PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

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PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

Attention PAYDAY crew! The time has come – PAYDAY: The Heist officially launches today on the PlayStation Network, developed by OVERKILL Software and published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). Grab your masks, don’t forget the ammo and most importantly make sure you bring along your friends!

Dive full force into six heists of co-op madness, fighting off cops, stealing large sums of money and embarking on the ultimate high-intensity, first-person shooter adventure. To kick-off launch, take a look at the never before seen Heat Street Heist trailer (which might look familiar to some of you movie buffs):

PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

In case you missed them previously, here’s the entire series of heist trailers…

  • Slaughterhouse – View the trailer that highlights one of the most difficult heists featured in the game. Click here for trailer.
  • Green Bridge – Intense bridge explosions, mass destruction and lots of casualties all in the hopes of a successful prisoner escape over the deep sea. Click here for trailer.
  • Diamond Heist – Stealthily commandeer a caper of the worlds’ most precious stones. Click here for trailer.
  • Panic Room – Burst onto the seedy scene of a deal gone bad and blast out the roof in order to retrieve the big bucks. Click here for trailer.
  • First World Bank – Sweet talk your way into the vault and grab the goods in the classic First World Bank Heist. Click here for trailer.

Check out the PAYDAY: The Heist website for more info. Thanks again for your patience and support. I’m looking forward to the in-game action!

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  • ps shu up they saying already 2 times thet is will bi realesed.6 now 18 from 18 is go later i realy hate it:( in holland the release date is now 2 noveber:(no 1 is keeping ther promises

  • ja het slaat nergens op

  • i DL in about 30 mins glad i got 25 mb down and 25 up hahaha

  • How does the character progression tree work? I can’t understand how I make choices. It looks like a list where things unlock automatically as you level up, but I can’t see when things will unlock or how I get certain things (like guns, damage resistance, etc.) to unlock sooner than others.

    Otherwise I had a great time playing it last night.

  • Currently downloading the demo, from watching the trailer. This game and the demo look promising.

  • I can’t find the game in the Ps Store, dont know if im alone with this matter, here in sweden the update is on Wedn, but all the other stuff is there, playing Okabu and having a blast, but i want to blow up a bank aswell today!!!

  • Hy de-soya en alle nederlanders luister heb slecht nieuws die dome sukels van de nederlandse sony
    Die nurds hebben vertraging met payday the heist de release date is 2 november:(ik ben.Super boos op hun ik weet niet wtf ze aan het doen zijn maar ik hoop dat deze sony ons kunnen helpen omdat die sukkels van nederlandse sony niks kunen en ze houden niet aan hun afspraken ik ga ook binnekort en klacht indienen.
    Ze zijn gewoon aan het klote ze haden 2 weken de tijd gehad.

    Reden dat ik boos ben is.

    -afspraken niet na komen
    -ze willen de waarheid niet zegen(allen het woord vertaging
    -ze verzeten steeds de datum 3x al.
    -zou houden dingen voor ons achter
    -we worden bedonderd

    -we willen antwoord kan het nog zijn dat het eerder komt
    Door een vertraging kan het niet 2 weken duren?
    Heb ik gelijk of niet?

  • Come on! Seriously, there is NO Splitscreen. Please make this feature available in a free update. For $20, I should be able to invite some buddies over and have a good time, but no, we have to stay at our own houses.

    And by the way, online is not working. Check that out.

  • online is not working it keeps saying party not active anymore or something like that idk but can u fix it

  • I haven’t recieved my voucher yet…

  • How Do I Fix The Trophy Error?? It Wont Let Me Play Payday The Heist!!

  • Looking for some people whit mics to play whit, msg me or add me whatever

  • a couple of us looking for two more to join in playing the heist. meatspot or four_low we will be playing anytime after seven on the east coast all week. at least 18 years old and want to play for real. message us whenever

  • can some one help me for some reason here in the Aus brisbane loganlea area i cant seem to find it in the store ????????? its not there ????????????

  • PAYDAY is still not released for us in South Africa. I bought the PLAY offer way back then, still no voucher for my FREE PAYDAY game??? it said on the SA PSN site it will be realesed on the 19th (yesterday) checked again this morning and still nothing. This is the first and last time I buy a PLAY offer let alone pre-order. REALLY disappointed. Can someone at PSN let us in SA know what the deal.

  • omg are you dom????i havemake a youtube video for this [DELETED]
    cheak it out. go toyoutube press my name en press harscombat en click on payday the heist bad news.
    i dont know what they are dioing but this is realy bad.

    i heared thet the new releasedate is 2 november:(
    in hollend is now 2 november. i thinkuse en the rest need to wait to:(
    to 2 november.

    iesk already for splitscheen mode but they dont ewser notging back:(

  • I might get this with a good PS+ deal…

  • Is anybody else having trouble getting into a game online? The computer AI is retarded during single player.

    But when I go to play an online game, I can never find a game to join. I have been trying on and off to join a game for the last 40 minutes.

    Every 3 or 4 refreshes and a game lobby or 2 will pop up, but as soon as I click to join it says the room has already been filled and I have to start this process again.

    Maybe once every 20 minutes I actually get to join a game and it will say “Connection to the host has been lost” and kick me back to the main screen, or “waiting for game to respond” and it never will. And so I have to cancel the game and start all over again.

    Is anybody else having troubles like this?

    Anybody who is interested in playing, feel free to add me on PSN. I also have a headset. Anybody who has played knows how important that is.

  • what??? Nov 2 now? for EU (i think South Africa gets stuff same time as EU) man this sucks. really disappointing. Last time I ever buy a deal like this ever. Bought those 4 games with the PLAY offer because i really wanted Payday, sigh

  • Can anyone help? I live in england and payday was pre ordered by me AGES ago. However, I can’t find it on the PS store, I have received no voucher, and I can’t access my email cause hotmail sucks ass so I can’t even check if I have received an email about it. So if anyone can give me any idea what I should do, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • all shut up:p
    this is what i know?

    6 oct is not released 18 en 19
    the new release date in holland is now 2 november.

    i know thet sombody needs help whit play online i see they are not responding at our anwers.pc ps3 are drifent,
    all i know i had cal them en ask for help end more info.until i hear the realesed is later 2 novmeber.

    i also got mi email.wensday this week.from payday 2 mesage.
    pc en ps3 payday in now released to you psn i that yes its coming ;)i whas clan until is saw.i cheaked today en no way i that.dem it.
    every 1 in holland listing mi plz.

    ik had vorige week donderdag de ps3 netword gebelt voor info.
    de release datum is van 18 en 19 nu naar 2 novemder dus nog eve wachten :(
    ik vertrouw dit niet echt.als mensen al klagen over geen lobby vinden.mmm ik zit al e denken,
    voeg me toe als je een team player zoek .gewoon me naam schijfen stuur me mailtje.

    dus de release datum is 2 november.

  • I still cant find it on my Psn store Anyone know why if so please reply thanks ;)

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