Gran Turismo 5: New Free Updates, DLC, and Price Drop

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Gran Turismo 5: New Free Updates, DLC, and Price Drop

If you have been keeping up with GT5, you know Polyphony Digital has been very diligent about releasing free updates to improve the game, especially the online racing mode. Ever since the launch, Kazunori Yamauchi and his team have been carefully studying posts on forums, reading comments on PlayStation.Blog posts and across Twitter, talking to fans at events, and more. The game has evolved a lot since last November, thanks in part to the dedicated GT fans voicing their opinions.

GT5: New Features, DLC and Price Drop

Now I’m here to share with you some very exciting news about the biggest FREE update yet, releasing in the next few weeks. It will add new features and even more functionality to your GT5 experience.

Polyphony learned that a lot of fans out there love driving using the game’s interior view, and has given some serious thought to it. With this new update, all cars in the game will now have interior views. Although the level of visual details will vary based on what car you choose, you can now race from behind the wheel of any car in the game. In addition, you’ll be able to get the 2011 season versions of the 11 NASCAR race cars for the first time.

GT5: New Features, DLC and Price Drop

GT5: New Features, DLC and Price DropGT5: New Features, DLC and Price Drop

Some of the other improvements introduced are greatly reduced load times when loading races, quicker menu response times, and adjustable opponent AI in Arcade Mode. Players will now have the option to save their progress during lengthy racing events so they can come back and finish at a later time, and can also adjust weather conditions for races using a slider function that goes from mild to severe.

GT5: New Features, DLC and Price Drop

The wildly popular Photo Mode has been updated to allow players to take pictures with their personalized driver avatars with customizable racing suits and helmets. You can even fast-forward and rewind race replays now to better capture that key moment in the race.

For those who enjoy racing online with your fellow gearheads, we’re expanding the shuffle race mode. As with the same feature in Gran Turismo PSP, this allows friendly competition between players of different skill levels. Players setting up online races will also have a host of new regulations available to customize their own events. New bonus incentives are introduced for players who log in and play on a consistent basis.

Truly hardcore racing fans will be stoked to hear that GT5 will now officially and fully support the Logitech G25 and G27 Racing Wheels.

GT5 2.0 WeatherChange

The final piece of big news is that there will be a full batch of downloadable content for Gran Turismo 5 in the coming weeks. This DLC will of course include new vehicles and tracks, plus some additional surprises.

We’ll have more details very soon on the specifics of the DLC, so stay tuned, and check the blog and the official Gran Turismo website for further details.

I am ending this post with a comment from the man himself, Kazunori Yamauchi, president of Polyphony Digital and creator of the Gran Turismo franchise:

The coming Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2 update is an update that contains the feedback from the users playing GT5 online every day. We have added cars such as the newest NASCAR race cars, but many of the updates are those that improve usability and expand the field of game play. I believed from the initial release of Gran Turismo 5 that it would be the users that would make the game grow thereafter, and we added things like interior views for the standard models because there was a lot of request for it from our users. You could say that this update is the shape and form of GT5 that was created through the opinions of our fans.

And if you don’t have Gran Turismo 5 yet, now is the perfect time to get into the best-selling racing game. In addition to all of the great new content and free updates, as of this week you can pick GT5 up for only $39.99.

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  • Big thing here, allow sound sliders to control all the sounds I hear, that transmission whine in many a car, it’s unbearable and takes away from many of the autos mean sounding engines. Hopefully they also implement a damage level slider(visual and mechanical) Visual damage should return to the prerelease levels, cars looked mangled then. It takes way too many high speed crashes now to damage a premium car(which is madness). All cars should also have high/low beam to allow for flashing when you are making passes, and all cars selectable in Photo mode, just do the same distance thing and that should be fine. Roll overs shouldn’t be impossible either, please remove the strange restriction and lose those invisible walls all over the courses especially on Top Gear TT, it’s a complete shunt off reality when you bump into some invisible wall about a car width off the course, let us take a grass trip and fight our way back on course allow undercarriage damage especially in low cars.

  • This will be awesome! Great job, PD!

  • I was a long time fan of the series. the operative word being WAS. PS just took way to long releasing GT5, years to long and it became irrelevant. The DLC is a nice touch though for those few long suffering fans who are left which are few in number. Getting the game out took too long, getting this DLC out took too long. Its too little too late.

  • ….so can we finally change wheels on standard cars now, it seems like such an easy fix??? I actually really hate that there is such a difference in standard mode cars, as far as what can be done to them. Also, can I get some new Porsches (Ruf) whichever …and you know what car I would love to see back in the game is the TRD Supra of GT2…I used to love that car. Let’s see what the new update brings.

  • LOL!!!! @ PirateHarlock

    GT 5 Prologue and GT 5 have sold some 12-13 million copies this gen.

    Troll fail.

  • Sounds good.

    I’m curious how the DLC will be handled in multiplayer.

  • We all knew GT5 wasn’t a finished game when it was released, and even Kaz himself said that he wanted at least 1 more year to finish, but Sony wanted the game out. This update is just going to be awesome with more to come I hope. For those saying we should get the DLC for free, no we shouldn’t but They said that most of it is going to be free anyway.

    What I want as DLC in the feature is the old school tracks from back in the GT series like Grindwald, Red Rock Valley, S.S Route 11, El Capiten, Infineon, New York, Seoul and China. Bring Back those Driving Mission from GT4
    too. More tuning options, and please let us paint on our cars (add like drawing pad support =) )

    For a minor update please fix the anti aliasing of the standard cars and shadows (if it is not coming in this update), take pictures of multiple cars, add more wheel supports, and add more mechanical damage (such as driving off road and your suspension breaking,

    All I have to say is Great job and GT5 is going to be a very great contender to Forza 4!

  • Question with regards to weather controls. Are we getting the ability to customize weather it in customized races for online? I ask this because I really haven’t really raced online yet.

  • shadowtsunami : I’m pretty sure that will come eventually.

  • And also people they’ve added support for the G25/G27 wheel now stop complaining lol.

  • HOO RAAAA! As soon as I hear of BMW E30s in the DLC, I will have precisely everything I’ve been wishing for! And then some ! THX KAZ!

  • I really want to see the ability to change up the time of day in arcade and all too, as most of the lighting on the default settings are just god awful looking, with little detail and plain look over all.

  • I sent many messages about mileage online to sony. This is my first message: My subject is about Gran turismo 5. I would like a update who corrects a thing in the game online. I have a car I always use online with other players. Since 1 week, I noticed my car doesn’t take damage ONLINE. (motor milage, car frame, oil servicing) In mode offline, That’s correct. When the game updated to 1.05(the biggest uptdate) last winter, This problem was correct online. Now with the update 1.13 that’s not correct. So please I would like get an answer about this subject from the gt5 reponsible who creates update. I am a good fan of this game an I am a little disappointed of this detail. I want a REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR. Sony is better than Microsoft prove it. Thank for your listening.

    I have seen the update 2.0. I hope this bug wil be corrected.

    Sony sent me a message to say me : Go see on Thank for your answer.

  • shadowtsunami , yes give me all those tracks…those are some of my favorites especially Red Rock Valley from GT2, El Capiten, Infineon, Seoul from GT4. That’s another thing that they have to really address.

  • Nice but where is our 4.0 system update??!!

  • Awesome. Love GT5

  • More Tracks! More Tracks! More Tracks!…………………………………

    Oh, and it might also be nice to have………..More Tracks!

  • Does someone knows about my subject?

  • buggati veyron premuim ?? no way or yes ??

  • love this game men best simulator i supporting game for year just need for speed game two best race game day one arcade and of simulator

  • sweet !!

  • 2012 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super snake pleeaase!!!

  • Thank you so much for the G27 full support, i´m so happy to hear that! I know that you hear a lot of people asking for things, but I can´t resist to ask for some too. On the next update i would be good if you add more options to customize the on-screen information during the race, like turning off the drivers list on the right. I would be nice to have braking tunning back like on gt4 and please, please correct, or remove, that ugly shadows that look like ps2 games. I think there´s a lot of room to improve on damage modeling too. Please let the car brake apart, visually and mechanically. We want to see broken parts, like suspension, blown tires, engine failure. tire wear on A spec should be good too.
    About the DLC i expect to see more tracks. The game has lots of cars, it´s good, although Porsche would be nice. I would be a dream to have Interlagos on this game, it´s such important track for motor-sports on south america, specially in Brazil, were you guys have a huge loyal fan base, including me.
    Love GT 5, it´s getting better and better. Thanks. Keep the good working!

  • Yes! Thank you Polyphony Digital! Thanks for being diligent and giving us such an awesome update to an already awesome game!

  • And nothing for us B speccers again, aparantly.

    C’mon Polyphony – only 1/2 the game is finished, the A spec 1/2…..

    How long until I can B Spec on my own tracks, B spec practice, B spec on Snow or on dirt??

  • need some dlc for us off-road folks, guess I’ll knock the dust off gt5 and play it again

  • Don’t worry Sony I’m working on getting it

  • Thank you Kaz and team. You continue to provide great value and a great racing experience. I have been playing GT5 since release, almost every day, and I can’t wait for the new content and features. I will be more than happy to purchase DLC(which I rarely do)! I bet a lot of the tips came from GTPlanet. Every GT5 should visit that website. It is a great resource and a solid community.

  • Thank You so Much Polyphony Digital! I got this day one with collector’s edition. I loved it but it wished for more. With these great updates this is becoming the best Racing game on the planet. Seriously, all interior views, faster loading, support for more wheels, easy race adjustments… you guys must have been SO HARD at work.

  • ‘Bout freaking nasty time doods!! LOL!! Thing is… Now, I can’t WAIT! Woot! :P

  • Is the DLC going to have stock cars?

  • Cool! Hopefully something aimed for a 3.0 Spec I can say here.. (Hold on) I know it is Spec 2.0 update.. Im going to post on twitter, the forums, blog.share and here.. What if we had the ability to chat with other GT5 players while in the main menu, and it cuts when we enter an online lobby or choose to stay in that chat… Although this is not a performance feature it is something I would hope some of us would like to utilize like chatting about cars while we complete races and tune our cars etc… Those who may seem confused go look at MAG, you can party up in the game and chat on the main menu, and deploy screen, and i think the option screen too.. Its something I thought of. Thanks for reading.

  • omg, i’m so happy….


  • Also does anyone have a link to the forums/community on cars to submit to become DLC???? I wanna see the 4 Door/2Door Honda Civic 2-95 from Gran Turismo 2!

  • This all good news, but I still hope for more premium stock cars. There are way too few cars from just a couple of years ago.

  • Awesome! Now we need leaderboards for Time Trials and Drift Trials like Prologue…

  • I hope one day it will be possible to upload GT5 replays from the game to Youtube!

  • Great timing I was thinking of finally buying it and now i have a great reason to buy it!

  • Hey Sony just curious I wish you would get better advertisers out there for the PS3 and their games, I rarely ever hear anything Sony related, I seriously wish you had the advertisement push like XBox, or even Nintendo for that matter!

  • I am super excited for the Spec 2.0 release.

    What I would like to see in the Spec 3.0 release:
    1. Premium cars becoming the vast majority, if not 100%, of the car line-up
    2. More cars able to undergo racing modifications
    3. The addition of car models missing from previous GT titles, made premium obviously
    4. The return of tracks missing from previous GT titles remastered to GT5 quality.
    5. The addition of new real world and fantasy tracks
    5. The licensing of Porshe and other new car makes not yet to grace GT
    6. A larger amount and wider variety of external and internal modification parts and options for all makes and models
    7. Replays made available in private lounges
    8. An overall polishing of the vehicles and tracks, ie, smoothing out jaggies and large pixel effects, improving shadow rendering, improving upon the point contact damage modelling

    This is only a sampling of tremendous ideas I have for Gran Turismo. I think that the possibilities for features that potentially could be added to this game are features I would like to eventually see in this game, and that the vast majority of gamers out there that play GT5 regularly would like as well.

  • Maybe this will get me back into it, i do love GT.

  • Sweeet! I can’t wait to get back to playing with all the new features… I hope they’ve made some adjustments to how the steering wheel reacts to when you over steer and lose control, they need an option in there to give complete control of the wheel to player. But otherwise I’m glad their still improving the game so long after its been released.

  • Hey Kaz (can I call you Kaz?) Since the graphics chip on my PS3 burned up from leaving it on for about 30 hrs during the 1st 24 hr race, you think you could spot me a new one so I can level up and do the next one? Pretty please? I miss my PS3 :(

  • AMAZING.. i havent stopped playing since the release and i dont plan on stopping any time soon

  • 6 speed transmissions available most if not all cars with 2, 3, 4, and even 5 speeds to begin with (even tuners like Toyota Sprinter Treuno Shuichi Shisgeno’s Version)

    Increase Displacement (known as Displacement Up) option on appropriate cars like the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32, R33, R34) available

    Selection of wheel options be available on standard cars as they are on the premium cars.

    400M/Quarter Mile test track along with top speed test facilities.

  • Man, i really wanna see a drag racing mode in GT5, then my world would be complete

  • I think the DLC will feature all the tracks from GT4 that’s missed on GT5. But I’d like to see new tracks like Interlagos, Spa, Istanbul Park… and the cars pack? Porsches, Kias, Hyndais (the new Veloster would be a great addition to the game)… let’s wait and see.

  • I actually clicked on this because I have a few buds that play this. Seems awesome and only $40? Nice update. My buds getting a PS3 soon(YEA!!) and he likes NASCAR and all that.
    Oh and Sony please make more of your games $40 so I can get more for Christmas :)

  • This is nice.
    But the lack or dynamic damage, lack of cockpit view and loading times are not my biggest issues with the game.
    Nope… my biggest issue is the lack of analog control for the gaz and brake.
    I can’t help but feel like playing a very old game when using X and O for gaz and brake.
    Yes, it is possible to map them to whatever buttons I like, but putting them on the should buttons doesn’t make them more analog.
    I’m surprise no one talks about that.

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