acquire, and are flown by a team’s commander. Oftentimes, destruction of the MCC means victory on the battlefield (we’ll give you more insight into the game’s command hierarchy, a system that allows players to form squads that are led by a player commander, in an upcoming PlayStation.Blog post).

DUST 514 for PS3

A Caelus-class MCC trawls across the battlefield.

Colossal. Imposing. Devastating. Any of these words could describe the MCC, but only one truly sums it up: Control. The MCC is the nerve center of any army, the backbone upon which wars are waged and battles won. It is from here, locked within the confines of a modified hydrostatic pod, that the
commander orchestrates the fate of those on the ground below. He does so having never set foot on the battlefield, but with the collective knowledge and situational awareness of every unit that has. If knowledge is power, it is the commander who wields it.

Heavily fortified and shielded, the destruction of an MCC is by no means an easy task…but it’s not an impossible one. Only a sustained heavy weapons barrage is sufficient to disable the MCC’s shields and take down its armor. If the MCC does possess an Achilles heel, it is its dependence on fuel, without a constant supply of which, its turrets, critical systems and, most importantly, shields are worthless. Commanders would do well to be aware of any and all fuel sources in a given area and plan accordingly.

DUST 514 for PS3DUST 514 for PS3

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  • One question how much will it be to buy. I’m just asking cause i’d like to be able to play this game before i’d go into Basic Training for the Navy late next year. So yeah i’d be gone for 3 months, then come back with a lot of $$ i’ll so be buying games while in the military more than ever before.

    Personally i’m pretty picky about Modern FPS games, i’m tired of hearing about COD, and Halo. I love Killzone, Resistance, UT3,Vanquish and more. I’m interested to see this game change FPS forever. I’m definitely looking forward to next year getting this game and more.

    When you have a set price for selling the game I’d like ta know.

  • man u guys r doing a great job of what i have been reading so far u guys should feel very proud of what u r making

  • When is the game releasing i need to know if you will have a standard and a collectors edition. Also will there be an Beta and if so how soon

  • This really reminds me of the Commandship of Battlefield 2142. I hope its not gonna be like that.
    But all in all it looks pretty amazing and the thought of being part of the EVE Universe by this FPS is amazing.
    I have also some questions.

    1.Will be there EXP based levelups, like in CoD, MAG etc. etc.?
    2.Can i choose a Faction (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar) or i just gonna be randomly get into one because i’m a Mercenary? (Maybe i dont want to work for anyone)
    3.Anyone thinks its gonna be like MAG-Domination, when this is true. Who is gonna be the Commander? Do the DUST players choose the Commander or the EVE player (which we are actually payed for).
    4.When i die, do i loose anything?

  • @54 when u die u lose EVERYTHING u have equipped on u

    @CCP Shadow will there be a sorts of VR training area where corps can train and practice strats without the risk of losing stuff on the War barge?

    Also In the 09 alpha vids u guys mentioned a trophy room…..this room can u explain more? is it just like recording a pic of the score or wud it be like a battlerecorder and record the match? would really like to explain this a bit more

    will there be destructable environments? i know u got some ex DICE guys (plz dont let them touch the party system/clan options part) workin on the game and would the air fighter we saw in the 09 vid be making it in the final game?

    Lastly……how will the game handle the inevitable campin issue that would take place when ppl realise death = losing everything they spent money on. Its possible campin cud be far worse in this game than others

  • @55 I think loosing all your stuff is one thing. But maybe its gonna be like in EVE, you buy a policy, to get at least the money back for your Equipment. Maybe you need to get a policy for every single loadout, so you should choose whisle which loadout you prefer. And we all should remember, this game isnt gonna be just another BF or CoD Copy. A single shoot could change a the Universe, even when you get shoot. ;)

  • I have a question CCP…well actually

    1) I know that you are bringing this to PS Vita as well and that its not like “Playing Dust514 on Vita”, could you elaborate more on that? I mean would it be like checking your stats or some kind of an app or something like this?

    2) (I know its a bit silly but) Would be also have some kind of mercenary hideouts like we have Captain’s Quarters in Eve?

    3) Are we as a mercenary be able able to pick where we can fight or would the game will decide our battles depending on our allegiances and races.

  • This game promises.
    Eager to get my hands on it.

    i think it’s the type of game that will evolve with time.
    right now, it’s spectacular.
    tommorow, magnificent.

  • Looks great, do you need an account on EVE for some features or is it like you pay for one game you pay for both? I am just curious on this because i tried out EVE and liked it, but I didn’t have the money to spend on the subscription for it and also what are the fees going to look like?

  • @Leathian:

    You don’t pay monthly fees for Dust514, You just buy it for once and all the purchasing is done through micro-transactions and and no, you don’t have to have an Eve account to play Dust514 since you got to be “Really” active in eve to enjoy Dust 514 and for people like me who play Eve in a very lonely manner, well..its a bit too much to play both side in eve and dust 514 if you ask me.

  • Late comment here :D
    I’m really looking forward to Dust. It will be a day #1 buy for me.
    @CCPShadow/other CCP Devs
    I’ve played all Move/Sharpshooter enabled FPS on the PS3 and have a couple of questions about the Move setup Dust uses.

    In games that have been released, there are a few different move setups that have been used.
    Can you tell us a bit more information about which kind of control scheme CCP are implementing?

    For instance, I have so far found that Killzone 3 pretty much nailed the move control setup.
    Detached gun model for aiming with iron sights, great implementation of scoped (treated the same as iron sights really). Responsive shooting. Just worked.

    MAG was a great game for its game modes etc. Had a lot of fun there (and still do :D).
    The manner in which the Move was setup to work when scoped though was not great.
    They did do a great job of enabling different levels of config for Shooting from the hip / Iron Sights / Scoped.

    Resistance 3 had fixed the iron sights to the centre screen making any zoomed aiming just like using a scope in MAG/Socom 4 (ie: Bad).
    It was changed, but it didn’t really mesh well after.

    Could you talk about the control schemes that Move in Dust 514 uses?

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