ModNation Monday: Mostly Treat, Very Little Trick

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ModNation Monday: Mostly Treat, Very Little Trick

If you find yourself anywhere near as excited for ModNation Racers: Road Trip on Vita as we are then I am very surprised any of us are getting much work done. I personally spend most of my day roaming the hallway panting heavily with my eyes bulging wide-open like a dog when rumors of the new game code gets passed around the developers offices. Yep, It’s going to be that good!

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at these early first hand impressions from IGN and Destructiod.

This Week’s Top Tracks: Boo!-yah


Enjoy some of our favorite Halloween-y tracks. Please be advised these tracks are best played with the lights on and/or with a friend in the room. We also cannot be responsible for any “dry-cleaning” needs due to the sure fright and horror these track may induce.

ModNation “Triple Threat” Challenge!


Join us in this fun MNR community challenge we call the “Triple Threat Experience!”. This challenge will host teams of 2-3 (selected by you!) to build the ultimate MNR experience. We are looking for the best united themed track, mod, and kart. For example if you choose an outer space “experience” your track, mod, and kart would all work together to tell an outer space theme story. Maybe the mod is an alien, the kart a spaceship and a sci-fi track. They all work together to tell a story (figuratively or literally). Our five favorite OVERALL “experiences” will be promoted in an upcoming ModNation Monday blog. The tracks from those themes will be featured in Top Tracks. The associated mods and karts will also be featured together in the “Creations of the Week” section of the MNR blog! Sign up HERE

Creations of the Week: More Boo! (and some more yah!)



Hot Lap Tracks Of The Week: Chrancity Haunted by Sweetbebek


Monday: Chrancity Haunted by Sweetbebek (I thought I had another tie for Track of the Week on my hands until the last few feet of the finish line on this track. I found it both a trick and a treat for sure! Lol!
Tuesday: Ghost Hill Dr. by kartmeister1 (you had me at “meister”)
Wednesday: The Haunt 2 by LinKueiNinja (Really fun, track that I could easily see set in one of SoCal’s many over-priced theme parks. One ticket please!)
Thursday: Course on Haunted Hill by boingorob (other than the 600’ leap over a forest I think I visited this location on a trip to Germany once!)
Friday: Forest of the Halloween by Chamorro-709 (I found this track at the very last second and I am so glad I did! Loved it! AND someone figured out how to make pumpkins. Way to go!)
Saturday: halloween by wueisman1 (This is a great race with a perfect Halloween settting… overgrown trees and brush, textbook castle grounds and spot-on lighting that again make all the difference)
Sunday: Wicked Day Dream by PH1LThy31 (easily could have been track of the week! I loved all the scenery changes. Every play though I noticed something different. PH1LThy31 is one of ModNation’s top track creators and this adds to his great variety of tracks)

Become A Hot Lap Judge For A Week!
Next week we will put your tracks though the ultimate proving grounds… the opinions of your peers! That’s right, Hot Lap Tracks will be selected by the MNR community (with our “guidance”) for the following week’s Hot Lap Tracks seating. If you are interested in becoming a Hot Lap judge look for more details HERE

Halloween Race Night
Join ModNationSD for a ___________ (insert Halloween-ish cliché adjective here) fun night of racing on Monday, October 31st from 4:30-5:30 PST. Check our ModNation Facebook page on how to join.

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