UNCHARTED 3 Storms AMC Theatres Near You…in 3D!

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UNCHARTED 3 Storms AMC Theatres Near You…in 3D!

Calling all UNCHARTED fans! The news is out: October 18-20 is your chance to take part in a one-of-a-kind UNCHARTED 3 entertainment experience. We’re taking over five AMC Theatre locations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and Washington D.C. and bringing you in to play UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception before it launches, on the big screen AND in 3D!

UNCHARTED 3 at AMC Theaters

We’ll have members from the Naughty Dog team on hand for a meet-and-greet where we’ll reveal brand-new content, and Naughty Dog will also walk you through some of their favorite levels and features of UNCHARTED 3.

The event will be happening for 3 days only, and will include:

  • Multiplayer tournaments
  • 3D and big-screen gaming
  • PlayStation and Sony prize giveaways all night
  • Naughty Dog appearances
  • and much more!

We’re going to be revealing more information as we get closer to the events, but in the meanwhile, stay in the know by heading to amctheatres.com/uncharted3.

Tickets are only available at the AMC theatres listed below while supplies last-and they are going fast, so get yours today. Just click on the theatre you want to attend, choose the date you want, and get ready to to “Play it First in 3D” with PlayStation and AMC Theatres.

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  • How do you NOT HAVE CHICAGO!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Third biggest city in the country and you’d rather go to SF, DC and Dallas before us!

  • @36 McButtz – It starts at 630 pm at the Tyson’s Corner AMC. If you’re there, I’ll see you there.

  • I know it’s a 3 day event, so my question is, are all 3 days the same events, or are there certain things going on each day. Just wondering, because I live about 4 hours outside of D.C., I doubt I could do all 3 days, and if I went, would I be able to enjoy everything in one day? Thanks a bunch!

  • Already got my ticket for Lincoln Square in NYC… now to get the day off….

  • Double love for California and NO LOVE for Chicago!? It’s only the third biggest city in the US. PLEASE ADD A SHOW TO CHICAGO! Went for Uncharted 2 and I now refer to it as “the event that changed my life!”


  • I just moved from Hawaii to San Francisco a few months ago for school… Living in Hawaii for so long I always wanted to go to these type of events… Now that I have the option to go, I will make sure nothing stands in my way of attending this!

  • why does the collectors box say it is only 1 player check amazon and zoom in on back of box and youll see

  • oh and is ninjawarrior34 and official sony member

  • an official sony member

  • It states on the AMC page that the customer will have the game shipped Oct 25. I am confused, are they saying that if you spend $60 for the game for this event you will receive the game early, full final copy? Or will it go out on that day and get to you around the actual street release date?

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh yay i got my ticket!!!!!!
    took foreva with fandango crashing evry 5 secs lol

  • So looking forward to this. I will take time off from work, since traffic in Los Angeles is a nightmare! I think there’s a Sony store in that mall, so we can check out the new tablets.

    I apologize in advance for acting like a big, nerdy Uncharted fool.

  • not directly a question for this specific event but UC3 questions nonetheless.
    1) Will Elena & Chloe make appearances in Multiplayer?
    2) Will there similar co op modes to UC2?
    I did try the beta but those weren’t shown in the beta and I did enjoy them in UC2.
    3) will there be an online pass for this game or not?

  • Please tell me this will be on PSN, I just got my 3DTV. Can’t wait to get home and set this up.

  • Arne,

    Just so I don’t get my hopes up, can you confirm that these will be the only locations for the theater events? I would LOVE to see you guys in Chicago but I figured since the arrangements are already made the theaters listed are the only theaters, correct?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • I’m going to the event in San Francisco with my uncle.
    I’ll participate in all of these events.
    I like it how if you get the Access Pass ($60) you get UC3 for free a week early before everybody else.
    Considering I already have the Collector’s Edition pre ordered at Game Stop.
    (Giving my extra copy to my friend Noel for his B-Day. He’ll enjoy it very much as will I.)
    Keep up the great work Naughty Dog.
    (Oct. 20 is the day I can make it.)

  • I would just like to thank Sony and Naughty Dog so much for this awesome opportunity. I just bought my premium ticket for the 19th in NY last night, and I’m beside myself with excitement.

    Any news on exactly who will be at which even in terms of ND staff? I’m gonna try to grab an autograph on my copy of Uncharted 2 regardless of who’s there. It would mean a lot to have a signed copy of my favorite game, even if it’s only by one member of the dev. team.

  • Just booked my ticket to the NYC even on 10/20!

  • We have AMC’s in Detroit; can we have it hosted here too! I’ll take the time off of work and host it for you if needed. :)

  • I live near Tyson’s Corner! But driving to/through DC is such a pain. Traffic is murder there… as is murder.

  • Wait, I don’t live anywhere near any of those cities (I wish I did) but does that mean I can still buy the $60 premium pass online, not attend, and still get the game early?

  • is it possible to get 2 premium passes and get both copies of the game sent to the same address?

  • I already preordered it at AMC and I’m dying to play it!!

  • Arne i got a question. I have a free admission ticket will that work for the $25 ticket or not

  • I attended the Uncharted 2 event in Bellevue, WA as hired up for the event. The event was a huge success and it was great seeing never before seen footage of the game before anyone else.

    I was hoping they would do the same event for Uncharted 3 up here in Seattle as well so I could have the same experience. Looks like I will not have that chance but its good for another set of individuals will get that opportunity.

  • Something ACTUALLY happening IN DALLAS? This god-forgotten place? What a surprise! (both sarcastic & not)

  • Hey Arne,

    You went to school in Chicago, don’t you want to visit some old friends and make a stop by your old stomping ground!?


  • Got my $60 ticket for the 19th in Dallas! Can’t wait!

  • I can’t imagine how it could top the UC2 launch here in SF a couple years ago; that was really something :)

  • I got my ticket!!!!
    will the pass be a ticket or an actually pass like comic con?
    what kind of prizes? thanks!

  • Poor Chicago always gets a pass.

  • Also: This is ‘all day’? Not just some certain hour? Some of us do have classes, although I have one both Tuesday & weds.

  • I wish you guys would come up to beautiful Kelowna British Columbia Canada, and announce to the whole west coast… we love you all up here too.

  • Arne, Uncharted and dubbing in Brazil? Changes to the work of Zeger? We like to play in English, but a job well done voice acting is nice. Arne Please, answer me. I could not get any response from Naughty Dog forum yet. Please, answer.

  • I’m so down to go to the one in NYC.

    $60 USD is totally worth it, especially since I was going to buy the game anyway, might as well add some in person fun as well to it ;)

  • Hey Arne, Huge Fan and loved you Small Bio on Qore! Cool laid back style! ;)

    I will most definitely be trying to get to Lincoln Sq NYC for this! Where will you be?


  • WOW no Canada? that stinks, but this is pretty cool :( (for no Canadians)

  • just want to make sure for other people who cant read details……you ONLY get the game if you buy the 60 dollar pass, correct?

    the 25 just gets you to play the game..?????

  • Why can’t you guys come to Vegas dammit!? *cries* lol. I would have loved to attend.

  • I seriously wish you guys came to Florida, I’d buy the $60 game and pass :p

  • This sucks, I want to go but the closest one is 4 hours away according to google maps :(

  • Nothing going on in Iowa? Haha, didn’t expect it. But not having this event be in Chicago is somewhat of a let down.

  • Bought the $60 ticket for the Tysons Corner event i can’t wait!!! Always wanted to go to one of these events.

  • Ah come on! No Seattle?! This would’ve been a killer experience to have shoved into Nintendo’s and Microsoft’s backyard. Opportunity missed in my opinion…

  • PLEASE PLEASE just wanna run by a small sugestion can uuu @ least add a city like clevland, toronto, or even detroit im not travlin too D.C. sorry im from pittsburgh an would have no trouble travlin with a couple buddies just too getta game in u feel me THEIRS STILL A LONG WAIT IM SURE YALL TEAM CAN PUT MORE CITIES TOGETHER thanx, this would bee appreciated too many whom concerned even a day or 2 from launch just make it happen

  • Just got my ticket for the 18th, in NYC! SWEET!

  • I took my son to the Uncharted 2 event in Seattle (Bellevue), WA. We had a fantastic time, especially watching all of the action on the big screen. If you live near one of these locations, you shouldn’t miss it!!!

  • Too bad they are not coming to Arizona, that is way cool to put a game like drakes fortune in a movie theater and get to play the game in 3d and a 100 foot screen to boot! great promo

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