Drink Up inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood on Tuesday

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Drink Up inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood on Tuesday


inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood will be available on the PlayStation Store in just a couple days: Tuesday, October 25th in North America for $9.99, and $7.99 for PlayStation Plus members (you can even pre-order now on the PlayStation Store). Play it with the classic DualShock or try it out with PlayStation Move support!

Before you get your hands on the game, we had Animation Director Billy Harper and Marketing Director Ken Schramm pack their bags for a whirlwind three-day tour spanning 5,668 miles, two coasts, three cities, and over 20 interviews with press from North America and beyond. It was an amazing couple of days of sharing the latest adventure in the inFAMOUS universe.

We have been pretty quiet about Festival of Blood since we teased you with a clip revealing Bloody Mary at PAX. Since then we have been hard at work crafting this next adventure, adding in all the final details and finishing touches on this standalone game to make the perfect purchase right in time for Halloween. This press tour allowed us to pull the curtain back and give one big preview before the game comes out next week. Billy and Ken covered tons of the new features in Festival of Blood, some of which we will cover here.


With a totally new story in Festival of Blood, of course we had to give Cole a totally new set of powers. One power that fans have always wanted in an inFAMOUS game has been the ability to fly, and with Festival of Blood we thought it was time to give Cole the chance to spread his wings. Bat wings, that is, with a new power called Shadow Swarm. While Shadow Swarm allows you to experience New Marais in a whole new way, it does come at the expense of the innocent people walking around in the night as you must feed upon them to fuel your flight.


Speaking of Pyre Night, all of New Marais celebrates this hallowed night by shrouding the entire city with banners, fireworks, and pedestrians dressing up in the streets. The look of the Pyre Night comes from Sucker Punch’s City Team spending the summer dreaming up the spooky street party that features surprises around every corner. The abandoned subway lines of New Marais have been converted to macabre underground catacombs. Stepping into these dark corridors would leave anyone unsettled, even more so when you find out that Bloody Mary’s minions have been crawling around inside them for years.


User-generated content (UGC) is a key part of the inFAMOUS universe, as you can see from our Cole’s Missing Mission Contest (the grand prize winner receives a $1,000 PlayStation Store gift card!), and we haven’t forgotten this feature with Festival of Blood. Over the last couple of months we have been listening to your feedback and playing all the missions we can from the community and the one thing we have been seeing is the desire to create strong narrative missions. To help users tell their stories, we are happy to add the new 2D cutscene tool with Festival of Blood that allows you to create comic book-inspired cutscenes in your missions. You now can create intro sequences, provide key story details mid-mission, or end your mission with a bang. Along with the 2D cutscene Tool, Festival of Blood brings a whole new set of gory assets to the UGC universe and you can now design missions with as many fiends and harpies as you want.


If you haven’t had a chance, read some of the previews we have listed below:

Stay tuned to infamousthegame.com and join our forums on SuckerPunch.com for future updates on inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood. Also follow us on Twitter, @SuckerPunchProd, and check out our Facebook Page.

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  • Can’t wait. The 2D cut scenes sound pretty awesome. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Is there any way us Plus users who pre-ordered can have it pushed to our systems so we can get on it right away?

  • this will keep me busy until battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 come out.

  • o _o i know what my next playstation move youtube video will be lol , if you guys wanna check my playstation move videos go to my channel youtube.com/remanutd

  • ps move support <3 is it just move? or can i use my nav as well?

  • Pre-ordered and ready to go and yes I hope it is with move and nav controller as well .One request please make a FOB Cole avatar.Wow I’m sure gonna be backlogged until Twisted metal and Starhawk come out

  • Alright! in-time for halloween!

    Thanks Sony! and Thank You Sucker Punch! :))

  • Does anyone know if PS+ will still get a discount after release? I do not like pre-ordering things but I also don’t want to miss out on the discount. I was hoping that the fact that it’s not listed in the last chance section means it WILL be discounted after release, but I have not seen it confirmed one way or the other.


  • It will probaly be on sale for a week after release like the other Only On PSN titles.That sweet dynamic theme is worth the pre order though

  • woot woot -just preordered this last night – dt is awesome. love the fact of move capable

  • How will this game use the Move? I already have it pre-ordered :D

  • This has over 1,000 ratings on the PS store already. Looks like a big success :)

  • Great!
    And please, for those of us with Plus and pre-ordered inFamous: Festival of Blood, can it be pushed to our systems when its live so we can enjoy it faster? Please?

    Please say yes, as I already have mine pre-ordered and can’t wait to put my hands on this baby!

  • Could we get a file size estimation on this one?
    I’m assuming over 2+ GBs seeing how it is a standalone DLC and with it being open world.

  • Woot!! Can’t wait!! Have been very thirsty for this one since it’s teaser was released… Pre-Ordered! Woot! :P

  • LOOKS AWESOME BUT 1 QUESTION: Is this an add-on to inFAMOUS 2 or is it a stand alone game. In other words do we need inFAMOUS 2 to play it?

  • @ 8

    From the post:

    Tuesday, October 25th in North America for $9.99, and $7.99 for PlayStation Plus members

  • I love the InFamous series. 2 platinums in the bag! Before I pre-order, I must know: Is this stand alone content?

  • I pre-ordered it. First downloadable game I’ve ever pre-ordered

  • “Since then we have been hard at work crafting this next adventure, adding in all the final details and finishing touches on this STANDALONE game to make the perfect purchase right in time for Halloween.”

    What I really wonder, is PS Move support limited to this game or will it include the main game as well?

  • @18

    Its standalone. You do not need to own Infamous 2 to play this.

  • Collin & Scout, I have pre- ordered this but where is news on the Move capability for I2?!!!! My evil kharma play thru is waiting on this.

  • Does anyone know if infamous 2 will have move support as well? I would love to play infamous 2 with my ps move!!!

  • This is gonna be nice..

  • The game is for $10 so i assume it’ll be less then 1 Gb or less or maybe more .. But usually $10 games aren’t those big ! …

  • OMG on the same day as Battlefield 3! This is madness!!!

  • I’ve seen all the websites and the 360 fanboys are thinking that this is a DLC and they’re crying that Sony is charging too much for a DLC Lol @ their statement But seriously In every video and Article of the Title Every website should mention that its a Standalone title not a DLC written in Capital Letters ! So that 360 fanboys stop whining about this !

  • does festival of blood has free roam? I mean, I already got platinum on infamous 2, and pre ordered this, but for a stand alone game, and the 10 dollar price ( 7 if you are plus HELL YEAH) do we get the entire infamous 2 map? or is it resticted?

  • for some reason i cant log on the infamous site I was really interested in participating on the contest I guest is to late but over all great news sucker punch can have my money I support them all the way

  • Tuesday wil be AWESOME!!! This and BF3 same day, any trophy list?

  • Only $10?
    I need money quick.
    Is there a pre-order bonus?

  • awesome, gonna try it with the Move. I’m glad it’s priced $10 and not $15 or something, so I’m definitely buyin it day 1, just hope it isn’t too short

  • Already pre-ordered and ready to go!!! 8)

  • 1st- Thanks for making it a Standalone game. I already platinumed the game within a month of release and now that I’m at college that game is sitting at home because I already took enough games to college with all of the other great games that have been coming out lately.

    2nd – The pre-order is cool, but is there even any incentive to pre-order games on PS Store? I know the PSN Play had benefits.
    Payday had a pre-order, but then got delayed. Like in comments above mentioning like an automatic download would be cool feature, but probably unfeasible if I game had a ton of pre-orders in addition to the people buying it at release that would be a lot of downloads at the same time. Unless those were started before the entire PS Store update was put through.

  • Trophies? :D

  • is it gonna be an open world game is or is it gonna be linear?

  • About how many hours long will Festival of Blood be? also I hope that Move support is more than using the Move controller to aim… how about some gestures to do different abilities?

  • Moreover, how do you control the camera with Move? reticule on the screen?

  • Real men do not go out asking for candies, real men stay in home playing this inFamous DLC!

  • Will Festival of Blood offer trophies?

  • Only four more days! Must…keep…quiet… ;)

  • Already pre-ordered it last week , the theme looks awesome. Can’t wait for tuesday to hit.

  • Yeah i was about to ask about how long the game was. I saw the price of the game and was very surprised just how low it was. I pre-ordered it as soon as it was in the store naturally having been a fan of Infamous 2. The new user generated content add on sounds great too.

  • Awesome, any updates on DCUO release on PSN? I’m dying to play some more of that….

  • I dont usually get DLC like this, but I think I’m going to actually get this.

    How many hours of gameplay is this, including getting all the side missions/shards or whatever else you have? I beat Infamous 2 really quickly like in 2 days, doing all side missions/shards. I WANT MORE!

  • i dont mean to troll but i think people need to read this blog more carefully because it clearly states, in the third paragraph, that its a stand alone game.

  • any one no if this will have trophies. i mean even payday the heist has plat

  • @ crazy_kracker1 i think its a pretty safe bet that it will, just don’t expect a platinum trophy.

  • can you say if there is a platinum trophy?

  • Sorry if this has been asked already: does good or bad karma factor into this one? If so, do Hero or Infamous rank save files from part 2 give bonuses to FOB like part 1 did for part 2?

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