Hydrophobia Prophecy Hits PSN Tuesday With PlayStation Move Support

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Hydrophobia Prophecy Hits PSN Tuesday With PlayStation Move Support

Launching a game is always a frantic, exciting time, especially when you are a small, close-knit team. The PlayStation Network launch of Hydrophobia Prophecy on November 1st is no exception; in fact we’re even more excited than usual to have it launch as Game of the Month on PlayStation Plus, and we’re really grateful to PlayStation for getting behind the game.

Hydrophobia Prophecy Hits PSN Tuesday With PlayStation Move Support

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Hydrophobia Prophecy is third-person action adventure with a sci-fi twist and a unique dynamic feature; our custom HydroEngine fluid dynamics technology. It’s a full physics simulation for flowing water – the only one of it’s kind in games, which allows water to wash dynamically around the environments, carrying objects and characters along with it. If you’re a sucker for water or game physics, then it really is a sight to behold – we’re very fortunate here at Dark Energy to have some incredibly talented tech-heads!

HydroEngine allows us to deliver dynamic and unique physics-based gameplay. Shoot out a window or weakened wall and water will crash through, wiping out any enemies that stand in the way. You can also shoot environmental hazards like barrels to unleash floating oil fires (which can become a weapon or a hazard depending on the emergent flow behavior) or fuse boxes and cables to electrocute enemies. Combining these together gives you score multipliers, and you get tons of emergent behavior because the water physics is never the same twice, so chain reaction physics is the order of the day.

Since the lead character, Kate Wilson, is an intelligent systems engineer, you can also utilize her augmented reality MAVI device to hack into systems and CCTV networks so you can scan the area ahead or remotely open doors from afar and unleash more torrents of water into unsuspecting enemies.

Hydrophobia Prophecy for PS3 (PSN)

If you are familiar with the game then you’ll be pleased to learn that Hydrophobia Prophecy on PSN is definitely our best version. The tech guys have done a great job of harnessing the power of PS3 to make some significant enhancements Dark Energy‘s in-house InfiniteWorlds engine, so the game really looks superb. Gameplay wise it’s in a different league compared to the original release; the design team went back to the drawing board reworked really almost everything from the ground up. It’s been a lot of work, but it was worthwhile in the end.

In addition there are literally hundreds of refinements sourced directly from Darknet – our built-in developer feedback system which allows players to drop comment flags at any point in the game. It’s really been fascinating watching the data points from real players build up in our dev builds of the game. It’s particularly delightful to play through the game and come across a concentration of positive feedback flags around a cool event, and better still to watch the evolution of the data as we’ve updated and improved the game. It makes it all the more exciting knowing that PSN players are going to get their hands on the most polished version to date, and it will be interesting to see a whole bunch of new Darknet data emerge from the PlayStation community.

Going back to the game itself, we’re also very keen to see how PlayStation Network players respond to our implementation of PlayStation Move motion control. The precision and enhanced immersion it brings to the table really helps to engross you in the action, and we think it adds a new dimension to the flow-combat gameplay. We spent a great deal of time tuning the PlayStation Move controls, and we’ve made sure there is a full range of customization options available so players can adjust it to their liking. Our goal was to bring a compelling third person action-adventure to PlayStation Network with really great PlayStation Move functionality – and it’s certainly the preferred method of play here at Dark Energy now.

We think you’ll find Hydrophobia Prophecy on PlayStation network to be a really unique experience, with tonnes of dynamic and emergent gameplay. We’re really excited about building a community behind the game too, so we’ve worked hard to ensure it’s great value for money, and we can’t wait to see the Darknet data points flooding into our system and really look forward to sharing the analysis with you.

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  • It’s great to have the game improved and making use of the SPUs besides move controlling option, thank you for releasing it on PSN, I will try it for sure :)

  • all the damage control & spin doctoring wouldn’t be needed if this game had been handled right from the get go. games that are done well, and there are many don’t get this kind of attention for a reason. but this isn’t one of them, the damage is done. And no mr hewson, you’re not getting my phone # to call me up all hours and tell me I’m “playing the game wrong”.

  • @Rob Hewson: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your detailed reply to my post!!!

    I have a great deal of respect for what you tried to accomplish with Hydrophobia. I’m VERY MUCH looking forward to playing the new version & see how it compares to the old one.

    Since you’ve mentioned that there will be future Hydrophobia games – I’d like for you to consider including more or better developed sci-fi/futuristic elements in terms of equipment, weapons & vehicles that are specifically designed for underwater combat. For example, Kate should be able to wear a high-tech suit that allows her to move around very quickly underwater.

    You might wish to read David Brin’s excellent sci-fi novel named Startide Rising which may give you some great ideas for future Hydrophobia games.

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments, it means a lot to all the guys who worked long and hard on the games development.

      Very interesting suggestions too, actually you’ve touched on some ideas there which are similar to some of our own concepts for the future of the series… but I better not say too much more than that ;)

  • Hello all. Lots of very interesting questions here. I’m trying to answer all of them, but as I am merely a developer, one of many who worked on this Hydrophobia Prophecy, I think it would be best for me to stick to answering the ones on design/development and the game itself. Hope that makes sense, keep em’ coming!


  • Will Hydrophobia Prophecy include a platinum trophy? I hope so, a plat will help sell this game.

    • Unfortunately I don’t think so, platinum’s aren’t available for the category the games falls into on Sony’s system. We’ve got some cool ones in there though, hope you enjoy :)

  • Just…wow. I’m sold… Even if I wasn’t a + member, this would be a purchase.
    It’s not just the fluid dynamics of the water (which are Amazing!), but the gameplay seems to fall right in my wheelhouse.
    Can’t wait til Tuesday!

  • I don’t know what this ‘darknet’ thing is..but I like the name..;)

  • Hey Rob just want to say ignore the people giving negative comments, it happens in every blog post. Trust me when I say people are thrilled to be receiving this game as their game of the month for Plus.

  • @ Rob
    After watching that vid, I’m kinda blown away… I’ve never seen a user data collection system applied this way.. I’m impressed and looking forward to seeing how it affects the over-all gameflow.

    • Thanks, it’s really cool seeing all the data pour in from real player and then analysing all the graphs and stats.

  • At first glance I wouldn’t have considered it. But that list of improvements looks great. Man, making a good game must be really hard.

    I’ll give this one a try, specially considering it will be free for plus members. I honestly wish to enjoy this game. Seems like you’ve been working to make it better. I like that =)

  • Man, It surprises me how well you guys answer all those rage comments. If i would be you, i wouldn’t even answer them.

    About the game, it looks very intresting, i’m quite sure i’ll pick it up when it’s still free. Keep up the good work :D

  • Wow…tough crowd. Don’t know how you do it!

    • Making games and being able to talk about them with people is a joy and a privilege, and the fact that people care enough to comment whether good or bad is amazing… you don’t get that with most jobs!

  • I was thinking the same thing! I only posted to say how impressed I was at how Rob dealt with such cruel and tactless comments with such Grace. You’re definitely a trooper, man. You replied to near 80% of the comments here without losing your professionalism or optimism. Hell, that alone would make me interested in this game if not for the beautiful screen caps and intriguing physics puzzle-solving potential to getting around enemies and obstacles. You did yourself proud there, Rob. I got a big gold star sticker waiting for you anytime you want to collect, lol.

  • @nellz777 Dude your a jerk and becuase of what you posted im going to explain how to find the Scream 4 costume. You go the the theater and go to one of the kiosks in the main theater, close to that big screen in the middle. Go to the new then go to codeglu, its right there and for 2.99 also if it says error try clearing your cache but i did just check 5 mins ago and it didn’t say error for me and to not entirely avoid the topic, Hydrophobia looks like it might be fun, a demo would be nice too, it certainly helps when your unsure.

  • Fair enough, that’s a great outlook to have. For what it’s worth – I’ll definitely be downloading it! Thanks!

  • i like how rob replies to all the negative comments that alone makes me want this game and i like the trailer to and plus c’mon its free for plus members cant beat that and ign gave this game a good score and we all know how picky they are

  • Yes, keep the move support coming. After experiencing the accuracy and fun of killzone 3 with the move, its hard to go back to games that use a regular controller, and this is comimg from someone who grew up playing games like goldeneye. Still so pissed Battlefield 3 doesn’t support move controls.

    • It’s been a really interesting process building in Move support, and it really does add to the immersion and precision if you are into Move. We’ve made sure you can customise horizontal and vertical sensitivity along with pointer sensitivity independently, so people should fine they can tailor it to their tastes.

  • First off, I am very happy with how you’ve handled all of the comments. :)
    I think most people are angry in their comments due to how the other console got the game first, but even though that is often a bummer, the PS3 versions are almost always far better and I’m okay if the other console gets to beta test our games so we get the best. ;)

    Also, comment #53 by Nellz777 should be deleted.
    I don’t know if it’s specifically stated but trying to get people to give them PSN cards in exchange for information seems the wrong kind of thing to be posting on the blog.
    Very disrespectful and annoying too.

    • We’ve worked hard to ensure the PSN is version is the absolute best it can be, and Sony have been really supportive of the game which is great :)

  • I don’t wont to jump the gun but when will Final Fantasy 6 be coming to PSN as PSone games for download?

  • I’m looking forward to this . Was interested before when I read the article when it was first posted,but after coming back and seeing all those replies and the professionalism shown and dedication shown I am not only excited but am spreading the word to my buddies . Can’t wait till Tuesday .

    Thank you .

  • Wow, Hydrophobia for free? Cool, I’ve been wanting to play the improved version of the game for a while now. The game’s concepts are quite interesting, so I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks, guys!

  • I know i shouldnt be asking this but
    i cant log into my psn account iy says that playstation network cant log in but my internet conection is perfect does anybody else have my problem
    Its frustating

  • As long as it doesn’t cost more than $15, i’m all over this. I haven’t been this awed by a concept since Mirror’s Edge. I can’t wait to dive in!

    • While I can’t confirm the final price until we get the confirmation through, it will definitely be under $15… we’re trying to bring the best possible value we can to PSN players.

      Thanks for the kind comments, it means a lot to the team and we hope you enjoy the experience and drop upload your feedback via Darknet

  • wow…..so many whinning on this post,no game is perfect people.
    Dark Energy Digital has been nothing but class with their replies,kudos to them.

    I’ve actually played the demo back in XBL when it came out and I thought it was a pretty good game.
    the fact that you guys are improving on it for the PS3 version tells about your commitment as a developer.
    looking forward to playing it this Tuesday.stay humble guys!!.

  • Free games are always a 10/10 game for me (yes, I’m that cheap)!!!

  • @Rob Hewson

    Thanks a whole bunch dude!!!

  • I might give the game another chance, the move support is fantastic!

  • Looks like the very first review has gone live ahead of launch tomorrow:


  • @Rob

    I like how you’re setting a tone for young gamers who may become developers, producers, etc one day … the industry needs more cool kats like you. Keep that up always.

    As for the game coming to PSN … it’s about f(*)(*89808098 time! LOL :D

    • Thank you, what a kind compliment :)

      And yeah, ahem… sorry it took us a while to bring it to PSN, but hey at least we’ve spent the time ensuring its the best version!

      Hope you enjoy it :)

  • Wow! I think its time I join PS+ too :o

  • Count me in!!! 8)

  • Looks very interesting. I’ll download it for sure.

  • Well… it’s launch day, and due to the magic of international time zones I’m writing this over in the UK as you are all still sound asleep over the pond. When you awake you’ll be able to download Hydrophobia Prophecy on PSN (for free if you’re on PS+) and hopefully you’ll enjoy the game. Remember you can leave your feedback, both positive and negative, via the in built Darknet system; just select Dev Feedback from the pause menu at any time.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your comments, it’s been great fun interacting with everyone and all your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Wow. This is such great news. I remember this being talked around two years ago and I was really hoping this game would eventually come to PSN. Thanks for making it happen. I can’t wait to give it a shot.

  • Okay..game looks good….but do I have to buy a PS Move to play this puppy?

  • I rember playing the demo back at San Diego Comic-Con 2010(I think). It was great fun when I played it then, I can not wait to play it now.

  • I have not heard of tis game but would definitely be interested in checking it out. The move functions seem to beath new life into games giving that hands on feeling. Very cool.

  • I have tried to start this game 3 times and it won’t start then I deleted it and reinstalled and it still doesn’t start do you need a move to play this game?

    • Very sorry to hear that. Could you give us some specific information and we will try to track down the cause:

      1. What model is your TV?
      2. What resolution are you trying to run in?
      3. Does it work on any other resolutions, even SD resolutions?
      4. Do you see anything at all when you try to start the game?

      thanks kindly

  • Got a chance to see some video of the game. I could see myself playing.

  • i am having the same problem with game when i start it it give the move info at the start of the game(dont have move btw)then goes dark screen dont c anything after the resolutions i use 1080p haven’t try the other one yet is there anything i need 2 play the game

    • In your PS3 display setting, make sure you have 720p checked as the game runs natively at 720p. If you do this you should not have any further problems.

  • tyvm man

  • @ Rob Hewson

    I’m not sure how often you check this post now that the game has been released, but i thought i’d leave some feedback.

  • I just completed Hydrophobia Prophecy and i’m quite pleased with the experience. I hoped, as the game wore on, that we’d be given greater insight into Kate as a character because i feel it would have added depth to an already fascinating story – i also feel it all ended rather too abruptly. The voice acting was quite good, but i did feel that Kate’s voice was flat at times. The gameplay is what i’m most critical about – i didn’t think the cover system worked very well at all, and on a whole, the combat and platforming lacked fluidity. On a more positive note, i thought the graphics were very good and i thought the water physics were magnificent! I’ve never seen anything like it. The environments are very dynamic and the one redeeming quality of the combat system is that there really were a multitude of ways to kill enemies. On a whole, i enjoyed it – it is a truly unique experience. Things did get a little repetitive, but that really wouldn’t be much of an issue with a longer campaign and in a more fleshed-out universe. You guys do, however, have a very solid foundation here and i hope you build on it with the next installment. I’d give the game a solid 8 out of 10 and i hope those who haven’t played it yet give it a try.

  • wow never heard about this might buy this

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