Battlefield 3 Expansions to Hit PS3 First, Open Beta on PSN 9/29

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Battlefield 3 Expansions to Hit PS3 First, Open Beta on PSN 9/29

This is Tommy Rydling from DICE, and I’ve got two exciting pieces of news to share with PlayStation.Blog readers. First, we are very happy to announce the dates for the eagerly awaited Battlefield 3 Open Beta on PSN. The Beta is open to all and will run from September 29th to October 10th. You can join it by simply going to the going the PlayStation Store and navigating to the “View All By Title” section, then selecting Battlefield 3 – within there you’ll see the download for the Battlefield 3 demo!

Battlefield 3 for PS3

Prepare for battle in the bombed-out metro tunnels on the outskirts of Paris in the upcoming Battlefield 3 Open Beta!

Alternatively, if you have redeemed a Medal of Honor: Limited Edition or Tier 1 Edition Online Pass, you will receive early access via a personal email invitation from DICE that includes 48-hour early access, which will allow you to start playing on September 27th.

The Open Beta is your chance to play Battlefield 3 early, try out our free social platform Battlelog, and give your valued feedback directly to those of us at DICE. You participating in the Battlefield 3 Open Beta means that you are not only helping us load test the servers, but more importantly, helping us fine-tune the final components of the multiplayer game.

During your time in the Open Beta, you’ll be playing on the map Operation Métro – a map you might have seen coverage of from E3, where we won the Best Multiplayer Game award.

Battlefield 3 for PS3

But that’s not all for our PlayStation fans! You’ll be happy to know that beginning with our first expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand (to be released later this year), all full-blown upcoming expansion packs for the game will appear one week early exclusively on PS3, brought to you by Sony!

As you may or may not have heard, Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand is a themed expansion pack containing four of the most loved maps from Battlefield 2, boldly reimagined in the Frostbite 2 engine. It also features new weapons and vehicles, unique in-game dog tags, new persistence, as well as new Trophies.

Make sure to stay tuned for more on the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 and all things related. And do let us know what you think of the Beta once it’s up and running. For more stories on Battlefield 3, feel free to check out the official Battlefield blog where I post from behind the scenes under the name “H Brun”.

I also wanted to say thank you for your continued support for DICE and Battlefield 3. Meeting our fans in person is always very rewarding and exciting. We went to gamescom with the PS3 co-op mission Exfiltration, and at Tokyo Game Show we let visitors play the single player mission Operation Guillotine. The response so far has been overwhelming, and we look forward to showing you more action from Battlefield 3 before the North American launch on October 25th.

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  • I would really like to play the beta before I go to work…. c’mon Sony lets get it out there NOW!

  • OMG when is the beta coming out, i’ve been waiting for 4 hours. C’MON SONY release the BETA!!! :o

  • psn europe beta is out

  • thats good but I do not expewct to really see it till atleast noon says I can not access this content on my account

  • Maintenance is fun too…

  • So the PS store decides to have maintenance during the exact time frame when BF3 beta was supposed to come out? Great job planning that one out! Anyway, saw a tweet from BF3 account, and it said the PS store “should” be back up 3pm EST.

  • hmmm…actually I read the announcement that plainly stated that the BF3 Beta would be released immediately after the PSN maintenance update…sounded like it was *planned* to me. Maybe not convenient, but definitely planned.

  • @174…How can you say COD is too easy? Do you get a nuke each game? Do you sit in a corner or run around? If COD was too easy id see a hell of a lot more upper killstreaks being used. I saw One nuke the past month on TDM. I play at least 1-2 hours a day…Where are all these players that make the game seem so easy? Usually when someone goes 40-2 on TDM they are playing crap players. That same person that went 40-2 on my team will go 15-10 playing against me…Its not about being easy, its about the skill of the other team. I watched at least 10 videos from multiple people playing the BF3 beta…Every kill cam was someone hiding in a bush. Talk about skill.

  • downloading now :)

  • Hey Dice,
    The xp and unlocks we get from playing the beta, will they be moved over to the actual game once it comes out?
    Or will be starting from scratch once we start the acual game disc?

  • People keep saying how bad the beta looks i wish i can say the same but I never Played any battlefield games just call of duty so I don’t know but so far just by playing the beta I can tell its going to be good the problem is I feel like getting Modern Warfare 3 not cause I think its better its just i Actually never played any of the modern warfare games I was never really a hardcore gamer when it came to shooting games mainly cause i didn’t get the appeal and the closes I got to guns was Grand Theft Auto and True crime Streets of L.A. But when I first played World at War I really started to like shooting games but now I’m kinda bored of Call of Duty and battlefield feels more realistic but then again I still want to get mw3 just to see how it is. So I’m kinda confused I might get both but I don’t feel the reason to get 2 shooting games plus its kinda hard on my wallet oh well, any ways if you play both call of duty and battle field you should add me i mostly play black ops


    only add me if your not a kid and you can tell me the ups and downs of both call of duty and Battlefield besides the whole map pack thing cause I don’t really care about that

  • the beta is awesome even though its not fully complete but theres alot of glitchy parts in the map where u fall in the ground or when u get killed from a player who across the map no im not refering to a sniper or long range gun i mean im in the subway area and then i killed by a player who was in the outside area where u start off with ur team either than that its awesome but too bad no vehicles just cant wait for the game and of course uncharted 3 but not mw3

  • I know it is a late to address this problem. I am realy disappointed to hear thet there will be only 24 players in multiplayer and don’t tell me thet the PS3 is not strong enough to play 64 players, because that is not true, from what i heard from DICE.I pre-orderd the PS3 version but I am thinking of buying the PC version insted. If there are only 24 players, its not a battlefield!.

    There are a lot of players that are outraged about this!

    PS: I would like a replay!

  • Hello fellow Ps3 fans you may not know me but i have a propisision for you’s would you like to add me to make a clan for BF3 if so add me by deamer96 as prompt above

  • and yes i am outraged about this i have even got over 100 people complained about this and i hope that DICE gets it about the 24 online multilayer for all consoles and why not 32 at least but i hope that DICE gets the idea about it

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