Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Update is Live, DLC Coming October 18th

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Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Update is Live, DLC Coming October 18th

After revealing last week all of the great free content coming to Gran Turismo 5, which dropped to $39.99 as of last week, I’m happy to report that the Spec 2.0 update is now live for everyone to download and explore. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus member and have Automatic Downloads enabled, the next time you turn on your PS3 you might find that the update has already been installed. Otherwise, you can launch the game now and update GT5 to Spec 2.0.

The Spec 2.0 update enables you enjoy a new and improved GT5, including interior views for all standard cars, improved physics and AI, faster menus and load times, additional functionality and control in the online racing mode, updated 2011 NASCAR cars, a gorgeous new opening cinematic movie, and much more.

I mentioned last week that we also have a slew of downloadable content releasing on the PlayStation Store. Here’s an update on the content you can expect next week on October 18th.

Course Pack

The Course Pack ($4.99), will include two courses completely new to Gran Turismo. The first course is the world-famous Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps located in Spa, Belgium. At 7km long, this course is widely known as one of the most challenging race courses in the world due to its many twists and turns and elevation changes. And every inch of the track has been painstakingly recreated as only Polyphony can.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC: Circuit de Spa-FrancorchampsGran Turismo 5 DLC: Kart_Space

The second course is a flashy indoor karting arena designed by Polyphony Digital, and comes with two layouts to race. Lit with neon lighting, the kart arena not only showcases the beauty of GT5’s graphics and lighting engines, but also adds a crazy twist to the outdoor karting areas that shipped with GT5.

Racing Car Pack

The Racing Car Pack ($7.99) adds 11 custom PDI-designed custom touring editions of fan favorites like the Mazda RX-7, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, Dodge Challenger SRT8, Nissan GT-R, Honda CR-Z, and even a race tuned Toyota Prius, among others. The pack also includes three new racing karts. But what makes the Racing Car Pack really cool is that it also features the never-before-seen Red Bull X2011 Prototype vehicle. The Red Bull X2010, a machine built for pure speed, was the ultimate prize in Gran Turismo 5, and the Red Bull X2011 Prototype is the next evolution in design. In other words, that’s 15 new vehicles to add to your collection and master.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC: Gran Turismo Red Bull X2011 PrototypeGran Turismo 5 DLC: Mazda RX-7 Touring Car

Racing Gear Pack

Also available will be the Racing Gear Pack ($2.99), which features 90 pieces of racing gear, including racing suits and helmets, for your in-game drivers. Included are GT original design helmets and suits, white and black Alpinestars suits, the official 2010 and 2011 season racing suits and helmets of 4 top NASCAR drivers, and racing gear of 4 other celebrity race car drivers including Sebastien Loeb and Peter Solberg.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC: Racing Gear 02Gran Turismo 5 DLC: Racing Gear 01

Paint Pack

And last but not least is the Paint Pack ($1.99), featuring 100 paint colors to customize your cars with. The pack includes new shades of matte, chrome and aluminum colors. It’s time to breathe some new life into your car collection.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC: x2010

While you can buy individual DLC packs, you can also buy it all at once as a bundle for just $11.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also get a nice discount on the bundle for the first month of release – more details on that soon.

And if you haven’t heard, this week is your chance to grab the Red Bull X2010, Sebastian Vettel model, which we are giving away for free this week to commemorate Vettel’s historic F1 championship win over the weekend. The Red Bull X2010 is a racing machine built for pure speed (up to 280mph, 0-60 in 1.4 seconds), built as a special partnership between Polyphony Digital and Red Bull Racing. If you haven’t completed all of the in-game challenges to unlock it in the game on your own yet, this is your chance to add this speed demon to your collection. See here for instructions on how to add it to your garage. This promotion is good this week only, so be sure to grab it before time runs out!

Finally, don’t forget to watch GT Academy Tuesdays on SPEED, and download full episodes from the Video Store side of PSN. Episode 4 debuts tonight at 7:00pm PST on SPEED and will be available this week on PSN, with the thrilling final episode premiering next week.

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  • I want to see the Dodge Challenger SRT8! Sounds amazing

  • they should add more if not every nascar car to the game. there selection of cars are good but they could have done a lot better. i mean they had a cheat to add mark martins ford Taurus in GT2 y cant they add his car again.

  • Not bad…..but i was hoping to get my hands on a 67′ mustang gt500 or at least one of the newer models of the gt500….any word if this will happen?

  • @ #3 Killzone 3 has this much support ;)

  • nice love gt5 best simulator race game out there dont care what you people say forza4 best simulator race today wrong to not forza4 on it greats it not better gt5 that fact

  • Afraid to buy. Y u ask? I wanted to buy used but I’m afraid that i’ll click play online and then the stupid thing might say (buy online pass) to which I would never do.
    I banned myself from ever buying an online pass. No reason for this, only greed.


  • <3 PD so much. The faster loading times on spec 2.0 are great; still need to actually play the game and see all the changes.
    As for the DLC, I don't suppose we can buy cars/tracks separately? I can't really justify $5 for two tracks, and while I really want Spa I can't imagine I'd be playing much on the kart track unless they add some events that use it. It does look great, though. And the cars, I'd like to try the X2011, the SRT8 and the Roadster but not much else. More RM cars are always nice but 4 Skylines in one pack kinda looks like filler to me.

    Looking forward to whatever comes next, would love more tracks and premium versions of some of the standard racing cars. The F2007 and F10 are so much fun, how about a RB7? :)

  • Kind of low on space on my PS3, how big is this update? somebody else with the not enough space error? and should I back up my save?


  • Awsome!!! im gonna get the paint pack

  • It was time already!

  • ehh not too amazed at the dlc.. was hoping for some new production cars like the BMW 1M or the supercharged evora S

    but its nice to finally see some dlc for GT5 though i’ll prob pick this stuff up when i get the cash .. liking the price points compared to some of the other DLC lately

  • I don’t know why they cheaped out on the interior view for the standard cars! It’s PATHETIC! Its all black.. no detail AT ALL, just black.. can’t even barely see the drivers hands and steering wheel!! Not at all like the interior view of premium cars.. You cant see anything.. just black.. it looks horrible!! So disappointed, you guys at PD are just getting lazy! -_-

  • That Kart track looks sick, can not wait to try it!

  • @ omega_alpha-619

    i was honestly expecting more than that man your right its ugly.. its unbearable to look at on a game like GT5

    spoiled what was supposed to be a great update

  • i need a fix on the 0x00000015 error where it says there is not enough space on my HDD (says i need 32mb). I currently have 238 gb of free space on my ps3 and this stupid error happened thanks to this update. thsi is incredbly frustrating as i cant even save a track in course maker

  • tenshin78

    The update is just over One gig.

    I haven’t had any load errors etc after my download, have you guys rebooted the PS3 since the update install ?

    I don’t know if it would help but in the past I have had other errors that were cured bye rebooting.

    I’m not seeing any signs of faster load times yet and I agree that the short pause before starting a race blows.

    What I find even more annoying than that is when you come back into your main menu after a race and sometimes it takes forever for the cursor to pop up while it pings the server. Same story on first boot for me as well.

    It would be nice to at least let you tool around you garage etc instead of looking at a black load screen while it jumps online.

  • LOL @ the in car view on the standard cars. That’s funny.

  • hi Locust_Star, I noticed several friends been on hub beta space lately, how and why didnt i get invite i been here since beginning,and they are new and 1 yr on home,please help, TY very much for your time, Sincerely, Harry

  • at 69 wrong conversation man

  • If I buy the DLC, I will automatically own those cars??? Or I will need millions of in-game cash to buy them??? Also, if I have those cars, when I play in arcade mode (2p mode) I will be able to use the cars??

    I like GT5, but I am not very skilled driving in the game; so I am having lots of trouble earning the cash to buy cars, and to earn licenses. So I would buy this pack if I dont need to buy the cars again (in-game).

    Hopefully someone will reply soon :D

  • looks AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • I’ve been trying to find time lately to play GT5, excited for the update.

    Hey PD how about some film license vehicle content?

    Mainly I’m interested in driving The Tumbler from Batman Begins, TDK.

    I’d throw my wallet at my ps3 without hesitation.

  • ___________________________________________________________
    + muniz21 on October 11th, 2011 at 2:36 pm said:

    i need a fix on the 0×00000015 error where it says there is not enough space on my HDD (says i need 32mb). I currently have 238 gb of free space on my ps3 and this stupid error happened thanks to this update. thsi is incredbly frustrating as i cant even save a track in course maker

    @ muniz21
    The other guy and I had the same issue. I believe what both of us did was to delete the GT5 installation file and go through the update-install process again. It solved the same issue happened on us. You can check post #43,44,50 on last page.

  • DLC!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U!! GT5!!!

    Give me one reason to take the breath we breathe for granted
    Hold it in so long that you forget to say
    Give me one reason to remain confined within the fences
    Here with you and my soul on display


  • Dear Kaz,

    Thank you so very much for the new opening movie. It….is….AMAZING!!! This is the song that should have been used in the original (I forgive you), and the fact that it was remixed was awesome. I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am. My Chemical Romance is okay, but I don’t think that they even come close to capturing the spirit of GT. I will watch this opening every single time before the game starts now. It is THAT good. Watching it sends shivers up my spine. So is the level cap being raised? I’m at 38 and have the last endurance race 2 go. Thanks for the endurance race saves. The only thing I can think to ask for now is oil/engine/cleanliness meters next to the cars in the garage so you don’t have to visit GT Auto to find out if you need an oil change, an overhaul, or a car wash. Just an idea. Keep up the great work. Go GT5.5 :)

  • Sebastian Vettel World Champion 2011

  • I’ll just say one thing. Please, lets get some WIPERS for the standard cockpits. PLEASE!!!! when racing in the rain it feels like I’m being chased by Rick Morranis and we’re about to go to plaid!

  • What a crap update. Nascar cars? Snore. The Racing Car Pack is just cars already in the game with new liveries. The game still has the dumb one use paint chip system. Interior views for PS2 upgrades? I’d prefer current gen models thanks. No wonder Forza sits on 92 (Universal Acclaim) on Metacritic while GT5 is on 84. Kaz, hire a community manager that can interact with fans so your next game isn’t the huge disappointment GT5 was. All this stuff should have been free as a thank you for buying a half completed game.

  • Finally, an update. However, the save feature for the endurance events isn’t on mine. Anyone else have this problem? Also, where are the American cars? Challenger srt8 is already buildable in the race conversion. I would like to see the new Boss 302 Laguna Seca in the game or any of the new Shelby’s. The new Mustang GT 5.0 would be nice, too. I know it takes time to research and develop a game version of the cars, but a reskinned version of cars that already are in game is not enough. We need new cars, I already own all the cars that I really like, need something fresh! Thanks for listening to us on some of the concerns Polyphony and Sony.

  • I can’t wait for this. Although I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t a tid-bit disappointed with the car collection. I mean we already own these cars. The only thing cool is that they are tuned but it’s not like we don’t already have tuned versions of them in our garages. The only new car is the X2011 (which I’m super excited for). Nevertheless, I’ll be buying the complete pack. I hope we get a premium Bugatti in the next car DLCs. I think it’s appalling that GT5 still doesn’t have the ultimate real life super car in premium instead we have to manage the crappy standard model of the Bugatti.

  • I’d like to see rankings for all cars on all tracks, like in Prologue.

  • You need to pit first for the endurance save to work.

  • Gotta love the rx-7 to bad mazda wont be selling the last gen rx anytime soon . thanks polyphony and sony for working hard to bring us good games

  • I will purchase any and all dlc concerning Gran Turismo 5. That way maybe Polyphony will be motivated to keep churning out more dlc on the regular. Very impressed by the Spec 2.o update and dlc forthcoming, keep up the top notch work, and nevermind those above my comment who choose to whine instead of appreciate the effort from such a small developer.

  • I hate to be negative but so we really need more mitsu’s, nissans, honda’s, etc? Where’s the Koenigssegg Agera? Transtar Dagger? These are the cars we want, and at least I am willing to pay for. I dunno if I will spring for these extra cars. Also with the tracks, where is Citta D’Aria, El Capitan and Costa D’ Amalfi among others from GT4? I miss those tracks. Please give us this content as DLC and don’t make us wait 10 yeard until GT6. I love this game but I was and am a little disappointed by all that is missing that could and should have been included.

  • Nice Update and DLC!

  • OMG!!!! This will be so awesome. Cars, courses, racing suits, plus the red bull sucker car. Can’t wait to see these items. Looking especiialy forward to the new karting track. Thnks Polyphony digital and SONY…..

  • I’m excited about all this attention GT5 is getting because it surely deserves it… But, I would like to see some Nascar tracks added. This game is so good, that if they added a Nascar track pack with about 5 tracks on it I think it would be able to compete, and dominate the Nascar market.

  • why didnt they make an aventador or the some brand new cars

  • The update I just uploaded just rendered my GT5 useless! It’s just stupid and I can’t believe Sony is so crap! My game is now useless!

  • See now that I’m in college and away from my ps3 they introduce spec-2. I’m really proud of Sony and Gran Turismo and for those who commented here today and days past talking about what they want out of the game. They finally got their wish. I am really happy to have been a part of the GT series since its first game back on PS1.. or PSX. Never doubted the game or the series.

  • You’re all too easy. They’ve only added new paint jobs and suits. ONE track. ONE cart track. And who really wants a “race tuned Toyota Prius”??

    Not at all what I’d expect after a year. I want NEW cars! You know, like ones that are newer than 2010 models.

    You may try and say they’ve had great support for the title, which they have by releasing updates almost every month. But most of the updates have been fixes for things that should have been fixed in the original version of the game back when it released.

    We need another developer that will make a decent racing game. I love the GT series, but I feel so let down by GT5. I AM NOT the only one either.

    I crave a fun racing game with tons of customization and a constant flow of new cars. So, I bought a 360 and Forza 4.

  • Please add Friends invite to online play. I have to call up my friends to give them the 20 digit number. Not fun! 1472-6118-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Not cool!

  • Very Cool!! They also added support for the G27 wheel and others. But the force feedback is still insane. Using the X2010 car with my G27 is impossible. Shakes the wheel so violently I just know it’s gonna break my wheel. I have turned the feedback on the lowest setting and it still rattles my wheel badly. I’m serious, very loud, seriously violent wheel action. Regular cars are rather harsh too on my wheel. The update is awesome, but the feedback thing will prevent me from playing it much, if at all.

  • would like to see new trailers…

  • While I like the track pack, I’m a little underwhelmed by the Car pack. It’s basically nothing new, just crappy old cars from the game repackaged.

    I wanna see car packs with actually new cars, ones that aren’t in the game already, like have packs from different regions, like a German Car pack to include stuff like the new BMW M5 and M6, maybe a Swedish Car pack, include Volvo 850, P1800S, XC90, finally get some Saabs in the game, the 9-3 Aero or that awesome new PhoeniX concept, or perhaps an American car pack, include the Focus RS, the new SHO, the new Chrysler 200 and 300, I could go on with some of these glaring ommissions. I want to drive some new cars, not old cars recycled to look like new ones.

  • Ok. Hope u guys ant PD will kep the updates and add-ons coming.There are gonna be more DLC and updates, right?

  • @ #79 Mattsta001 & #93 BlingOnMyWrist:

    I have only six words for you f***ers: GTFO. OF. HERE. YOU. UNGRATEFUL. F***S. Simple.

  • I can not wait for next week for all the new cars & tracks for gt5 i’ll be living the dream.

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