Video Unlimited Preview Coming to PlayStation 3

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Video Unlimited Preview Coming to PlayStation 3

Video Unlimited PS3-BraviaTV

Starting today, finding the right movie or TV show on the PlayStation Network is easier and more fun than ever before.

We’re unveiling a whole new way to explore the library of more than 40,000 movies and TV episodes… discover everything from the latest blockbusters and popular sitcoms, to old classics and the next big TV series – it’s simple, fun, and intuitive.

Our new “Video Unlimited – preview” application, which can be downloaded later today if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, makes it easier and more visual to browse, discover, and search for movies and TV shows from your favorite actors, directors, and genres. While mirroring content found on the existing video section of the PlayStation Store, the new preview application gives you a fresh experience by providing endless related search results via a whole new way to find content. Check out the video to see how this all works and why we’re so excited about it.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can download the “Video Unlimited – preview” later today. It’s easy, just head toward the Media section in the PlayStation Store, find and download the “Video Unlimited – preview” application. After exiting the PlayStation Store, select the Video icon of the XMB (XrossMediaBar) and you will see the Video Unlimited preview icon. Select “Video Unlimited – preview” and discover a completely new way to access and discover movies and TV shows on your PS3. For those who aren’t PlayStation Plus subscribers, the application will be available to all in just a few weeks.

We promise this is going to be a great user experience that will change the way you enjoy video content on your PS3!

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  • I agree with @xCh0z3n-0n3x. The PS3 XMB should have a interface similar to the app. Redesign the XMB SONY!

  • The real question is cost. All I see being mentioned is that it’s a “Video Unlimited – preview application” so what exactly does that mean?

  • Honestly, it looks great. My concerns are, one, why will you now have two stores with the same content on both? Completely useless, unless you’re getting rid of the one of the Playstation Store. And, two, unless you can stream these movies, nobody is going to use this service. Playstation Video Store is one of the last major services that still have you DOWNLOAD the movie first to watch it, or at least partially download it. These are major things that you should have considered. Now, hopefully I’m wrong, and they do have streaming now (like Vudu, Netflix, Hulu, Epix, Crackle, Zune Video on Xbox 360, etc.) but I would think they would have mentioned that.

  • Never mind. I looked at the video (above) and answered my own previous question. I have to say, in my opinion, “Blah!”

  • netflix separated their streaming service,
    amazon just broke a deal with fox tv, and
    sony to have their own video service! this
    is easy – sony has my vote!

  • Good job Sony! Keep up the good work this really looks cool. Now can we have cross game chat?

  • Uh… Where is damn Subtitle or C.C.??? Look at how Apple have accomplished that, you [DELETED] Take out the page from their playbook and do the right thing, please. Thanx.

  • I hope this interface happens for the GAMES section also.

  • I imagine this is a stepping stone to full Video Unlimited support.

  • Will my Plus membership carry over to my Sony Tablet now that it’s all one network?

  • i want XMB redesign more than everything (except PS Vita :) ) come on Sony we allready know that PS3 needs a refreshment … With Ps Vita the new entertainment age on the go will begin – PS Vita + New Design for Ps3 UI = AWSOMENESS SONY MAKE IT HAPPEN PLEASE

    Sony Make . Belive

  • The link address at the bottom of the main post does not work. It goes to a blank site.

    I want to use the Playstation Video store more but the prices are just a bit to high at the moment. Any chance we will get a video service in addition to our PLUS accounts. Perhaps a free rental a month.

    Also, the design of this new video section looks great. I’d love to see it replace the current store for games as well.

  • When are we Europeans going to get things like this..??? We don’t even have a video store in the PSN store… come on man it’s about time. I don’t watch MUBI yall can have that.

    The Netherlands

  • Sweet! You guys should redesign the Game Store and the XMB too!

  • Ok, why is the video store only available in certain territories? You guys have no problem collecting my money for games, themes, DLC…etc. If Netflix/Apple store can come to the Caribbean’s I see no reason why Sony can’t. Sometimes I can help but feel sony is trying so hard to underachieve.

  • When do normal users, ie no PSN+, get to try this out? I’m still not convinced about PSN+ so I want to know if this new feature finally wins me over.

  • Looks like i have to wait a few weeks -_-

  • Meh..Looks ok..

  • Ok CNN article says October 11th is when users without PSN+ get to try this out. Here’s the article =>

  • Does this include free Live TV or free shows? If not, I’m not interested. I WOULD be interested in subscribing to a Live TV channel, like History HD, for example, since I’m tossing cable.

  • only USA & Canada? or will we swedes bealbe to join in aswell?

  • my only question is about the font, because its getting a little difficult to read the font in the bios of the movies and games without having to sit right on my tv just to be able to read whats there. nothing big, i would like to know about at least a 5ft or 3 1/2ft reading distance.

  • Pretty cool. Now if this could be applied to managing the store, we’d have something interesting going.

  • The new design looks really good! Can’t wait to try it out

  • This is completely frivoulous. It will just clutter the xmb with another psn store icon this time for video only. It would have been better to make the video side of the store available in more regions and more content in each region. Pricing is still very high in the video side of the store. A smarter move would be to work on these other problems before working on this needless duplication. Reaching more potential customers with more of what they want at competitive prices will improve sales not this.

  • Bball230 is a true idiot. For as long he post on the blog you d think he’d learn something…

    Twindad the name you came up with is sooo generic so stop it!

    I’ve known about this app didn’t expect it this soon but I’m not complaining, I glad it’s here but I didn’t know it’ll be a rework of the video store.. in this case I hope when I click the app it’ll start up faster then going into the PSN because PSN videoload very fast as opposed to say music unlimited, by that time I’ve gone enters, found and purchased the video, is it streaming I didnt even redline but if it is then we good but I have to say VUDU HDX quality is hard to compete with ATM!

  • @jazzyrider if you pay for plus you get first Dobson like the rest of us plain and simple, my ps plus paid for itself two fold at least!! You keep complaining while we enjoy. :)

    Ppl asking for cross game chat, keep waiting altho it was told to all who read the web PS3 won’t get it with it’s current ram count!

  • And on a completely UNRELATED note……Wow Thank you Sony the new layout looks great! For those that want to know BF3 early access emails should be out after 11am pacific, second cross game chat is stupid because you are supposed to be chatting with the people YOU ARE ACTUALLY PLAYING WITH. to round out the CGC comments we are likely to not see CGC because of how PS3 uses RAM ie for creating and playing the best games on any console….yes I said it XBOX 360 guy lurking in the shadows……and lastly Question for Video Unlimited folks- Once rolled out for everyone will this new format be available …(or is it already) on the new Sony S tablet?

  • Nice app.

    The name is a little misleading if there is not going to be a new unlimited rental service like netflix.

    The market is there for it. I would subscribe for a reasonable fee. I refuse to pay $3 or $4 for a digital rental.

  • We need a facebook application for the PS3, or even better give us a browser that works!

  • I would love for the PSN game store to get a similar facelift.
    As it is it’s terribly slow and not very fun to look thorough.

  • how about revamping the WHOLE PSN STORE??

  • Will I be able to watch this on Sony bluray players and Sony internet TVs? Or is this exclusive to playstation?

  • There should be a way to merge Quriocity service, with video service on the PSN VIDEO STORE. Why have two different ways to access the same content from the same provider (SONY) ?? Doesn’t make sense :(

  • Make it unlimited and charge $50 a month, then i wouldn’t need cable.

  • I would check it out but my video is activated on an older ps3 that I no longer have and can’t find my receipt to fax it (fax it? who uses faxes anymore?) so i can have them deactivated so i can activate my current ps3.

    what’s the use of seeing all my previously owned ps3’s on the qriocity website if i can’t deactivate them? It’s a broken system that needs to be fixed, allow me to deactivate my previous systems online or don’t make require givng blood, my first child and a hand written note from god to deactivate and reactivate my video access.

    As a video player for sony bought content my ps3 is useless.

  • @LordRaoh

    You could just call sony (it takes awhile) they’ll eventually deactivate it.

  • I agree with the previous comments, the word “Unlimited” sounds like this service is going to offer an unlimited rental service for a monthly fee. You are just changing the interface and the title but you are not offering anything new.

  • Aw, no PS+ freebies :(

    Still, huge upgrade over the current video store. I hope the Game Storefront is next.

  • @ beanking81

    been there done that once before, and somehow I still have 5 ps3’s and a psp listed in my account. 2 ps3’s and a psp were stolen a while back 1 given to a family member and 1 traded. I know have 1 ps3 with no video and i can only find the receipt for an older model.

    Sony’s DRM is almost flawless, not only can’t i share content I can’t buy any. I won’t call again until I can find my receipt as I know how difficult support will be without one and if I can’t find my receipt I’ll just give my money to sony’s competitors.

    LOL, the qriocity site has me listed as owning 5 ps3’s but even if i did have 5 ps3’s in my home, i can’t share the content between them even if i’m the same account holder. Useless.

    Great products, great games, lousy business model, it should be account based not device based.

  • Is Video Unlimited similar to Netflix in any way??? What are subscription costs?

  • VP nice Eric got promoted.

  • Looks great all we need now, is something like qore, that has every playstation only title listed packed with trailers and images to stream from the PS3! Even have a my collection box you can share amongst PS3 gamers via XMB.

  • will everyone stop asking about cross game chat the ps3 dosent have enough RAM space for it but the PS Vita is said to have more so fingers crossed

  • That’s nice but I still want the party chat!!!

  • could sony create a youtube app for the ps3/psp(i thinks there will be one on the ps vita) would be nice. :)

  • ^use the browser same speed as an app anyway.

  • @ dragon_mobius i agree but there is a cross game chat for vita forgot what it was called though.

  • So is it a monthly fee to watch the shows like…..or is it pay by episode??????????????????????????????????is it too much to include this info

  • y dont u guys do that with the playstation store insted ? and change the menu a lil bit , but great hob still

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