Home Update: New Challenges for UNCHARTED 3 Total Game Integration and Fortune Hunter

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Home Update: New Challenges for UNCHARTED 3 Total Game Integration and Fortune Hunter

The UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Total Game Integration Event continues this week in PlayStation Home, with new challenges and rewards unlocking this Thursday, October 20th. UNCHARTED 3: Fortune Hunter is the latest Total Game Integration event allowing players to unlock exclusive content in UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception directly from PlayStation Home.

Home Update: New Challenges for UNCHARTED 3 Total Game Integration and Fortune Hunter

This exclusive game experience is only available in PlayStation Home. Log in today to play the Fortune Hunter game – a third-person adventure game hosted in a partial recreation of the Yemen level from the UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer mode. Progress through these challenges to unlock special PlayStation Home rewards:

  • Complete Wave 2 – RPG Furniture Reward
  • Marksman (finish 2 waves with an accuracy greater than 60%) – Dragunov Furniture Reward
  • Bounty Hunter (Kill a total of 150 enemies) – AK-47 Hand Item Reward
  • Grenadier (Kill at least 50 enemies by using grenades) – Grenade Hand Item Reward
  • Money Maker (Get a combined score of 250,000) – G-MAL Assault Rifle Hand Item Reward

Complete all 10 challenges over the course of this three week event to unlock the Kickback Endurance Booster for use in UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer when the game releases on November 1st. Players that pre-order UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception directly from PlayStation Home will also receive an exclusive Nathan Drake costume with custom shooting animation for their PlayStation Home avatars!

Silent Hill in PlayStation Home

In other news, the PlayStation Home Mall receives an update this week with Battlefield 3 costumes and items, the Silent Hill HD collection costumes, Halloween costumes from Konami (with custom animations), new additions to Mass Media’s Weird Wear line, new Granzella swimsuits, and a variety of original Halloween costume designs!

Home Update: New Challenges for UNCHARTED 3 Total Game Integration and Fortune Hunter

Konamii Halloween in PlayStation Home
Weird Wear in PlayStation Home

Finally, the PlayStation Home Community Theater receives an update this week. Log in this Thursday to watch as Gamer Indepth presents a history of Central Plaza takeovers and looks at the Dead Island, Killzone 3 and UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Total Game Integration events!

See you in Home!

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4 Author Replies

  • I have been on Home for over 2 hours now, asking people everywhere about the new konami halloween items and the problems they have had as well as me.
    I just purchased the Warlock Costume (2.99) and the Zombie Mask (0.99)
    Was charged for them, downloaded it from the store, but it was not in my wardrobe or storage.
    I went back into the navigator and went to the item, it said it was not purchased, but my email
    sent me a reciept saying i did. i deleted cache, reset Home, restarted PS3, nothing worked.
    Much appreciation if i can get a reply stating someone is working on it and even maybe a solution?

    I found another post about this on the EU blog and here is the link:


  • OK its 7 pm estaern time and i still havent get my WITCH Costume, i dont know about other Home members but this is getting me P.O ……….. i get charged for it but dont get anything, and like usual , noone is REPLYING to anything , Fix this .

  • I have been having the same problem. I called sony customer support, and the woman 1) Wasn’t at her computer, 2) Had no idea what she was talking about, and finally 3) Told me to redownload the outfit from the regular store like a psn game, and when I told you can’t, she spoke to me in that “Oh no you didn’t” tone and told me to figure it out by using the forums. I love how no one is answering, and that your customer support had no idea what they were doing.

  • All I want is my warlock outfit

  • When will Sony bring Home to all EU countries?

  • The chick looks like she should be working at the Tilted Kilt. Almost an exact copy of their uniforms.

  • Hey There I got 1question is the PSN being Redesign or are we getting any update anytime soon that I’ll change how the psn looks on the ps3 oh 1more thing can you guys fix the Socom Confrontation Goldeak47 on the psn home plz answer

  • Golden Ak47 on the psn home I know that Socom Confrontation is a old game but a lot of people still play it

  • Well i got my coat today, went to Cp & i got it. Thanks!

  • i have not recieved the AK-47 from the fortune hunter game and have killed 150 enemies and have thus completed the bounty hunter challenge

  • I noticed they never answer people who aren’t getting beta codes.

  • I pre-ordered uncharted 3 through playstation home with amazon. But the only code they gave me was for some extras in the game. How do we get the code for the outfit we’re supposed to get for pre-ordering through home?

  • How do you get that jack that guy is wearing when there showing the itmes you get from playing fortune hunter?

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