NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Boom-Shakalakas PSN Tuesday

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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Boom-Shakalakas PSN Tuesday

Hey there PlayStation Land! I’m, here to tell you what to expect when NBA Jam: On Fire Edition hits PSN this Tuesday for $14.99. NBA JAM: On Fire Edition is all about three things: Value, Gameplay, and Community.

We wanted to make NBA JAM: OFE an irresistible item for PS3 owners, something all your friends are going to be playing… and, if they’re not, we want you to tell them “Get this game! You’re crazy not to!” Your $14.99 gets you a co-operative campaign against all 30 NBA teams (and some special teams too!); a competitive online mode that will give everyone a chance to be the best, every week; and a deep and persistent career system that unlocks the most teams, legends, and other swag than has ever appeared in an NBA Jam game ever before. For less than the price of a movie and a bucket of popcorn, you can get in on this without ever leaving your living room!

NBA JAM: On Fire EditionNBA JAM: On Fire Edition

We’ve made over 1000 gameplay tweaks and additions to NBA Jam since you’ve last seen it. A lot of these tweaks are under the hood; uncompressed animations, changes to the shot timing, and so forth. but what you will notice right away is Tag Mode. That’s right — the way you played in the 16-bit era where you controlled both players is back! Also, by hitting R1, you can send your partner up for an alley-oop or call them to shove by hitting L1. We all know about getting three buckets in a row to catch on fire, but now hitting three alley-oops in a row will catch you on TEAM FIRE! Razzle Dazzle moves take the trash talk out of the living room and onto the court; Sit down and sink a 3, do the “Dougie,” and poke your opponent instead of shoving him. NBA Jam: OFE is the ultimate evolution of Jam gameplay. Don’t believe me? Download the upcoming demo!

NBA JAM: On Fire Edition

We know NBA Jam is best enjoyed with buddies on the couch. But we also know that these days, it’s way harder to get all your friends together. This is why we wanted to make sure that we put as much of your friends in every possible part of the game. JamNet is, at its simplest, an integrated set of leaderboards that will constantly call out how you’re doing in your Jam Career in relation to your friends. JamNet tracks your career 3-pointers, total points, backboards smashed, and a ton of stats so you can show off to your friends and get those competitive juices flowing. When you’re playing NBA Jam: OFE, we never want you to feel like you’re alone.

With all this, how can you say no? Go get the demo on Tuesday and check it out, then get the game and call your friends. You’ll be playing with them and against them for months to come. It hits October 4th for $14.99, so get ready…


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  • i heard that nba jam is good

  • To all the people who purchased the retail version, let me start by saying sorry for your loss. That stated I don’t believe you should fault this game for the failure that was the first one. I mean if you were foolish enough to believe that any edition of NBA Jam was 50 bucks then thats on you. Thats not EA’s fault, EA didn’t make you purchase the game at that ridulous price point, especially since it was targeted as a Wii game. I hope you all do go out and purchase what looks like an amazing gaming at an amazing price point. Again sorry you feel you got swindled but not all games are as good as the hype going into release and this is especially true of remakes of classic games.

  • I agree with #50, if you lost out, it was because you didn’t do your homework, you just walked straight into the basketball court. No reason to fault this, which looks like it’s going to be pretty kick ass.

    I’ll see you all in court.

  • The nice thing about having bought the disc version: I found out quickly that this game sucks. It’s repetitive, and boring.

  • Where the hell is on fire edition? Today is the 4th and i don’t see it in the playstation store

  • I got the game since yesterday and I really like, but I didn’t find any online games. I searched over 15 minutes, but nothing. Anyone else got the problem? I think maybe the prob is my EA account or the fact that I’m from Germany. It sucks, because that’s a great multiplayer title. :-(

  • 900 jammis online, but no one wanna play online. But it’s workin, so my previous post is useless. get the game ghuy, it’s fully awesome.

  • you literally said “Go get the demo on Tuesday and check it out, then get the game and call your friends” but there is no demo in the store. am i missing something? i wanna play it but i dont know if the price is worth it. did you just forget to put it on there? seriously you guys have been real shady over at sony lately. for everything you do right you do 2 things wrong.

  • @DaxMontana of course it’s repetitive, it’s runs, shoot, block, rinse and repeat. that’s the game. how is it supposed to be any different?

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